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You need to copy TWO TEXTS and from that, you have to take out some
verbs, adjectives, prepositions, subjects, wh- questions etc.
You have to send it Wednesday June 19th,
Here is the example:


I don’t feel well

Andrés is not 1._____ well 2. _____was 3. ______ was in a4. _____ party last night and got
home at 3 am. He 5. ____ a headache6 ___ feels nauseous. He had too much to drink and
ate too much shrimp. He gets out of bed and realizes that he is not wearing any pants. He
looks around but cannot find them. He goes into the bathroom and looks around for his
pills. He cannot find them. He hears voices. He 7_____out of the bedroom, goes down the
stairs and into the kitchen. There are people talking and laughing in the kitchen. He
wonders 8_______ else came back home with him last night. 9_______ he realizes
something. He 10________ have stairs in his apartment. ¡He is in someone else’s home!
1. A. feeling B. fell C.fall out
2. A.he B.she C.we
3. A.whit C.and
4. A.high B.good C.huge
5. A.have B.has
6. A.and C.for
7. A.walking B. walks C.walked
8. A.why B.when C.who
9. A.Then B.With C.Why
10. A.aren’t B. isn’t C. doesn’t