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Schedule of Availability of Service : Monday 9:00 A.M -5:00 P.M. (Flag Raising from 8:00 A.M. -9:00A.M.)
Tuesday to Friday, 8:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. (Morning Prayer 8:00 to 8:30 A.M.)
No Noon Break
Who may Avail of the Service : Building Permit Applicants
What are the Requirements :

2 copies of Lot Plan with certification from a Geodetic Engineer that the
proposed building will not encroach the adjoining properties
7 sets of Building Plans (Structural, Electrical, Plumbing) with Site
Development Plan indicating the set-back/yard distances at the front sides
and with Perspective at page 1 of every set
4 copies of Bill of Materials and Cost Estimates
4 copies of Specification documents
4 copies of Title of Property (Transfer Certificate of Title), certified true
4 copies of Deed of Absolute Sale/Lease Contract/Contact to Sell.
Consent and Authority from the owner if the TCT is not in the name
of the applicant
4 copies of latest Tax declaration (Please refer to City Assessor’s Office for
the issuance of the Certification)
4 copies of current Tax receipt of Real Property Tax payment
1 copy of Construction log Book
2 copies of Structural Design Computation w/ Seismic Analysis which
conforms to the latest NSCP-for 2 storeys and above or 1 storey w/
attic/mezzanine/roof deck/penthouse
2 copies of Plate Load Test Analysis-for 3 storeys or 2 storeys w/
attic/mezzanine/roof deck/penthouse
2 copies of Environment Compliance Certificate/Environment and
Natural Resources (ENRO) Clearance-for communication towers and gas
1 copy of Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Clearance
for Industrial Buildings
Duly filled-out and Notarized Building permit Application Forms
(and Ancillary Permit Forms: Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, Fencing).

How to Avail of the Service
Step Applicant/Client Service Provider Duration of Person in Charge Fees Form
Activity Under
1 Secure application Issue application forms and 3 minutes Engineering - Building Permit
forms and checklist checklist Assistant (Receiving Application form
Fill-up application Section) W/ ancillary
forms (Building, permit forms,
Electrical, Electrical,
Mechanical, Mechanical,
Plumbing forms) Plumbing, etc.
2 Submit application Receive duly filled-out Building 20 minutes Engineering - Building Permit
form w/ all Permit application and all the Assistant Application and
requirements listed requirements. Inform client the requirements
of the schedule for inspection. per checklist.
If application submitted lacks 30 seconds Engineering - -
some requirements the Assistant
application is returned to
concerned party for compliance
3 If documents are complete, 5 minutes Engineering - Transmittal Form
prepare and issue Assistant
endorsements to concerned
offices (Fire Dept., Land Use &
Zoning, DENR & DOLE as the
case maybe)

4 Conduct inspection of site, 2 hours Engineer III, - Building Permit

evaluate/assess and process Electrical Engineer, Application Forms
the Building Permit application Mechanical & other
Engineer, Master documents
Plumber, Building
Inspectors, PROW

4a Receive the plans If technical deficiencies are 10 minutes Division Chief- - BuildingPermit
and technical found, returned the plans & Engineer IV Application Forms
documents for technical documents for & other
correction correction documents

5 Follow-up status of Receive the required 30 minutes Division Chief- - Building Permit
the application and clearances. Receive the Engineer IV Application Forms
submit required corrected plans and documents & other
clearances (Zoning, for review and re-evaluation. documents
Fire Safety
Clearance, DENR,
6 Receive the order of Issue the order of payment 5 minutes Division Chief- Per assessment -
payment Engineer IV and schedule of
Fees stipulated
in the NBC
7 Pay the Receive and record OR 1 minute Division Chief- Refer to Box A -
corresponding fees payments Engineer IV
at the City
Treasurer’s Office
8 Final Evaluation and approval of 15 minutes Building Officer - -
the application
9 Receive the Release the approved Building 20 minutes Engineering - -
approved Building Permit Assistant


Box A Fees:
Area of Building = 83 sq. m.
Line & Grade – P 470.00
Building - P 671.00
Plumbing - P 112.00
Electrical - P 280.00
Fence - P 132.00