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To start restaurant & bar Small Dishes

Steamed Edamame (V) £3.50 Chilli Squid, Shichimi Salt, Sweet Chilli £7.50
Chilli & Garlic Edamame (V) £4.00 Our a la carte menu offers light nibbles from Dim Sum & Sushi Caramelised Chicken Thigh, Tamarind, £7.00
to classic dishes drawn from Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese Mixed Cress & Fresh Lime
and Thai cuisines, as well as more unique delicacies from men-
Soups tioned regions. Also our meat is all Halal – which make our Daikon Roll with Rocket, Japanese £7.00
Miso, Enoki, Wakame & Silken Tofu (V) £3.50 dishes even more enjoyable for all. Goma Dressing (V)
Tom Yum Goong, Spicy Thai Prawn £4.00 Crab Cakes, Jalapeño Mayo & Thai £8.00
Soup Salad
Crabmeat & Sweet Corn £4.50 Tuna Tartare, Tobiko, Yuzu Mustard & £8.00
Maki Sushi
Mushroom & Avocado Tempura Hoso Maki £7.00
Dim Sum (V)
Roasted Sesame Tiger Prawn Toast £5.00
Spicy Tuna Ura Maki £7.00
Tiger Prawn Kataifi, Sweet Chilli & £5.00 Salad
Salmon & Avocado Hoso Maki £7.00
Jalapeño Mayo Calamari Salad, Shitake, Shallot, Thai £14.00
California Ebi Ura Maki £8.50
Chicken & Water Chestnut Gyoza £5.00 Basil, Yuzu Soya
“Spider” Soft Shell Crab Futo Maki £10.00
Mushroom Gyoza (V) £5.00 Seaweed Salad, Wakame, Baby Leaves £6.50
“Doragon” Eel & Avocado Ura Maki £11.00
Mix Seafood Gyoza £5.00 (V)
Seasonal Vegetable Spring Rolls (V) £5.00 Confit of Duck Salad with Watermelon, £13.00
Crispy Aromatic Duck Rolls £6.00 Nashi Pear Spiced Hoisin, Cashew Nuts
“Monks” Vegetable Dumplings (V) £5.00 Grilled Salmon Salad, Baby Leaves, £12.00
Maguro / Tuna £6.00 Yuzu Zest
Prawn & Chives Dumplings £5.00
Shake / Salmon £5.00 Char-Grilled Chicken Breast Salad with
Black Cod & Chilli Bean Dumplings £6.00 £12.00
Suzuki / Seabass £5.00 Red & White Cabbage, Green Mango,
Scallop & Prawn Siu Mai £6.00
Hamachi / Yellowtail £7.00 Thai Dressing
Tako / Octopus £6.50
Tempura Mixed selection * (Tuna, Salmon and Seabass) £14.50
Seasonal Vegetable Tempura, Sesame, £7.00
Mixed selection ** (Tuna, Salmon, Seabass, £22.00
Ponzu (V)
Tako, Yellowtail)
Tiger Prawn Tempura, Spicy Mayo £9.00
New-Style Sashimi (Tuna, Salmon, Seabass, £10.00
Soft Shell Crab Tempura, Shichimi, £10.00 Yellowtail)

AA Rosette Awarded for Culinary Excellence Discretionally service charge of 12.5% will be added to your final bill.
Add: 38-40 James Street Marylebone London W1U 1EU Tel: +44 (0)207 486 1000
Email: Website:
Mains Lobster Specialities Tea £4.00
Thai Green Curry with Seasonal Vegeta- £11.00 Stir-fried Lobster & King Prawns , Green Tea £28.00 Oolong Per pot
bles (V) Noodle Partially oxidised tea with less caffeine. Sweet
with Chicken £14.00 Grilled XO Lobster, Glass Noodle, Crispy Leek £30.00 floral-fruit flavour
with Tiger Prawns £14.00 Oven Baked Lobster, Yuzu Hollandaise £30.00
Wok Tossed Chicken, Szechuan Spices, £13.00 Organic Earl Grey
Made of rich organically grown black leaves &
Yellow Bean Sauce, Baby Spinach golden buds with a twist of citrusy organic ber-
Stir-Fried Tiger Prawn Sambal £17.00 gamot
Char-Grilled Lamb Cutlets, Kimchee Cab- £16.50 Sides
bage, Nashi Pear Jasmine Rice (V) £3.50 Organic Green Dragon
Crispy Duck Leg with Pancakes / for one £15.00 Egg Fried Rice £4.00 Delicately dried green tea leaves—brew a
/ for two £28.00 Fragrant Duck Fried Rice £4.50 nutty & buttery cup
“Thai” Roast Corn Fed Chicken, Sweet £14.50 Scallop Fried Rice £4.50
Chilli Lime Stir-Fried Mixed Vegetables, Shaoxing (V) £4.50 Organic Spring Jasmine
Smooth China green tea leaves scented by lay-
Pan-Fried African Giant Prawns Kiwi, £20.00 Baby Bok Choy with Oyster Sauce £4.50
ers of Arabian jasmine buds
Mango & Star Fruit Stir-Fried Egg Noodle with Carrot & Bean £4.50
Chilean Seabass Cooked with Dashi & £23.00 Sprouts Chocolate Mint Truffle
Sake, Baked Lotus Root Made with roibos tea, chocolate cacao nibs &
Braised Beef Hotpot, Bell Peppers, Supe- £14.00 mint
rior Soy
Slow Cooked Beef Curry Rendang, Pars- £15.50 Desserts Chamomile Citrus
nip Crisp Chocolate Fondant & Choice of Ice Cream £6.25 Refreshing infusion made with Egyptian
Char-grilled “Bulgogi” Strip Loin, Wasabi £18.50 Chocolate Fondant with Pistachio Heart & Pista- £6.25 chamomile flowers & subtle slices of citrus
Jus chio Ice Cream
Seared Sesame Tuna, Star Fruit, Sea- £14.00 Salty Caramel Mousse £5.75
weed & Daikon Salad Pistachio Crème Brulee £5.75
Oven Baked Miso Black Cod, Orange £23.50 Mochi Mochi £7.50
Ponzu, Asparagus Panna Cotta with Mixed Berry Compote £5.50
Grilled Scallops, Wasabi Pea Paste, Lotus £18.00 Mango & Coconut Parfait £5.75
Root Crisp, Seaweed & Daikon Salad Selection of Ice Creams & Sorbet £4.75
Crispy Noodle with Mushroom & Vegeta- £11.00 Colonel (2 Scoops of Sorbets & A Shot of Abso- £4.50
bles (V) lut Citron)
With Chicken or Prawns £13.00

AA Rosette Awarded for Culinary Excellence Discretionally service charge of 12.5% will be added to your final bill.
Add: 38-40 James Street Marylebone London W1U 1EU Tel: +44 (0)207 486 1000
Email: Website: