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Bonfring International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Science, Vol. 9, No.

1, March 2019 6

A Study on Artificial Intelligence

M. Suvetha, S. Swathi, M. Rani, S. Vinoth and R. Suriya

Abstract--- Artificial intelligence (AI) is a computer scientist in British worked to crack the “Enigma”
multidisciplinary field where it automates activities but earlier code which was used by German forces to send messages
it based on human intelligence. Generally the functions of AI securely. With the help of team members he created the
are based on a knowledge base of facts and systems domain of Bombe machine that was used to decipher Enigma’s
proficiency. Artificial Intelligence is seen as the subfield of messages. In 1956 American computer scientist John
computer science and it has enhanced human life in many McCarthy organized Dartmouth Conference at the Artificial
areas. Today AI is mostly used in medical diagnostics and also Intelligence was first adopted.
it had improved the performance in manufacturing and service
An Serious Research about AI
systems. Nowadays experts systems are used to solve complex
problem using AI such as Engineering business, medicine, In 1950’s John McCarthy as known as father of AI,
Weather Forecasting. In general it is the science and developed the LISP programming language which became
engineering of making intelligent machines, especially important in machine learning. In 1960’s scientists worked on
intelligent computer programs. Machine Vision Learning and developing machine learning in
robots. WABOT-1 the first intelligent humanoid robot was
Keywords--- Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, built in Japan inn 1972.
Human Intelligence.
Bunch of Opportunities in AI
In 1990’s American Corporations once again became
interested in AI. Developers of AI believed that soon

A RTIFICIAL intelligence is about broad branch of

computer science. The goal of AI is to create systems that
can function intelligently and independent. Apart from that AI
computers would be able to carry on conversions, translate
languages, interpret pictures. It also having more space ability
to store large amount of data’s that are already having in the
is the field of speech recognition. It is based on statistics companies. The most reputed companies like Amazon,
mostly. So it is called as statistical learning. In AI there is Google, Baidu are used for their huge commercial advantage.
natural Learning Process (NLP). There is a computer vision, it In 1984 Electric Dreams is released, all about a love triangle
falls under the symbolic way for computer to process between a man and woman and a personal computer. In 1933
information. The vision is recognized through image Vernorvinge publishes “The Coming Technological
processing. It is the field of robotics and pattern recognition. It singularity”, He created this system to superhuman
is very effective because AI can be seen in more dimensions. intelligence. Then after human era will be ended.
It is a type of machine learning. The human brain is replicated
by cognitive capabilities in machines. It is used to read AI in the Future
complex learning known as deep learning. Artificial Intelligence is more influencing in now-a-days
and it has developing in future also. AI needs to be more
There is two ways of working in Artificial Intelligence:
reliable and secure against in the sensitive areas, namely
a) Symbolic based autonomous driving or medicine. Now AI research is going on
b) Data based about thinking about AI and humans how it can be
For the data based line called machine learning, we have to comparative. Professor Matthais Hein at the university of
feed lot of data. In simple Artificial Intelligence is the Tubingen, working on these
replicate of human with the help of machine.
In the period of second world war, Alan Turing who was Artificial intelligence is based on disciplines such as
computer science, Biology, Psychology, Linguistics,
Mathematics, and Engineering. Commonly AI is about the
M. Suvetha, PG Student, Department of Management Studies, K.S. functions of computer is combined with human intelligence.
Rangasamy School of Management, Tiruchengode.
E-mail: The human intelligence are so called as reasoning, learning,
S. Swathi, PG Student, Department of Management Studies, K.S. and problem solving.
Rangasamy School of Management, Tiruchengode.
M. Rani, PG Student, Department of Management Studies, K.S. Some of the components to built intelligent system are as
Rangasamy School of Management, Tiruchengode. follows:
S. Vinoth, PG Student, Department of Management Studies, K.S.
Rangasamy School of Management, Tiruchengode.
R. Suriya, PG Student, Department of Management Studies, K.S.
Rangasamy School of Management, Tiruchengode.

