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Read the sentences and choose the best option to complete them.

1. Sue buys bread and cookies in the bakery that is ["", "",
[ Seleccionar ]
""] next to Helen’s apartment; just a couple of
minutes away.
2. Jeff usually reserves a private table for dinner in the restaurant in front of his office.
[ Seleccionar ]
That place ["", "", ""] the best pies and
sweets in the city.
3. In competitions as the Tour de France you can see the best and most
[ Seleccionar ]
expensive ["", "", ""] that include quite
advanced tech in seat, pedals, gearing, handlebar, wheels and brakes.
4. The young girl was close to the window waiting for the ["", "",
[ Seleccionar ]
""] of her birthday present from her parents. It
was a great and amazing surprise: an intelligent band.
[ Seleccionar ]
5. Stamford Bridge ["", "", ""] is a marvel
of structural engineering. It is the home of Chelsea Football Club with a capacity of
46310 spectators but they are planning to expanding it to 63.000.
6. Fifth Avenue is considered one of the most expensive and elegant ["", "",
[ Seleccionar ]
""] in the world. It serves as the dividing line
for west-east in Manhattan.
7. The International Culinary Training Program in Bangkok suggests that the best way
[ Seleccionar ]
to learn how to ["", "", ""] is to do it
yourself. With recipes in your hands your instructor first explains and demonstrates
each dish.
8. A policeman helped us at the airport. He gave us all the necessary ["", "",
[ Seleccionar ]
""] to get to the hotel.
9. Customer service is any person-to-person exchange between a ["", "",
[ Seleccionar ]
""] and a customer. It’s the process of
adapting to customers’ personality, needs, and mood.
10. Some famous football players have their bodies full of phrases, designs, animals
and so on. Those are part of football ["", "",
[ Seleccionar ]
""] .
11. Blackjack is one of the easiest ["", "",
[ Seleccionar ]
""] to play in casinos that offers you one of the
strongest probabilities of winning. It is really popular in Las Vegas, Nevada.
12. If you’re ready to make cooking part of your everyday routine,”kitchn” ["", "",
[ Seleccionar ]
""] will teach you how to make everything from
a casserole to a delicious cake.
13. Some people prefer to have a safe box at home while others have bank accounts
[ Seleccionar ]
to ["", "", ""] their money.
14. A: Can you tell me how to get to the closest bank, please?
B. Yes. You just go down the stairs here. Then, ["", "",
[ Seleccionar ]
""] right. It’s next to the Italian restaurant.
15. My niece always has a big ["", "",
[ Seleccionar ]
""] of coffee with some pie after lunch. She
loves sweets.
16. The grocery store near my house was ["", "",
[ Seleccionar ]
""] so I had to come back next day to buy the
things I needed for my child’s cake.
17. Ironman is a long-distance triathlon ["", "",
[ Seleccionar ]
""] that consists of swim, bicycle ride and run.
The sportsmen in this discipline do not have time for breaks to relax or get back their
18. The texture and the taste of some food can change when you ["", "",
[ Seleccionar ]
""] it.
19. I’m lost! I’m going to call Susan to help me find the store. I couldn’t find it on
[ Seleccionar ]
the ["", "", ""] .
20. Excuse me, sir. Could you give us a few more minutes to check the menu, please?
[ Seleccionar ]
We’re not ready to ["", "", ""] yet.

Choose the right verb form to complete the sentences below.

1. Mary was late to class because she ["", "",
[ Seleccionar ]
""] the wrong bus this morning. She had to talk
to her teacher about a solution for her final exam.
2. Greg had time to buy his breakfast on his way to the office after he ["", "",
[ Seleccionar ]
""] the car keys under his bed.
3. It was raining very hard when Sue and Mark ["", "",
[ Seleccionar ]
""] home this morning. They decided to come
back to change their jackets.
4. Tom is very sad because he ["", "",
[ Seleccionar ]
""] his flashback, (USB), in a public bathroom.
He needed it for his final project at school.
5. I downloaded a new app but I couldn’t open it. Luckily, my friend Helen came home
[ Seleccionar ]
and ["", "", ""] me the instructions to use
6. My sister was really mad at her pet because he ["", "",
[ Seleccionar ]
""] her favorite vase when he jumped over the
7. Some students got a really bad grade in their exam because they ["", "",
[ Seleccionar ]
""] the wrong answers in the matching
exercises. They had the highest scores.
[ Seleccionar ]
8. Last weekend my brother ["", "", ""] a
delicious lunch at the new restaurant near our home.
[ Seleccionar ]
9. Ben had problems to ["", "", ""] early
today because he was working late last night.
[ Seleccionar ]
10. Rose ["", "", ""] her closest friends to
her graduation. She only wanted to have an informal meeting with them.

Young people and sports

A leading group of American doctors is warning against forcing young people to

become skilled in a single sport. It says young people who play just one sport
face additional physical or other demands from intense training and competition.
It says children involved in sports should be urged to take part in different
activities and develop many skills.

The doctors note that more and more children are skilled in one sport at an
early age. There are many media reports of young competitors in sports such
as gymnastics, figure skating and tennis.

Some of the most famous athletes first became active in a sport when they
were five years old. A few started even earlier. The committee noted that the
successes of young athletes can be a powerful influence for others to follow. It
says children wishing to compete at a high level require training that could be
considered extreme even for adults. It says the necessary desire and intensity
of training raise many concerns about the safety of high-level athletic activity for
any young person.

The American Academy of Pediatrics says the health effects of intense training
in young athletes need to be fully investigated. Risks to young athletes include
injuries, delayed menstruation, eating disorders and emotional stress.

The committee of doctors offered some suggestions. It urged children to

become involved in sports at levels that meet their abilities and interests. It said
doctors should work with parents to make sure that someone knowledgeable is
training the child athlete. That person should know correct methods of training,
equipment and the physical and emotional health of young competitors.

The group said doctors should supervise the condition of child athletes involved
in intense training. It said doctors and trainers should work to prevent injuries
that result from too much physical activity. Doctors should make sure the
children eat a healthy, balanced diet. And doctors should watch for signs of too
much training, including weight loss and sleep problems.

Decide if the following sentences about the article are True or False.
1. A leading group of American doctors say young people who play just one
sport face additional physical or other demands from soft training and
[ Seleccionar ]
competition. ["", ""]
2. The doctors observe that more and more children are skilled in one sport
when they are very young. ["",
[ Seleccionar ]
3. Children who want to compete at a high level need an extreme training
similar to the one for adults. ["",
[ Seleccionar ]
4. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, it is not necessary to
investigate the health effects of intense training in young athletes. ["",
[ Seleccionar ]
5. The person who is training the kid athletes doesn’t need to know right
methods of training, equipment and the physical and emotional health of those
[ Seleccionar ]
competitors. ["", ""]
6. Doctors should control the condition of very young athletes involved in
intense training and too much physical activity. ["",
[ Seleccionar ]
7. Young athletes are responsible for paying attention to their weight loss and
[ Seleccionar ]
sleep problems. ["", ""]

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Listen to the conversation and complete the sentences with the missing word.

1. And could you bring some chips and a of ice cream?

2. They’re organizing a company basketball team and I’m thinking about
. What do you think?
3. Look. I just don’t want you having a attack running up and down
the court.
4. So, what are you suggesting? Should I just the idea?
5. You ought to at least have a physical before you .
6. You need to your diet and cut back on the fatty foods.
7. And you should try eating more fresh fruits and .
8. Or perhaps try cycling to build up your cardiovascular ?
9. You need to go to bed instead of watching TV half the night.
10. You’re starting to sound like my personal instructor!

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