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Navya Krishna

IR pd. 2/English 11 AP
Marketing Presentations Reflection

At first, presenting was very nerve-wracking. But, as I listened to other people’s

presentations and I practiced giving my own, I started to get more comfortable and confident

giving my presentation. Listening to other presentations during the Smart Speaking event was

also very interesting, because everyone had different presentations on different topics, and I

really enjoyed learning so much about each person’s topic. I feel good about my evaluations

because each one of my evaluators had good things to say about my presentation, and each one

of them gave constructive feedback as well, so I can improve on my presentation. I will work on

my presenting skills for the future, such as reducing the times I say “um”, and I will try to sound

more confident when I speak. I need to work harder in engaging my audience and sounding

enthusiastic and confident, but I know a lot about my topic, and I am passionate about it. I also

think that my presentation needs more pictures.