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Bonfring International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Science, Vol. 9, No. 1, March 2019 7

Nature Language Generation
It is a tool that produces text from computer data. Mostly
used in customer service oriented, report generation, and
business intelligence.
Speech Recognition
It transforms the human speech into a format that is useful
for computer application. Currently it is used in interactive
voice response systems and mobile applications.
Machine Learning
Application Program Interface development and training
toolkits, data as well as computing power to design, train, and
deploy model into applications.
Today companies like Amazon, Facebook, Google, IBM, It is basically used for the purpose of humans and for their
and Microsoft are focusing on the development of Artificial physical and behavioral traits. Biometrics are used for the
Intelligence in their business. Some of the accelerating identification and access control. Useful to identify individuals
components of artificial intelligence and machine learning are in a group and its currently used in market research.
as follows;
Usages in Business
a) Next generation computing architecture
Artificial Intelligence is used in business for reputative
b) Access to historical datasets
works and having more complexity in works that can be
c) Advances in Deep Neural Networks.
handled by the humans.
Some of the myths and fact about artificial intelligence are It provides grading, giving educators more time. It adapts
as follows. to the needs of the students and helping them to work at a own
1) MYTH: Super intelligence by 2100 is inevitable and
impossible. Applications in Logistic and Supply Chain
FACT: AI can happen either in decades or in centuries When we compare with customer data and analytics,
2) MYTH: Luddites are worried about AI Physical artificial intelligence removes friction from the
FACT: Artificial intelligence researchers are also customer experience. It expects the short usage of time to
concerned about it. manufacture and deliver the products from manufacturer to
3) MYTH: Artificial Intelligence is turned evil. customer.
FACT: Artificial intelligence in turned into
4) MYTH: Robots are focused in Artificial intelligence LIFE
FACT: it is about misaligned intelligence and only
needs internet connection. In our day to day life we came to know that many
5) MYTH: Peoples think that a machine does not have technologies are implemented One such technology is
goals. artificial intelligence It can be stated that it is the simulation or
FACT: Machines have also some goals such as processes by machines particularly computer systems with the
missile. help of human intelligence. The main goal of artificial
In general some other myths about artificial intelligence; intelligence is to create technology that allows machines to
function in clever manner. In real world application its uses is
• AI is going to replace all jobs in future a wide range. Students from biomedical, social science,
• Only low skilled and manual workers will be replaced mathematical, computer sciences applying their skills of
by AI and automation communicating with individuals and cooperative problem
• Super intelligent computers will become better than solving. Now we can discuss how artificial intelligence is
humans at doing anything we can do. implementing in our day to day life and many features are
• Artificial Intelligence will quickly overtake and included in Android Pie and iOS 12.
outpace human intelligence.
1. Smartphone
• AI will lead to the destruction of enslavement of the
human race by superior robotic beings. All we know that today smart phone playing an important
• Artificial intelligence will try to destroy humanity part in our daily life. All persons having smart phone For
example, small worker working in lathe having this phone.
People can’t know that they are interacting with artificial

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Bonfring International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Science, Vol. 9, No. 1, March 2019 8

