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Making a false or fraudulent workers’ compensation claim is a felony subject to up to five years in prison or a fine up to
$50,000 or double the value of the fraud, whichever is greater, or both imprisonment and fine

$2,500 $500 COURTESY OF



$10 per ball $20 for 3 balls $50 for 7 balls $100 for 20 balls

Winner Need Not be Present to Win Entries must be received by

MONDAY, September 16, 2019
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On the cover: Commercial Fire - By Harry Garvin

Photo Inset: 22nd Annual Hope for Firefighters - Hope St, DTLA

2 • July 2019
VOL. XCV JULY 2019 NO. 11

Leadership Academy
Emotional Intelligence Part 2 • .......................................................07

7th Annual Pechanga Reunion

The desert night filled with laughter and camaraderie at the LAFRA
sponsored SoCal Reunion at Pechanga. Hundreds of active and
retired firefighters joined together to speak of the past and make
plans for the future • .......................................................................08

22nd Annual Hope for Firefighters

Apron clad firefighters from all over the City, a hoard of hungry DTLA
workers, and even a few Hollywood stars made appearances at the
22nd Annual Hope for Firefighters event • .....................................10

President’s Message • ............................................................................05
The Wellness Program
The next evolution of your LAFRA Wellness Program is almost here • ...06
Battalion News • ....................................................................................15
Station Fridge • ......................................................................................32
The Retired Guys • …………..……..…..….…..…..….…..…..…..…..…….33
Department in Action • ...........................................................................34
16th Annual LAPD/LAFRA Car Show
Showing off the rides while “Still Saving Lives” • ....................................36
LAFD Golf Club
Memorial Club Championship • ...............................................................39
Fire Service Day
Family, friends, and remembrance • ......................................................40
Powerlifting Saves Lives • ………………………………………………….42
Craig Alder—May we never forget • ……………………………………….44
Retirement Dinners • ............................................................................45
Memorials • ...........................................................................................46
Housewives of the LAFD
What is PTSD? • ............................................................................47
Mailbox • ...............................................................................................48
Keith Crownover—Over and out to retirement • ………………………….50
LAFD History
The Ponet Hotel Fire • ..........................................................................51
Minutes of the Board of Trustees • .....................................................54
Classifieds • ...........................................................................................57
Fire Station 10 • ....................................................................................60

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July 2019 • 3
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Los Angeles Firemen’s Relief Association
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Peter Sanders, Erik Scott, Jeff Zimmerman, Adam VanGerpen


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Isaac Burks, Jim Dolan & Steve Ruda ................Community Affairs Liaisons

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Doak Smith John Jacobsen Tim Freeman Jr.
Frank Aguirre Kenny Breskin Tim Larson
Gayle Sonoda Mike Sailhamer Tyler Tomich

To contact a chaplain, please call Senior Chaplain Rick Godinez at
(213) 797-2404 or the MFC Floor Captain at (213) 576-8920
Greg W. Gibson...................Chaplain Hershy Z. Ten.......................Chaplain
Danny Leon..........................Chaplain Roger Fowble.....................Chaplain
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4 • July 2019
As our nation prepares to celebrate yet another birthday, I had the opportunity to attend the DROP seminar put on
we here at the Relief Association want to acknowledge firefight- by the communications section of the Pension Department. This
ers across California, Arizona, and Nevada who were out in force is a must for all members! They have three different seminars,
at California Pizza Kitchen restaurants at the end of May to help depending on where you are in your career. Check out the LAFPP
raise money for WODFF. Department members tossed dough, website for dates available for your specific needs. All your ques-
created pizzas, waited tables, and some even did a little clean- tions will be answered correctly! Don’t rely on the locker room
ing up, all in the name of the Relief Association. Thank you to attorneys or kitchen table financial advisors.
the corporate office of California Pizza Kitchen, along with the One last item. We have enhanced our New Wellness Pro-
individual stores and their staffs for their generosity of time and gram and it is now available to all active and retired members and
monetary donations. their dependents over age 18 that are enrolled in the LAFRA PPO
On Saturday, June 1st, more than 200 cars magically ap- Medical Plan, as well as our Kaiser medical plan members. This
peared in Warner Center Park—all in the name of raising money new enhanced plan includes the free gym membership as well
for the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firefighter’s Fund. Thank as new online features and resources. To use this new program,
you to Kenny Breskin, Valerie Lawrence, and the rest of the team, however, starting July 1, 2019, you must register. (Note: Even if
along with their counterparts at the LAPD for all their hard work you’ve previously registered online, you must re-register on July
and dedication at the 16th Annual Still Saving Lives Car Show 1 to use the enhanced Sharecare online experience.) Once you
and Safety Fair. register, you will be able to use current online features, such as
Once again, the HOGS were out in strength for their An- the rewards program, as well as new features to better personalize
nual Fallen Heroes Memorial Ride honoring the Fallen Members your experience. So, whether you want to lose weight, quit smok-
of our Department. On June 8th, hundreds of people gathered at ing, lower stress, or simply keep up your healthy lifestyle, we have
the Los Angeles Fire Museum in Hollywood to remember our the tools to help get you there. It’s easy to register. Go to www.
brothers and sisters who made the ultimate sacrifice while in the and click Create My Account. Full instruc-
service of others. Thank you to all the members of the Fire Hogs tions are on page 6 of this edition of the Grapevine.
organization that work so tirelessly to honor those who deserve
our gratitude and respect. See the full story in the August edition SAVE THE DATES
of the Grapevine. • IAFF Fallen Firefighter Memorial – Sept 21
When I look at an event like Hope for Firefighters, I ask • LAFD Invitational Golf Tournament – Sept 23
myself how can such a large event, with so many moving pieces, • California Fallen Firefighter Memorial – Sept 28
come together so flawlessly? The answer of course is our Event • LAFD Fallen Firefighters Memorial – Oct 12
Coordinator, Juliet Brandolino and the Hope Committee, along
with an amazing group of firefighters, their families, and a whole Be safe and kind to each other!
army of dedicated volunteers working long hours to make sure all
runs smoothly. This year was one of the biggest crowds ever seen
at the event, all wearing smiling faces and a little tighter belt line
due to the fabulous food prepared by the participating stations, Robert D. “Steintalker” Steinbacher
units, and corporate sponsors. Thank you to all involved. Simply
put—A job well done! 323.259.5200

July 2019 • 5


Los A
tarting July 1, Sharecare, LAFRA’s wellness vendor, is moving to a new
and improved system platform. You’ll get a more personalized and up- Fitness benefit. There are no changes to your Prime Fitness
graded digital home base to help you reach your health goals. See be- benefit. Your membership ID number will stay the same and you can con-
low for the added features and things you need to know about the change. tinue to use your same ID card. There is nothing that you need to do to
continue your workouts at any of the participating Prime Fitness Center


NEW FEATURES YOU’LL WANT TO CHECK OUT: Reward points. Your reward points will automatically move
to the new program. Point will appear in your account a few days after you
• A PERSONALIZED TIMELINE that gets more customized as you use register.
it. You can select health topics that are important to you – like healthy Access to Healthy Lifestyles. You will continue to ac-
eating, heart health, stress management, exercise tips and more – cess your LAFRA Wellness Program at However, if you
and they will appear more often in your timeline. previously logged in to the LAFRA Wellness site to access Healthy Lifestyles,
• GREEN DAY TRACKERS to track core health factors such as steps, diet, you will need to create a new account with a new user ID and password.
Well-Being Assessment Score. Your Well-Being Assess-
fitness, stress, sleep and more. When eight of these health factors are
ment (WBA) score will not move with you. Sharecare’s RealAge test will
green on a given day, you earn a green day. Earn 60 green days
replace the WBA. If you want copies of your WBA, then you must download
within a 90-day period and you will lower your RealAge. them by June 30, 2019.

• NEW HEALTH CHALLENGES AND TIPS to help you work toward your
goals and lower your RealAge. Who’s eligible? The LAFRA Wellness Program is a wellness program
• IN APP FITNESS ID CARD when you download and use the Sharecare that is free for LAFRA members, spouses/domestic partners and adult chil-
app.* dren 18+ who are enrolled in the Medical PPO plan. And starting July 1, the
Wellness Program will be available for our members who use the LAFRA
• NEW REWARDS CENTER with over 6,000 items to choose from–

Kaiser plan.,
reward yourself for your hard work.
If you have questions about the LAFRA Wellness Program, call 866-
*Before you download the Sharecare app, you must create your account from a web
browser on your computer or mobile device. Otherwise, you won’t get the added benefits
LAFRA Wellness Program perks.


6 • July 2019
ire De
les F p

Los A


This is the second in a series of articles in- the motions? Time flies, and if you’re not paying at-
tention you’ll continue living with no motivation or

spired by the courses taught at the LAFD Leadership
Academy examining the building blocks of success- purpose, simply clocking in and out when needed.

K ful leadership. This is part two from a presentation Social competence is how we handle rela-

U H tionships. It includes empathy - having awareness
R E G O AT T by Isaac Yang, Division Chief, Redondo Beach FD,
adapted for the Grapevine by Alicia Iwakiri and of others’ feelings, needs, and concerns; and social
Dave Wagner. skills - adeptness at including desirable responses
in others. When you work with people you need to
Emotional Intelligence is the ability to be recognize that people have needs. Aside from just
aware of and control your emotions, perceive others’ performing your regular duties, what makes you
emotions, and empathetically handle interpersonal valuable to the people around you?

