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‘WESTERN SYDNEY UNIVERSITY Professional Practice | U ‘Secondary Program Report Pre-servce Teacher's name | Tran Nguyen — ‘i Suden: G096972 Currculumfeaching area | English Dales 30 days ‘School Bonnyriog High School Nrofplacement | 1 off ‘SUMMARY COMMENTS by the SUPERVISING TEACHER Tran's passion and enthusiasm has seen her excel in her time at Bonnytigg High School. Tran easily exceeded the expectations of a student undertaking Professional Experience 1, and has been a highly capable and effective teacher who is able to develop meaningful and relevant teaching and learning actives that accommodate the needs of the Syllabus and curriculum documents, and the Austraian Professional Standards for teachers. Tran taught Year 7,9, and 10 English, as well as spending limited time with Year 12 to help her build her experience with the new Stage 6 syllabus. The students in these classes understood the content and were able fo demonstrate a successful achievement of Syllabus ‘outcomes. Trans's hard work and dedication meant that she was able to thoughtiully and effectively apply a wide range of teaching pedagogies in the delivery of course content to a diverse range of students, from selective to mixed ability. Tran’s preparation for each lesson was exemplary, and the resources and lessons she created were of exceptional quality and gratefully shared with fellow staff ‘members and practicum students. Tran quiokly developed a rapport with her students and integrated the this knowledge of her students into her planning and lesson activities. Her approach to behaviour management was reasonable and flexible and she used a mixture of both verbal and non verbal ‘methods to ensure that her students were engaged and on task. Tran ensured the students were encouraged with positive feedback and used both the school's award system supplemented by her personal system of rewards which was highly effective in motivating students and setting goals for behaviour. Tran was enthusiastic and proactive in seeking feedback to which she was always receptive, and which she used to inform her future pedagogy. Tran displayed an excellent altitude in the course of her practicum, and was wiling to meet challenging goals aimed at furthering her experience as a teacher. Tran's understanding of and commitment to professional development as an ongoing process was demonstrated by her approach to all aspects in this practicum. Tran was able to build an excellent rapport with both staff and students and was able to work collaboratively and effectively wih fellow staff in the school community OVERALL ASSESSMENT Grade: ] satisfactory D1 unsatistactory ‘SATISFACTORY: The Pre-senice Teacher has passed and met the expected slendard in most ofthe relevant elements as described by the NSW Insitute of Teachers for his stage of ther professional leaning, Where a Preservice Teachers work is considered oustanding ‘orwell above average this judgment shouldbe reflected in the summary comments, UNSATISFACTORY: The Pre-senice Teacher has fled this Professional Exprionce unt and has not deransrated all afthe relevant cements as descibed bythe NSW Insitute of Teachers. The Supervising Teacher, Professional Experience Coordinator and Principal ‘180 he opinion thatthe Pre-senice Teacher requires an addon Professional Experience toate to demonstrat slstciory competence 3s a graduate teacher. No Pre-senice Teacher shoud recove an Unsatistacory grade without being placed At Fisk and the Committe of Advice being convened. This grade may be recommended on ONE or more of the flloing grounds: + Performance Deficiencies — alu to exhibit citi indicated forthe particular Professional Experience unit + thawing from Professional Experience ~ uness a Withdrawal Without Penalty is awarded + Non-Academic Misconduct. Supervising Teacher's Name Acton Sexes signature: Cee on fe: (2) Pre-service Teacher's Signature: g Date: _/2/ i" Pre-serice Teachers are to be assessed bythe Supervising Teacher agains he relevant Graduate Teacher Standards that ae applicable to Professional Experience Il 2s either ND ~ Not demonstrated 0 — Demonstrated; ~ Exozeds expectations. Elaborate on he Pre- ‘service Teachers professional practice in the Comment secon f Standards are notable tobe demonstrated please provide an ‘explanation in the appropriate Comments section. standards ae nt relevant please inset NA. STANDARD 1:KNOW STUDENTS AND HOW THEY LEARN ND[D JE Focus area ‘GRADUATE TEACHERS, TEI Physical, socal | Demonsrate knowledge and understanding of piel, socal and and intellectual inelectul development and charcerses of tents and how these may {evelopment and affet eaming. x sharctrsios of students T2.1 Understand how | Demonsiate knowledge and understanding of research into how students students learn eam and the implications for teaching. x Td Students wi ‘Demonstrate knowledge of teaching strategies That are responsive to the diverse linguistic, Tearing strengths and needs of students from diverse linguistic, cultural cultural, religious and | religious and socioeconomic backgrounds. socioeconomic x backgrounds TAI Strategies or Demonstrate broad Knowledge and waderstanding of the impact of culture, teaching Aboriginal and_ | cultural identity and linguistic background on the education of students from, ‘Torres Strut Islander | Aboriginal