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Thursday, June 13

District 22 Dance 10:15 AM PS 206

2:30pm IS 14 SLT Meeting

June 2019 Newsletter for Families 3:00pm IS 278 SLT Meeting

3:00pm PS 254 SLT Meeting
3:00pm PS 312 SLT Meeting
Monday, June 17
4:00pm PS 152 SLT Meeting
4:00pm PS 217 SLT Meeting
5:00pm PS 139 SLT Meeting
6:00pm PS 193 SLT Meeting
Tuesday, June 18
Living Environment Regents
3:15pm PS 277 SLT Meeting
3:40pm PS 52 SLT Meeting

4:00pm PS 194 SLT Meeting
4:00pm PS 251 SLT Meeting
4:30pm MS 890 SLT Meeting
6:30pm FACE PA/PTA Academy
5619 Flatlands Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11234 Wednesday, June 19
Phone: 718-968-6115 Algebra1 Regents
Thursday, June 20
Julia Bove, Superintendent
7:15am PS 195 SLT Meeting
Linda Dalton, Family Support Coordinator 12:00pm FACE PA/PTA ACADEMY Live
Heather Fiorica, Family Leadership Coordinator Webinar Lunch & Learn
2:40pm PS 255 SLT Meeting 3:00pm PS 222 SLT Meeting
3:15pm IS 78 SLT Meeting
5:30pm IS 381 SLT Meeting
Wednesday, June 26
Last Day for All Students. Early
Tuesday, July 2
Summer School Begins
Thursday, July 4
@district22bkny @district22bkny
Independence Day Schools Closed
Thursday, August 8
Summer School Ends
Monday, August 12

First Day of School Eid Al-Adha Schools Closed

Sunday, September 1

September 5, 2019 National Deaf Awareness Month

National Deaf Awareness Month
National Literacy Month
Thursday, September 5
First Day of School for All Students
(Partial school day for Pre-K)

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All Families
Summer in the City F.A.Q’s: Summer in the City offers a variety of FREE and exciting opportunities
for students through its Summer Academy programs and Summer School. View FAQ’s here:

Summer Meals Program: Summer Meals: As part of the DOE's commitment to ensure that all
children have access to nutritious meals over the summer break, DOE Summer Meals Program will
begin on June 27, 2019 - the day after the school year ends. Summer Meals are available to all
children 18 years old and under at hundreds of public schools, community pool centers, and other
locations around the city; no registration, documentation, or ID is required to receive a free
breakfast or lunch. This program will be offered weekdays from Wednesday, June 27, to Friday,
August 31 (except July 4th and August 12th). Although the hours may vary by location, breakfast is
typically served from 8:00 a.m. to 9:15 a.m., and lunch from 11:00 a.m. to 1:15 p.m. All DOE summer
feeding sites will have posters outside indicating the hour’s specific to that building. We have also
placed advertisements to promote the program in subways and buses citywide. For additional
information on feeding locations, please visit .

Enroll in NYC Public Schools? Missed the application? New to NYC? Have you moved? Want to
transfer? Need to enroll or change schools now? Learn more at

Discover free and low cost activities for the summer

Families can view their child’s ELA & Math results on their NYC Schools Account later this summer at

School Calendar 2019-2020: First day of school is September 5, 2019. View the 2019-2020 school

Fill out our District 22 Parent Engagement Workshop Survey! We would love to hear your
feedback! Let us help to serve you better! This information will be shared with your school's
parent coordinator. What topics are you interested in & like to see addressed in a workshop?
Check all that apply.

All New York State students can get FREE unlimited access to a digital library of e-books from
May 1 to September 30 .Students and families can read online using any web-enabled device
and download up to 20 books for offline reading.