“You’re not a relationships. Without it you become a compliance

officer, simply complying to the policies and pro-
Having high Emotional Intelligence doesn’t
mean you can’t get upset or angry. You’re not a bad
cedures of the Department. Your performance as a person if you’re mad, but you must understand why

bad person
leader will lack motivation or purpose. you‘re mad and recognize the situation. You must
In their book Leadership on the Line, au- know where you’re at, where everyone else is at,
thors Ronald Heifetz and Marty Linsky relate that and how to be empathetic and productive within
people address issues as either technical problems or it. Balancing personal competence and social com-

if you’re mad...
adaptive challenges. Confronting concerns as tech- petence to the best of your ability is an art. Having
nical problems is where most people reside. Why? high Emotional Intelligence will help you to become
Because technical problems can be solved by simply a better person, a better firefighter and enable you
complying to processes and procedures, or rules and become a leader.

but you regulations. This way problems become black and

white - either you’re following the rules or you’re How Emotionally Intelligent Are You?
not. With this kind of compliance, you don’t need

must recognize
to think. Adaptive challenges connect the head with Give yourself an honest evaluation, answering each
statement with Never, Sometimes, or Often. Evaluate each
the heart of the solution, meaning it connects the is-
statement not as you think you should be, but as you actually
sues with people. With an adaptive challenge, you
must analyze situations and adapt to each one indi-

the situation
vidually. 1. I know my own strengths and weaknesses.
If you deal with everything as a technical 2. I control my temper when I feel frustrated.
problem, you aren’t seeing people as people, but as 3. I am comfortable confronting conflict whenever possible.
liabilities. For example, you’ll see progressive disci-

and understand
4. I understand my emotions as I experience them.
pline as a negative thing, instead of a way to “grow 5. I’ve been told that I’m a good listener.
people” by helping them get to where they need and 6. I can calm myself down when I feel upset.
want to be. To be able to respond to adaptive chal- 7. I find it easy to read other people’s emotions.

why you’re mad”

8. I can readily move beyond my frustration or unhappiness.
lenges, you need Emotional Intelligence. Without it,
9. I ask people for feedback on how I can improve.
the Department simply becomes an organization of
10. I set long-term goals, and regularly review my progress.
liability with no loyalty to its people.
There are five components to Emotional If your answers included a lot of “Nevers” you’ll
Intelligence: self-awareness, self-regulation, motiva- need to work on your emotional intelligence. Stressful situa-
tion, empathy, and social skills. These five compo- tions might overwhelm you, or you may avoid conflict because
nents are split into two categories: personal compe- you find it uncomfortable.
tence and social competence. If you responded “Sometimes” to many of the situa-
Personal competence is how we handle tions, you probably have good relationships with some of your
• WHERE: The Frank Hotchkin Memorial ourselves. It includes self-awareness - knowing coworkers, but find that others may be more difficult to work
Training Center your internal states, preferences, resources, and in-
If a majority of your answers were “Often” then you
• COST: At the present time there is no cost tuitions; self-regulation - managing your internal
are on the right track. You probably find that people approach
to attend the LAFD Leadership Academy states, impulses, and resources; and motivation - you for advice and you can keep your emotions in check.
• QUESTIONS: Craig Poulson, Captain I, In- moving toward achievement goals. How aware is the Researchers have found that emotionally intelli-
average person on how the pushes and pulls of ev- gent people often have great leadership potential. Whatever
Service Training Section at (213) 893-9838
eryday life affect them? Do they realize what’s hap- your answers on this quiz, you can realize this potential by
or pening around them or are they just going through seeking opportunities to improve even further.

July 2019 • 7
or the 7th year
running, scores
of firefighters,
both active and retired,
headed out to Temecula
for the annual reunion
event in May. Both the
RV complex and the
Darlene and Ron Curtis have attended
all seven Pechanga Reunions
hotel were showing off
the effects of recent re-
models, making for a
very comfortable week
of festivities.
The big event is the Temecul Val-
ley wine tour and this year’s affair had an-
other great turnout. There were so many
signed up for the escapade that three trol-
lies were hired to haul the crowd out to
the vineyards. It was a quiet bunch that
loaded into the open-air vehicles at the
clubhouse in the morning. But, it was ob-
vious that they all had a rollicking good
time when they returned in the afternoon
after visiting a host of wineries.
There were big crowds again this
year at what have become signature get-
togethers at the Reunion. The first was the
Bloody Mary breakfast served at Tim and
Diane Freeman’s place on Wednesday
morning. And then on Thursday eve, the
Maga’s Martini Contest started at sunset
and may have still been going strong as
the sun rose the next morning.
All day on Wednesday, reps from
many of your favorite firefighter organiza-
tions were available for personal consulta-
tions in the clubhouse. They included Ana
Salazar from LAFRA Member Services,
Wayne Sherman from the LAFRA PPO
Medical Plan, Bernice Ortiz from the
Pension Dept, Jim Finn from the Histori-
cal Society, Don Forrest and Dave Marino
Larry “the County guy” and Ceci Hoerner – 1986 and 2019

8 • July 2019
from LA Retired Fire and Police, and of
course, Firefighter’s First Credit Union.
Unfortunately, the round of golf
was rained out on Thursday, but there
was still plenty of sunshine for a few
very competitive rounds of cornhole. But,
the championship round of Bringas vs
Denning almost didn’t take place. Rick
couldn’t find his favorite Chinese made
bean bags and, in a tantrum, refused
to pitch without them. He spent the day
of Evans Two generations of searching all over town for new ones, but
Three generations Freemans due to tariffs, couldn’t find any. Denning
did finally relent and play the final match,
but Billy skunked him with four straight
airmail shots.
At night, the competitive action
moved indoors to the casino. The com-
motion was centered at the craps table,
where Bob “Hard Way” Steintalker was
introducing his protégé, Kenny “Fresh
Meat” Breskin, to the intricacies of the
game. Ken had an incredible run of begin-
ner’s luck – from come-out to crap-out, he
shot the dice for nearly five hours straight.
There were so many stacks of chips cov-
ering the table, lining the rail and stuffed
into everyone’s pockets that the boxman
had to restock the table – twice! Ken was
Breskin and Berkery stepping up to serve
winning so much money for the table, the
players were giving the tips to him instead
Cornhole Championship of the stickman and dealers. A little after
midnight, as the action finally subsided,
an ecstatic Breskin, carting away almost
a wheelbarrow full of chips, was heard to
say, “I won so much money tonight I’m
going to buy dinner for the guys at the sta-
tion for a whole month!”
The success of the Reunion each
year is due to your participation - all the
firefighters, spouses and friends. But the
event could not take place without the
vision and hard work of a few dedicated
LAFRA members. A huge thank you has
to go out to the Reunion Executive Com-
mittee: Chris Domanski, Wendy Larson,
Cynthia Smith, Penny Albarran - and also
the husbands of these great ladies. There
was also an excellent turnout of LAFRA
Trustees this year, who were only too hap-
py to lend a hand where needed. A great
time was had by all - see y’all next year!

July 2019 • 9
arly morning June 6
in DTLA, before the
bustle of morning traf-
fic, Hope Street was lively
with workers, volunteers, and
firefighters setting up the 22nd
Annual Hope for Firefight- Best Entree
ers event. Before the event Fire Station 88
Pulled Pork Sandwiches
even started, mouth watering
aromas from various booths
caught the attention of curious
bystanders. They crowded the
street in anticipation for the
event, and at eleven o’clock
sharp, lines started to form at
the 28 food booths.
To kickoff the event, opening ceremo-
nies were led by the LAFD Honor Guard,
Manual Arts High School marching band, and
Lea Carranza singing the National Anthem.
Then all of Hope Street took a moment of si-
lence with an honorary flyby from Airship Fire
3 in remembrance of our Fallen members.
As the day progressed, emcees Cap-
tain Rick Godinez and KTLA’s Mary Beth
McDade kept the day’s events moving, and
returning band Emerald City kept the crowd
entertained. Throughout the day people lined
up to take photos with the famous and ador-
able fire dog, Wilshire, who at 15-years-old
displayed the spirit of a young firehouse pup.
Walking around you may have run into Kings
hockey legend Daryl Evans, who left a team
retreat early just to attend Hope. At FS 64’s
booth (sponsored by Galloway Asset Manage-
ment), Firefighter Dave Walters, 2008 Olympic
gold medalists in the 4x200-meter relay, and
Captain II Kieth Bandy, silver medalist in soft-

10 • July 2019
ball at the Firefighter Olympics, were clad only
in their Speedos and prize medals. As the two
posed side by side, it was almost eerie how
much they resembled each other … okay, it
may have been in a “before and after” sort of
way, but kudos to the athletes for braving their
swimwear in front of thousands of onlookers.
Also, Dave is a rookie firefighter, and said be-
ing a competitive athlete lead him to pursue a
career in the fire service.
Many booths had so many people wait-
ing that you couldn’t tell where the line ended!
The Fire Hogs had their work cut out for them
as a constant line was formed in front of their
booth. They never fail to attract a crowd with
their delicious street tacos, selling more than
200 plates. The crowd devoured FS 15’s short
ribs, rice, and Chinese chicken salad, and all
of FS 11’s pastrami sandwiches, leaving them
with no leftovers to take back to the station.
FS 76, with the help of their sponsor Johnson
Controls, was the only single engine company
to make an appearance, selling Philly chees-
esteaks sandwiches and naming themselves the
“Guardians of the Pass.” TF 2 and their spon-
sor Capital Group 2 sold spicy elote bowls,
Best Theme
representing a popular street dish from their
Fire Station 21
community in Boyle Heights.
With all the appetizing dishes made at
the event, FS 88 and their sponsor TRL Sys-
tems won Best Entree for their pulled pork
sandwiches and jalapeño mac & cheese. They
seem to be a judge and crowd favorite, this
being their sixth win and selling almost 700
plates. Best Dessert went to FS 98 and their
sponsor Red Hawk Fire and Security for their
maple bacon popcorn. FS 98 prevailed against
FPB’s fresh fruit bowls, which was a refreshing
hit in the LA heat.
FS 21 came out with a win for Best
Theme with the help of their sponsor Strauss-
ner Sherman, a law firm that helps LA fire-
fighters with issues like workers compensation.
FS 21 has won Best Theme three years in a row
- this year’s theme being Wrestle-Mania. FS 21
members dressed up in insane wrestling outfits
and referee attire, even going the extra mile by
constructing a fighting ring ready for a match.
Sponsor teams get to battle it out in
the muster games, consisting of three events:
the bucket brigade, hose cart race, and life net.
This year Schindler Elevator prevailed for first
place, their first time placing in the muster
games, followed by Brookfield Properties and
Otis Elevators.
Thank you to Ralphs-Food4Less, US
Bank, Brookfield, Allied Universal, and all
the generous sponsors for their support of this
event. A special thanks to founder Paul Linton,
co-chairmen Heather Ross and Steve Robin-
son, and the Relief’s Juliet Brandolino for co-
ordinating the event. Lastly, a big thank you to
everyone who participated in this year’s Hope
for Firefighters event.

