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the same time while playing.

English word
Development of SERG: Spell Words, Expand Vocabulary,
games are quite enjoyable. You must have
Spell Correctly Game
played at least one English word game in
your life. It is a kind of game that involves
Halden S. Labaguis the formation or discovery of words from a
Malusak, Boac, Marinduque
group of randomly chosen

Mary Jane F. Motol

Sihi, Buenavista, Marinduque Mark Joseph Lozanta
Tabi, Boac, Marinduque
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
3-B Edzel S. Pelaez
Antipolo, Gasan, Marinduque

1.1 Project Context

These days most of the pupils don't

like playing physical outdoor activities. letters [2]. When you are playing interactive
English games, it certainly makes you happy
Mobile game has a large impact for and helps in improving your IQ level as well.
pupils wherein most of them are spending Successfully completing a game makes you
their leisure time through playing mobile happy, confident, and self-assured [16]. Also,
games instead of playing outside. It is also it is said to be useful and an effective tool in
said that it brings relaxation and fun for enhancing the vocabulary of the young
them. Futhermore, educational games also learners because they learn to think flexibly
helps the children to retain new words more and increase their problem-solving abilities
easily [1]. [3, 4, 5]. In addition, it offers a hypothetical
environment for the pupils in which they can
Word game is now popular on mobile explore alternative decisions without the risk
phones wherein they can enjoy and learn at of failure and it also provides fun and relaxed
atmosphere where young learners could learn
fast [5, 6]. Moreover, having an enough Pupils that are having difficulty in
vocabulary will help them to learn the reading was one of the problems that the
language skills easily and improve their proponents encountered. It is difficult for
ability in reading [7, 8]. Additionally, word children to understand what they read
games are not only to help the pupils without a strong oral vocabulary foundation
memorize but they also trigger interest in [14]. Another problem is, pupils do not pay
learning [9]. attention during class time. Most of the time
pupils lose their interest and enthusiasm
Schools Division of Manila towards language learning because they are
conducted a Philippine-Informal Reading tired of its repetition. Also, they do not listen
Inventory Test during the school year of to their teacher and even if they learn
2003-2004 in all public schools in Manila something they will forget quickly [15].
from Grade 1 to Grade 6. Among the total Lastly, pupils are having a hard time in
number of 26, 843 Grade 3 pupils only 5,352 comprehending unfamiliar words. When they
of them can read with ease without the help read a word, they’d think that they read it
or guidance of a teacher. The reasons why incorrectly because they were unfamiliar
most of the children can’t read without the with the word and it did not make sense to
help of a teacher are, neither they are not them [16].
familiar with the words nor they only have a
little foundation of vocabulary [10]. 1.2 Objectives of the Project

Antipolo Elementary School is a In general, the purpose of this project

public school found in Antipolo, Gasan, is to help the pupils to develop their
Marinduque. It is a public school with a total vocabulary with the use of word game.
number of 305 students all in all. According
to the survey, 23 pupils out of 42 respondents Specifically, the project aims to:
of Grade 3 pupils said that they were
struggling during their English subject. Also, 1. Assess the feasibility of the development
another 30 respondents of Grade 3 pupils of the SERG for Grade 3 pupils.
said that they are having difficulty in reading.
2. Analyze the existing process of the same a new strategy of teaching vocabulary in a
application. fun way.
3. Determine the requirements specification To the School, they will benefit
of the proposed project. because they can highly produce students
4. Design a game that has the following who have a vast vocabulary.
functionalities: To the Future Researchers, they will
 Develop and design a game that will be benefited too, in a way that they can get
help the pupils to find ease in reading an idea about the word game.
 Design a game that will catch the 1.4 Scope of the Project
interest of the pupils to learn
vocabulary. The scope of the project starts on the
 Design a game that will help the analysis of requirements specification
pupils to widen their vocabulary. from the Grade 3 pupils and similar

 Develop a game that will help the developed games. From these gathered

pupils to improve their grammar. specifications, the game application has its

5. Test and evaluate the functionality of the limitation regarding on the multiplayer mode.

developed game application. Vocabulary, grammar and spelling are the

focus field of the proposed project because

1.3 Significance of the Study some of the Grade 3 pupils in Antipolo

Elementary School that the proponents

The proposed project will greatly surveyed through questionnaires shows

benefit the following: weakness.

