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Submitted TO Mr. Pranav Ranjan Thakur Lecturer 3020070092 LSB LPU

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Reg Section R17B1 Roll no 22 BBA-MBA [INT.] 7th Semester

which is a new company. Chennai. manufacturing and marketing Aluminum extruded products such as door. As my initial focus is on sales as well as on distribution hence I will take try to extract the potential from 1-2 major cities of each state. window and partition aluminum frames. and this is done as some salespeople can handle large territories and the travel associated with them. Solution: As the head of marketing of Sargam Aluminum Company. My primary focus is on the four southern states starting from Karnataka to Tamil Nadu. areas. I will allot the basic control units. These are the major cities of each state having lots of potential in them. Customer includes household and business organizations. 4. 2. Some territories require experienced salespeople. Assume you are appointed as head of marketing of Sargam Aluminum Company. as territorial control is the establishment of standards of performance for the individual territory in the form of qualitative and quantitative quotas or goals. some are best for new people. Therefore. 5. Bangalore. of the country. Cities having more potential and customers will be assigned more salespersons so as to extract maximum from the market. Hence. Describe in detail how would you go about task. some can’t. after deciding the combine control units for the sales operation. Workload analysis will be done now. Taking all these factors in mind I’ll assign the salespersons and then customer contact plan will be designed accordingly. others prefer territories with smaller cities. in the initial stages my major focus will be on these cities. Some people want to live in metropolitan areas. etc. The next step that I will take is to assign salesperson to the territories. The type of product sold and the intensity of the market will be two major factors according to which I will perform this task. The factory is located in Hosur district of Tamilnadu about 38 km from Bangalore. I will design the sales territories by taking the following steps:1. The final step will be evaluation and revision of sales territories. I will analyze the workload from each of these cities. You have discussed with your CEO to initially focus sales and distribution efforts in different region. my basic control units will be the 4 southern states Karnataka. Hosur and its nearby areas and Cochin and Calicut. Madras. The next step I will take is to combine control units. Tamil Nadu and Kerala.LSB. etc. You are required to design sales territories to cover the four southern states. LPU 1. As the sales team will be achieving all the . this is done on the basis of states. cities. 3.

others prefer territories with smaller cities. Relative ability of salespeople which is based on key evaluation factors mentioned below: (1) Product knowledge:(2) Market knowledge:(3) Past sales performance:(4) Communication:(5) Selling skills:2. cultural. How to prepare his route plan and schedule visit. . I’ll be revising the territory design with new quotas. these all steps I’ll take to design the territories for my company. some are best for new people. In the above situation the next task is to assign salespeople to territories. They are having a problem of how to cover the entire state with varying marketing potential of different metros. The main objective is to assign right salesperson to the right territory. Hence.targets allotted and will be able to extract the maximum from the market. One sales person from your allocated states have come to your help. Some people want to live in metropolitan areas. What major criteria would you keep in mind in assigning salespeople to different territories? Solution: Assigning right salesperson to different territories is a vital step during designing of sales territories as some salespeople can handle large territories and the travel associated with them. and physical characteristics of the salesperson with those of the territory. some can’t. which is decided by comparing social. cities and districts. considering the major task of presale service. sending weekly reports including market information. face to face selling. I’ll consider the following two criteria in my mind while assigning salespeople: 1. Salesperson’s effectiveness in a territory. 3. Some territories require experienced salespeople. 2.

It deals with time allocation issue How to allocate salesperson’s time? . State allotted: Jharkhand • Solution: Routing is a travel plan used by a salesperson for making customer calls in a territory Benefits of or Reasons for routing: • • Reduction in travel time and cost Improvement in territory coverage • • Importance of routing depends on the application: • • Nature of the product – Important for FMCG Type of jobs of salespeople – Important for driver-cum-salesperson job. medium.collection of payments from dealers as well as business customers. How will you help out your juniors. but creative selling job needs a flexible route plan • • • • • • Identify current and prospective customers on a territory map Classify each customer into high. or low sales potential Decide call frequency for each class of customers Build route plan around locations of high potential customers Computerised mathematical models are developed Commonly used routing patterns are: • • Scheduling is planning a salesperson’s visit time to customers. make a detail plan. and telephone selling.

• • • • Sales manager communicates to salesperson major activities and time allocation for each activity Salesperson records actual time spent on various activities for 2 weeks Sales manager and salesperson discuss and decide how to increase time spent on major activities Companies specify call norms for current customers. and also for prospective customers . based on sales and profit potentials.