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Facebook Ad Research

Caelynne Blackwell

Facebook ads are an effective way to market and advertise on Facebook. Reaching
more potential members on social media has the potential to increase the number of
members in the IBA; a goal of the campaign. The research provided outlines the basics
of Facebook Ads
Facebook Ads
● Paid content that is more likely to show up in a user’s news feed and in the right
column on desktop
● Ads can be run on Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, or Audience Network
● Ads are paired with similar posts
● Ads are targeted to reach users who interact with posts that are similar to your
○ There is no guarantee that ads will reach targeted audiences as users are
able to manage ads they see
○ Because ads target a specific audience, Facebook ads are considered to
be very efficient
● The user is able to set goals for the campaign
● Overall price for Facebook ads varies
○ Set your own budge
■ Daily or lifetime budget
● Provides the ability to choose who sees your ads
○ Allows the user to use demographics.
■ Age, gender, current location, interest, past actions, and more
● Ads are fully customizable
○ The user gets to decide how the add looks
Facebook Ads price
● Set your own budget
○ Facebook will not exceed your budget
● Only pay for the ads you actually use and are seen by people
● Allows for the option to spend a certain amount in a day or over the course of an
extended period of time
● Purchase ads through the ad campaign command center
○ Ad campaign command center
Ad auctions
○ When an ad is submitted, it is competing with millions of other ads for space on
users’ timelines
■ Essential to have a good Facebook bidding strategy to generate more
views per dollar spent
○ Like an auction
■ The more you are willing to pay per click, the more your ad will be
displayed of Facebook
■ Don’t want to pay too little per click because your ad will not be displayed.
Also, don’t want to pay too much per click because the return on
investment will be poor
○ Your ad needs to be visually appealing
■ Facebook Ad auctions consider post relevance
● A post generating a lot of likes, comments, and clicks is a post of
high relevance
● A post being hidden is a post of low relevance
○ Estimated action rate
■ An algorithm Facebook uses to estimate the amount of interaction your
ad will generate
● Ads that are determined to have a high action rate take priority
over ads that are estimated to have a low action rate
○ For more information about Facebook Ad Auctions, click here

Selecting your audience and ad placement:

● Allows for the user to input their target audience

● Users can modify their target audience at any time

● Facebook gives users the option to utilize their algorithms to strategically place ads
where they are most likely to perform best
○ Facebook’s algorithms will target people who are most likely going to interact
with your ad
● Users are also given the option to manually edit the placement of their ads
○ It is recommended to use Facebook’s algorithm
Managing ads
● Measure the effectiveness of your ads using Facebook’s Ads Manager
● Allows users to test various ads to see which is the most effective
○ Can also test different budgets
● Provides data and analytics about your ad
○ How much you have spent compared to how many clicks your ads have received
● An all in one app that brings all information about your ad in one place.
○ Is a desktop or a mobile app