The proposed project’s design

To the Pupils, they will benefit requirements were identified by listing them
wherein they can play the game that will help to make certain that every need was noted
them widen their vocabulary and improve down. The proponents then, designed a use
their reading skills. case to see the processes involved for the
To the English Elementary Teachers, proposed project. After that, the proponents
they will benefit in a way that they will foster designed the application’s interface by using
a prototyping model. The developers then
will proceed to system coding. The coding 2. REVIEW OF RELATED
will expect to carry on for 200 days, this LITERATURE AND STUDIES
includes system testing, debugging and
compatibility testing. This chapter presents the related
literatures about the use of game in learning
Following the design and development vocabulary. It includes on what cognitive
phase, the application will undergo stress skills, advantages, effectiveness could be
testing, this will ensure that the application gained by playing word games, on top of
will be playable without noticeable bugs that, the literatures about the importance of
present. The testing will last for only a day. playing a word game.
After the testing, the project is now set to be
installed and used for the target users. 2.1 Use of Game in Learning Vocabulary

1.5 Definition of Terms Scientists have proven that English

educational games can improve one’s
NPC. Or non-player character is any memory. It is said that games energize a
character in the game which is not controlled specific part of the brain that deals with short
by the player. and long-term memory. This improves a
Data Analytics. This is the process of learner’s memory power and helps them
examining data to draw results about the remember things and events for a long time.
information they contain. Word games also helps improve one’s
Bagging. Bagging is a classifier that creates concentration level. Word games captivate
individuals for its ensemble by training each and force a gamer to put all its attention at
classifier on a random redistribution of the once. Furthermore, English word games have
training set. a significant effect on how one’s brain works.
Stardom. The State of being exceptionally They force the brain to pick up letters, their
talented performer in the world of shapes and recognize the basic patterns. They
entertainment. boost the gamer’s reasoning abilities and
Consoles. An electronic device for playing enhance its common sense. The gamer’s
computerized video games. cognitive skills get to change by the most
recent information too. Their perception is
greater and they’ll have new and better challenging. It introduces an element of
abilities to solve any problem [16]. competition into language-building activities
[13]. To sum up, “Play is self-motivated and
Game has been used in learning fun” meaning children learned anything
different things. It has been said that games during playtime is knowledge gained without
provide many benefits toward language the perception of hard work. Thus, play is an
learning. Games also have proven to have obvious gateway to the state of flow [15].
advantages and effectiveness in learning
vocabulary [3]. It offers students a fun-filled 3. METHODOLOGY
and relaxing learning atmosphere. After
learning and practicing new vocabulary, This chapter shows the different procedures
students have the oppportunity to use and techniques used in the data collection of
language in a non-stressful way [11]. the study. Also, this chapter outlines how
data were analyzed and the software that will
Additionally, game is a learner- be used in the development of the project.
focused, and it encourages the creative and
natural use of language, and foster 3.1 Requirements Analysis Procedure
participatory attitudes of the learners.
Children can gain knowledge through Prototyping model was used to create
playing. They learn to think, remember, and the concept of the proposed project. The
solve problems. They can also strengthen proposed project will be done accordingly to
their language skills [4]. Furthermore, games the model that was created during
also encourage learners to keep interested in prototyping.
the work and teachers can use them to create
contexts in which the language is used [12]. The proponents want to help the pupils
It can also be used to give practice in all in Antipolo Elementary School in English
language skills and be used to practice many specifically in vocabulary. The proponents
types of communication [14]. started gathering of information online which
classes should be the target users. Then, the
Moreover, game is also motivating proponents came up to the conclusion to
since they are amusing and at the same time choose the Grade 3 pupils.
(Appendix E) were prepared for the head of
To assess the requirements the school and for the English Elementary
specification, first, the proponents gathered Teachers. The survey questionnaire consists
information through questionnaires and of 10 questions that will determine if the
explained it to the respondents. In getting the proposed project will be operationally
total number of respondents, the proponents possible. The SWOT was also used to
used the Slovin's Formula [n=N/(1+Ne2)] determine the weaknesses and threats that the
where n is the sample population, N is the proponents might engaged with while

