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Bonfring International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Science, Vol. 9, No.

1, March 2019 10

A Study on Time Management

C. Yaseenee, P. Sabareesh, Silpa Sivaraman and Pretty Marin Methew

Abstract--- The successful time management will give management include the following:
more payoff out of our life and our career. This is
• Creating an environment conducive to effectiveness
accomplished by spending less time with our time robbers and
• Setting of priorities
more time on things that really have value to us. The surveys
were conducted to gather data on how time management • Carrying out activity around prioritization.
principles apply to clinical laboratory managers and in-depth. • The related process of reduction of time spent on
These interviews produced some interesting findings about non-priorities
typical time robbers of clinical laboratory managers and have • Incentives to modify behavior to ensure compliance
A some innovative solutions. This article focuses on three with time-related deadlines.
principles of time management: Principle #1: Do Some Time management is related to different concepts such as:
Analysis of Your Use of Time. Principle #2: List Goals and Set • Project management: Time management can be
Priorities. Principle #3: Plan Your Time Regularly. considered to be a project management subset and is
Keywords--- Time Management, Management Principles, more commonly known as project
Managers, Surveys, Payoff. planning and project scheduling. Time management
has also been identified as one of the core functions
identified in project management.
I. INTRODUCTION • Attention management relates to the management
of cognitive resources, and in particular the time that
T IME management is the process of planning and
exercising the control of time spent on specific activities,
especially to increase effectiveness, efficiency, and
humans allocate their mind to conduct some
productivity. It involves an act of various demands upon a Organizational time management is the science of
person relating to work, social life, family, hobbies, personal identifying, valuing and reducing time cost wastage within
interests and commitments with the finite of time. Using time organizations. It identifies, reports and financially values
effectively gives the person "choice" on spending or managing sustainable time, wasted time and effective time within an
activities at their own time and expediency. organization and develops the business case to convert wasted
time into productive time through the funding of products,
It is a meta-activity with the goal to maximize the overall services, projects or initiatives at a positive return on
benefit of a set of other activities within the boundary investment.
condition of a limited amount of time, as time alone cannot
manage because it is fixed. Time management may be aided II. BENEFITS OF TIME MANAGEMENT
by a range of skills, tools, and techniques used to manage time
when accomplishing specific tasks, projects, and goals Time Management refers to making the best utilization of
complying with a due date. Initially, time management available time. Managing time will leads to enables an
referred to just business or work activities, but eventually the individual to do the right thing at the right time. Time
term broadened to include personal activities as well. A time Management plays a vital role in one’s personal life and
management system is a designed combination of processes, professional life. Some benefits of the Time Management:
tools, techniques, and methods. Time management is usually a • Time Management Makes an Individual Punctual
necessity in any project development as it determines the
One who learns to work when it is actually required result
project completion time and scope. It is also important to
of the effective time management. To make the effective use
understand that both technical and structural differences in
of time, individuals should prepare a “TASK PLAN“ or a “TO
time management exist due to variations in cultural concepts
DO“ List at the start of the day to go down activities which
of time.
need to be done in a particular day as per their importance and
The major themes arising from the literature on time emergency against the specific time schedule assigned to each
activity. A Task Plan gives individuals a sensible pathway at
C. Yaseenee, PG Student, Department of Management Studies, K.S. the workplace. An individual knows how his day to tips for
Rangasamy School of Management, Tiruchengode. increasing leading to an increased output.
P. Sabareesh, PG Student, Department of Management Studies, K.S. • Effective Time Management Increasing the
Rangasamy School of Management, Tiruchengode. Individual’s Confident
Silpa Sivaraman, PG Student, Department of Management Studies, K.S.
Rangasamy School of Management, Tiruchengode. As a result of Time Management, individuals completing
Pretty Marin Methew, PG Student, Department of Management Studies, tasks within the stipulated time period, making them popular
K.S. Rangasamy School of Management, Tiruchengode. in their organization. People who understand the value of time

