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Employers and companies (including companies which are dormant / yet to commence business) are required to submit a Form E to the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia (LHDN). RERUN (QHEMRAG) / MATHEBWHAT) ) AOAMBMG RIE. Form E Is a declaration report to inform the LHDN on the number of employees and the list of employee's income details, it is different from an income tax form of an individual or a company. Exe BLA RMB LR AWS: Pp Asia] BRATS BUN ZB. » EUV MESS HAM, HRB Top 5 Must-Know SAA Toe Ua Lee al usar aA HUI CO LSet Mure SED ee AiR ahi dy ee Please note that the LHDN will no longer print and post the hard-copy version of Form E to ‘employers. With effect from the remuneration year 2018, employers other than companies, who wish to submit the hard-copy version of the Form E are required to download and print the website of the LHON, Form E in PDF format from the of ER: RKSNAATORSHERARS, F201 NTH, IAA, a PERE RARE MARAE E TM BUS (LHDN) BAMA RSTITEDERI (PDFASt) «Forts which do not fulfil the printing specifications shall be returned to the taxpayers and DEEM NOT RECEIVED, THATMMENAS - BIRO A - RAE + For employers other than Companies, the use of e-fling is encouraged. FEAAAM WBE - CERAM ELIA - +For employers which are companies and Labuan companies, the use of e-filing (e-E) is mandatory. AAAABADROM BE - WAM LARS + + Availability of e-filing system is from ‘ist March 2019. ALERASIT SIA 1 BI. Form EA - Must prepare and provide to all employees by 28 February 2019, EARS : B21 2019%2 A288 ABHIHEAMA AL, Submission of Form E SHER + Form E will only be considered complete if C.P.8D is submitted on or before 31 March 2019", BED Ate BIEL AMIN LSeBENNC.P.8D, ERAT SEH, + Employers who have submitted information via e-Data Praisi need not complete and furnish C.P.8D. (eData Praisi - Closing on 22 February 2019,) SEE CTU S MA BitieDala Praisih LASHES - DUR HIE FAC.P.8D#HK. (eData Praisi@ LRM : F201942A228 Aid| -) + Failure to furnish Form E on or before 31 March 2019* is an offence under paragraph 120(1)(b) of the Income Tax Aol 1967("ITA 1967") . AHEEZOIOES AS AZ MIRE RAGHU, F C967 ATGBIRS) 98120 (1 ) (b) SARA RIA + + Failure to prepare and render Form EA / EC to employees on or before 28 February 2019 is an offence under paragraph 120(1)(b) of the ITA 1967. AALE20194 2A AZ MBH OR LIEREA ECR, F (967 MOB B) 38120 (1) (b) SAUNAS + Note: * 30 April 2019 for submission via e-filing, iE: LASS RA ALIL AM 201944 30, + Mandatory submission of Form E via E-Filing for employers which are companies. AAAS EE BALM RIBERA. What If A Company Submit Form E Manually? DURAN BF iRAER ET 4H ? Form E, if submitted manually by the company (including Labuan companies), will be DEEMED NOT RECEIVED. HAA (ARAN ARRLabuanAe]) FMIBRERM, MURPEBT (ITA ) 19675883 (1B) hl, WERT RAWE ‘A Form E deemed not received is a failure to comply and is an offence under the Income Tax Act 1967, Hii DAW AINE LA LL — ARAM RGR BES MOBIL. + Penalties up to RM20,000 or 6 Months Imprisonment. ADGA Ta ARCT A Please be advised that itis the employer's responsibility to complete the form E and return it promptly to the Inland Revenue Board. BEE BEALS ESE RAOAMTNELREB VERE, Penalties ranging from RM200 to RM20,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months or both will be imposed if you fail to comply with the stipulated filing date. RAE BBIAS (ITA) 167K TRE, TRIRNE SSMS Saw Ke BuCTA. + The use of signature stamp is not allowed, FRU ERRMEA +f the return form is not affirmed and duly signed, it shall be deemed incomplete and will not be processed. Notification of Incomplete Return Form will be issued to inform you. PRAARAUMENSS URAC WAPI, BULBS AREER RAMS PAB.