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Pre-Kindergarten Admissions
Learn more at

Kindergarten Admissions
Learn more at

Middle School Admissions

In the fall of their fifth-grade year, your child will get a Middle School Application that lists every
middle school program where they can apply. Open houses and middle school fairs will occur in
early October. Apply to up to 12 middle school programs that interest you and your child. For
additional resources and information visit

High School Admissions

Current 7th Grade Families: Save the Dates for the 2019-2020 High School Fairs: - Saturday, September
21, and Sunday, September 22 / Saturday, October 5 and Sunday, October 6. More Information to follow.

Special Education/Health Services/Section 504

Health services and Section 504 accommodations for students who receive them end on June 26,
the last day of school (or at the close of the summer session for students attending DOE summer-
school programs). Families of students who currently receive health services and Section 504
accommodations must complete a re-authorization form in order for their child to continue
receiving these services and accommodations during the 2019–20 school year. We strongly
encourage families to submit them before the end of the school year, especially for Section 504
accommodations. Please contact your child's school for more information.

Disability Pride Parade: Sunday, July 14, 2019. Visit

Gifted & Talented Admissions

Offer letters were sent out first week of June. For more information visit

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Multilingual Learners
We offer families of English Language Learners three programs that help their children learn
English. The three programs are: Dual language, Transitional Bilingual Education, English as a New
Language. If your child’s current school does not offer the program you want, the school can help
transfer your child to a school that offers the program of your choice. For more information

Parent & School Leadership

PA/PTA’s June: Conduct PA/PTA elections, School Leadership Team elections, submit proposed
budgets to general membership for approval, and a list of tentative meeting dates for 2019-2020.
The Annual Financial Report is to be submitted to the general membership and the principal by
June 30. The Election Certification Form must be submitted within 5 days election. During the
month of June, a Transfer of Records must be conducted between the old PA Executive Board
and the new PA Executive Board in the presence of the Principal. All parent leader resources are
available here

District 22 School News

IS 381: On Friday, May 31 the third semester Gold Honor Roll recipients of I.S. 381 went on a fun
filled field trip to Coney Island’s Luna Park. It was a great opportunity for students in the sixth,
seventh and eighth grade to bond and learn about the science of roller coasters and thrill rides.
“Best trip ever” and “I’m going for the Gold every semester” were heard often throughout the day.
Assistant Principal Mr. Lawler, Ms. O’Leary, Ms. Benjamin and
Mr. Tormey were on hand to ensure a safe and fun day for all.

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PS 312: Junior and Senior Band,
Junior and Senior Chorus, and
Rock Band worked together to put
on three spectacular shows for our
annual Spring Concert. Special
solo performances were given by,
Ben Garber and Norah Spatarella.
The show concluded with the
Senior Chorus and a dance
performed by Arianna Crabb and
Maya Rashid. We were so
impressed by the many talents of our PS 312 students! Thank you, Ms. Constanzo & Ms. Kulchinsky
and Mr. Liotta for all your hard work and dedication. After many hours of practice and a lot of
hard work, PS 312’s Theatre Club presented, The Phantom of the Music Room. The students, staff,
and visiting audience were entertained and delighted. The show was a huge success; amazing
work, kids! Special thanks to Ms. Connelly, Ms. Costanza, Ms. Kulchinsky and special staff members
Mr. DiMango, Mr. Goodman, Ms. Hicks, Mr. Liotta, Ms. Mangano, Ms. McCormick, and Ms. Skopp
for all their time and support.

PS 195: Walt Disney

would have been
so proud should
he had been in
the audience. Mrs.
Loria, you took the
spring dance show
to a whole new
level. Every child did an amazing job dancing to Disney’s theme songs. Your dance company
opened the show and it just exploded from there. Congratulations on an amazing, well done
show. Mrs. Finale, you have outdone yourself, again. What a beautiful ART SHOW you have
created. The children were so proud to display the work that you have taught them and parents
had so many good things to say. Congratulations on another year well done!