population size and e is the margin error developing the proposed project.

wherein its percentage should be as much as

possible not higher than 5%. Then, defined Technical Feasibility was performed
through the proponents' own assessment
the objectives of the proposed project. To
based on their knowledge and skills to know
measure that the objectives are being met, the
whether the proponents can complete the
proponents will prepare a written pre-test
proposed project. Moreover, it was based on
before using the developed application and a
the availability and accessibility of technical
post-test using the developed application for
resoources and tools (Appendix of Gap
Grade 3 pupils. Afterwards, the proponents
Analysis) that are needed in the development
determined the project scope. The proponents
of the project. Also, the proponents will make
also performed technical feasibility to know
sure that the proposed project’s system
if the proponents have the ability to do it. The
requirements will be met by the target users
data gathered were tallied and requirements
with their current resources.
analysis was defined.

For the Market Feasibility, game-

based learning is a fast-growing field. Mobile
3.2 Feasibility Analysis Procedure
gaming quickly rose to stardom because of
how easy it is to enter its market. Not
The proponents used S.W.O.T.
because mobile games are easy to play but
Analysis (Appendix C) to determine the
because the costs are a lot lesser than with
operational feasibility. Additionally, survey
PCs or Consoles.
questionnaires (Appendix D) were produced
for the pupils and interview questions
Educational games use gameplay Unity 3D for the animation, and transition of
with competition and a reward to encourage the game. C# will be used as our
and track education of the player. These Programming language alongside with Unity.
games are often bought by schools, Photoshop, and Blender will be used for
universities, government agencies, and creating objects, characters and other
business as well as individual users to use in components of the game.
learning environments. In addition, for the leaderboard
component of the game, the proponents will
This Market’s revenue, according to
be using Leaderboard API (Google) to create
Statista amounts to $85m in 2019. Revenue
visual leaderboards, record a player's score,
is expected to show an annual growth rate of
and compare the score against the player's
12.4%, resulting in a market volume of
score from previous game sessions. For
$135m by 2023 (Appendix F).
Player Profile Statistics the proponents will
be using Player Stats API (Google) to
3.3 Development and Testing Procedure retrieve information about the player's
activity in the game, and for the data
In the early stage of planning the analytics of the game, the proponents will be
proposed software, the proponents used UML using J48 Classification Algorithm to classify
(Unified Modeling Language) for the the item according to the features of the item
analysis and design of the proposed software. with respect to the predefined set of
The proponents used Flow Chart classes[17]. Bagging will also be used as it is
Diagram (Appendix F) to represent all the effective on unstable learning algorithms
process. The proponents also used WBS where small changes results in large changes
(Work Breakdown Structure) to breakdown in predictions [18].
actions to be done and set certain goals in The system will undergo in testing
each action. procedure to check the capability of the
In the software development, the system. It will also determine if there were
proponents will be using Visual Studio IDE any defects in the game and will get
(Integrated Development Environment) in evaluated through using the game for
developing and executing codes for the intender users.
game. The proponents will be also using
3.4 Installation and Implementation Plan shall demonstrate on how to use the application.
The training will start right after the
System Requirements development of the game.

Hardware – The application shall run on both B. What will be the scope/ content of the
smartphone and tablet in any screen training?

HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS The training will cover the following:

CPU 800MHz or higher
RAM 512 MB ram or Where to download and how to install the
higher application.
GPU SGX 540, Mali 400 or Connecting / linking their accounts to Facebook /
higher Google play.
INTERNAL STORAGE 1gb free space or
For the development of User’s Manual, it will be
embedded in the application and it can be
Software viewed by the users.


2.3+ Android O/S or 4.3+ IOS O/S or higher
The proposed project is a mobile
game application which is categorized as
word game. This word game is for grade 3
pupils from Antipolo Elementary School. The
Internet connection is needed only if the user
wants to access the “Leaderboard”. content of the proposed project will come
from the English Elementary Teachers of

Training Antipolo Elementary School. The main

objective of this application is to further the
A. Who will be trained? Who will train?
And when? pupil’s vocabulary.

Going in specifically, the application

After the development phase, the Grade can determine the user’s weakness in letters.
3 pupils will be trained on how to use the
application. Two members of the proponents The application will involve data analytics on
which they can see if the pupil is struggling Functional Requirements
when a particular letter/s’ involved. The
application will also include a feature called
“Game Difficulty”, This will decide whether Register - This process will allow the user to

the user improves or not. The application will register into the application.

have a “Mini Games”, this will help the users User Login - This process will allow the user
expand their vocabulary and improve their to use a registered account on a different
reading skills. Also, there will be a “Story mobile device.
Mode”, this feature will make the users
View Tutorial - This process will allow the
improve their vocabulary and at the same
user undergo a tutorial in order to familiarize
time, their reading skills. Furthermore, this
them on how to play a certain game mode.
mode will help the pupils think continuously
as long as they can, thus, they’ll have the Main Menu
ability to discover new words.
 Game Mode – The user can choose a
game mode.
 Settings – This process will allow
4.1 Specifications of the Game
users to fiddle in the game settings.
They can adjust the audio or
The requirement specifications were
connect/disconnect to FB.
made along with thorough analysis. The
 View Profile - This process will allow
proposed project's main objective is to
the user to view and edit their profile
expand the pupils vocabulary. The project
whenever they want.
will allow the users to increase their
vocabulary, improve their grammar and  View Leaderboard - This process will

spelling with the help of the game features. allow the user to view leaderboard
whenever they want.
Game Mode Selection
1. Data Analytics will be used to help the  Story Mode – this process will allow
player know their strength and weaknesses in the user to play the story mode.
letters.  Mini Games – this process will allow
the user to choose in any 4 mini
games to play.
Load Saved Game - This process will allow Size. The system shall run on a mobile phone
the user load their saved game to continue with 1gb RAM or more.
their past game. Ease of use. The system shall have an easy-
to-use interface for an easy navigation.
Save Current Game - This process will allow
Reliability. The system shall be bug-free.
the user to save their current game to let them
Robustness. The system shall not go on
resume it whenever they want.
maintenance without prior notice.
Manage Settings
 Audio – this process will allow the
4.2 Result of Feasibility Analysis
user to adjust the audio of the game.
 Connect to Facebook/Google – this
Operational Feasibility
process will allow the user to connect
The result shows that this word game
their account to Facebook/Google
will greatly benefit the pupils in improving
their spelling and developing their
View Profile
 Statistics - This process will allow the
Based on the results, 23 of the
user to view their own Story Mode
respondents said that they are struggling
Game progress, the Mini Game’s
during their English subject wherein it is one
Scores, the Survival Mode’s Statistics
of the most difficult subject and another 30
and their Title.
Grade 3 pupils of them said that they are
View About Us - This process will allow the having difficulty in reading. Also, it conveys
user to know some information about the that the pupils are having a hard time in
creators of the game. English subject especially in vocabulary.
More than half of them are having difficulty
in vocabulary and almost all of them wants to
Non-functional Requirement.
develop their vocabulary.

Speed. The system shall only have a delay of

1 second when moving from one frame to
Rate of Vocabulary
Figure 3.