July 2019 • 11

This year’s event was honored to have

Mr. T and Danny Trejo attend to support the
firefighters and the Widows, Orphans & Dis-
abled Firefighters Fund.
FS 88 met Mr. T last October in Pita
Kitchen in Sherman Oaks and invited him to
the station for dinner. They watched a few epi-
sodes of A-Team and Rocky III, having a great
time. FS 88 told him about the WODFF and he Best Dessert
immediately made a large donation. They also Fire Station 98
told him about the Hope event and he saved it Maple Bacon Popcorn
in his calendar to attend. FS 88 picked up Mr.
T in their fire truck on their way to Hope.
If you were lucky enough to meet Mr.
T, you couldn’t help but be affected by his ra-
diating positive energy. As he walked down
Hope Street, he stopped at every booth to
thank the firefighters, saying he “just wanted
to show them some love,” and that’s exactly
what he did the entire day. He didn’t turn down
anyone that wanted a photo or to have a quick
word with him, even mugging for a photo with
Wilshire the fire dog.
FS 98 met Danny Trejo because their
station is located on Van Nuys Blvd near his
mural. The community around the station is
heavily influenced by Latino culture, and they
wanted to show their appreciation to the im-
pact he’s had on their community with their
old-school, low-rider, Machete theme. With the
help of Danny and the San Fernando Car Club,
FS 98 brought our four different car groups to
be displayed at Hope.
If you met Danny, you could see that
he has such a big heart. He said he was happy
to represent the station and the community
around them - he even spent Easter at 98’s.
Danny said his proudest moments are work-
ing with the LAFD. At the end of the event,
FS 98 presented Danny with two decorative
axes donated by Jason Knight with Fire Ax Inc

12 • July 2019
July 2019 • 13
Paid Advertisement

Los Angeles Firemen’s Relief Association Medical Plan may cover this examination.
14 • July 2019 Contact your plan provider to verify.
Health for us begins with simply talking about an offer from another station and was turn-
things that are going on, getting it off of our ing it down to stay. I’m pretty open minded,
chest, and being receptive to some feedback traditions just don’t fall out of the sky, they
that could benefit us. Also, we have to know start somewhere. Is this the start of the “Turn
Good Morning Battalion 1 and the our audience. Not everyone thinks the same, so Down” speech tradition? Who knows, only
rest of the LAFD Familia! Before I start off in turn, we need to modify what we do or say time will tell if tradition lives on.
my article I’d like to address an issue. I got an at times, which is the truth! Anyone needing to Just a reminder, summer is upon us
email from a member regarding my last article talk to anyone or knows of anyone that does, and let’s not take hydration for granted - stay
that said I was targeting another member and make sure you refer to our resources offered by hydrated. Update your brush bags to include
“hitting him below the belt.” I’d like to put the Dept, Union, a friend, or even me, CD. My all of your toiletries, old socks and chonies.
this disclaimer out there that all my material ears are always open. Let’s stay up on our training and continue to
is in good humor and not to maliciously attack Now, to get on with our Greetings and represent LAFD with the highest standards
anybody. There was a time where we as fire- Farewells. There have actually been a lot of when out in the wildland arena. That’s all I got
fighters were really thick skinned, could take a new members who have been coming and go- for this quiet month. Remember there’s a new
good joke and brush it off, then resume normal ing this past month in Battalion 1. You know Grapevine writer in town, so anything you’d
operations. But nowadays, there’s also another who you are, but one story on a transfer kinda like discussed, shoot me an email battalion
issue, Mental Health. When you hear the term caught my attention. So although FF V. Rabago I’ll be waiting
Mental Health, you think of a psych ward, transferred from 9-C to 2-C, members are say- for your stories and or requests.
crazy people, but that’s not the case, especially ing that he gave a warm-up speech, a speech See you next month.
for things we do on a day to day basis. Mental not saying he’s leaving, but one saying he got Carlos Danger

05/05/18. E-25 extricates a patient at Keeping our kids educated in Bat-

Whittier and Lorena in Boyle Heights. talion 1. Photo by Adam Van Gerpen

Station 25 showing some love to the staff at White

Memorial Hospital. Photo compliments of F.S. 25

July 2019 • 15
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Brad M. Barrett Tobie A. Rodriguez

Managing Director Executive Director

16 • July 2019
Venice Proud.
Photo by Danny Gonzalez

Members of F.S. 52. The real stars of

Hollywood. Photo by LAFDWestBureau

Kyle Halstead (FS 82-A) gets a firehouse

visit from the family in April
July 2019 • 17
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18 • July 2019
The guys from 71’s toss some dough for the
WODFF at the CPK in Westwood Village Charles Chattong (81’s) and Michael Bravo (15’s)
show off their pies at the CPK in Pasadena

83’s supports the Widows, Orphans & Disabled

Firefighters Fund at the CPK in Encino

July 2019 • 19


Benefiting Your





20 • July 2019 Development & Marketing / Attn: M. Casillas

PO Box 41903 - Los Angeles, CA 90041

(323) 259-5217

Deputy Chief Philip Fligiel congratulates Kevin 98’s had a pair of custom axes made for
Easton on his promotion to Captain I at FS 11-B their Hope guest Danny “Machete” Trejo

Danny “Machete” Trejo visits the crew at FS 98

July 2019 • 21
5/2/19. One man died and his brother was injured, when flames swept through
a one-story home in the Lake View Terrace area. Photo by Mike Meadows

On 5/12/19. LAFD responded to a TA @ Sepulveda

Blvd X Rinaldi St. Photo by Brandon Buckley

22 • July 2019
Head-on collision on Tujunga Cyn on 5/1/19.
Photo by David Mulle’

At 21’s, it was “participate in Hope for Firefighters

or be prepared to suffer the consequences” 21’s pre-event publicity was over-the-top

July 2019 • 23
5/17/19. RV fire exposing a single-family
dwelling. Photo by Mike Meadows

LF 78 shuts down a difficult hydrant Welcome Leah Natalia Zepeda to the family.
at Laurel Cyn and Ventura Bl Daughter of FF Eloy & Veronica Zepeda —FS 89

24 • July 2019
5/14/19. LAFD members hand carry a hiker with a
broken leg at Stoney Point. Photo by Jacob Salzman

It took just 22 mins to extinguish a fire at

a nail salon. Photo by Jacob Salzman

July 2019 • 25
05/10/19. E-107 found a car in the flood
control channel. Photo by Salzman Brothers

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mail: Contact us today!

P.O. Box 41903 We accept most WC, PPO
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Los Angeles CA 90041

phone: visit: Richard Austria (661) 705-9704

(800) 244-3439 Charmaine Chavez (661) 705-9712
Phone: (818) 906-6900•Fax: (661) 702-1701

26 • July 2019
05/05/19. LF 87 makes quick work of
a sheared hydrant. Photo by John Hicks

Wyatt Jameson Leddy was born on 04/12/19, son of Engineer

Dan (FS 70-C) & Maxie Leddy, nephew of Captain Curtis Leddy
(FS60-C) and Grandson of retired Engineer Pat Leddy.

Station 105 assist in a rescue of a dehy-

drated hiker. Photo by Leo Kaufman

July 2019 • 27
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mail: phone: visit:

P.O. Box 41903 (800) 244-3439
Los Angeles CA 90041

28 • July 2019
Firefighter Appreciation Night saw Graham Everett throw out the first pitch
and Smokey mug with the Chief. Photos by Alex Gillman and Gary Apodaca

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July 2019 • 29
Cycle Team gets the Golden Spoke Award from Good
Samaritan Hospital. Photo by Shawn Lenske

LA City “Brown” softball team in Las Vegas for the Fallen FF

Memorial tournament. Submitted by Chip Cervantes

Crew 3 readying themselves for another

tough brush season. Photo by LAFD

30 • July 2019
5/21/19. Members honored by the Board of Fire Commissioners
for their life-saving efforts. Photo by Alex Gillman

We lose two good candidates to another de-

partment. Good luck guys. Photo by LAFD

July 2019 • 31
32 • July 2019
There are two lessons in life that every On the other hand, if someone got sick • Ted “Grizz” Stanton
one of us should learn and remember, especial- or was injured, almost all of the guys on his • Wade “Bucky” Jones
ly during your career on the LAFD, and be- shift, as well as the other shifts, would pitch in • Art “Woppo/Sorrendago” Sorrentino
yond that, everything you do in life. Those two to help. Be it construction, painting, yard work • Allen “Felix” Norman
lessons are History and Geography. History is or just old-fashioned manual labor, things got • Dave “Stump” Stamp
important because it tells you where you came done, and usually the price for the work was a • Dave “Chinguez” Dominguez
from. Geography is important because it tells couple of pizzas and a case of beer. • Dave “The Chalaca Man” Espinosa.
you where you are and how you got here. There was no one for you to make an • “Pumper” Paul Fulton
If you don’t learn these things and re- anonymous phone call to and most of the time • Donald “Dutch” Spreeman
member them for the rest of your life, then all things got talked out around the kitchen table. • Joe “Potatohead” Tejada
you will do is complain and be miserable and And then there were nicknames, many • Bruce “Bruiser Bruce” Watson
make those around you miserable too. of them unprintable, but they were still there. • Dick “Cecil B. de Mille” Baker
What I will try to do in the next several These are just a small sampling of some of • Don “Grumpy” Gross
months is to teach you these two subjects by them. Many had to do with physical character- • Rick “It takes a big man” Cook
showing you the way your predecessors on this istics, others honored people with huge appe- • Frank “Chicken” Brown
job lived and joked with and about each other. tites. Most were obvious and others, well you • Bill “The Emperor” Koenig
Most guys didn’t get mad, they just got even. just had to be there. The lucky ones got more • Jerry “Country” Matthews.
Sure, there were times when tempers got out of than one nickname. • Bruce “Captain Snowtop” Frashure
control but it didn’t usually last long. Here they are in no particular order: • Jackie Evans and Ken Quon, were two
For instance, we would post cartoons • Arlyn “Shorty” Nine paramedics who worked together for a long
on the refrigerator that were appropriate to the • Tony “Tony Di” Domenico time in 1974-75, and nicknamed themselves
behavior of the people in the station. For in- • John “The Mayor of Pico Rivera” Chavez the bleep and the bleep. The real names
stance, if one of the guys did or said something • Vito “Don Vito” Maggipinto, one of the would never make it into print, not in the
and that coincidentally showed up in a news- greatest handball players ever on the LAFD. 1970’s and definitely not today
paper cartoon, it went on the fridge. If there • Bob “Indian Bobby” Raya
was a cartoon of a guy with an unusual nose • His son, Bob “Little Indian Bobby/Bobby Many of the people on this list have
or unique ears and a stupid look on his face, Bear” Raya passed on but their legacies are still with us.
and it happened to closely match someone in • Red “Flamingo Legs/Tomato Nose” There were many more. These are just a few.
the station, boom, on the fridge it went. We all McDevitt In the coming months there will be
had a good laugh and that was the end of it . . . • Ernie “Batman/The Pick Headed Axe” some fun stories, old photographs from the
usually. Occasionally, something was so good Castillo 1940’s up to probably the 1960’s. There will
that it deserved more attention. It was uncanny • Mel ”Chamois Face/The Dog Faced Boy” be some little-known Department history and
how closely the cartoons mimicked fire station Dodgion there will be quizzes - so pay attention.
life. • Bob “Gorilla” Hayes Two things you should keep in mind
One of the biggest mistakes guys made • Ron“Food Giant” Meyers when reading these articles. They are quotes
in the station was to complain about the cook- • Dickie “Mongo” Gilmore from my departed friend, Tony DiDomenico:
ing. That would usually end up in a long-term • Dennis “House Mouse” Gildehaus “Never let facts get in the way of a good story,”
battle of wits, the cook vs. the complainer. • Rick “RTP” Waters and “Never mess wid a newspaper guy.” He
There was an A/O at FS 26 on the “A” • Rick “Rescue Rick” McClure was from New York and sometimes he mas-
shift named Bob Degenfelder and he hated • Ted “The Eyebrow” Jiminez sacred the English language.
mushrooms. You got it. Every shift there would • Jesse “Quasimodo” Kellogg If you have any questions about any of
be mushrooms in some form in every meal. • Fernando “The Poor Man’s Caesar Rome- the things that go into this column, either cor-
Childish? Absolutely! Was it fun watching ro” Chavira rections or additions, please let me know, and I
Deggie trying to pick out every little speck of • Dick “Buster” Alder will straighten things out if you find a mistake.
microscopic mushroom in his food? Priceless. • Tom “Tiger Meat” Tomlin Also, if there is anything you would like to see
Why did they do this? Because it was • Bob “Ten Bears” Munoa here, or have questions about, I can be reached
fun and Deggie would get you back in some • Mike “Eddie Munster” Hallett at
way, usually involving water. This stuff is what • Willie “The Little Giant” Kessen
made coming to work fun and interesting. • Chuck “Uncle Bulgy” Ryan Keep the shiny side up. See you next month.

