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OC I Self-Introductions Name:____________________________ Class:_________________

I. Please listen to the dialogue.

スコット : Good morning. My name is Scott Miller. What is your name?

先生 : Good morning. My name is _______________________________.

スコット : How are you? fine not fine good

not good great terrible
先生 : I am fine. Thank you. How are you? Toyama City Uozu Yatsuo
Himi Takaoka City Kurobe
スコット : I am good. Thank you.
fifteen, sixteen, seventeen,
先生  : Where do you live? eighteen, nineteen, twenty

スコット : I live in Toyama City. Where do you live?

先生: I live in __________________________. How old are you?

スコット: I am 26 years old. It is nice to meet you.

先生: Nice to meet you too.

II. Fill in the blanks and then practice the dialogue with a partner.

A-さん : Good morning. My name is _____________________________. What is your name?

B-さん : Good morning. My name is _____________________________. How are you?

A-さん : I am _______________________. Thank you. How are you?

B-さん : I am _______________________. Thank you.

A-さん : Where do you live?

B-さん : I live in ________________________. Where do you live?

A-さん : I live in ________________________.

B-さん: How old are you?

A-さん: I am _____________________ years old. How old are you?

B-さん: I am _____________________ years old.

A-さん: Nice to meet you.

B-さん: Nice to meet you too.

III: Draw a line from the English question to the Japanese question.

1. What is your name? 何歳ですか。

2. How are you? お名前は何ですか。

3. Where do you live? どこに住んでいますか。

4. How old are you? 元気ですか。

5. Do you like English? 英語が好きですか。

IV: Fill in the blank with the correct answer.

1. 私は十七歳です。 I am _________________________ years old.

2. 私は元気じゃありません。I am _________________________.

3. 私は富山市に住んでいます。I live in _____________________________________.

4. 私は英語が好きです。 I like _________________________.

V: Please write the following sentences in English.

おはようございます。私の名前は Johnny Depp です。私は東京に住んでいます。私は十六歳です。

私は英語が好きです。どうぞよろしくお願いします。*(Nice to meet you.)*





VI: If you finish early,

enjoy my maze!