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Job Posting: 2019-2020 Public Editor

The Varsity is Canada’s largest student newspaper and U of T’s leading campus publication
since 1880. The Varsity produces 24 issues of the newspaper throughout the academic year, as
well as two magazines and one handbook, and maintains a constant online presence through
social media and a website.

In newspapers and other media organizations, a Public Editor exists as an arms-length member
of the staff tasked with ensuring the effective implementation of, and compliance with, a policy
on journalistic ethics in all of the organization’s publications. Additionally, Public Editors can
also serve, in some capacity, as an Ombudsperson for the organization by receiving and relaying
complaints to ranking editors. This work is typically achieved primarily through a regular
column in the paper’s Editorial page in which the Public Editor identifies and examines errors in
the accuracy and balance of reporting, as well as critical omissions.

Practically, the role fulfills dual purposes: primarily, the Public Editor represents an internal
accountability mechanism to provide feedback to the masthead and staff on the strengths and
weaknesses of their reporting; and second, the Public Editor role functions as a direct liaison
with the readership, separate from the elected staff of ​The Varsity.​


The Public Editor shall:

1. Serve for a term commencing on September 1 and ending on April 30.

2. During the period between their appointment and the commencement of their term,
take the opportunity to become familiar with ​The Varsity a​ nd the U of T
3. Read all content published by ​The Varsity ​in print and online​.
4. Actively seek out and read comments on ​The Varsity’s ​website and social
5. Receive correspondence from readers and members of the community and
reply to all correspondence promptly and in a professional manner.
6. Write no fewer than two columns (minimum ~500 words) every month to be
published in ​The Varsity ​as well as on​. ​The purpose of these columns
shall be to engage directly with ​The Varsity’s ​readers in a forthright discussion of ​The
Varsity’s ​content and practices in relation to journalistic standards and ethics. These
columns shall be broadly similar in tone and content to those produced by Public
Editors at other publications.
21 Sussex Ave., Suite 311, Toronto ON M5S 1J6

7. Actively engage in communication with the EIC regarding the publication of their
8. Submit columns (in the manner directed by the EIC) by midnight on the Friday before
the issue in which the column is to be published, or 48 hours before the column is to be
published online (except during university holidays).
9. Generally, conduct themselves with a high standard of professionalism.

Ideal Candidate

1. Demonstrate great skill in the field of media criticism and must accordingly have
a strong knowledge base in the standards and practices of journalism and
journalistic ethics, including ​The Varsity​’s Code of Journalistic Ethics.
2. Must be a U of T student.
3. Possess strong writing, editing, and communication skills.
4. Have a record of reliability, trustworthiness, and professionalism.
5. Have a record of excellent judgement.
6. Have a background in and/or understanding of current affairs in postsecondary
7. Lack any real or apparent conflicts of interests in relation to the position of Public Editor.

Salary: Please inquire

Term: Sept 2019-April 30, 2020

Application Information

Please submit a resume, cover letter, examples of your work to ​​ addressed to
Wayne George, Chair of Varsity Publications Inc. Board of Directors. Applications will be
accepted on a rolling basis till July 31, 2019.