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Navya Krishna

IR pd. 2/English 11 AP

30 May, 2019

Objectives and Journal


I will…

● Finish and publish my website

● Finish elevating my research paper

● Share my data analysis and elevated research paper with a family friend who works for a

medical journal (my second project)

● Find some medical journals for possible publication


I have been currently working on my website and elevating my research paper

simultaneously, which has been quite the juggling act. There are still some parts of my website

that I haven’t done, so I have to do them before I can upload them anywhere. Once I finish

elevating my paper, I will send it to a family friend who works for a medical journal. She edited

my background paper, and she said that she would love to take a look at my finished paper, so

that is one of my projects. My other project is that I hope to get my paper published in a medical

journal, but I first have to figure out which medical journals are most relevant to my topic and I

need to write an abstract for my paper. I have some plans related to cardiology for this summer,

so that might even be useful for my research next year. Once I get over the challenges of getting
everything done for this school year, I will be able to better appreciate that the year is almost

over and that I will be a senior soon.