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Simon Karuga Chege, lead photographer and retoucher at Lines Photography Kenya, is
a self-taught portrait, beauty and event photographer based in Nairobi, Kenya. He also
doubles up as a photography trainer and peer mentor to many photographers. Having
been in the scene for three years now, he has cut a niche for his brand as the go-to
photography services provider for many clients, ranging from individuals and families
to agencies and corporate entities. An avid lover of colour, his correctly rendered
images, creative lighting skills, state of the industry retouch and fast turnover period
keep his clientele base growing by the day. He believes the world is a canvas, and his,
he paints in light and colour.

An Environmental Science graduate from Kenyatta University, Simon first encountered

photography at the age of 10 years, through his father. His dad, Mr Chege was a film
photographer back in the day, and together they would stick negatives to their
respective photos after processing and slowly he learnt how to take simple photos but
first there was school to go through up to 2014. He again encountered photography in
2015, when he started editing old campus-day images using Photoshop guided by
online tutorials and sharing them on social media when he was free of his academic
writing assignments, which resulted in enquiries for photography services. To meet
the new demand for his services, he acquired a camera in February 2016 and the rest
is a growth curve. Simon believes in maximization of skill and minimization of gear,
true to which all images in this portfolio have been shot using crop sensor Nikon
bodies, budget lenses, and speedlites: nothing too pro, nothing too expensive.
His interest in the field extends to photography training and mentorship under his web-based Peer Interaction Training module titled
“Learning with Lines” and professional photo retouch and editing services for other photographers, makeup artists, models, and other
consumers under “Simon Chege Retouch.” A beauty photography enthusiast, Simon has a burning desire to play a key role in
revolutionizing the beauty photography scene in Kenya, to make it the self-sustaining vibrant venture it should be.

He is grateful to God for the gift of life, health and talent not forgetting family, friends, clients and fellow creatives for their respective roles
in making this journey a success story. As he clocks three years in the art and business of photography, he has packaged some of his
previous and current work contained herein in his first personal portfolio in preparation for genre-specific portfolios to follow. Enjoy.
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Before I was a photographer, I was an artist and the
creative bug still bites even now. Once in a while I
venture away from my income-generating tasks to
collaborate with fellow creative minds in the field to
create visual content.

I pride myself in not only pushing the boundaries in

the provision of on-demand photography and
photographic services, but also seeking ideas outside
the scope of my paid assignments and creating
content geared towards diverse themes.

Following are excerpts from creative photography

projects I have engaged in so far. Enjoy.



MAGENTAish, 2018.
ME, MYSELF or I? 2018.

kaSHILLING na kaFEELING, 2018.






DAZZLE, 2016.

SNACK, 2018.
BLOOM, 2018.

WARM UP, 2018. (Return

Though detached genres of photography by design, I have decided to
combine the three niches above under one section of this presentation, with a
special bias for beauty photography; which will be one of my areas of specialty
as the journey progresses.

This is just but a trailer of what the future holds. Later in the year I will package
and release separate portfolios for beauty, fashion and retouch work.

2018. 2017.
2018. 2018.
2018. 2018.
2018 2018
2018. 2018.
2016. 2016.
2017. 2017.
2018. 2017.

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Under Mohan’s Oysterbay Drinks Limited, official
distributor of Redbull energy drink in Kenya, I have
undertaken a range of assignments for the global energy
drink giant. My tenure here extends from 2016 to date.

My assignments have included coverage of promotional

activities, activations, brand photoshoots, retailer reach-
outs, events and creation of social media content.

Here are some excerpts of the same….

Menno (Redbull BBoy Champion 2014,’17), 2018. Wings Team Tropical flavor photoshoot, 2017.

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Energy Nights Kenya Activations, 2017. Tokura (Redbull Freestyle Football Champion) Kenyan tour, 2017.

In today’s world of online trade and ecommerce, the

business world needs good photos of their products
to fetch customers better online. Over my career I
have shot product shots for businesses, vendors
and corporates. Some of my images are in
circulation in online stores such as Jumia, Kaymu,
Retoria among others and brands including Koko
Executive Drinking Water and Eleven Buddies Wine.

My skill in this field ranges from industry standard

seamless white product shots to true black and
contextual shots as these samples indicate.
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My coverage of events extends as long as my photography career. My first assignment was
actually an event. As an event photographer, my joy lies in capturing the best moments of each
event I cover to give the best memories to my client and all concerned parties.

Ranging from homebased events all the way up to county level and national assignments, I have
curved a name for my brand Lines Photography as one of the to-go-to event photography
service providers, acquiring and retaining a good number of individual, private and corporate
clients along the way. Mastery of color, composition and timing coupled with some of the fastest
turnover timelines in the industry makes us the preferred event coverage partners for many.

