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Objective: To increase membership attendance by 20% at Indiana Builders Association events

by April 1, 2019.

Research: Research conducted about the Indiana Builders Association (IBA) is focused on
grasping a concept of the association itself, as well as, finding many benefits that come with
being a member. Reagan Van Cleve outlined the problem facing the IBA is internal. Many IBA
members are not aware of the benefits that are gained from being a dues paying member.
Unknown to many members, their dues give them membership at the local, state, and national
level of the National Association of Home Builders. Knowledge and involvement of the state
and national level of builders associations are crucial to local members so they are informed
and can be active during campaigns to pass or disallow legislation that directly affects them. By
using research, materials designated for either print, or digital, distribution are to be used to
target key publics to accomplish the goal of creating more awareness of the benefits with being
a member of the IBA.

Analysis: With social judgment theory utilized in this campaign, materials produced for the
Indiana Builders Association will seek to change behavior in current members. Currently, in the
IBA, many members are active within their local builder organization, but not with the IBA. We
seek to change this behavior from not being active participants, to being active and engaged
participants at the state level with the IBA. Materials produced will demonstrate the many
benefits of being a member of the IBA to gain interest. Other materials will then illustrate
previous and current campaigns concerning legislation, that directly affect the member, and
will inform on how to get involved.

Communication: The group will create materials such as infographics and fact sheets to
illustrate the benefits of becoming a member of the Indiana Builders Association. Infographics
and fact sheets produced by group members will either be specifically tailored to be printed or
remain in a digital format. Having infographics and fact sheets for print distribution and digital
distribution will allow for both key publics to be effectively targeted. In addition to infographics
and fact sheets, a new logo will be proposed to update the look and style of the IBA.

Evaluation: Evaluation of the success of the campaign includes a comparison of the total
number of attendees to a previous IBA meeting/event to a meeting/event close to the date of
April 1, 2019. The difference of attendees outlines if the campaign was successful in changing
the behavior of current IBA members.