IS 240: Take a look at I.S 240’s first ever AHMAC- our 6th grade Andries Hudde Museum of Ancient
Civilizations. Alongside our Beam Center and
Puppetry In Practice residency, with the help of our
talented 6th grade teachers, our students embarked
on a 2 month journey into Mesoamerica,
Mesopotamia, Ancient Greece, China, and Egypt.
We are so proud of our students and teachers for all
of their hard work.

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PS 255: The Fourth Grade Multicultural Music Show

PS 139: NY State Senator Kevin Parker came for a long awaited visit to PS 139 on Friday, and parents,
staff, teachers and students rallied to persuade him to contribute funds towards the long awaited
Argyle Play Yard Renovations. Thanks to everyone's efforts, Senator Parker pledged to support the
project with a $500,000 line item in his capitol budget this June! Shout out to the strategy team for
this visit, which includes Mia
Pearlman, Juno Turner, Josh Lerner,
Kate Rose Williams, Kelly Lisman, Holly
Anger, Malika Green Barros, Jess
Byrne, Lucia Muniz, Shayla Khan,
Jferdous Karim, Avi Glickstein, Orli
Sharaby LeWinter, Rachael Nevins,
Laurie Davidson and Jophrane
Ligonde. Brooklyn News 12 was on
the scene.
139?fbclid=IwAR3-Yvsulb1LMRiTmI-9cPwOwLyQU9-TqX2jFB9-cseAGYg5aGxTsGNffPo Shout out to Idris
L (313), Senverson M (317), and Nurbu T (317), who played beautifully in the Brooklyn Junior Band at
the Salute to Music Festival on May 19. Senverson also played for the Brooklyn Senior Band!!

PS 207: On Friday, May 10th, PS 207 went on their annual 7th-grade trip to Philadelphia, PA. The class
of 2020 took a walk through our nation's history as they toured the Franklin Institute, the NEW
American Revolution Museum, Independence Hall, and the Liberty Bell. This experience was an
exciting way to take history out of the textbooks and into real life. The students of PS 207’s screened
Advanced Art class visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This creative group of 6-8 graders
toured the Egyptian exhibits and even visited the new Alicja Kwade installation on the roof. Students
of this class started this exciting week by having their work on display at the District 22 art show.

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Celebrating District 22 Superstar Principals: Joy Mendelsohn PS 194, Elllen Quigley PS/IS 206, Debra
Ramsaran PS 134, Kelly McCann PS 255, and Theresa Vlantis PS 277 with the Office of Compliance
Services at our May Principals Conference.

PS 194: The 4th graders of PS 194 put on an amazing performance, "Storytelling Through the Arts"!!
Thanks to The Arts for ELL and SWD grant we were able to partner with Covenant Ballet Theatre of
Brooklyn for a 10 week dance residency. Our students worked with Mr. Matthew Westerby of
Covenant Ballet and our dance teacher Mrs Heather Iacoviello to create choreography based on
classroom literature. Our culminating performance was a celebration of these choreographic
creations. Along with songs created by our music teacher Mrs Levy, the audience was on a
storytelling adventure.

2018-19 Respect For All Schools: Congratulations to PS 193, PS 194, PS 217, PS 245, PS 315 and PS
326! The DOE held the annual Respect for All ceremony to honor schools for their work around
supportive environments. This year, the ceremony took place on May 7; These District 22 schools
were selected as Respect for All schools for exemplary student-centered, supportive learning
environments. They were recognized for having established a culture where students feel safe,
supported, and challenged to be their best by school staff and peers.