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Bonfring International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Science, Vol. 9, No. 1, March 2019 11

are the one who started managing to stand apart from the early bird always has more options. As well, Luck
crowd. Individuals who finish off the work in time are looked favor to be produced.
up to by others and are always the centre of attention in the 8. Improves our Reputation – Our time management
organisation. reputation will proceed us, at working hours and in
life we will be known as reliable. No one is going to
• Individuals Must Know Goals and Objectives within question whether we are going to show up, do what
the Shortest Possible Time Period we say we are going to do, or meet that deadline.
Managing time effectively helps employees to meet 9. Less Effort – A common misunderstanding of the
targets and deadlines to finish off task just when it is required. concept will leads to extra effort in the time
Effective Time Management helps an employee to reach the management. The proper time management makes
success quickly. An employee who works just for the sake of our life easier and comfortable. Things take less
working fails to creating an impression about that work and is effort, whether it is packing for that trip or finishing
never taken seriously at work. Effective time management up that project.
plays a vital role in increasing an individual’s productivity. 10. More Time Where it Matters – Allocation of
• Better Time Management Helps the Better Planning managing the work time if it is not proper leads to
and Better Forecasting more impact. Time management allows us to spend
our time on the things that matter most to us.
Individuals will learn to plan effective things and know
about their tips exactly they stand five years from now. IV. DISADVANTAGES OF TIME MANAGEMENT
• Time Management Enables an Individual to Give 1. Things Get More Expensive
Importance for Tasks and Activities at Workplace
If we miss housing deadlines, apply too late to get priority
It is foolish to stay overburden. Do not accept anything when your school is allocating financial aid, things can
and everything that comes your way. Time Management helps quickly become even more expensive than normal. Having
an individual to make an effective planned approaches in the good time management skills can help you avoid costly
life. mistakes later.

III. ADVANTAGES OF TIME MANAGEMENT 2. Things Can Becoming Harder Logistically

1. Stress Reduce – Managing our time can directly or If we think about studying for our Spanish final is a pain in
indirectly reducing the stress level. Little amount of the brain, wait until we see what happens if we do not pass it
surprises, fewer stress in workload, fewer rushing or sleep through it or generally do not plan for it.
from task-to-task and place-to-place. 3. We Miss Our Opportunity When We Are Late
2. More Work Done – Being completion of the work is
That amazing study abroad program, Spring Break trip,
one of the main goals of time management. Being
and summer internship all have deadlines for a reason. If we
well known about our work, we are able to better
applied too late or do not have everything we need ready in
manage our workload. We will be able to get more
time, we will miss out on what could have been the experience
work done in less time.
of a lifetime.
3. Reducing the Rework – Being organized results in
reducing the rework and mistakes. Forgotten items, 4. Missing Opportunities Because People Notice Our
details, and instructions lead to extra work. So we can Pattern of Lateness and Disorganization
work within the given time period. People who we think do not notice our frequent lack of
4. Reducing the Life Friction and Problems – planning and lateness and disorganization, in fact, notice more
Forgotten appointment and missed deadline, not than we realize. When our favorite professor is trying to think
managing leads to our time results in increased life of students for an awesome summer research, we might get
friction. Avoid creating your own problems by passed over because she knows you won't have our knowledge
planning and preparing for our day. together when needed. Keeping our time schedule balanced
5. Increasing the Free Time – We can’t create more and our time managed may open doors we do not even
time, in the same time we can make better use of it by realized.
managing our time. Even simple actions can also
create our commute or getting our work done early 5. We Will Always Feel Before
can produce more leisure time in our life. Not sure if we have poor planning skills? Ask ourself to
6. Managing to reduce the Wastage of Time – When remember the last time we felt mistake of the game. If it
we know what we need to do in the work, we can wasn't recently, chances are we are constantly feeling before.
waste less time in idle activities. Instead of Bad time management time mean we are always playing
wondering what we should be doing next, we can catch-up and experiencing stress level. And with all that goes
already be a step ahead of our next work. in our college life, why add more stress to the mix?
7. Creating the More Opportunities – Being on top of
our time and work produces more opportunities. The V. TIME MANAGEMENT TECHNIQUES
Time management refers to the judicious use of time for

