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In the year 1933 the first transplant of the history was performed with a kidney of a corpse,
and in 1954 it was the first with total success.

In 1966 the same thing happened in Chile, but the patient died a month after the operation.

Thirty years ago the only organ donors were corpses.


Today, anyone older than eighteen is a donor, but the last word is given by the family.

The latest statistics dictated that there are only 8 donors per million inhabitants.

Today there are about two thousand people on the waiting list.

(1) Today people can donate organs in life, for example they can donate blood, kidney or


In some years we will have fully functional organs created in laboratories, such as hearts,
stomachs, kidneys, lungs and, why not, a brain.

In the future, waiting lists and the risk of compatibility in the receiver will be reduced.

In the next fifty years the world of medicine will change completely.

Soon we will have organs grown in the laboratory that will help us understand the causes of
the diseases.