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(Kiln stop dari tanggal 4 Oktober 2012 sampai 20 Oktber, 483-3S1=70 ton dan L93-
3S1=65 ton)

Dear Pak Wahyu,

Thanks for you request.

You are right, for a planned kiln stop everybody empties the fine coal bins to avoid
potential trouble due to auto-combustion. In your case you had no chance to do so.

From my experience I would recommend following steps:

First of all - do not empty your fine coal silos! This will expose all people involved to a
potential spontaneuos open fire or even a dust explosion, which is not acceptable.

Leave the fine coal in the silo. Make sure that you have sufficient CO2 in stock. Putting
a top layer of inert dust at least on NAR2 fine coal silo will be definitely a good idea.

Observe the temperature development. Inject smoothly CO2 as soon as you exeed the
critical temperatures. Also inject CO2 from the bottom. If not already available, use the
aeration system and replace compressed air by CO2.

CO-injection will probably not decrease the temperature level, but at least it will delay
the increase due to the low oygen level. An additional option may be to cool the fine
coal silo with water sprayed on the outer surface of the silo. However as your silo is
insulated as far as I remember this is probably no good idea.

Do not vent the fine coal silos, but don't close the duct to the venting fan. The result will
be an increasing CO-level at the top, but due to lack of oxygen after more or less
regular CO2-injection this mix will not be explosive.

The increasing CO- and temperature levels will put some stress on the opererators. The
worst case what I would expect is a smoldering fire at the baghouse of the silo venting,
but definitly no explosion! Not even if temperature level is far beyond 100°C.
Instruct your operators about this background and declare the entire coal mill area as
restricted area to exclude the risk of accidents.

It is not a comfortable situation, but emptying the fine coal silo with open trucks or even
on the ground is regarded to be much more hazardous solution. Please keep me in the
loop what is happening, maybe I can give you further advice.

Kind regards and good luck



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