July 2019 • 33
31st Street
Photos by Harry Garvin, Captain Rausch, and Chief Fligiel

LAFD Central Division companies responded to a one story commercial building with fire showing. Members made an aggressive in-
terior attack, coordinated with vertical ventilation, however, eventually they transitioned to a defensives posture with heavy streams.

34 • July 2019
North Hollywood
Photos by Mike Meadows

Engine 89 quickly tackled flames without injury when a mid-

size sedan erupted in fire alongside the northbound Hollywood
(SR-170) Freeway north of Victory Boulevard on May 15, 2019.

July 2019 • 35
he serenity of the KNX sportscaster Randy Kerdoon along with
Great American Auto Scene Television Host
Cars were not the only attraction at the
event. Our own LAFD Air Operations sent
Saturday morn- Bob Beck kept the crowd entertained em-
ceeing the day’s activities. LAFRA Trustee
an airship, which made a low-level flyby that
wowed the crowd, followed by LAPD’s own
ing’s silence was Kenny Breskin kept his shop in running order bird. In addition to the row after row of sheet
coordinating the event with the LAPD. Under metal magic that lined the green grass of War-
replaced with the sound Ken’s direction, the proceeds from this event ner Center Park, onlookers were also treated

of roaring engines as more

were split between the Valley Traffic Advisory to displays by the LAPD’s Motorcycle Drill
Council and the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Team, Bomb Squad, and K9 units. LAFD was
than 200 classic, vintage, Firemen’s Fund. represented by Task Force 87 and the Heavy

and antique vehicles rolled

into Warner Center Park.
In the early morning hours
of Saturday, June 1st, car
owners and spectators
alike were all there to en-
joy the 16th Annual “Still
Saving Lives Car Show
and Safety Fair.” Young
and old moved around the
vehicles with reverence
as officers from the Val-
ley Traffic Division made
sure the flow of onlookers
moved smoothly through
the park.
Police Officer Roz Curry of the LAPD
started things off singing a great rendition of
the National Anthem, followed by LAFRA’s
newest staff member, Steve Ruda, saying a few
words about the organization and WODFF.

36 • July 2019
Rescue, with members from the Recruitment work selling raffle tickets and managing more their own time, events such as this would not
Unit also doing their part talking to potential than 100 items up for bid that benefited the be possible. Final accolades go to Steve Ravitz,
future candidates. There was also live music WODFF. Tommy Kitahata, Mike Kammerer, and Mario
provided by musical group, Bubble Gum. Though Kenny Breskin did a lot of the Gonzalez, just to name a few. I know Kenny
Located in the center of all the vehicles, heavy lifting in preparation for the event, he Breskin really appreciated your help, along
retail booths gave the crowd a great choice of wasn’t alone in the endeavor. A big shout out with the Los Angeles Firemen’s Relief Asso-
items to buy for their own rides or the oppor- goes to the LAFD for their generous assistance ciation and the WODFF. Thank you again to
tunity to keep their stomachs filled with snack in providing companies and equipment to en- all that attended and supported the event. We
and other food items. In the same area, Valerie tertain the crowd. Without their support and look forward to seeing you next year!
Lawrence and her volunteer cadre were hard at the support of all the volunteers who gave of

July 2019 • 37
Lake McClure, located 27 miles east of Merced, has been the “Hot Spot” for many years.

The Boat & Ski Club reunites for two annual trips each summer. An entire area is
reserved exclusively for family and friends of the LAFD. Each week includes a “Meet For Information & Reservations
& Greet” Potluck, Horseshoe and Volleyball Tournaments, Ice Cream Social, Raffles, please contact Tony Arnado - (310)
Bingo, Tie Dye, Karaoke, and a whole lot more. 625-8099.

Whether you are a Water Skier, Wake Boarded, Skurfer, Air Chairer, Tuber or just a The resort now offers cabins for
Sun Bather, there is FUN for Everyone!
rent - welcoming families who do

not own their own recreational ve-
A BIG thank you to all of our Supporters and Sponsors: Sports LTD, Knott’s
hicles. Go to http://www.lakemc
Berry Farm, Interstate Batteries - Sun Valley, Tilley’s Marine - Ventura, Eric Ericcson’s
- Ventura, Aloha Steakhouse & Charnell Smith - Ventura, Billy’s Boardshop - Castaic,

Ocean Potion and Wendy Cant! barrett-cove/park-model-cabins/

for more information.
Please support those who support our Club!

38 • July 2019
e are back at the Westin Mission Hills Resort in Rancho Mi- Congratulations to our Low Gross Champion Gary Gatena and
rage. Club members and friends played two courses over Low Net Champion Don Carter. Both will represent our club in the
three days at the resort: the “Pete Dye Course” on the prop- “Tournament of Club Champions” sponsored by the Southern Califor-
erty and the “Gary Player Course” just up the street. We played the Pete nia Golf Association this December. This is the second year in a row for
Dye Course on days one and three, and the Gary Player Course on day both Gary and Don representing our club at the tournament.
2. Both courses were beautiful and in fantastic shape. We had a total 61 The LAFD Golf Club would like to thank all our players and
of our LAFD Golf Club members competing in four flights, with three guests for attending, and look forward to seeing you come back to our
guests. Memorial Club Championship. We’d also like to thank the people at the
In the “A” Flight, Gary Gatena, playing in the “feature foursome” Westin Mission Hills Resort for two great golf courses and the hospital-
with Todd Tsujimura, Dale Gant & Roger Camunas held on to win the ity they showed us. We look forward to returning next year, hopefully
Club Championship for the third consecutive year. The Net “A” Flight with a lot more players.
championship went to Rex Vilaubi by six strokes over Kelly Faulkner. If any Los Angeles City firefighter, active or retired, is interested in join-
In the “B” Flight, Zach Duda won rather handily over 2nd place Gary ing our club, please visit our website at
Klasse, who at 78 years young shows he can still hang with the younger The following are the final scores in all four Memorial Club
guys. In the “C” Flight, Eric Dillon took the Low Gross honors, holding Championship member flights, the names on the left are for gross scores
off Gary Cline, and last year Low Gross winner Don Carter won the Net and the names on the right are for net scores:
ahead of Joe Szabados. In the “D” Flight, Will Nevins held on for a five
shot win over Senior Net Champion Bill Stires, and Low Net went to
A Flight
Greg Malais.

B Flight

A Flight Low Gross & Low Net Champions C Flight

Gary Gatena and Rex Vilaubi with Tournament Host Gary Mannan

D Flight

B Flight Low Gross & Low Net Champions

Roger Camunas and Zachary Duda with Tournament Host Gary Mannan

D Flight Low Gross Champion

C Flight Low Gross & Low Net Champions Will Nevins with Tournament Cl Flight Low Net Champion
Eric Dillon and Don Carter with Tournament Host Gary Mannan Host Gary Mannan Greg Malais
July 2019 • 39
n May 11, 2019, Fire Service Day was celebrated with
open houses at all neighborhood fire stations. The varied
activities included demonstrations, a pancake breakfast,
Hands Only CPR training, and fire/life safety information. This
annual event serves not only to create lasting memories for all in
attendance, but it also gives the public a firsthand view into the
daily lives of the fire service, strengthening the bond between the
LAFD and the communities we serve.

40 • July 2019
July 2019 • 41
he last thing I want to do is Powerlifting consists of compound
look at their family and say I lifts that are complex, functional move-
wasn’t strong enough to save ments that build overall strength through-
them or pull them from this building that out your body. Compound lifts call upon
was on fire,” says Matthew Hartsoe. This multiple muscles; therefore, increasing
is the reason why this firefighter power- your strength in powerlifting increases
lifts. your overall, foundational strength.
Powerlifting is a sport that demands Powerlifting not only trains your
a strong body and a strong mentality, es- muscles to lift heavy weights, but also your
sential qualities for a successful firefighter. central nervous system to increase strength
Although you don’t have to compete in and become more efficient. A study pub-
powerlifting competitions, training like a lished in 2017 found that high-load train-
powerlifter is a great way for firefighters ing conditions your central nervous system
to build both physical and mental strength, to activate more motor neurons, nerve cells
preparing you for the demands in the fire- that connect the central nervous system to
ground. muscle fibers. The study was conducted
on 26 males who either trained at 80% or
PHYSICAL STRENGTH 30% of the maximum weight they could
lift until they could not complete another
Powerlifting is a sport centered repetition. The
around three major compound lifts: the study found that
squat, bench press, and deadlift. Competi- activating more
tors will try to lift the most weight they motor neurons in-
can for one repetition maximum (1RM). creases the force muscles
Powerlifting takes you back to the can produce, leading to greater
basics while testing how strong you really strength gains.
are. With the constantly changing fitness The study also found that in the
trends that may or may not help you reach high-load subjects there was a decrease in
your fitness goals, training in the basic voluntary activation, meaning the central
lifts with high volume are crucial to build- nervous system became more efficient. to concentrate as
ing foundational strength and boosting Nathaniel Jenkins, an assistant professor much when lifting
central nervous system adaptation. of exercise physiology who conducted the heavy weight,
research, said that “if we see a decrease the pro-
in voluntary activation at these sub- cess be-
maximum levels, that suggests that these tween the
“Powerlif ting guys are more efficient. They are able to brain and
produce the same force, but they activate muscles becomes semi-
demands a strong fewer motor units to do it.” automatic. Consistently training
your central nervous system and
body, and a strong By decreasing voluntary activation,
you will increase neuromuscular facilita- activating more motor neurons
mentality” tion, or muscle memory, where muscles to develop this muscle memory
become familiar with certain motor skills. is crucial for firefighters so they
With muscle memory, you won’t need can effortlessly call upon their

