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hpiicece vi e-mail id: Phone no.: 9264473891 eave tear : DM. /68/18 OS Xft Raia: 05/03/2019 Hove ayaa wae wfeatfrar Tet — 2019 (B.Ed. Combined Entrance Competitive Examination - 2019) @ stator @ Wala Yat ve, corte Ret wa ete fara fear, (ser fer Meee) & sate 02/18. 1/104 /2017-1214 Paw 15.06.2018 wt frarfta afer vo — 792 feria 18.04.2018 3 arte A Pri fen aa % 8 mH A grees we Rea doo wer (Government/Government Aided/Unaided/Self-financed and Private recognized B.Ed. institutions) 4 #to¢o organ # araiat qi Saif af 2019-20 H wer Vg alferemger amet orf fren oer 2 2. Wea a sal 2 af 3.0 SRE: omer elo aaa /arqeen A aeavS EeOR oT ares arent AA wart em 4. Hews weg Rent fazaftercra S uciof onafehel 8g Gor Viel wT 05% areas ehhh ae 15% Wie |S WA 5. dtaftre alaar (Eligibility Criteria for B.Ed.) — 4.1 Candidate with at least 50% marks either in Bachelor's Degree and for in Master's Degree in Seience/Social Science/ Humanities/Commerce, Bachelor's in Engineering or Technology with specialization in Science and mathematics with 55% marks or any other qualification equivalent thereto, are eligible for appearing in the B.Ed. Combined Entrance Competitive Examination-2019. 4.2 The Candidate will have to choose only one subject (within a subject category) which she/he must have studied in the qualifying degre ., Bachelor's Degree or Master's Degree for at least 200 marks «and out of which obtained at least 50% in that subject. The subject will henceforth be referred to as the teaching subject in the B.Ed. course. 4.3. There is no restriction in the passing year to apply in B.Ed. course. 5. odca at ufwa— aage wie 3 afta aaege http://jceceb, Homepage ® Online Form "B.Ed. Combined Entrance Competitive Examination-2019" 1 WW Click #, fea 7a e-Peet ar meri aed gy Peas 15.03.2019 W Peaiw 09.04.2019 we atten ater wa ae wat 2) sites onan oR re aif fae eof ay Sarg wen er car es Pa gar ort aa a ama Vhs acl, fir ae db area Sa wr ere wr B feng tar mee cer ears (Edited) Ae eat aay; SRM TE ad cer 3 ate a Rar sets wen em) deiqe oes Geet 4 Pet gaol aT Tw W we iiee otic 4 wa a der oda aves oer eT (1) ARG / od w sea Osetia HAT-74 (2) Sree PR oT sis wa, @) Same Re wr sis oa (Per Ra STE TR arte TET a ARerfer #), (4) NCC 'C'/ NSS wart—aa (ate et ah), (6) warta Prat TAM-03, (Res woe S wil /eh Pari & fea) 6) anf waive GrReNT oT TT wi @ Refs 4), @) Raa wea (Ratt ara 8q)) wart ost ar oad oie So ‘aaarge http://jceceb % siecits Ties F Sat vt Gat eI PeiRe ar or wen yee pa + SRT Se dor or fie anv fle a eT a ora 8g Uta wa al 6 Wend wi wer ot fo— ae ater Uh wee Rea Paifta fh wer oni wag me & fata acre 4 arifia a ref) wen oe wd omy daa Ga, aifreng4 waar Ta (Online Admit Card) 4 aifa wet | artaat ot de S ava Ve ‘SIAGHS (Download) Wt |faer war ar fae a are (4) a a woerer aed aah 7 Wer gew:— sraeat wt oar Yow Payment Gateway AEAH A Credit Card/Debit Card/Net Banking & are ferat Ge] What Yow TH ae Pre va 3 = | x0 : Lo _ a 1 | aT & 1000/— 2 | fies wile — 1/Pes) ont — 1 (areave wear & ) = 750/— 3. | seqyfad oid /orgyfedt crema / wit aie a ake Gras Tea ) | F s00/— Fe: ARES TIS IS aqyfea vila /aqyaa wena / Med ont — 1/Tee unft - Il qi after snattfel at arara aie ar wen Yow ta eh when yew aftea (non refundable) err wat yew oR ea ao ert ar A yrers srahiat wt ae eer 8. weer aden or Ridee ya afer: wfealfin wer or cet agdefece (McQ) mT Ge 100 sat at ahh wate oes UH aie or etn ceM Wel Tea Ware & fers 0.25 sim Ber art | 8.1 Language Proficiency shall have 30 questions (15 question for Hindi & 15 Questions for English) indicating specific area like comprehension, rearranging sentences, selecting suitable words for the blanks, finding out errors in parts of the sentences, finding out equivalent meaning to the given phrases, finding out suitable words for the incomplete sentences, sequencing, grammar which includes synonyms, idioms, prepositions tenses, articles. 8.2 Teaching Aptitude (40 questions) will cover specific areas like attitude towards education, children and teaching profession; interest in teaching; leadership qualities & group management; emotional & social adjustment; intrapersonal & ft interpersonal skills; and general awareness of contemporary issues pertaining e to school education. 8.3 Reasoning ability (30 questions) indicating specific areas like verbal non- verbal reasoning, missing numbers, number series, letter series, theme finding, jumbling, analogy, odd one out, arranging the statements in a sequential form, statement and conclusion, syllogism, logical problems, establishing relationships and numerical ability. 9. Ferg er ah ar Prato dgad wae ofan afer A ore uri & sree We fear are | et a at @ ate araffal @ orci wart eA at Ret A Aen or Reker Fra ger Pear ore — @) ode aha Boreas ferent (@) NCC'CY NSS waar (7) Geet ar fate aa oraelf @Y referer 2 arth 10. oem: ana wal tg wet > fed orem Fo aeas Ha S se aE shia card eta) eras zoe Rea favafienca @ oeiof snaPFal q ger Met wr a5% aieleiat arf as 15% we geht we SRE OT aT aa oq spaell at wala wos ues aa ora 8) waa or uray ule } aawge F srerchs wor ¥ eoore 3) na as pee)