Here are some of my past assignments;

Destination wedding, Voi Wildlife Lodge, 2017.

Miss Tourism Kitui County, 2016.

Israel Wine & Food festival, 2018.

Resolution Insurance End of year staff party, 2017.

UNEP, Govt of Kenya, Govt of Italy Geothermal Energy Pact Signing, 2017.
As an extension of my event coverage services, my workflow in the field goes further to incorporate event service
providers, mostly catering businesses and hotel establishments. My kind of work here mostly revolves around creation of
stock images to showcase the client’s décor, ambience, setting, food styling and culinary skills.
A mentionable highlight was working with Go Places Tours & Travel, during week-long Magical Kenya Travel Expo 2018.
The Concord Hotel n Suites, 2017.

Golden Tulips, 2017.

Picazzo Restaurant, 2018.

InterContinental Hotel , Nairobi, 2018. (Return to top)

Away from my areas on specialty, my interest in photography expands
far and beyond.
In my quest to be a more knowledgeable and versatile photographer
and a better trainer to my current and future students, I never let a
photo-worthy moment pass me by.
My interest mainly lies towards compositional elements such as lines
and open spaces most prevalent in long exposure, real estate and
landscape photography.
Here are some of my favorite shots.

Clay Works, Thika Super Highway, 2016.

Home Afrika Migaa Project, Kiambu. Morning Star Furnished Apartments, Bungoma.
Lake Magadi, Magadi, 2018.
Karura waterfall, 2016.

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Pirates Beach, Mombasa, 2018.
14 Falls, Thika, 2018.
As earlier mentioned, I am a self taught photogragrapher. In the current age of digital photography and post production,
Being an environmental science graduate from Kenyatta the place of professional photo retouch cannot be underplayed.
University, photography is a far-away field from what I pursued Some genres of photography like beauty which I'm a big fan of
in school. When I developed the interest, I did what most us of calls for well articulated photo editing and retouch skills to get
us instinctively do, asked for help from those who were the desired outcome. Currently, I am well versed with Adobe
already doing it. Sadly, very little help came my way and this Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom as my preferred retouch and
frustration made me turn to internet-based learning and this is editing software respectively.
what has given me remarkable growth in a short time.
My retouch journey dates back to December 2016 when I
Along the way as I become a more refined photographer, made my first attempt at frequency separation. Since then, it
some of the questions I would ask when I started out now has been an unending journey of getting better image after
come my way from shooters of different ranks. When they do, image. Being a beauty photographer, my specialty in the field
I always strive to answer them to the best of my ability, even is mainly dark skin tone beauty retouch. Striking a balance
researching when necessary. My desire is to make the journey between perfecting an image while still retaining its core
for the next photographer a little easier than mine was. True to elements like texture and facial dimensions is critical and this is
this, I have created a number of avenues through which I something I strive to improve on everyday and so far, so good.
interact and share knowledge with fellow photographers and
lend a helping hand when the need arises under a platform I Apart from my own workflow, gradually, my retouch work has
have named Learning with Lines. caught the attention of other players in the industry and now
my retouch services have extended to include other
Currently, Learning with Lines operates on several active photographers, makeup artists, models etc, both locally and
avenues which include a WhatsApp group, YouTube Channel, globally. Apart from beauty and portrait retouch, I also handle
blogsite, Instagram and Facebook accounts where we help bulk photo editing mostly for event photographers and offer
each other become better photographers. More to that, personalized retouch classes to interested parties.
starting last year, I take in a few mentees and take them
through the process I have undergone to become a better On the same, I intend to mentor a few retouchers in the course
photographer. My mentorship program includes theory, of the year in preparation for formal retouch and editing
practical sessions, field experience, guided assistance and classes that will be part of my training schedule. To follow up
later on connection to job opportunities when they arise. My on this introduction, I will package and release a portfolio for
first two mentees Rodrick Wandera and Purity Makandi are my retouch work in the course of the year. Before then, viewing
the first step in a long journey that will culminate in a of samples, before and afters, and processing of new orders
photography school in the future. can be done here: Simon Chege Retouch.
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As a highlight of my past assignments, the brands and entities listed below are some
of my clients so far, many of them being recurrent clients and the list keeps growing
with time and effort.

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I hope you enjoyed the portfolio, being the first of many to come, starting with a beauty and retouch portfolio to be
released mid this year. Thank you for being part of my photography journey as I celebrate three years in the craft. I look
forward to walking more of the journey with you. Cheers.

Our company portfolios are also available here: Events, Studio Work, and Creative.

For bookings, enquiries;

Contact me:
Jemimah Road, Kahawa Wendani

P.O Box 1886-00900, Kiambu

+254 798 629 305

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Lines Photography Ke @_simonchege @linesphotos_ke Lines Photography Kenya