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When we re-launched Brady PAC in 2018, our mission was to find candidates

who we believed would make a true difference in the halls of Congress in the
fight to prevent gun violence.

Jason Crow was just that.

He took on a long-time incumbent who was in the pocket of the NRA, ran a
grassroots campaign without taking a dime of corporate PAC money, and won
Colorado's 6th District in historic fashion.

The NRA even spent over $120,000 to beat him and he was able to overcome
those attacks.

Now, in Congress, he's leading the charge against the gun lobby. We
know that special interests will retaliate and run a monsoon of negative
attack ads against him in 2O2O. That's why I'm asking you directly if
you'll make a contribution to Jason's campaign today.

Here's Jason at a recent press conference talking about why we need to end
special protections afforded to the gun lobby:
Jason Crow is a champion for our top shared priorities, including enacting
universal Brady background checks and banning military-style assault

It's up to us to make sure that he wins his first re-election campaign and can
continue to keep fighting back against the gun lobby's chokehold on our

Every contribution received today goes directly to his campaign — can

you step up with one today?

$10 $25 $50

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$75 $100 $250

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It's in our hands,
AJ Roshfeld,

Paid for by BRADY PAC

918 Pennsylvania Ave SE
Washington, DC 20003
United States

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