48; 36; Easily spell out a word

44.86% 33.64%

23; 23.36%
Very Good Good Fa ir 76.64%

Figure 1. Yes No

Figure 1. Rate of Vocabulary

Figure 3. Easily spell out a word

Figure 1 shows that 25 Grade 3 pupils

Figure 3 shows that 23 Grade 3 pupils
out of 42 respondents rate their vocabulary as
out of 42 respondents answered yes, meaning
fair and 15 of them rate their vocabulary as
they can easily spell out a word which is
good. The remaining 2 of the respondents
familiar to them and 19 of them said that they
rate their vocabulary as very good.
were having a hard time when it comes in
spelling out a word.
Figure 2.

Struggling during English subject Figure 4.

Find difficulty sometimes in Vocabulary

36.45% 68;
63.55% 32;
Yes No

Figure 2. Struggling during English subject Yes No

Figure 4. Find difficulty sometimes in

Figure 2 shows that 23 Grade 3 pupils
out of 42 respondents answered yes, meaning
they are struggling during their English
Figure 4 shows that 30 Grade 3 pupils
subject and 19 of them answered no.
out of 42 respondents answered yes, that they
are find difficulty in vocabulary and the 12 of willing to play a word game to help them
them said no. improve their vocabulary.
Figure 5.
4.3 Design of the Proposed Application
Want to improve their Vocabulary

3.74% The design of the proposed
application is shown through Flowchart
96.26% diagram. The description of the design of the
Yes No proposed application is shown as follows:

Figure 5. Want to improve their Vocabulary Player's Registration - upon

installing the application, if the player wants
Figure 5 shows that 40 Grade 3 pupils to start a game, he will be redirected to the
out of 42 respondents want to improve their player's registration first (collecting the user's
vocabulary and the remaining 2 Grade 3 basic information), then proceed to the
pupils don’t want to improve their tutorial of the game.
Game Modes - In this section, the
player can play the game as well completion
Figure 6.
of the game. It is divided into 3 sub process:
Willingness to play a word game to help them improve their Vocabulary a.) Story Mode – This is the section
where the player can play and
know about the developing story
100.00 on the character he/she plays. It is
divided into 2 sub process:
Yes No
1.) New Game – This is where
Figure 6. Willingness to play a word game to the player can start a new
help them improve their Vocabulary story.
2.) Load Saved Game - upon
saving the progress of a level
Figure 6 shows that 42 Grade 3 pupils
in the game. The player can
out of 42 respondents answered that they are
either load his/her progress of
the game.
b.) Survival Mode – This is the classic and thrilling game
section where the player can play where the player answer
Super Mario with a twist. And it questions about grammar
is divided into 2 parts: to win 1 million.
1.) Theme Unlocking - upon 2.) Word Master – It is a
completing the game mini-game where the
tutorial, the player can player need to guess a
start playing the game. It word given by the NPC.
follows a theme unlocking The player have five
feature which players chances to guess it, or
must complete a chapter you'll fail.
3.) Guess it Right! – This is
in Story Mode to unlock
the mini game where the
the next level/theme. The
player will guess if the
application will have a
given word whether it is
saving progress feature.
Verb, Noun, or Adjective.
After completing a certain
4.) Unscrambled It! – This is
level the user can save the
mini-game where the
game then it will be saved
player will unscramble
into the database.
scrambled word with the
2.) Load Saved Game - upon
help of the scrambled
saving the progress of a
word meaning. Timer is
level in the game. The
the only player’s rival.
player can either load
Guess it? or Run out of
his/her progress of the
View Profile – After playing the
Mini Games – This is the section
where the player can selected a different game a couple of times, the user can see their
arcade style mini games. It is divided into 4 statistics on this section.
1.) Who want to be a View Leader board - In this section,

millionaire: Grammar the player(s) can view their scores, and even

Version – This is the

compare them to the other player's score in
the game.

