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Tezra Deaton

Technology in Education
Dr. Orr
Teacher Tube

Teaching Major: Social Studies (7-12)

High School-Arkansas History (9-12)
Era1.1.AH.9-12.1-Content Standard 1
Compare and contrast pre-historic cultural characteristics of early native populations in Arkansas
Pictures of the video and information about the video:
I will create a parody song of the information we have covered in order to help students
remember the information taught to them but to also awaken a love of history. History gets a bad
rap for being boring so I want to make it as fun as possible for the students and engage them in
learning the material. In making the parody song students will learn to work together while
learning information from one another. I believe incorporating music into a subject always
makes the kids more excited. They will be learning information while having a good time.

Video 2:
United States Government (9-12)
Examine multiple points of view from a variety of Greek, Roman, and Enlightenment thinkers to
discuss ways they influenced the formation of the United States government
I will use slides and graphics to teach lessons. I will do this because studies have shown that
using images when teaching helps students retain information more efficiently when compared to
listening to a lecture. Students engage more when shown images of the place, thing or person
you are speaking about, enabling them to ask questions. I want my students to be asking
questions constantly because that tells me they are enjoying the information and engaging in the