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PS Series

DC Power System -48 VDC, up to4.35 kW

PS4875/25 system is optimized for base station power applications and can be installed on the
wall. This system offers advanced features, intelligent battery monitoring, remote monitoring
and low voltage battery disconnect. The cabinet comes fully equipped with integrated AC and
distribution DC distribution.

This is the system of choice for installations in regions with poor AC regulation and
operates with ultra-wide input voltage and frequency ranges. In addition, integrated
surge protection is provided in the AC distribution unit.

Provides up to 4.35 kW in one cabinet
Operates with global AC voltages
Designed to operate in poor power quality environments
Front access and top cabling design for installation and maintenance
Cabinets equipped with AC and DC surge protection
LCD display for alarm and component status
Low voltage battery disconnect to protect batteries
Utilizes CE approved 25A rectifier HD 4825-3
Optional remote monitoring and control

System Electrical Specifications
Nominal Output Voltage -48 Vdc
Operating Voltage Range -42 Vdc to -58 Vdc
Output Power (max) 4.35kW
Input Voltage 90~290 Vac, 1 phase
Frequency 45 HZ to 65 HZ
Regulation < 0.5%
AC Ripple <100 mVrms
Output Noise <200 mV(pk-pk)

System Physical Specifications

Width x Depth x Height 450 x 260 x 700 mm
Weight (without Rectifier module) 40 kg
Operating Temperature Range -5 to +55 (Full power up to +45 )
Operating Relative Humidity Range 95% RH
Withstand lighting surge AC side 10/700 us 5kV, 8/20 us 20kA
DC side 8/20 us 10kA

DC distribution Fuse size Fuse type

Battery fuse 2 x 63 A MCB
Distribution fuses(Standard configuration) 2 x 32A MCB
2 x 20A MCB
PSM-A10 Monitoring module
Featur es
Menu operated and user friendly
Intelligent battery management
Control of rectifier and batteries
Visual and audible alarms
Alarm history log
RS232 , RS 422/428 and dry contacts
Optional web access through PowerStar software,NMS,Web Browser

PSM-A10 Monitoring module

HD4825-3 Rectifier module
General Environment conditions
Safety CE, UL EN60950:1992, UL1950 Operation temperature - 5 to + 45 (full power)
EMC EN 55022 Class A Storage temperature - 40 to + 85
Dimensions 132 x 86 x 330 mm(H x W X D) Relative humidity 95% RH
Weight 3 kg Elevation 3000 m
Enclosure IP 20

Input characteristics Range Unit Comments Protection characteristics

Input voltage 90 - 290 VAC Single phase Short circuit protection, fallback current <1/3 rated current
Line frequency 45 - 65 HZ Output over-voltage protection, voltage set point selectable
Max static votage 380 VAC 1hour for non-operation Input over-voltage protection, automatically recoverable
Power Factor 0.99 Input under-voltage protection, automatically recoverable
Efficiency 90% Over-temperature protection , Theatsink > 85 power limiting, > 90 protection,
automatically recoverable

Output characteristics
Output voltage -42 to -58 VDC
Power 1450 W 25A@58V
Current 0 -27.5 A
Load regulation 0.4 %
Line regulation 0.1 %
Load share +/- 3 %
Temperature co-efficienct 0.02 % per 1 deg C
Peak to peak noise 150 mV pk-pk (0-20MHz)

Output power Output current(A) HD4825-3 Rectifier module

100% 27.5

50% 25

0 90 176 290 Input voltage(V) 40 53.5 58 Output voltage(V)

Output Power and Input Voltage Relationship Output Current and Output Voltage Relationship

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