42 • July 2019
muscles to perform extreme feats in the INCORPORATING
emergent situations. POWERLIFTING

MENTAL STRENGTH Be smart when incorporating pow-

erlifting into your training regime. You
Training like a powerlifter not only can easily overdo it and become fatigued,
produces a strong body, but a strong mind which may set you back in your training
as well. You need mental fortitude when and increase your potential for injury.
lifting weights heavier than you’re used Even though you are trying to push your
to. For firefighters, not only is there body to its limit, allow your body time to
the fear of not having the capac- rest and recovery between training ses-
ity to lift the weight, but also sions.
the fear of not having the Before going straight into pushing
capacity to save a life. your 1RM, you need to train your way up
Like firefighter to that point. When starting, pick a rea-
Matthew Hartsoe sonable weight that you can lift for five to
said, “Knowing that eight repetitions, this should be around 60-
you have to be men- 80% of what you can lift. From there you
tally strong to lift can get a decent idea of your 1RM, which
heavy will help you should be 90% of your maximum strength.
in that situation; a situ- When training, you should go
ation where you might be through your full range of motion. Per-
called to try to do something forming only three-fourths of a squat
most people would be scared of.” lifting a heavier weight will not help you
Lifting in the field is more than just nearly as much as going all the way into
a straight carry, pull, or drag, but do- a deep squat with a lighter weight. Before
ing so maneuvering around random adding weight, make sure you have good
objects in extreme heat. Knowing you can technique. Technique is more important
push your body to lift heavy weights will than increasing resistance, or you increase
be one less thing to worry about when your potential for injury.
you’re faced with life-or-death situations. Enjoy exploring your body’s limits,
lifting heavier than you ever have before,
and knowing you are strong enough to
save a live.

Sources:, Frontiers in Physiolo-

gy,,, Allabout-

July 2019 • 43
erhaps many of you have seen the ad- Since his injures were from an off-
vertisements, flyers in the Grapevine, duty accident, with no pension, family and
and their own Facebook page, announc- friends were seeking ways to help aide in the
ing the 23rd Annual Craig Alder Charity Golf expenses. Family, friends, Fire Station 2, and
Tournament. It’s been held in Temecula every others organized the first tournament in 1997.
October for the past twenty years. You also The family turned Craig’s garage into a place
may have wondered what this event is all about of business for Buffy, Craig’s wife. With the
and who is Craig Alder. We are writing this ar- help of family, in-home caregivers, and Buffy’s
ticle to explain the reason behind this event and tremendous love for Craig, he has been able to
to give a huge THANKS to everyone who has live comfortably at home and continue to re-
faithfully supported this event each and every hab there for over twenty years. This event is a
year. bunch of friends, family, and firefighters from
It’s the longest running fundraiser for the LAFD and San Bernardino Fire coming
an LAFD family member. Craig Alder was a together to help a member of the “Fire Depart-
San Bernardino City Engineer. His dad was, ment Family.”
Captain II Richard “Dickie” Alder, a highly It is by the Grace of God and the faith-
regarded member of the LAFD., retired out of ful support of the LAFD and the SBFD and
Fire Station 2-B. many family friends that the 23rd Annual
In October of 1996, shortly after be- Craig Alder Golf Tournament will be held
ing promoted to Engineer, Craig was crossing on October 7, 2019 at Temecula Creek Golf
the street in downtown Temecula carrying his Course. As some of the long-time supporters
then 18-month old son Wyatt, when they were are aging or have passed on, we are always
struck by a pickup truck. Wyatt suffered head in need of new support from the fire family
injuries, from which he has now recovered, and to continue this event as long as it is needed.
Craig suffered severe head trauma from which We welcome new golfers, or if you don’t golf,
he has never fully recovered. He has made be a tee sponsor or have your station spon-
much progress, but is still in need of daily in- sor a tee. Please check the details of the event
home care and rehabilitation services. at Mike Alder’s website (Craig’s brother) at

44 • July 2019
MARCUS A. LIDY, Fire Inspector I, DOUG WEBER, Captain I, FS 17-C
Harbor Industrial Unit
Huntington Bay Club
Brouwerij West Brewery - Warehouse 9 4121 Warner Avenue, Huntington Beach CA
110 E. 22nd Street, San Pedro CA

Luncheon - 12:00 Noon Start Time - 5:00 PM End Time - 9:00 PM

BBQ Tri Tip, Chicken or Vegan - $40 per person $50 per person

Call Harbor Industrial Unit (310) 732-4580 Call Renee Weber - (951) 453-3308 or
RSVP by July 12, 2019 email:

BOB DECUIR, FF/Diver, FS 110-B

DAVID REJINO, Captain I, FS 72-B
Greg’s Garage
Walnut Grove at Tierra Rejada Farms
10650 Owensmouth Avenue, Chatsworth CA
3370 Sunset Valley Road, Moorpark CA
Social Hour - 5:00 PM • Dinner - 6:00 PM
BBQ Dinner – 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM
Dancing until 10:00 PM
$60 per person includes dinner, tax & gift
Italian made to order - No cost
Call Fire Station 72 (818) 756-8672
Call Dana Decuir (805) 498-9907 or (805) 559-3262
RSVP by July 23, 2019
RSVP by August 20, 2019

Bruce A. Liverpool Assignment Date - 12/18/1983 Retired Date - 05/31/2019 Rank - FF III, FS 23-A
Frank T. Godoy Assignment Date - 12/14/1980 Retired Date - 06/30/2019 Rank - Inspector I, Brush Cl.
Marcus A. Lidy Assignment Date - 06/22/1986 Retired Date - 06/30/2019 Rank - Inspector I, Harbor Ind.
Erick Nieves Assignment Date - 11/03/1993 Retired Date - 05/29/2019 Rank - Inspector I, Highrise
David K. Rejino Assignment Date - 10/26/1986 Retired Date - 07/03/2019 Rank - Captain I, FS 72-B
Gary S. Bradley Assignment Date - 08/19/1989 Retired Date - 05/25/2019 Rank - FF III, Accounting
Kenneth L. Knighten Assignment Date - 02/26/1987 Retired Date - 06/30/2019 Rank - Captain II, PSD
Douglas K. Weber Assignment Date - 10/26/1987 Retired Date - 07/24/2019 Rank - Captain I, FS 17-C
Robert T. Decuir Assignment Date - 11/11/1984 Retired Date - 08/19/2019 Rank - FF III, FS 110-B
Gary S. Matsubara Assignment Date - 12/18/1983 Retired Date - 06/30/2019 Rank - Captain I, FS 47-C

July 2019 • 45
John S. Nelson, Captain II. Appointed April 1, 1957.
Retired on a service pension June 30, 2007 from FS 33-C.
Passed away May 18, 2019.

Robert H. Setterberg, Captain I. Appointed April 8, 1961.

Retired on a service pension July 22, 1996 from FS 70-C.
Passed away May 18, 2019.

Homer M. Miller, Captain I. Appointed February 4, 1961.

Retired on a service pension January 30, 1989 from FS 61-B.
Passed away May 21, 2019.

Thomas C. Tolman, Assistant Chief. Appointed December 19, 1955.

Retired on a service pension February 25, 1979 from Div 1-C.
Passed away May 29, 2019.

Lyle D. Bartsch, Firefighter II. Appointed April 30, 1966.

Retired on a disability pension January 5, 1984 from FS 43-B.
Passed away May 30, 2019.

Gene F. Gallagher, Captain I. Appointed May 15, 1977.

Retired on a service pension March 11, 2007 from FS 51-C
Passed away May 31, 2019.

Billy D. Christian, Engineer. Appointed January 28, 1957.

Retired on a disability pension November 1, 1971 from FS 35.
Passed away June 5, 2019.

Jerome Martin, Fireman. Appointed September 23, 1946.

Retired on a service pension September 1, 1966 from FS 93-A.
Passed away June 8, 2019.

Marilyn K. Bortels, spouse of William C. Bortels, passed away May 10, 2019.
Ginger V. Clark, spouse of Phillip E. Clark, passed away May 16, 2019.
DeAnna L. Quintana, spouse of Alex Quintana, passed away May 21, 2019.
Bella Hirigoyen, spouse of Richard K. Hirigoyen, passed away June 2, 2019.

46 • July 2019
hat is PTSD? Post-Traumatic Stress I do not speak on behalf of any fire 2. Disturbed sleep
Disorder is a psychiatric disorder department, nor am I a mental health profes- 3. Increased irritability
that can occur in people who have sional, but I am a housewife of a firefighter/ 4. Decreased interest in significant activities
experienced or witnessed a traumatic event. paramedic of 20 years seniority that sees the 5. Self-destructive or reckless behavior
This could be an incident caused by a natural stresses of the job firsthand. PTSD is a clinical
disaster, a serious accident, a terrorist act, war/ diagnosis made by healthcare professionals. With love and concern, let’s raise
combat, rape, or other violent personal assaults. Awareness is key and we should educate our- awareness for each other. It’s a sensitive sub-
Imagine how resilient our Fire Heroes need to selves. As a loving spouse, it helps to be able ject but it needs to be addressed one way or
be as they are repeatedly exposed to demand- to recognize and possibly be able to suggest to another. We want our Heroes to know they de-
ing calls and accompanying devastations on your loved one to seek help. By knowing how serve to be cared for. As they answer the calls
a daily basis. This reoccurring exposure can traumatic calls affect firefighters and seeing and walk into a home, they ask, “How can we
itself seriously affect firefighters’ psyche and firsthand the coping mechanisms they use at help?” Let’s ask them with love as a family,
create PTSD. An International Association of home, we as spouses are on the front line in “How can we help?”
Fire Fighters’ report released in September their defense. There is a good chance there will If you follow us on Instagram @house-
2016 found that firefighters exhibit levels of be resistance to seeking help due to pride or wivesoflafd, I cannot emphasize enough on
post-traumatic stress disorder rivaling that of reputation—so don’t give up in your support. connecting with other fire spouses that under-
combat veterans. We must also be aware that we too are stand. Read up on Secondary PTSD, it is vital!
Unfortunately, for years there has been prone to Secondary PTSD. Unknowingly, we If you see signs of this in your household, look
a lot of stigma on the subject, giving it a mark take on their burden by becoming fixers and at your medical plan and see if it covers a coun-
of disgrace. Thank goodness that lately there may become hyper vigilant to all their triggers. selor for your spouse and yourself. Be prepared
has been direct focus on PTSD in the fire ser- In knowing that, we can help by first seeking for it if and when it is needed. Statistics of sui-
vice, increasing understanding of the condition help ourselves. It can be a vicious cycle if two cide and divorce are very high in the fire ser-
and bringing helpful resources to combat it. partners are suffering at the same time. Many vice and we need to work together
As a wife of a firefighter, I appreciate that our times, our children get caught in the crossfire. to save lives and marriages!
IAFF is recognizing and bringing awareness to
the issue and looking for ways to help our Fire Here are some warning signs: Keep the flame alive!
Heroes. 1. Isolation from others G. Lopez

July 2019 • 47
agreed with him because I thought he was fun-
ny. To my surprise, the secretaries didn’t see
the humor, they believed him. (I guess that’s
how rumors start.) It really didn’t matter, did it?
For 20 years when our paths crossed, I was his
illegitimate son. Thank God for Ray, he made
(CHE) less painful. Wish I had known him
better. Rest in Peace, My condolences to the
Lopez Family.