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Bonfring International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Science, Vol. 9, No. 1, March 2019 12

achieving success in life. Time Management helps an VI. TIME MANAGEMENT SKILLS
individual to make the best possible use of time. It is essential The forehanded use of time by an individual to succeed in
for individuals to value time and allocate the right time to the all aspects of life refers in the Time Management. Time
right activity. Management not only helps individuals to make the best use
Let us go through some Time Management Techniques: of time but also ensures successful accomplishment of tasks
within the stipulated time period.
 Set our goal: High Priority Tasks must be written on
top followed by tasks which can be done a little later. It is essential to do the right thing at the right time to earn
Make sure you stick to your Task List. respect in the organisation. People who don’t known the value
 Make sure we finish our assignments within the of time fail to make a mark and are never taken seriously.
stipulated time period: Take the tasks we have Let us see some skills necessary for effective Time
already finished. Treat yourself with a chocolate if Management:
you finish your assignments ahead of deadlines.
 Understand the difference between emergency 1. Be Organized
and priority work. Manage our work well. Do not  The workstation should be kept clean and organized.
begin our day with something which is not so  Keeping important files organized helps you to use
important and can be done a little later. First finish them immediately and thus saves time which goes on
off what all is urgent and important. Do not wait for unwanted searching. Predominant important
your Boss’s reminders. documents together.
 Be focused on our work: Do not leave your work  Do not keep heap of files and stack of paper on your
station if some urgent work needs to be done. Going desk. Throw whatever you do not need.
for strolls in the middle of an urgent work breaks  Keep stationery items and our personal belongings
continuity and an individual tends to loose his focus. like cell phone, car keys, wallet at their proper places.
Individuals who kill time at work find it difficult to  Develop our habit of using an organizer. Plan our day
survive workplace stress. well in advance.
 Preparing a daily schedule. It is important. Human  Never write on the loose papers. Keep always
being is not a machine who can work at a stretch for notepad and pen handy.
eight to nine hours. Assign half an hour to fourty five
minutes to check updates on social networking sites, 2. Learn to Prioritize
call your friends or family or go for smoke breaks  Set our priorities. Do not our work just for the sake of
etc. working.
 Do not overloaded yourself. Say a firm no to your  Prepare a “Task Plan” or a “To Do” List the moment
boss if you feel you would not be able to complete a we settle down for our work. down all the activities
certain assignment within the assigned deadline. we wish to do in a single day as per importance and
Don’t worry, he will not feel bad. Probably he can urgency.
assign the same to any of your fellow workers.  High priority tasks should be attended to
Accept tasks which you are really confident about. immediately. Do not start your day with something
 Being discipline and punctual: Avoid taking which doesn’t require your immediate attention.
unnecessary leaves from work unless there is an  Tick off the completed task. It gives us a sense of
emergency. Reach work on time as it helps you to relief and satisfaction.
plan your day better.  An employee must understand the difference between
 Keep our things proper places. Files must be kept high and low preference for tasks and also between
at their respective drawers. Staple important important and emergency work.
documents and put them in a proper folder. Learn to  Do not spoil in irrelevant activities. We will waste
be a little more organized. It will save your time our entire day and the output would be zero.
which goes on unnecessary searching.  Be clear about our roles and responsibilities at the
 Do not treat your organization as device for workplace.
earning source of money. Change your attitude. 3. Being Punctual and Discipline
Avoid playing games on computer or cell phones
during office hours. It is unprofessional. Do not work  Being punctual helps us to complete tasks way ahead
only when your boss is around. Taking ownership of of deadline.
work pays you in the long run.  Avoid taking too many leaves from the work. Such
 Develop a good habit of using an organizer. It type of attitude is completely unprofessional.
helps you plan things better. Keep a notepad and a  Make sure we are there at your desk five minutes
pen handy. Do not write contact numbers or email ids before your actual time.
on loose papers. You will waste half of your time  Attempt hard to complete tasks with in the time. Do
searching them. Manage your emails. Create separate not keep assignments pending and don’t wait for the
folders for each client. Do not clutter your desktop. last minute.