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District 22 Art Exhibition: Article from Canarsie Courier. View photo album:

District 22 Science Expo: Great turnout at our District 22 Science Expo! Our young scientists showed
such excitement learning about magnets, robotics, hydroponics, potential energy, engineering
and more! Congratulations to all! View photo album:

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District 22 Music Concert: Congratulations to all the music teachers, administrators, students and
families on our outstanding District 22 Music Concert.. It was a joy to see teachers and students
from schools across the district, working together to make beautiful music! View photo album:

District 22 Dance Show: An outstanding performance of dance from our schools. Congratulations
to the dance teachers, students, administrators and families. View photo album here

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PS 277: PS 277 held a Mighty-Milers Celebration on May 31, 2019. Our First -Third Grade ran 36 miles
per person this year. Mighty Milers is a running program for kids of all fitness levels from First-Third
Grade. It is design to get kids moving and prevent obesity and illness. Participation in Mighty Milers
helps kids build their self-esteem, and learn to make and reach personal goals. We are very proud
our Mr. Solomon dedication and commitment. PS 277 Fifth Grade musical performance Shrek, This
is our Story.

PS 203: Student Government trip to Red Hook Community Court. The students were able to learn
about how the Judicial System works, restorative justice, youth court, helping the community. This
was our Upper Grade Music Festival with the 3rd Graders that played Merrily We Roll Along and
Hot Cross Buns on their recorders. Our 4th and 5th Grade Band played Lightly Row, London Bridge,
Aura Lee, and Hard Rock Blues. The P.S. 203 Chorus sang Triple Play, Play a Simple Melody, and
Grand Old Flag to the attendees’ delight.

PS 889: PS 889 wishes to give a huge congratulations to our art teacher Ms. Simone Kung and our
student Shadiel from Kindergarten for his work being selected in the 2019 Brooklyn Borough Arts

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CEC 22 Elected Parent Members: Thank you to all the parents who voted, those who stepped up
and ran for a seat, and we congratulate the elected members of CEC for 2019-2021. Two more
seats should be filled by the Brooklyn Borough President’s Office.

PS 222: On Wednesday May 15, P.S. 222 hosted our Family Engagement Night. The highlight of the
evening was our Multicultural Fair. The theme of the evening was "Everyone Smiles in the Same
Language." We gathered in the cafeteria to eat a pot luck dinner and try foods from around the
world. Throughout the evening, professional musicians performed. Student performances included
The Spirit Squad, Jazz Band, Dance Club and Irish Storytelling. In addition, each class displayed a
culminating project. P.S. 222 celebrated the Annual Character Parade. Students in Grades K-2
dress up as their favorite character and parade around the school. Our characters were cheered
on by upper grade students and family members. It is a wonderful wayto celebrate our love for

PS/IS 206: 6th Grade Junior Varsity Math Team won third place in the
2019 Pi5NY Math Tournament. CONGRATULATIONS

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Ambassadors Meeting: Superintendent Bove held a final Ambassador Meeting for this year,
thanking lead teachers, assistant principals, principals and borough instructional leads support for
their collaboration to improve student learning, build capacity and to empower teachers to
become coaches or administrators.

IS 14: Many cultures one school

PS 152 & 315: Congratulations to PS 152 & PS 315 for winning the Cycle of NYC Participatory
Budgeting! Participatory budgeting
(PBNYC) is a city program that allows
residents to vote on $1 million to $1.5
million in projects developed by
community members.

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PS 326: Students, families, and staff enjoyed our Annual P.S. 326 Multicultural Night. We shared food
from different cultures, viewed a gallery of student artwork, and watched the Color Guard,
Chorus, and Dance Club perform! 🐣🐥🐣🐥🐣🐥🐣🐥 We are proud to announce that 8 baby chicks
hatched out of their shells and joined the P.S. 326 family! Welcome to the world little guys!

PS 236: Students in 5th grade submitted poems to Councilman Maisel's office

to celebrate Woman In History! Councilman Maisel visited P.S. 236 on May 10th to present certificates
to all the participants.
He also gave a special presentation to our Poetry Contest Winner, Valerie Vaizman.

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District 22 Principals McCann, Yoo, Olivieri, Quigley & Vlantis with Chancellor Carranza at the May
11 Citywide Principals Conference.

School Leadership Team Training: On May 20th School Leadership Team core members were
invited to attend an SLT Training on unpacking updates to the 2019-20 CEP, using new features in
iPlan and understanding roles of families & communities within education planning w/ Katrina
Brave S/DIL. Thank you Millennium Development for hosting.