Game Settings - In this section, the

player can manipulate/manage the game
settings (such as sounds, connect/disconnect
to Google and others).

View About Us - In this section, the

player can view the developer’s information
regarding on this application.

Quit Game - In this section, the

player can either quit or continue the game. Figure 2
On this part, you can toggle on and
off if you want to hear the background music
4.4 Prototype Design and the sound effects. You can also adjust the
volumes, see player profile and
connect/disconnect to Facebook.
Figure 1
It is
the part
where you
whether to
choose a
mode, go to
settings, and
go to help,
leaderboard, or quit the game.
Figure 2.1.
It is the part where you can see your
profile and edit it. Also, you can view the Figure 4
scores of your past game. This is the game inside the Story
Mode. The
character in
middle is
avatar that
the user will
control. Then
letters A and
S are the
letters to
gather. The
Figure 3 letters K and E are the letters collected by the
These are the game modes that you player. The number on the bottom right
can choose from. corner is the time remaining before the game
Figure 6.
This is
the Story Mode.
The text printed
in white is the
quest to be

completed. The chats on the lightblue message

box are the system-generated conversation
Figure 5
between the player and the NPC (non-player
This is the part where the result of the
Data Analytics shows. The user can either go
back to main menu or play again.

Figure 7.
This is one of the games of the mode
Mini Games – Who wants to be a
Millionaire: Grammar Version. The 30s (30
seconds) in the middle is the time until the
answering phase ends. The text below the
timer is the question followed by the choices

Figure 9.
is one of the games of the mode Mini Games
– Unscrambled it! The question is located on
the top of the scrambled letters. The user can
proceed to the next level by providing the
correct answer and clicking the GO button.

Figure 8.
This is one of the games of the mode
Mini Games – Guess it Right! The word in
the middle is the word the user needs to
identify using the 3 buttons located below it.

Figure 10.
This is one of the games of the mode
Mini Games – Word Master. Simply guess
the word. The first letter of the word will Importance of Play in Early Childhood
always be shown. If you guess it incorrectly, Development.
the game will give you some hint.
Gold letters: Correct letter in the correct [5] Martinson and Chu (2008). Developing
place. Vocabulary in Game Activities and Game
Silver letters: Correct letter, wrong place. Materials.
Red letters: Not used in the word, but still
usable. [6] Allen (1983), Huyen Ang Nga (2003),
The score is located at the upper part of the Uberman (1998). Using Games as a Tool in
screen. Teaching Vocabulary to Young Learners.
[7] Firginia, Allen French. Technique in
[1] Masri, Amaal Al et al. (2014). The Effect Teaching Vocabulary. New York: Oxford
of Using Word Games on Primary Stage University Press. 1983.
Students Achievement in English Language
Vocabulary in Jordan. American International
Journal of Contemporary Research Volume 4, [8] Scarborough (2001). Vocabulary and
No. 9. Language Development: The Important
Preschool Years. Teaching and Developing
[2] GOOGLE, 2019 Vocabulary: Key to Long-Term Reading Success.
ary/word game.
[9] Schwienhorst (2002). Does Using
[3] Najar (2014). Does Using Language Language Games Affect Vocabulary
Games Affect Vocabulary Learning in EFL Learning in EFL Classes?. Journal of Foreign
Classes?. Journal of Foreign Language Language Education and Technology. 2017.
Education and Technology. 2017.
[10] Luz, Juan Miguel (2007). A nation of
nonreaders. Philippine Center for Investigate
of-nonreaders/. of-play.html.

[16] Carol Lee (2018). How to use English

[11] Uberman, A. (1998). The Use of Games:
word games to improve your memory?
for Vocabulary Presentation and Revision.
English Teaching Forum 36 (1): 20.
[17] Tina R. Patil, Mrs. S. S. Sherekar.
Performance Analysis of Naive Bayes and J48 Classifcation Algorithm for Data

1/p20.html. Classification
[12] I-Jung (2005). Developing Vocabulary [18] David Opitz (1999). Bagging
in Game Activities and Game Materials. Classifiers.