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Bonfring International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Science, Vol. 9, No. 1, March 2019 13

4. Take Ownership of Work 3. Audit Your Time for Seven Days Straight
 Do not work only when our boss is around. Work for Spend seven days straight assessing how we spend the
ourself. The dedication has to come from within short time we do have right now. Record it in a journal or on our
period of time. mobile. Separate this up into blocks of 30 minutes or an hour.
 Be responsible for our work and learn to accept our What did you get done? Was it time wasted? Was it well
mistakes. spent? If we use the quadrant system, circle or log the
 If we have accepted something, then it becomes our quadrant that the activity was associated with. At the end of
responsibility to complete it within the allotted time the seven days, calculating up all the numbers. Where did we
period. spend the most time? Which quadrants? The results might
shock us.
5. Be a little Diplomatic
 Do not accept everything which comes our way. A Related: 8 Great Time-Tracking Apps for Freelancers
polite “NO” in the beginning will save our reputation 4. Spend Your Mornings on MITs
later. If it is our job to eat two frogs, it's best to eat the biggest
 The employees should be delegated responsibilities one first." His point? Tackle our largest tasks in the morning.
as per their specialization and background. This is the
These are our most important tasks (MITs) of the day.
way to take more interest and eventually finish work Accomplishing those will give us the biggest momentum to
on time. help us sail through the rest of the day.
6. More Focused Related: The Psychology of Getting Much Done (In Less
 Being little focused and concentrate on work. Don’t Time)
waste time by loitering and gossiping around.
 Do not attend long personal calls at work. Finish off 5. Follow the 80-20 Rule
the work and leave for the day on time.We will have Another great time management tips is to use the 80-20
ample time to catch up with your friends or log on to Rule, also known as the Pareto Principle. This rule states that
social networking sites. Playing games while we are 80% of the efforts comes from 20 percent of result. In sales, it
at work is something which is not expected out of a also means that 80 percent of the sales reduce from 20 percent
professional. of the customers. The trick? Identify the 20 percent of the
efforts that are producing 80 percent of the results and
7. Be Reasonable increasing scale that out. We can do this with meticulous
a. No individual can work for the whole day in a tracking and analysis.
organization. Do include some time in your daily
Related: The 80/20 Rule and Listening to our Inner
schedule to speak to your team colleagues sitting next
to you.
b. Do not over burden ourself. 6. Instill Keystone Habits Into Your Life
Charles Duhig poignantly coined the keystone habit in the
VII. TIPS FOR TIME MANAGEMENT TO ACHIEVING THE book entitled, The Power of Habit. In architecture, the
GOAL keystone is the stone that holds all other stones in the place.
1. Set Goals the Right Way Similarly, keystone habits help to not only in the solicit other
good habits, but also help to eliminate bad habits as well.
There is a correct and wrong way to set our goals. If we do
Focus on keystone habits and we will get much better at
not set our goals the right way, then we will lack the proper
managing your overall time by making our habit development
targets, which will force we will fall off track. But when we
much easier.
set them the right way, the sky is the limit. Use the smart goal
setting method to help us to see things through. And when you Related: 25 Best Habits to Have in Life
do set those goals, make sure we have powerful deep down
7. Schedule Email Response Times
meanings for wanting to achieve them.
Turn off our email throughout the day. When our email is
Related: Exercise Is a Waste of Time. Set Goals and Start pouring in, It is easy to get distracted. Schedule the time to
Training to Achieve Them. read and respond to emails. If there is something emergency,
2. Find a Good Time Management System someone will call or text us. But when we have our email
open, those distractions interrupt our thought flow and it is
One of the tips for managing our time is to find the right
harder to get back on track.
system to actually do it. The quadrant time-management
system is probably the more effective. It separate our activities Related: The Hidden Costs of Ignoring Email
into four quadrants based on urgency and importance. Things 8. Eliminate Bad Habits
are either emergency or important, both, or neither. Neither
the activities that we want to stay away from, but it is the not One of the biggest time-wasters we have our bad habits.
urgent but important that you want to focus on. Use our time wisely by eliminating our bad habits if we are
serious about achieving big goals in life.
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Bonfring International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Science, Vol. 9, No. 1, March 2019 14

Related: 10 Bad Habits us Must Eliminate From Your Daily Related: There Are Always a Million Distractions and How to
Routine Silence the Noise and Pay Attention.
9. Take Frequent Breaks when Working 15. Declutter and Organize
One study suggests that we should work for 52 minutes The clutter helps us to lose focus in our environment
and break for 17. We might not have the luxury to do that. But which is determined by studies. When we lose the focus, we
we should take frequent breaks. If we are an entrepreneur lose time. If you want to avoid that the, declutter and organize.
working for yourself, this is crucial. It is easy to run on fumes Do not do it all at once. Start small. One drawer today. A shelf
and not even know it. Keep our mental, emotional and tomorrow. May be a closet next day. Just one per day. We
physical states at peak levels by breaking frequently. build momentum and eventually find yourself turning into an
organizing warrior.
Related: The Secret to Increased Productivity: Taking Time
10. Meditate or Exercise Every Morning Time management is plays vital role in day to day life
We might not think that this will help to better manage our having important skill to be learned and to be mastered in
time, but meditating and exercising every single morning order to have a better lifestyle. By managing well time, you
gives we balance. Cut the toxins out of our life and get serious will no longer suffer from stress and your works/tasks will be
by doing this and watch as our energy, stamina and mental done on time and with great quality. Remember that it is
focus takes a drastic shift. important to have the attitude to change your schedules and to
Related: 7 Things Every Entrepreneur Should do Before 7 change procrastination. Also, take into account all of the
a.m. explained strategies that are very helpful to achieve a better
time management. It is important to add, that sports also
11. Make to-do Lists in the Evening for Next Day provide a helpful hand for time management, and also permit
Every single evening before bed, we make a list for the your body to be healthy and to have a better social circle. I
next day. Look at our goals and see what we can do to help hope you have enjoyed this web page, and that it has helped
move we closer. This does not happen overnight. It takes not you to achieve a better time management.
more time. But by making to do the lists, you are effectively
setting goals for the day. Daily goals are easier to achieve REFERENCES
helping to move us towards the longer and bigger goals. But [1] B.J.C. Claessens, W. Van Eerde and C.G. Rutte, “A review of the time
that happens by creating to do lists. management literature”, Emerald group publishing Limited Personnel
Review, Vol. 36, No. 2, Pp. 255-276, 2005.
Related: How to spend time of last 10 minutes of your [2] Pisano ED 2001, Time management, Acad Radiol, Vol.8, pp.768-70,
work day (Infographic) 2013.
[3] K.B. Nadinloyi, N. Hajloo, N.S. Garamaleki and H. Sadeghi, “The study
12. Find Inspiration when You're Feeling Lackluster efficacy of time management training on increase academic time
TED Talks and any other inspirational source we can turn management of students”, Procedia-Social and Behavioral
Sciences, Vol. 84, Pp. 134-138, 2013.
to when we are lacking inspiration. It is hard to stay on track [4] S.K. Powell, “To multi-task or not to multi-task—that is the question”,
with our time when we lose that drive inside of us. Find ways Lippin-cotts Case Manag., Vol. 10, Pp. 221-222, 2005.
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Related: 10 Ways to Stay Inspired for Life. [6] S.N.A.M. Razali, M.S. Rusiman, W.S. Gan and N. Arbin, “The Impact
of Time Management on Students, Academic Achievement”, Journal of
13. Get a Mentor Who Can Guide You Physics, Pp.1-7, 2018.
Finding a mentor is difficult. It is easy to get distracted and
dissuaded when we do not have someone guiding us. But
when we can personally rely on someone who's been through
the wringer and can help we achieve our goals, it's easier to
stay on track with our time. Find a good mentor that can help
us along our path.
Related: Select our Mentors Wisely: 3 Traits to Look for
in a Great Mentor.
14. Turn Off Social Media App Alerts
Incessant social media app alerts aren't helping us with our
time. It is definitely hurting us. Turn them off. We do not need
alerts every moment or to know everything happening with
our friends. It is not important. What is most important is to
have some peace of mind and be better able to focus on the
task at the hand.

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