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Established in 2016, Lines Photography Kenya caters for portrait, corporate and
event photography needs. We’re located at Kahawa Wendani, Kiambu County.

Professional photography is at the heart of every successful event, function and

brand. At Lines Photography, we strive to give you the best photography experience
and memories whenever we cover your event. Our experience in this field ranges
from home-based parties to county level and multinational assignments.

Our coverage of events is informed by a unique approach in event photography that

we have formulated and successfully honed over time. Our photos create a
wholesome gallery for the event owner, the contracted service providers, and the
attendants. With Lines Photography, there is something for everyone.

The unrivalled quality of our images coupled with personalized packages and timely
delivery of photos sets us apart from the rest, evidenced by the wide base clientele
that we have attracted and retained so far.

Here are excerpts from events and brands we have covered in the recent past. Enjoy.
We know you go to great lengths to get the best location, setup
and decor for your event. Pictures are not only worth a thousand
words, but also the precious memories embedded into them. Our
cameras memorialize a moment in time that will never happen again,
while also serving as a reminder of the exact feelings and emotions
felt when the shutter went off.

From panoramic wide shots of the venue down to tiny details on the
tables, Lines Photography captures and highlights it all. Our
mastery of color rendition and composition ensures your theme
colors and setup patterns are captured perfectly and preserved
for future appreciation. For brands and corporates, we ensure your
products, branding and marketing media is well represented in our

Our aim is to curate the event as faithfully as possible for the

event owner, the contracted event services providers and the
attendees of the function.

Here are some location, setup and décor photos we’ve taken…
One of the most critical components of a successful event is food
and drinks. “How was the food?” is one of the most frequently
asked question after an event. At Lines Photography, we give you
photos that will tell the story on your behalf.

A well-done photograph of food or drink from an event can make

you stop in your tracks, reminisce, drool a little bit, and
immediately want to relive the auspicious occasion.

With years of experience capturing some of the most amazing

imagery that brings dishes, desserts and drinks to life. Combining
tried and true lighting techniques with guru-level food styling, prep
work and props, we create images that draw viewers in and make an
amazing impression.

Below are excerpts of our food and drink photography...

Be it a concert, corporate event, wedding, birthday party, or
street festival, people are there to see and be seen. At Lines
Photography we strive to faithfully capture the feeling and
highlights of gatherings, either for the promotional or personal use
of the client.

From the couple and the bridal team at a wedding to the company
CEO at the corporate dinner and the DJ at the night club
activation, we ensure everybody who matters is well captured in
camera, and of course, everybody matters. We make sure to
capture everything that takes place including the speeches,
presentations, awards, performances, down to the most minute

Lines Photography wants to provide you with photographs enriched

with true emotion & personality to be shared now and many years
to come. We make sure the laughs, the smiles, the outfits, the
poses, the reactions, the dances etc. are well represented in the
photos we take and deliver.

Below are excerpts of the same we have snapped in the recent

“Capturing moments, making memories” is our business. We look forward to making some for you too. We welcome
engagement pertaining the photos contained herein as well as on the creation of more in future.

For bookings, enquiries;

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Jemimah Road, Kahawa Wendani

P.O Box 1886-00900, Kiambu

+254 798 629 305

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