intelligence except few one. While we shooting picture feature 9. Smart Home Devices
of artificial intelligence such as portrait mode effect is helping Artificial intelligence is used in our houses in the form of
behind. Google Pixel 2 can capture such great portrait shots in home service robots, cleaning robots, entertainment robots.
the camera using a single lens. Features of AI like scene
detection, mixed and virtual reality elements might help in 10. Security and Surveillance
future. Board surveillance system using this AI. For humans it is
difficult task of monitoring multiple monitors but after using
2. Smart Cars and Drones
AI it made easier. Object recognition and facial recognition
The smart car and drone manufacturer are mainly using are done using this AI.
this Artificial intelligence. Few years back we dream for
automatic car but today companies like Tesla made it as There are some ways Artificial Intelligence might affect us
realistic. The result of such dream is semi-automatic cars on in the future: –
the road. By using drone programs militaries all over the • Virtual Personal Assistants
world having using this features. Companies like Walmart and • Fraud Detection
amazon are performing well through heavy investment in • Cyborg Technology
drone programs. • Healthcare
3. Social Media Feeds • Banking
The primary force behind the rise of social media is • Smart Home Devices
internet and mobile technologies. The social media using now-
a-days is twitter facebook you tube instagram and snapchat. In VII. ADVANTAGES OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE
all this social media decisions are being impacted by artificial Artificial intelligence is complex in nature. Because it is a
intelligence. The technology provided by AI is for information complicated mixture of computer science, mathematics and
dissemination, content generation and interactive other complex sciences. Complex programming is machines
communications. Some web-based applications supports that replicate cognitive abilities of human beings.
social media functions include weblogs, micrologs social
bookmarks web communities social networking and life 1. Error Reduction
streams. It helps the leader to understand the people for a
deliberately managing and an individual’s of the event that
4. Music and Media Streaming Services they make error.
The impact of AI on music and media streaming services
on daily basis. Audio and music analysis are done by creating 2. Difficult Exploration
algorithms. Investigating and retrieving music related Here the difficulty level of these, wildlife and fauna guests
information for novel types of computer-based music services. that encounter a clothing and/ an equipment guests that can
Example - Spotify, Netflix or YouTube are using AI for take back home with a gift after the trip.
making decisions. 3. Daily Application
5. Object Recognition and Facial Recognition It uses drink boxes. And other materials like recycling of
In early days, AI is used by the video game industry. The plastics and aluminum.
highest achievement for AI is players have to make decisions 4. Digital Assistants
every second, and beating pro players in such a dynamic game
Most interesting use of AI we have seen in the Middle Earth Software companies may introduce digital assistants as
series of games where your enemies which are controlled by well, as Spiro’s AI assistant, there is a capable instructions to
AI. update a system records and they can generate a reports These
are all the language recognition, under a digital assistants.
6. Online Ads Network
5. Repetitive Jobs
The frequent users of artificial intelligence is the online ad
industry. AI is used not only to track user statistics but also It is a research boring jobs that has been reduced between
serve us ads based on those statistics. The global digital ad 20-50% of a factory under a bookmark string threader.
industry has crossed 250 billion US dollars. 6. Medical Applications
7. Navigation and Travel It is a data mining for a knowledge of medical experts. It
Most of the people travel from one place to another. is a learning – based medical systems under a signal and an
People uses Google or Apple Maps for navigating, or calling image processing techniques.
an Uber, or booking a flight ticket only by using this AI. 7. No Breaks
8. Banking and Finance It is a big believer of a capitalism today, so that everyone
is equal to capitalism under a break down perspective…By the
Banking and finance industry uses artificial intelligence
end, here the applications of AI in public, military, and
customer service, fraud protection and investment Example:
robotics. This is an end, of AI and it knows what we can do
automated emails that you receive from banks. AI watching
for them in future, and it has been a whole society of robots.
over your bank account and trying to warn you of any fraud.

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Bonfring International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Science, Vol. 9, No. 1, March 2019 9

VIII. DISADVANTAGES OF ARTIFICIAL symbol structures and symbolic operations that can be
INTELLIGENCE presented in a digital computer. And it will not wait for a
It will cost lot of money and time to build, rebuild, and conclusion to that debate, there are few model of human
repair. It will be fixed by humans to reduce the robotic repair. intelligence. This intelligence behavior is a solving problems,
If we coded in a proper manner they can learn and get better. and inferences for learning to understand language that are
It will not work outside of what we programmed for. This can coded in computer programs, and a limited domain to identify
prevent common sense occurring. Even if coded with common the disease of soybean plants, that the great challenge of AI is
sense it seems hard for them to get as much common sense a representing way to a knowledge and carry out a wide range
that humans could. It can replace all the jobs, because of of conversation, along with a busy street to support the
unemployment, and AI can’t do any severely change of a complexity of human thought.
government to communism. It can be used in Smartphone’s
and other technology by a dependent on mental capacities. It REFERENCES
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medicine, financial counseling, teaching, business consulting,
are a robots beat. And all coach by a motivate team of
employees are differently.
It is a wisest strategy to be irreplaceable to “invest in
developing your emotional intelligence”. These jobs are
improved by AI of a human component necessity. Here it is an
intelligent behavior and an understanding language, and very
limited domains, to identifying a diseases of soybean plants, it
is a wide ranging of conversation, to support the complexity of
human thought.

This intelligence is a life of one side interest and surprise
that the new ideas, topics and innovations, products … etc
This is implemented by the intelligent robots. And the level to
compete in the market that the robots may show in T.V by the
hidden projects and the development of industrial companies.
That the brief history of application of AI in public,
application of AI in military, these are the three rules of
robotics. In future, it will be a part of whole society robots.
It is a new enterprise to build computational models of
intelligence. This intelligence can be represented by the

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