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Mark Your Calendar

March 22nd

What’s Going On In Room 10? Picture Day

March 27th
Dear Families-
Field Trip
You will be receiving your child’s spring MAP report this
week. I am very proud of the continued growth
throughout this year! I cannot believe we are almost to
April! This week is “Right to Read” week there are various Next week
activities planned for students each day. There was in- Monday–Art
formation sent home on how your child can participate.
Our class will be visiting book fair Friday (3/22). You can
also attend book fair on Wednesday during “Breakfast
with a Book”. We are looking forward to the field trip Wednesday-
next week. Our class will be wearing the color BLUE! Music
Please let me know if you have any questions or con- Thursday-Gym
cerns! Friday-Library

Cool Curriculum
Language Arts . Math Discovery
We will begin Unit 7 with our new big question We will finish tell- Friday
“How do living things depend on each other?”
ing time and We will continue
We will answer this question by reading, “Go
to Sleep Gecko” and “The Hen, the Rooster begin fractions. our unit on Nu-
and the Bean.” trition. Next
We will be working on words with prefixes week we will fin-
and suffixes. ish fossils.
We will also be working on past tense verbs.
Our skill this week is character motive and
character point of view.