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Hi Sharon – As promised, please find our response below.

The AER works with all stakeholders and considers their input when making decisions on applications for
energy development. Over our 80 year history, we have worked to improve our processes and
requirements, while making Alberta’s regulatory system more efficient has been a priority since our
inception in 2013.

As Alberta’s energy regulator, we have a responsibility to help create a more competitive province by
ensuring that our system is modern and efficient, without compromising public safety and the
environment. To this end, we are working on a number of initiatives, which includes clarifying
our statement of concern process andapplication timelines to create greater transparency and certainty.
Every year, we receive about 40 000 applications - from accessing a parcel of land to drilling a well or
building a pipeline. Regardless of the project, we share applications with Albertans on our Public Notice
of Application Page and encourage public involvement in our decision making. Applications are typically
available for review on this page for 30 days. Applications for large projects may be available for review
longer than 30 days, given their complexity.

Changes to our application processing times do not affect the public involvement process. Anyone who
believes they are directly or adversely impacted by an application can express their concerns by
submitting a statement of concern. Once a statement of concern has been registered by the AER, we
review and consider it before making a decision on an application. Parties that file a statement of
concern receive a decision from the AER either 60 business days after it is registered or the application
processing time, whichever is longer. Of course, statements of concern are only one way to engage in
our processes. Concerned parties can also participate in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), which
provides a variety of options to manage disputes including direct negotiation between the parties, AER
staff-led mediation, and third-party mediation. And if someone has concerns after we have approved an
application and they believe they may be directly and adversely affected, they may be eligible
to appealour decision.

Aside from these opportunities to engage in our processes, stakeholders can participate in multi-
stakeholder advisory committees held by the AER and synergy groupsacross Alberta to share
information about energy development activities in their area.

Efficiency is a process that doesn’t end with a few initiatives. We will continue to listen to the
Government of Alberta, the energy industry, and Albertans about how to make the regulatory system
more efficient and how we can make a positive difference while ensuring the public and environment
are protected.

Jordan Fitzgerald, BCMM
Advisor, External Communications
Alberta Energy Regulator