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PS 193: May was filled with many wonderful events including fun and informative safety assemblies,
a student performance in partnership with the
Inside Broadway Program, and our Annual Career
Day and Family Art Night. Students learned safety
tips in an exciting and fun way through our “Safe-
T Musical” assemblies in partnership with the NYC
DOT. During Career Day, we had a full panel of
professionals including parents, local CBOs and
our Councilwoman Farah Louis. Each class also
enjoyed an in-class presentation and activity
booklets to support a strong home/school
connection. We also held our 3rd annual Family
Art Night where students created works of art
using recycled materials. All families, students
and staff, in attendance, had a great time! June
began with a book give-away for our families and
Field day. The month will continue to be just as
busy with senior week activities, a carnival, a
picnic and of course our Stepping Up and Graduation ceremonies. It was definitely a wonderful
year! We hope all of our families enjoy the summer and we look forward to all the wonderful
activities and experiences to come in the next school year.

PS 217: Following a long tradition at PS 217, the first Saturday of June brought to our community
another lively and simply stellar musical. This year it was time to dive into the playful world of Dr.
Seuss with the much acclaimed Seussical production. Involving months, weeks and hours of work
and rehearsals during the 4th and 5th Grade Discovery Zone Clubs and Discovery Zone After School
Program, the play was the product of the
combined efforts of over 200 brilliant students from
Kindergarten to 5th Grade. Lead actors, dancers,
singers, tech crew and scenery artists, our students
were skillfully guided by a team of over 20 talented
teachers. On their way to the Auditorium to find
their seats for the play, the audience - parents,
family members, friends and neighbors, had the
pleasure of admiring the amazing works of art
exhibited along the first floor hallways. Collages,
drawings, paintings, and much more, created by K-5
artists made it for a true gallery walk, thus adding to
the full arts
experience of
the day. What
a wonderful
celebration of
the well-rounded arts education for which PS 217 has been
long known for!

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IS 278: 7th grade students at Marine Park IS 278 show off their College Access shirts after
participating in the College Access for All initiative.

MS 890: On May 29, sixth and seventh grade students participated in the MS 890 2nd Annual
Science Fair. The event counted with more than twenty projects, prepared and presented by the
students. The science fair is one of the most anticipated events of the year. Students take full control
of their education and draw on their passion to design a scientific experiment. Students begin an
investigation into their desired topic that involves detailed research, experimental design,
various observations, and data analysis. This process and independence allows the students ideas
to blossom while displaying a deeper understanding of science.

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Parent Coordinator Expo: On June 12, District 22 parent coordinators attended the Spring Parent
Coordinator Expo entitled “Creating a Blueprint: Parent Coordinator Expo,” held at the Intrepid Sea,
Air, and Space Museum. This expo provided an opportunity for participants to learn about
successes and best practices, enhance their skills, and create a blueprint for building a family-
engagement plan in preparation for the summer and upcoming school year. Deputy Chancellor
Hydra Mendoza was the Keynote Speaker.

District 22 Middle School Science Fair: On June 13 we celebrated our Middle School Award
Ceremony for our winners of the Science Fair collaboration with Midwood High School. Students
and families were proud and excited to receive their awards!

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District 22 Family Fun Night: On June 7, 2019, we held our annual Family Fun Night. In collaboration
with Presidents’ Council, Community Education Council, Millennium Development and Bergen
Beach Youth Organization, we had a fun filled night of healthy snacks, toy giveaways and
entertainment. Students from various schools performed dance routines and representatives from
many city agencies were on hand to connect with families. Families enjoyed the beautiful weather
tossed Frisbees, played ball or try out some archery, soccer, or hockey at one of the blow up
booths. We thank the parent coordinators, parents, the Millennium staff who volunteered that
evening and the vendors for coming out. Visit our photo album here

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