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Calibrating Voltage: 1 Vp-p 25% {50/60 He square ware) Intensity Modulation Inout Vatage: TIL teva! Input impedence: 10K 120% Trace Rotation: Trace ang is aul by po rol sutace aster. Power Source Power Supply Voltage: 100/117/220/240V 10%, 50/60 Hr Power Consumption: 20 Dimensions and Weight wat 260mm 1277 am) Hegre 380 mm (206 mm) Dept 375mm (433 mm) pur in) show msimum Wiolane Bia Acoesor Probe peat {6 Not al fast have dete) Non shorting ys. Replacement Fuse: 0.38 Instruction Manual: copy toma CONTROLS ON PANELS Front Panel POSITION Control TiME/DIV (21) si the XY postion 2. INPUT Jack Vora! input oc for CH1 lor ¥ in X.Y mo) 3. AC-GND-0C Switch Vera! input elector for CH (or DC Diect input of AC and DC component of {GND Opens sgn path ar grounds int 10 ‘erial amp Ths proves 2 210 be used os a reference when performing AC Blocks DC component of put sgn 4, VOLTS/DIV Switch Vestal ettnuatrfor Canna 1 Verte sony is Chiba in 11 eps from 1 t0 20 vats per dh ie conral aust vertal sensiovty wan the [SWEEP TIME/DIV ewe 21) isn tha XY poston BKODD na 5. VARIABLE Cont CH verti aerator acustment Ine exeme clckwiee (CAL) poston the versa! 6. MODE Switch ‘CHY: Only the input signal wo CHT i asayed (CH2: Ory the Inpt sir to CHR ie layed DUAL: The CHI and CH2 waveloome_ 16 ‘he CHT sional ie eyntvanizd. Saacton Detwean ALT and CHOP operations ea fomatielly accomplished. by uring SWEEP TIME/DIV" nthe CHOP opera rae etched in the range of OBS 1 4 by about 200% sal: inthe ALT retche for sach sneop inthe ange of Ome to tae 10. " 12, 13. 14 16, 16. ”, VoLT/o1V Switch Verte stanuter for Cannel 2 Vortal seat calito ia 11 aap rom 1 9 20 wots por ow This control acjrte hozomal zon: "iy when the SWEEP TIME/DIV eth 21) te X pesiion VARIABLE Control (cH2 versal atanustr acustmant. ine contol of (GH2 verea! sont Inthe eve clockwe (CAL poston. the vercal sitemeter fe caliveted AC-GND-0C Switch Verical nou sector for CH (ol. tha he some function a= AC-GND-0C (3, INPUT Jack } POSITION Control/x-Y <» Control Vera poston ajustmont for CH wae, Becomes horizontal postion adustment when SWEEP TIME/DIVZII iin the X17 poston LED Pilot Lamp ‘the poworswehILLUM (13) = POWER Switch ‘Argh nwt the power to ON INTENSITY Contro! [Adusts the brightness of spot and wavetors for 28) Wewing Clockwise rotation ‘nereaaee the Seghiness of race and counterlckuise ettion di appears to vase FOCUS Cont orang 1 brghe EXT TRIG Jack sor! toot terminal. For extemal rggetng. 0X temal sy wotage (more then 1 Vor) should be epied with SOURCE ste (17} st fo EXT. SOURCE Switch ‘Selecta wiggring tours fr the seep. INT or EXT! IT: Sweep ie wiggeed by CH1 signal when MODE seth isn CH or DUAL postion Seep i tiggered by Chanel 2 sign vahan MODE swtsh sn CH2 postion ext Sheep is tiggered by an etna nal ‘pple athe EXT TRIG Jack 18, 18. 19. 20. SYNC Switeh ‘component in TV vibe pois to seo sine aut for complete ryenronsation of io = ‘rol baing viewed NORM 2: Use for vowing a waveorms excepr TV At poly, sweep is topeed on ostv-gong soe of waveform ond. at ‘= polarity. an negative going spe of swavetorm telaveion composite vido signa at used {0 wgper the swoop: the verte spe pubes {TVV" frame) are automaticaly folate for sweep timer of OSs 10 (01. ma/div and hotiontl eypo pulses (VK ne) oe automavcty salected for swap times af 50 pv 0 1 gala Polaty shouldbe set 12 match that of ‘eo ign! 98 shown in the susan, sync swirex wot ‘syne swiren wie) Fig LEVEL Control ‘ynslovladustnent determine points on wavetom slope where sweep stare (~) aval most rages point of wagering ahd +) equa mort poste point of tiageing| PULL AUTO Switch Push-pull switch sects automatic tgpting when pulled out (PULL AUTO). Whan automat aperng. 4 sweep 1 penerted even without an input sa “Teageted sweep operon when igo =e sar, automaticaly gonerates sweep (oe uanng) > POSITION Controt Rotaton eauete harzonal postion of waces (both ‘races when opraod inte dual wace mode). Push Dl swith slots XS megeaon when pled out IPULLX6 MAG): rormal won pustedin Brighnest is sighty decreases