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Dear Atty.


Good day!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the hours and efforts you have rendered in
working and handling our cases. It has been a great pleasure engaging with your services. But, as what
the English idiom says, “All good and great things must come to an end.” We are sorry to inform you
that we have decided to terminate our engagement with you.

We have been very satisfied, even delighted with the services we have received from you, and this
termination of services is in no way an expression of dissatisfaction. In the past, we are receiving legal
services from more than one (1) counsel and this arise confusion on our part, especially when we need
to retrieve necessary documents. To this, we have decided to engaged services from one (1) lawyer only
to avoid such confusion and all our documents will be handled by one (1) office only.

With this, we would like to ask you to please prepare all the documents that is in your possession which
are related to all the cases we have referred to you, as we will get those documents.

Thank you for all the assistance you have given to us, God bless you.

Very truly yours,

Vice President - Finance