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Guidelines: Acquisition, Usage of Mobile Phones

and Other Mobile Devices

GJ Holdings Inc. recognizes that to ensure the most effective

running of services, communications and business activities it is
necessary for some staff to have access to mobile
communication devices. These guidelines and related
procedures should be applied consistently to ensure the correct
use of each mobile issued to employee. These guidelines are
intended both to control current and future use and so reduce the
substantial cost to the company.
To ensure that the purchase and use of all mobile devices for
undertaking corporate business on behalf of company is
Purpose of Guidelines: correctly assessed, authorized and monitored. To establish the
expectations and responsibilities placed on corporate mobile
device users with authority for the acquisition and/or use of
Scope: All employees using company mobile provided by GJ Holdings
Issued By Internal Audit Shared Services
Guidelines Responsibility

1. Mobile devices will only be issued to staff that have the HR AND ADMIN
approval of their Head of Department. An employee is eligible DEPT
to have a mobile device if it is necessary to their position and
regularly need to contact by management.

2. HR and Admin facilitate in communication to network provider HR AND ADMIN

of corporate mobile phones. DEPT

3. Employee will fill up “Mobile Usage Accountability Form”

(see Annex 1) and filed to HR and Admin.

a. The assigned user will be responsible for the security of

the device, SIM card and any accessories.
b. The device must not be passed to another member of staff
for use without prior consultation with the Business Unit Business Unit Employee
c. The mobile device must be returned to HRAD by
employee leaves the company or a change in the job role
which does not require the use of a mobile device, or if the
device is replaced.
d. It is the responsibility of the corporate mobile user to
ensure the security, proper usage and maintenance of any
device issued.

4. HRAD must log the issued corporate mobile phone and HR and Admin
simcard in “Asset Monitoring Sheet” (See Annex 2)

II. Usage and Charges

1. HRAD receive monthly statement of account of all corporate HR and Admin

mobile account.

2. Determine if amount due exceed with the plan assigned to

employee. If exceeded HRAD must determine all registered
calls in SOA if included in approved “Business Contact
Master List” (See Annex 3). If not included this will be
categorized as personal calls. HR and Admin

a. Business Contact Master list is a compilation of all contact

numbers allowed in SOA to be appear as official business

3. Accomplished the Billing Report prepared by HRAD. Email HR and Admin

notification will receive by employee if exceeded in assigned
corporate mobile plan. (See Annex 4 Mobile User Billing
Notification Report)

4. HRAD submit request of payment to accounts payable team. HR and Admin

(See the accounts payable business process)

5. All employee charges shall deduct in payroll accounts. For HR and Admin
control and audit trail purposes cash payment should not be


1. HRAD receive the return phones and write the returned date in HR and Admin
corporate mobile accountability signed by employee when phone
was issued.

IV. Forms and Monitoring Tools

Annex 1 Corporate Mobile Accountability Form

Annex 2 Asset Monitoring

Annex 3 Business Contact Master List

Annex 4 Mobile Usage Billing Notification Report