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Facebook, known as the most popular social networking website today, is causing disturbance, disconnection

and great distress among people in our society. First and foremost, Facebook is keeping people from effectively
doing their daily work and consuming their time. To illustrate, most Facebook users are hooked on checking out
who texted them, who interacted with their posts and who sent them friend requests... Then this becomes a
habit, they keep checking and checking, hoping to see a red notification counter and have a feeling of
excitement when they do, they check it out, hoping for more. This keeps them continuously active and
eventually forget what to do without even realising it. Secondly but not less importantly, although Facebook is
often advertised as ‘a website which connects people’, it is actually dividing people. With the help of
Facebook, everyone can easily text their friends and organize a meeting, but then, when they actually meet, they
take out their phones and surf Facebook instead of talking or interacting in real life. Last but not least, recently,
Facebook and other social media companies have been accused of failing to protect young people from
harassment and cyberbullying which leads to mental and emotional problems among them, pushing some to the
verge of suicide to the most extreme case. This makes parents question themselves, “Is it safe to let my kids use
Facebook?”. In conclusion, Facebook can badly affect people in their concentration, causing conflicts and
deeply sadden the young.