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Smart people, Smart rail

Part of the BP


General Purpose Tank Car

Operating Platform Top Valves and Fittings Hinged and Bolted Manway
(not all cars equipped)
(Top View)
Safety Chain (optional) Protective
Safety Valve
Platform Handrail Housing
Manway Handle
Liquid Valve Hinge
Safety Bolt

Gauging Device (optional)

Vapor Valve Relief Valve Manway Cover
Protective Housing
Lock Pin Nut
Lifting Lug
Grounding Lug Hinge Safety Bolt
Nozzle Gasket
Side Platform (Top View) Outage Marker
Ladder Grating
(Side View)
Reporting Mark Car Number

“B” End (Brake End)

“A” End

Double Shelf Coupler

Bottom Outlet Valve

Side Safety Rail

Draft Sill and “B” End Arrangement Truck Assembly

Hand Rail Release
Bracket Rod End Hand Rail Center Pin
Center Bowl
Tank Shell Retaining Valve Truck Bolster
Hand Brake
Draft Sill Air Brake Control Valve Constant Contact Side Bearing
Placard Holder Brake Lever
End Platform Grating
Brake Shoe
Dirt Collector

Air Brake Reservoir Angle Cock

Air Brake Hose Side Frame

Automatic Equipment Brake Pins
Identification Tag Springs Brake Beam
Glad Hand Connection
Roller Bearing
Coupler Wheel
Striker Roller Bearing
Hand Hold
Uncoupling Rod
Step Sill
Uncoupling Rod Bracket

Body Mounted Brakes Stub Sill

Bolster Pad
Pipe Section
Bolster Web
Automatic Slack Adjuster
Brake Lever

Brake Cylinder Dead Lever

Guide Draft Sill
Push Rod
Hand Brake
Brake Rods Draft Gear Pocket Center Reinforcing
Plate Pad
Brake Beams Bolster Side Bearing Body Bolster Lug Hole
Center Filler
Brake Shoe
Bell Crank