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Tezra Deaton

Technology in Education
Dr. Orr

Google Scholar Class Research

Name of class: CIED 1003 Technology in Education

Name of topic: Using technology in secondary education
Name of article: Individual characteristics and computer self-efficacy in
secondary education teachers to integrate technology in educational practice
Name of author of the article: F. Paraskeva, H. Bouta, Aik. Papagianna
Year article was published: 2006
URL to the actual article you reviewed:


The goal of the article was to establish if a teacher needed general self-efficacy or computer self-
efficacy to be successful when using technology in their classrooms. It established that while
computer self-efficacy was important and needed what was needed more was general self-
efficacy. By the teachers feeling competent in technology and having confidence in themselves
they could make the transition to using technological resources more efficiently. A survey was
given that showed that most all secondary educators were open to the idea of incorporating
technology into their classrooms but were not given the chance due to the school not offering the
services or equipment needed. The survey found that the teachers lacked the training to help
them learn and prepare for the technology being introduced. In conclusion it found that teachers
are open and willing to learn if given the opportunity to do so.