Don Lopez

Dear James Dolan and L.A. City


I want to thank you so much for the

Dear Relief Association: would apply thumb pressure to his collar orna- beautiful flag and letter you wrote. It really
ments until he would say uncle, but that didn’t touched my heart and will always be very dear
In 1957 I went on a blind date with a stop him the next time. He was acting Chief to me and will be held in the highest esteem.
rookie fireman, John Nelson, who had just pur- and we had a good commercial off Alameda— The plaque was the perfect touch for the years
chased a new red Corvette. Three weeks later Truck 14 was on the roof when part of the roof in the L.A. City Fire Dept. Thank you again…
we were engaged and three months later mar- collapse. We were fine where we were but it Words cannot say that enough. Robert Lee Neal
ried. After sixty-one years of marriage I lost looked bad from his view point. Next thing was proud to be part of the best fire department
him to cancer and my life as I knew it changed. we hear on the radio was “Billy are you guys in the world.
I always thought that he would succumb due alright?” (referring to Bill Finn) several times.
to retirement as he loathed it so. He was a first We came down 15’s aerial that Dan Costa had Sincerely,
responder, firefighter through and through. We thrown to the other corner, the look of relief on
raised four children, have seven grandchildren his face is something I will not forget. Rest In Belinda Neal
and expecting a fourth great-grandchild. Peace my friend. You will be remembered.
My family and I want to thank every-
one for their kindness, generosity, and thought- Bob Munoa In Memory of Robert L. Neal—
fulness. Some of you I have known, others I Firefighter III
have not but all have been caring and loyal to
my husband’s memory and to my needs. John’s In Memory of Rafael A. Lopez—Captain I worked a lot of SOD at 69’s and met
love of the Fire Department, firefighters, tradi- and talked with Rob Neal. My Mother in-
tions and all, were his life. Just get him talking Sadly, we’ve lost a great man. Served formed me that I had relatives on the job so I
and he would take you to places and events that in Korea and served the City for forty years, connected with Robbie. The guys always kid-
were memorable. The presentation of the flag great husband, great father, great grandfather, ded Rob about his “sleeping sickness.” It didn’t
flown over 33’s was such an honor and the rigs and great friend. My deepest condolences to take too long for them to noticed it ran in the
from 102’s and 33’s at his service were beyond the Lopez Family. Ray was “Mr. Bombero.” I family. Rob was a great guy and my cousin!!
what John or I could have imagined in showing will surely miss him, but I’ve got the greatest
respect and honoring him. For all with whom I memories. Que Dios Te Bendiga. Rest in peace Robbie!!!
have spoken and dealt with, my heartfelt thank
you forever. Rodolfo Martinez Gary Hight

In Memory of Rafael A. Lopez—Captain In Memory of James R. Chastain—Captain
Dianne Nelson
I did not know Ray well. But I do re- I worked with Jim in the Fire Preven-
member him as an Inspector, he was full of tion Bureau when he was an Inspector and
In Memory of Jamie W. Remy—Captain youthful enthusiasm. We met on the ninth again when he was Captain of the Harbor In-
floor of (CHE) in the 80’s. I introduced myself dustrial Unit. He always performed his duties
Jamie was a good Fireman and Captain. and Ray in his sly humorous style, adopted in an exceptional manner. After retiring he
We worked around each other for many years me, no really, he adopted me. “Don my son, served as an officer of the Retired Fire and Po-
and he was a friend. Jamie was one of those I found you,” I smiled, thought he was funny lice Association where he again was a valuable
LAFD “Characters” and he liked to kid and and walked away. For the next several weeks asset. He leaves a legacy of dedication and de-
mess with you. He used to antagonize Harold he would introduce me to the secretaries as votion to the LAFD.
Fliegner and me until one of us would grab his illegitimate son, he almost convinced me,
him in a bear hug from behind and the other I never disputed his claim, I just smiled and Carlton Callaway

48 • July 2019
In Memory of Ross L. Williams—
Battalion Chief

I met Ross in the mid-70s when I was

fairly new to the LAFD. He was my legal coun-
sel through some difficult times, and he treated What Is The...
me like a friend and not simply a client. Over
the subsequent years we worked around each
other on the department and became friends. I
always felt that Ross was one of the good ones
Extinguisher Fund?
and I’m truly saddened to hear of his passing.
He’ll be missed and, in the end, I think that’s
one of the best compliments that any of us will
The brain child of Ted Bailie, retired from the
ever get! LAFD and LAFRA, your station’s Extinguisher Fund
Sincerely is a simple way to collect donations for the Widows,
John (Dave) Badgett
Orphans and Disabled Firefighters’ Fund. Ted saw the
LAFD Retired accumulation of change that the cook dumped into the
mess fund box each shift and had a better idea. If this
In Memory of Ross L. Williams—Battalion
Chief change was instead collected for the WODFF he figured
In the 70’s, I spent a year at FS 33 on
it could really add up. With an average of 50 cents per
two different occasions and Ross was my Cap- day per station, in a year there would be...well, you
tain II both times. He took good care of those
assigned to him. I was working a 72, had little can do the math!
to no sleep on the first two shifts, and by the
last day was becoming unhinged. He could tell
So take your turn in the cooking rotation and
I was about to “go off” on a firefighter. So, he remember to drop all your change into your station’s
put a firefighter on the RA, told him to take all
the calls till midnight, and sent me to the Cap- extinguisher. There should be one in every firehouse.
tain’s dorm and sleep in his bed. I got a call
at 0030 hrs. I got around 4.5 hours of straight And any loose change in your pockets, any that you
sleep, and it was enough to get me through an-
other killer night at FS 33. Not many captains
find in the TV chairs, or hoarded in the “ashtray” of
would do something like that, but Ross did. your vehicle can be thrown in for good measure.
RIP Sir, you were one of the bests.
The Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firefighters’
Larry Mayer
Fund is the heart of the Relief Association. This fund
provides assistance to our firefighters and families
In Memory of Donald Wallace—Captain II
who are faced with personal difficulties and tragedies.
When I worked with Don at 105’s he
was always, and I mean always, working for
Donations are the sole means of support for this Fund.
the benefit of our members. He wasn’t our Firefighters risk their lives to protect the
union president anymore but he helped people
all the time on and off duty. He was one of community on a daily basis. Thus, they and their
the most remarkable people that I have ever
met and he was always concerned about other families can be comforted in knowing that the “Fire
members’ well-being.
As the station commander, he always
Department Family,” supported by the Widows, Or-
kept the interest and moral high. He was very phans & Disabled Firefighters’ Fund, is there for them
knowledgeable and he ran a tight ship while we
all had a great experience under his leadership. in times of need.
RIP Don.
David Bachman

July 2019 • 49
n Saturday, May 4th, at a beautiful beach front property in Ox-
nard Shores, we celebrated the retirement of LAFD Firefighter
Keith Crownover.
Approximately seventy-five family members, friends, and co-
workers attended the tiki themed bash at sunset where we congratulated
and honored Keith for his thirty years of dedicated service to the City
of Los Angeles and the LAFD. To commemorate the occasion, Relief
Trustee Doak Smith bestowed Keith the traditional Relief Association
Retirement Badge. Following Doak’s special presentation, Keith ex-
plained to the attendees the importance of the Relief Association and
WODFF and that is why he and his wife Debbie requested monetary
donations to the Widows, Orphans and Disabled Firefighters Fund in
lieu of gifts. That night more than five hundred and fifty dollars was
raised, which they donated in memory of my husband, Keith’s good
friend, and LAFD Brother, Captain II David T. Moorman, who passed
away 02/05/2017.
In addition, a special thank you to UFLAC President Fred Esco-
bar and his lovely wife Lynn who presented Keith with an axe plaque
and an amazing dinner at Lure Restaurant in Ventura.
My family, along with all who participated in the festivities, had
a great time and enjoyed making memories with Keith as he moves on to
the next chapter of his life-Retirement!

