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Geometry CC Name HW 11-6 Period 1. Find the volume of the triangular prism. 2. Aight prism has base area 5 and volume 30. Find the prisms height, k. ve BH 30 = 5H 5 tb 3. Across-section is taken parallel to the bases of a general cylinder and has an area of 18. ifthe height of the cylinder is, what is the volume of the cylinder? Explain your reasoning Vv? Bk Ve 19h he velo is hn fe. The ress SR EO of & Gener at 10 tt. pa tos base fF fhe is & “ 9 3g. onits parte The cg ends. Thirchre , svbsnr Mg r & sg 5 ze hha gpe lls yo 1 fhe Lanela, Vebh, yet ) 4, Ageneral cylinder has a volume of 144. What is one possible set of dimensions of the base and height of the cylinder if ll cross-sections parallel to its bases are .. a. Rectangles? - weit nts? vy: BH 144 = Bx 4212 The pre pectargu ree ye hr - se Gd! be i) an 144 > Lok b. Right triangles? poe pagh volte eguel be UB i 8 ” oa of fo gen WABI he tse of Ihe breageder poten cout fort apie & BAC of b Lak a hurgps o Y an « nee Phe hegpt CF fra cyhincter 4 Cod be 1% Pt wee The vaolus of the ges arr right cicehac Cg tiocles ; / WE 2M 72 - pase whe 2 gat The Height of He cg hicks coil be “po tact” 65. fie rr lr 5. Atankis the shape of aright rectangular prism with base 2 ft. x 2 ft and height 8 ft. The tank is filled with water to a depth of 6 ft. & cube with edges of 18 inches is dropped into the tank. How much higher will the water be in the tank with the cube at the bottom? 3 yin NEL 5" 1 , > BE wes Joes ies, v\ huh ye Gs)? : | Y, ta o Urs 3.375 Fe 1 i sy VM pat . | on | ys tw 3,375 fp 2:2°4A | 3.375 YA | an “yy —— we 7 Az 0, 84375 Tha water will ase o.9¥375 FF 6. In the parallelepiped, to the let, The length of 4B is 2x, the length of GMs x-+3, and the width is 6. What is the volume of this figure in terms of x? a i vi 6 : v v y 2 Ve lax?e abe vats 7. Find the volume, lateral area and surface area of a cylinder below with a base diameter of 10 inches to the nearest tenth. Ve BH lp > 2m7h 4) vi 74 2A = 20S) 24 2\ai9 a . ve tt (3 7G08 LA 507/39 rathes fio 3 2 Ve SUT/39 spchas by?) She (py PO SA= 27/39 + oS 8 Ifthe volume of a cylinder is 36zrkin* and its radius is 2km, find the surface area. vad SA 2Iht on ve 174 SA: ar (a)(4)+ ar?) 3emr- 7 @)H Sh 367487 sore or Sayer be (t= 9 km