and Torres Strait Isiander backgrounds, x students TSI Differentiate Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of sratepies for differentiating teaching to meet the | teaching to meet the specific learning needs of students aeross the full range specificleaming needs | of abilities. lS fof students across the full range of abilities TI Strategies to Demonstrate broad Knowledge and understanding of legistative requirements support full participation | and teaching strategies that suppor participation and leaming of students of students with with disability oe sisabilty ‘Comments Daring her practicum Tran made excellent efforts to become familiar wih the needs of a wide range of students with diverse backgrounds and needs. She has made excellent efforts to not only build a rappon, but also engage with the students individually and collectively through a range of well sequenced and highly differentiated lesson plans and teaching. activites, Tran has thouroughly and critically engaged wit research on the teaching and learning eye that she used to inform her teaching direction and to meet the specialised novds of her students from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds. Professional Practice | Report oa Supers Teaches tna son ProaendenTxcore grate. tL ge PAA ‘STANDARD 2: KNOW THE CONTENT AND HOw TO TEACH IT ND]D [E Focus area ‘(GRADUATE TEACHERS 2.1.1 Content and Demonstrate knowledge and understanding oF the concepts, substance and teaching strategies ofthe | structure ofthe content and teaching strategies ofthe teaching area x teaching area 2.2.1 Content selection | Organise content into an efectve learing and teaching sequence, ¥ and organisation 23.1 Curriculum, Use curriculum, assessment and reporting knowledge to design learning x assessment and sequences and lesson plans. reporting 2.4.] Understand and | Demonstrate broad knowledge of, understanding of and respect for respect Aboriginal and | Aboriginal and Torres Strit Islander histories, cultures and languages. ‘Torres Strat Islander people to promote x reconciliation betwoen Indigenous and non- Indigenous Australians 25.1 Literacy and ‘Know and understand literacy and numeracy teaching Svategies and thei [x numeracy strategies __| application in teaching areas. | 2.6.1 Information and | Implement teaching strategies for using ICT fo expand curriculum Tearing [x Communication ‘opportunites for students. ‘Technology (CT ‘Comments ‘Tran has a deep knowledge of the content and skills central to successful instruction of English. She immediately worked on «establishing thorough knowledge of the texts she was teaching and has used her knowledge of the English Textual Concepts to guide her delivery of the teaching and learning programs. Tran has designed excellent lessons and formative assessment task that employ a range of strategies which ink tothe teaching and learning programs. Tran has collaborated effectively with colleagues fo embed diserete literacy building activities, including those which cater for Aboriginal and Torres St Islander students, into her planning and teaching and has effectively used the range of spplications available through G Suite to plan for, extend and further monitor and assess student learning ‘STANDARD 3: PLAN FOR AND IMPLEMENT EFFECTIVE TEACHING ANDLFARNING [ND ]D | E Focus area ‘(GRADUATE TEACHERS 3.1.1 Establish Set learning goals that provide achievable challenges for students oF x challenging leaning | varying abilities and characterises. als 3.21 Plan, structure and | Plan lesson sequences using Knowledge of student Teaming, content and x sequence learning effective teaching strategies, programs 3.3.1 Use teaching Trelude a ange of teaching strategies ¥ strategies 3.4.1 Select and use ‘Demonstrate Knowledge of a range of resources, including ICT, that x resources ‘engage students in their leering, 35 Use effective ‘Demonstrate a range of verbal and non-verbal communication sategies fo X classroom support student engagement. communication 3.6.1 Evaluate and Demonstrate broad knowledge of strategies that can be used t evaluate x improve teaching teaching programs o improve student learning, programs 3.7.1 Engage parents) | Deseribe a broad range of arategies for involving parenilearers Tn he x ‘carers in the educative | educative process. process I ‘Comments ‘Tran has planned for and implemented effective teaching and learning sequences consisting of detailed lesson plans clearly targeted towards specific objectives and outcomes. She ses clear, challenging and achievable learning goals and makes ‘lear and informed pedagogical choices to design significant learning activities using a range of diferent technologies to enhance student learning. Tran has developed an effective suite of both verbal and non-verbal communicetgion strategies, | including an effective use of metalanguage and related vocabulary to hep students develop conceptual knowledge, 3s well as body language, gestures, silence and voice to effectively manage and engage students. Her focus on improving student learning was evident in her assessment and adjustment of teaching programs and lesson sequencing. Tran was able to demonstrate her knowledge ofthe systems and processes in place to communicate any concems and issues to parents in an effective and professional manner, Professional Practice | Report Preset Tach stn cul