50 • July 2019
Submitted by Frank Borden • Director of Operations, LAFDHS

LAFD HISTORY – The Ponet Hotel Fire - September 13, 1970

Throughout our Department’s his- • 0532 - Task Force 10 was dispatched by this point they were unable to knock down and
tory we have experienced tragic loss of life amplified voice: “You have a fire in a hold both the fire coming up the north stairs
incidents. Some resulted in new laws to pro- hotel lobby.” Heavy Duty Task Force 9 and in the hall to the south. E209 (the triple)
tect people from future similar tragedies. One was dispatched at the same time. took a 1 1/2” spray into the second floor stair-
such incident occurred on September 13, 1970, • 0534 - 10’s TFC, upon arrival, reported way window but was unable to make headway.
when an arsonist set fire to the Ponet Hotel in the lobby well involved, people hanging HTF 3 on the Pico Street side was un-
downtown L.A. out the south and east windows and asked able to get lines into the building. Every time
At 5:31a.m. dispatchers received the for a second-alarm assignment. The they placed a ladder, people came down and
call stating that there was fire in the lobby screams of hotel residents could be clearly the ladder had to be moved for someone else.
and all over the building. The four-story Ponet heard throughout his radio message.
Square Hotel, built in 1907 was located at 1249 • 0536 - Battalion 1 reported on scene, • 0542 - Division Commander on scene.
So. Grand Ave. very near Fire Station 10. On confirmed the second alarm and was told On arrival all the north fourth-floor
that fateful morning the hotel was occupied by his assignment was Battalion 11, TF 10, windows were belching fire, as were three
over 117 people. Task Force 10, Heavy Duty HTF 3, 9 and 11. 18-inch by three-foot attic vents above
Task Force 9 and Battalion 1 were dispatched • 0540 - HTF 3 directed to south side. them. On the east all fourth-floor windows
at 5:32 a.m. The firefighters at 10’s could see HTF 11 directed to west side. and all third-floor windows had fire force
the smoke and flames from the Ponet from the fully coming out.
second floor of the station. The results at this point were: • 0545 - Four Task Forces were ordered
Task Force 10 arrived first under the Engine 10 in lobby with 2 1/2” near with instructions to put water on the fire.
command of Captain Jim Williams. Fire was the elevator shaft with fire in three directions. • 0546 - Initial heavy streams were used,
coming out of the lobby and people were at the They could knock it down in one direction, but but others were held ready because fire
windows above on all four sides of the build- that would reflash before they could darken an- men with handlines were still inside. The
ing. Engine 10 took a 2½” line into the lobby other. Truck 10 continued to make rescues on penthouse apartment was only crumbling
while the Truck put up the aerial and ground Grand and on the north side. studs.
ladders to make rescues from the windows. At HTF 9 was making rescues with aerial • 0555 - Firemen were ordered out of the
least 15 of the 25 persons who were injured and ground ladders on the north. Engine 9 took building. Heavy streams were ordered
leaped from windows before the firefighters a 1 1/2” spray through the rear, third floor win- into operation. The last rescue was made
could get ladders to them. dow and worked their way down the hall. At at the southwest building corner.
Despite the heavy and fast assault,
smoke and flames swept up open stairways and
mushroomed on all floors. After nearly an hour Engine 10 on the corner early in the fire.
of interior attack, all members were relocated
to an exterior attack with heavy streams due
to the danger of structural collapse. A total of
19 victims were found during the next several
days as the building was systematically demol-
ished. Thirteen of those victims were found to
have resided on the top floor, a grim testimony
to the built-in disaster potential of open, unpro-
tected stairways and corridors.

The 24-hour clock times shown below

are from the dispatcher’s tape recording:
• 0531 - The dispatcher received a call from a
store across Grand from the hotel: “There
is a hotel on fire at Pico and Grand. (What
is burning?) It’s burning in the lobby —
it’s all over — the hotel looks like it is
going up.”

July 2019 • 51
Fatalities and Injuries
Hotel records, the manager’s memory,
and conversations with survivors indicate that Two snorkels operating on the upper floors. Notice the
there were 117 residents in the hotel at the time sheets and blanket tied together hanging out of the
of the fire. window on the right.
There were nineteen known fatali-
ties. Some of the bodies were so badly burned
that cause of death could not be determined. Heavy streams operating
Thirteen of the victims were fourth-floor oc- to gain a knock down.
cupants. Of these, one jumped and five were
found in their rooms; the others in the hall or
in the rubble. Two fatalities were third-floor
occupants; one found in his room and one in
the rubble below. Four fatalities were second-
floor occupants. Two found in their rooms; one
in the adjoining room; and one in the hall just
outside the room.
There were 25 known treated injured.
Fifteen were still in the hospital three days af-
ter the fire. Nine of the injured were from the
fourth floor. One jumped, holding his mattress
to land on in the parking lot. One was rescued taken by the Task Force. It was one of those soon as we stopped, the girl jumped from an
by firemen. nightmare fires with people jumping out of upper floor and landed right in front of the rig.
While an accurate count is impossible, windows or waiting to be rescued and a major Our brains forget bad images and I do not now
60 to 80 people, some seriously injured, were fire spreading from the lobby to the 4th floor. have that image in my mind but I remember it
removed by firemen from the hotel or the ad- The “Ponet Ordinance” has saved countless happened. I vaguely remember the man with
joining roof within 21 minutes after the first lives in these types of apartment buildings in the television landing on him. There were sev-
equipment arrived. L.A since it was enacted. eral bodies in the lot. It seemed strange that
The Arson Unit named Don Brian as fire was torching out of the attic vents but we
chief investigator of the incident. Brian and his Firefighter Charlie Danforth’s Personal knew nothing about balloon construction at
team had found the point of origin on the first Story of the Ponet Hotel Fire that time.
floor and near an open stairway. The fire was Capt Blaha told young Robert Roy and
determined to be incendiary and after hun- I read the account of the fire in the 2016 I to take an 1½” to the rear 3rd floor as Truck
dreds of interviews, on October 9, 1970, inves- Grapevine and also reread the original account 9 was raising ladders along the north side. Bob
tigators arrested a tenant of the hotel for the in the Grapevine which I have in my scrap- was still on probation as I remember it. I had
crime. Alejandro Figueroa was found guilty of book. It brought back many terrible memories six years on with a lot of big fires under my
one count of arson and 19 counts of first degree which had faded a little. I am now 74 years old belt. I had larger fires in size but this was just
murder and sentenced to life. and tears just started rolling down my cheeks, beyond all comprehension. I told Bob not to
The Ponet disaster, the city’s worst again. look at what was going on but to concentration
apartment hotel fire at the time, resulted in I will tell you what I saw and did. on what we were doing.
an Ordinance passed by the City Council. It I was at 9’s, assigned as the snorkel op- We entered the room with no fire in it
required buildings more than two stories in erator. When we left quarters, we could see the and turned left down the hall. There was very
height to have enclosed stairways and corri- orange glow, not just smoke, over the tops of little fire in the hall but we could see the north
dors protected by self- closing doors. the tall buildings. When we heard the screams east stairwell looking like a blow torch. We
from 10’s size up, Bob Anderson, the engineer, took a position with Bob on the nozzle just at
Frank’s note: I was a Captain at that floored it, running red lights and all. A little the intersection of the halls, peeking around
time and went to the fire in the morning where dangerous but emotion was already running the corner to look down the hall. We would
I spoke to Captain Jim Williams from 10’s high. knock the hall down and then put the water
about what he saw and the initial actions We entered the north parking lot and as into the fire torching up the stairs. I say put

The street scene as day- A long morning. Time to

light approached. pick up and load up.

52 • July 2019
The current view of the Fire- A deck view accessed by a raised platform
boat from the ground. is what we are planning for an upgrade.

the water into the fire because that was all we of that collapse would tell you how long we LAFD FIREBOAT 2, “THE RALPH J.
did. Our 30 degree cone did not even push the were in the building. A long time! SCOTT”
fire away from us. It just blew like a blow torch After being relieved at the fire I went We have applied for a grant with the
right on up the stairs. We would hold this for to my girlfriend’s home and she stayed home Port of LA so that we can start preparing the
a few seconds and then the room fires in the from work that day to be with me. I just sat and Boat as a museum. We believe that we will fin-
front hall would reignite the hall and we would cried all day. Bob and I were nearly killed in ish most of the restoration work we have been
put the water back down the hall. We had good that collapse. doing for the last 15 years and move ahead with
visibility and were not working too hard so we A few years later I saw Bob Roy at a our goal to open the Boat up to visitors. We are
had plenty of air. I remember checking both retirement dinner and we talked about it. He also exploring an opportunity for funding from
Bob’s gauge and mine. told me he was not aware of the Captain from the Port to upgrade the tent structure the boat
Now the story gets sticky. A Captain 10’s behind us. It’s understandable. There was is currently in and even moving the boat into a
from 10’s crawled up behind me, I distinctly a roar from the fire and he was very busy with more permanent building in the future.
remember his helmet shield and grey hair. He the nozzle. He said he remembered being very We hope to open the Boat as a museum
asked how we were doing and I said fine, but hot and did not think it was safe, but if I was in 2020 so we will be looking for volunteer
we needed relief soon and another 1½” to turn staying it must be OK. We were too busy for docents, especially those who worked on the
the corner down the hall. He said hold our posi- me to think much and having been told to stay boat.
tion and he would get the help and that prog- put we stayed put. Later, with more experience
ress was being made throughout the building. I never would have stayed in there. It was the
I distinctly remember the word progress which hottest I have ever been. I can’t remember if
surprised me. I thought we had lost it. We had our helmets melted or not.
been in there a good 10 or 15 minutes, maybe Franks Note: Thanks Charlie for shar-
more. Now it started to get very hot. ing your story.
We had been sitting on the hose but
now the floor was too hot. We went to kneeling
with our knees on the hose up off the floor and
on our toes. Water on the floor was steaming, I JULY 2019
seem to remember seeing boiling water. None
of us knew about balloon construction at this
time and it was the fire racing through the floor
joists making the floor so hot. I started getting
Suddenly our water was shut off. With-
in a few seconds the fire in the hall came back
on us and we crawled as fast as we could back
to the room we came in with fire racing over
our heads. I put Bob though the door first and
then went in. I held the door shut with my foot
while laying on the floor and told Bob to get
down the ladder. I could not shut the door be-
cause of the hose and fire was torching through
the crack. When Bob disappeared, I crawled to
the window as the door flew open and I went
head first out the window. I think the top of that
ladder was burned before being taken down.
I met Bob at the foot of the ladder and
we went to the rig. I told him to change our
bottles and I would see what to do next. Within
two or three minutes, the area we were in col-
lapsed down to the second floor. The time line

