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Poetry Selection: Impulsivity Theme

What is Impulse (Acrostic Poem)

I Intending to satisfy such
M Malicious urges on their minds
P Pleasing but simultaneously picking
U Upon their own sanity. Shameful how they
L Looked past at the damage they inflict upon
S Such feeble minds. It’s shameful that giving in is
E Easier said than not done. Don’t you think?
Impulse to Escape (Rhyming Poem)
*With Rhyming Scheme of ABAB CDCD...
Such a serenading voice,
Whistling of yours never coarse,
Drives out my own white noise
Still remaining my first choice

Umbrella me from this weather,

Then fortify me from my worry
Along the encircling of bell heather,
Drown me from my sorrow, hurry.

I’m too clingy and unworldly, I admit

Your branches form a second home,
Despite my childhood I shan't remicise
Convet content amidst fields of brome

Wishing that I don’t have to run back

Before the moon shows its fulsome face
Shuffling down the trail with my backpack
To four walls lacking emotional embrace

That’s okay cause I know i’ll be fine

But I can’t say the same about you.
Please don’t grow too old,
My companion, you’re mine,
An adverse thunderstorm is to be due,
Trotting behind thereafter reins of cold

Leaves are starting to fall,

The autumn mist is setting in,
Trying my best to stall,
How quickly this time has been

Grandmother is probably sat on the porch

With that clothes iron in hand,
Preparing myself to get sprucely scorched
Accustomed, the scars now feel bland

Just make sure you stay standing,

Life can be a little misunderstanding
With someone else so demanding
Your shade and comfort notwithstanding,
Someday likewise you, i’ll find my landing.
Lust (Shakespearan Sonent)
*Rhyming Scheme of ABAB CDCD EFEF GG
The moon’s creeping and is utmost bright
I propose a little rendez-vous for us two
To be together and spend this night
Let’s pretend this moment eternal thru and thru

Oh, you think I’m such a romantic?

I don’t do commitment, no strings attached.
Don’t be so stressed nor get so frantic.
By morning’s rise, I’ll treat you so detached.

Don’t take it personal, this is a mere lifestyle

Chasing that high that is ever so lust
A different face at the moon’s grace, worthwhile
Please don’t fall for me, that illusion will simply rust

I really hope you don’t call me up, please don’t

For pleasing me will leave to empathy being thrown

Gambling (Petrarchan Sonnet)

*Rhyming Scheme of ABBA CDDC EFFE GG
The taste of winning big on her mind
The blaring sounds from the slots
Oh the money she could spend on yachts,
Alas the gamer’s high leaves her blind

Off her glasses of cranberry whisky,

Getting wasted and boozing
She kept losing and losing,
The way she’s playing is selfishly risky

What started as losing twenty dollars,

To think she could win it all back,
Sadly she’s diminishing in her poker chip stack
Soon turnt to tuition fit for few scholars.

With little left, she shoves her luck into a single bet of Roulette.
Let’s be real, all she’s winning is bankruptcy and unfixable debt
Substance (Viator Poem)
In the needles and pills he fell for
Even going back to as far as his early ages
Fostered by a father crunching anti anxiety
Meds, and a rather absent mother

It must have been in his blood,

In the needles and pills he fell for
Purposely getting high in the stalls,
Just to stall his youth, stall his time

Fast forward to a stable job and loving family,

But everyone fell out of his life, cause instead
In the needles and pills he fell for,
Rather than help, they left him to drown in…

All alone in an hollow place with four empty walls,

He sits alone in his vacant, evicted house. All alone,
with his beloved babies, he takes one less breathe as
In the needles and pills he fell for

The Backpack’s Guide to Outrunning Impulseness (List Poem)

A map, preferably of the whole country
So that a spontaneous road trip can be planned

A fidget spinner
Cause no matter how odd they are, they sure are a good distraction

Your favourite burgundy hoodie,

For when the world can get too much and you need to escape in its comfiness

A diary or even a journal

To record the repeating patterns that come with your impulses

Nicotine-flavoured gum
So you can grow less and less dependent on cigarettes

A picture of the best family you could ever have-mom, dad, Joe, Amaria
So that you can be reminded that they’re there, but not those thing in your hand
Plugged (Haiku)
Menace in my hands.
Feeling on edge without it.
Hope battery dies soon.