[13]Prasad, U. (2003). Achieving [19] Statista (2019). Mobile Games.

Communicative Competence in English.
India’s National Newspaper. ile-games/philippines

[14] Ersoz (2000). The Effect of Using

Educational Games on the Students’
Achievement in English Language for the
Primary Stage.


[15] Inzlicht et al. (2014). The cognitive

benefits of play: Effects on the learning

Appendix A
Work Breakdown Structure

Activities and Tasks

1.1 Requirement Analysis

1.1Review features of similar application

1.2 Identify the design requirements

1.3 Develop requirements specification

2.0 System Design and Development

2.1 Game Concept design

2.2 Logical Design

2.3 System Coding

2.3.1 Creating database

2. 4 Testing and Debugging

2.5 Compatibility Testing

3.0 Implementation

3.1 Stress Testing

3.2 Installation

3.3 User Acceptance Testing

Appendix B
Gantt Chart

Time as planned to finish a task
Finished Task
Unfinished Task
Appendix C

SWOT Analysis for Operational Feasibility


 The organization supports the  User with a low-end smartphone.

proposed project.  Students with a little knowledge on
 Most of them knows how to use a the English subject.
 Most of the users’ smartphone passed
the system requirements to run the
proposed application.
 Students with background on the
English subject.


 Organizations that are interested in the  Similar mobile game that offers the
project and can end up buying the same objective as ours.
application.  Similar mobile game that has more
 The organization can produce students interesting features than ours.
that are good in English.
Appendix D

Survey Questionnaire

Good Day! We are 3rd Year students of Marinduque State College - School of Technology taking up
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Currently, we are enrolled in the subject Software Project
1 which requires us to come up with a Capstone Project. We conducted this survey to collect data that we
can use in developing our proposed game. Rest assured that whatever information we will gather will
only be used in this project. We are hoping for the best that the outcome can be utilized and be of help to
your organization.

Thank you very much for your most precious time and support.

Name: __________________________________________(optional)

Grade: ________________

1. How good are you in vocabulary and spelling?

__Very good __Good __Fair

2. Do you struggle during your English subject?

__Yes __No

3. Can you easily spell out a word?

__Yes __No

4. Do you find difficulty sometimes in reading?

__Yes __No

5.Do you want to improve your vocabulary skills?

__Yes __No

6. Are you willing to play a word game that will help your vocabulary skills improve?

__Yes __No

7. Do you have smartphone? Does your mother have smartphone?

__Yes __No

8. Are you willing to install our game in your smartphone?

__Yes __No

9. Are you allow your children to use your smartphone for playing our game?

__Yes __No

10.What are the specifications of your phone?


__512mb __1gb __2gb __3gb __4gb


__1gb __2gb __4gb __8gb __16gb __32gb __64gb

__Jelly bean

Appendix E

Interview Questions for the Head of the Organization

1. When was your school established?

2. What is the total number of pupils enrolled in your school?

3. How many section per grade does your school have?

4. How many pupils are enrolled in 3rd grade?

5. How many English teachers do you have in your school?

6. Do your pupils need improvement with their vocabulary and spelling?

7. Do you think a word game will help your pupils to improve their vocabulary and spelling skills?

8. If we will develop a word game, will you allow us to let your pupils to be our target users?

Interview Questions for the English Elementary Teacher

1. Do you encounter your pupils having a hard time when it comes to your subject?

2. What are the strategies/ techniques do you use when teaching?

3. Did you try to use a word game as part of your discussion? If yes, what are your observations?

4. Do you think a word game will help your pupils to improve their vocabulary and spelling skills?

5. Are you willing to help us for the content of our proposed game application?

Appendix F


Revenue Growth

Minimum System Requirements to develop the Proposed Game

OS Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or higher/ Mac OS
X 10.9+