July 2019 • 53
May 8, 2019

CALL TO ORDER Motion carried to approve the Board Meeting VICE PRESIDENT’S REPORT
Minutes of April 3, 2019.
President Bob Steinbacher called the Meeting 1) Jeff Cawdrey addressed the upcoming
of the Board of Trustees of the Los Angeles PRESIDENT’S REPORT conferences and indicated that the deadlines
Firemen’s Relief Association to order at 10:43 for registration was approaching.
a.m. 1) Bob Steinbacher provided a Pension
Board meeting update and informed that 2) Jeff Cawdrey provided an update on the
ROLL CALL Non-Medicare subsidy increase is 5.5%. He cemetery inventory project and indicated that
indicated that the Pension Board discussed the he is waiting for a couple of calls back from
MEMBERS PRESENT: subsidy increase and how it did not reflect the two cemeteries for clarification on plots. He
Bob Steinbacher, President medical trend. indicated that he sent copies of the inventory
Jeff Cawdrey, Vice President to the Community Affairs Liaisons to work off
Trustee Frank Aguirre 2) Bob Steinbacher informed the Board that of.
Trustee Gene Bednarchik the L.A. Retired Fire & Police Annual BBQ
Trustee Kenneth Breskin will be on June 5th. He indicated that we will 3) Jeff Cawdrey referred to the Policy Book
Trustee Henry Gasbarri be presenting the 2019 Scholarship winners on changes and indicated that after review, there
Trustee Rick Godinez that same day at our Board meeting. are a couple of items that need updating to
Trustee Richard Moody reflect the approved changes.
Trustee Steve Berkery 3) Bob Steinbacher referred to the Lane
Trustee Tim Freeman Kemper Softball Tournament and indicated EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S REPORT
Trustee Mike Sailhamer that it was a great event. He stated that they
Trustee Danny Wu have been considering purchasing a trailer for 1) Todd Layfer informed the Board that they
Trustee Gayle Sonoda LAFRA events that would also haul and store have hired a new Marketing Associate that
Trustee Juan Albarran - Pension equipment. will be working with Marlene Casillas. He
Trustee Tim Larson – Pension indicated that April Hood starts on Monday
Trustee Doak Smith – Pension 4) Bob Steinbacher referred to the Pechanga and comes to us with great experience. She has
Todd Layfer - Executive Director Reunion and indicated that they will need help worked for the past 15 years as the Manager
Liberty Unciano – Controller-Treasurer with the setup. Tim Larson indicated that they of Operations for the Tournament of Roses
will be playing golf on Thursday. Association.
Trustee David Peters INVESTMENT COMMITTEE REPORT 2) Todd Layfer referred to Hope for Firefighters
Trustee Chris Stine and indicated that they need to fill one more
Trustee Joe Vigil Garth Flint of Beacon Pointe Advisors food booth and two more beverage booths. He
Trustee John Jacobsen presented the 1st Quarter investment asked the Trustees to help in acquiring a few
Trustee Jim Duffy performance review. He indicated that the first more fire stations to fill these spots.
Trustee Tyler Tomich quarter performance for the different asset
Trustee Craig White classes was solid and recovered from the late 3) Todd Layfer referred to Open Enrollment
December market decline. He mentioned that and indicated that they do not yet have the final
GUESTS: Growth has outperformed Value extended out numbers because they have not received data
Steve Ruda, Comm. Affairs Liaison from ten years and indicated that this was due from UFLAC. He indicated that he will report
Isaac Burks, Comm. Affairs Liaison to tech stocks driving those sectors. He talked those stats at the next Board meeting.
Garth Flint, Beacon Pointe Advisors briefly about the trade issues with China and
Diane Vigil, Family Support Group the U.S. 4) Todd Layfer indicated that they will be
having another Medicare Informational
INVOCATION & Flag Salute He reviewed the manager performance Seminar on June 26th here at the LAFRA
and indicated that they will be reviewing office. He indicated that the seminar will start
Rick Godinez led the invocation. Juan Albarran candidates to replace Lazard. at 10:00 a.m.
led the flag salute.
The Board entered into Executive Session at Todd Layfer indicated that they will have an
Bob Steinbacher entertained a motion to ratify 11:15 a.m. Audit Committee meeting on May 21st to
and approve the Board Meeting Minutes of The Board adjourned from Executive session discuss the findings from the Auditors.
April 3, 2019. Tim Larson moved. Richard at 11:45 a.m.
Moody seconded. There was no discussion or BUILDING COMMITTTEE REPORT
objections. A personnel matter was discussed during
Executive Session. Action was taken. Juan Albarran reported on the minor

54 • July 2019
maintenance on the building and indicated that amount of $12,000 statistics for the month of April.
the REG 4 testing will be done this coming The Relief Death Benefits in the amount of

ADMINISTRATIVE COMMITTEE There was no discussion or objections. Rick Godinez reported that the Essays have
REPORT been graded and the winners have been
Motion carried to pay the above Relief notified. He indicated that they have been
Frank Aguirre presented the following benefits. invited to the June 5th Board meeting for their
motions. check presentations.
Steve Berkery read the names of members who
The committee recommends and I so move to recently passed and asked for a moment of MARKETING & DEVELOPMENT
pay the usual and customary bills in the amount silence from the Board. REPORT
of $756,693.51. There was no discussion or
objections. MEMORIALS Rick Godinez provided an update on the efforts
Jamie W. Remy of the Marketing & Development Department
Motion carried to pay the usual and Richard E. Handlan and referred to the CPK fundraiser on May
customary bills in the amount of $756,693.51. Leonard L. Edwards 29th & 30th for the WODFF across the U.S.
James R. Chastain
The committee recommends and I so move Robert L. Neal NEW BUSINESS
to approve $200 for the L.A. Retired Fire & Harold N. Burkhart
Police Annual BBQ. There was not discussion Ramey R. Stroud 1) Diane Vigil provided an update on the
or objections. Ross L. Williams Family Support Group and their ongoing
Leroy J. Lucas projects and upcoming events.
Motion carried to approve $200 for the L.A. Elias De Le Hoz
Retired Fire & Police Annual BBQ. SETTING OF DATES
The committee recommends and I so move to 1) LAFRA Pechanga Reunion – May 13 - 17
approve $750 for the Drill Tower 81 Recruit Steve Berkery presented the following motions. 2) LAPD/LAFD Car Show – June 1st
graduation ceremony on June 6th. There was 3) Hope for Firefighters – June 6th
no discussion or objections. The committee recommends and I so move to 4) Trustee Board Offsite – September 22nd
accept the donations in the amount of $2,767.07 5) LAFD Invitational Golf Tourn. –
Motion carried to approve $750 for the Drill to the Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firemen’s September 23rd
Tower 81 Recruit graduation ceremony. Fund. There was no discussion or objections. 6) LAFRA Dinner Dance – December 7th

MEDICAL COMMITTEE REPORT Motion carried to accept the donations in the RETIREMENT DINNERS
amount of $2,767.07 to the Widows, Orphans
Frank Aguirre presented the following motion. & Disabled Firemen’s Fund. 1) Darnell Wade – Saturday, May 11th A @
City Club Los Angeles (Sonoda)
The committee recommends and I so move The committee recommends and I so move to 2) Greg Pascolla – Friday, May 24th C @ The
to approve all the medical bills totaling approve the financial assistance applications for Odyssey Restaurant (Berkery)
$935,208.42. There was no discussion or surviving spouses, active and retired members. 3) Gail Manning – Sunday, June 2nd C @
objections. There was no discussion or objections. Knollwood Country Club (Bednarchik)
4) Mike Raden – Saturday, June 8th B @
Motion carried to approve all the medical Motion carried to approve the financial Raden Home (White)
bills totaling $935,208.42. assistance applications for surviving spouses, 5) Marcus Lidy – Saturday, July 20th A @
active and retired members. Brouwerij West Brewery (Burkes)
Frank Aguirre informed that Bradawn has sent
out an RFP for a new TPA for the medical plan. ADVANCEMENT COMMITTEE
The committee recommends and I so move Bob Steinbacher entertained a motion to
Steve Berkery presented the following motion. to advance funds for both active and retired adjourn. Jeff Cawdrey so moved. Tim Freeman
members. There was no discussion or seconded. There was no discussion and no
The committee recommends and I so move to objections. objections.
Motion carried to advance funds for both Motion carried to adjourn. The Board of
The Sick & Injury benefits in the amount of active and retired members. Trustees meeting adjourned at 1:07 p.m.
The Estate Planning benefit in the amount of CORPORATE SECRETARY REPORT Bob Steinbacher, President
The Life & Accident Death benefit in the Tim Larson reported on the membership

July 2019 • 55
Donations to Widows, Orphans & Disabled Firefighter’s Fund - June 2019

PHYLLIS STAPEL in honor of my grandson HARRY M. MORCK in memory of

Jeffrey Sambar, on his promotion to Captain I Elias De La Hoz & Bill Horton


Fire Extinguisher Fund
Widows, Orphans, and Disabled Firefighter’s CHRISTINE M. BRUMBAUGH in memory of
Fund and LA City Firefighters Mike Brumbaugh

DANIEL LEON JAMES R. HAW in memory of John Nelson



ENGINE HOUSE 114 in memory of Ginger Clark DELORES HASHA in memory of Wally

DR OR MRS D HAWES-DAVIS 0772 in memory FIRE STATION NO. 104 from the
of WM. Judy Marion Fire Extinguisher Fund

WILLIAM R. FRANDSEN in memory of SCOTT L. AMES from the

June Drewfs Antelope Valley Breakfast Club

JAMES W. NEMCHIK in memory of LARRY L. HARRIS in memory of Ginger Clark

James J. Francesconi
EUGENE G. ROSS in memory of John Nelson
HARRY M. MORCK in memory of Jim Chastain
& James Francesconi TONYA STROUD in memory of Ramey Stroud

MARGARET M. KLINGER in memory of JOAN F. TINTOCALIS in memory of Bill Horton

Ross L. Williams
SCOTT L. AMES from the
PATRICK M. SHANLEY in memory of Santa Clarita Lunch Club
John S. Nelson

P.O. Box 41903
Los Angeles CA 90041

phone: visit:
(800) 244-3439

56 • July 2019
ment of other retirement and INDIANAPOLIS INDIANA
non-retirement assets is also HOME. Across the street from
available. We charge a fixed Indianapolis Motor Speedway.
flat advisory fee to manage 3Bed/2Bath in town of Speed-
your deferred compensation way. Walk or bike to Main St.
plan. We do NOT charge a Short drive, 7 miles, to Lucas
For advertising information, please contact: percentage of assets under Oil Stadium,Downtown Indy,
Eric Santiago - (323) 259-5231 - management. (800) 573-4829. Riverfront, Museums, Etc. Available most dates except
May 20 to 27. Call Tina or
FOR SALE FORNIA? Five acre lot in SALES – Call us when a loved 805/377-3640
quiet Gardnerville, Nv. Enjoy one passes, moves to a nurs-
country living only 3 1/2 miles ing facility or downsizes. Our JACKSON HOLE, WY:
1990 FORESTER I/O BOW from town and only 20 minutes
RIDER. 18ft one owner ga- professional staff can handle Custom Log Cabin close to
to Lake Tahoe. Best part No every aspect of estate liquida- Snake River, Skiing, Hunting,
raged since new, tandem axle, State Income Tax and No
detachable tongue, 4.3 liter V6 tion. We have worked with Yellowstone, Teton National
$5.00 per gallon gasoline. many fire families and are here Park and much more. Sleeps
175 hp, $3,500 call Dave Allen Level lot on paved road with
818-631-5295 in Carlsbad to help. Rebecca Martin, (818) 7. Fully Furnished. Call (818)
underground Electric, Gas, 216-3637 207-0811 LAFD Retired.
Cable TV and Phone on www.firefamilyestatesales.
2003 FLEETWOOD SOUTH- property. Access to BLM land
WIND. 32 foot with double com JUNE LAKE CABIN -
for off road riding, wheeling or 2BR/2BA cabin with Carson
slide. Low miles. Well main- equestrian use. Excellent re-
tained. $33K. SOUTHBAY EXPOSURE Peak view. Close to fishing &
tirement community close to all PHOTOGRAPHY skiing. Furnished, wood deck, amenities. $364,000 contact Professional photography equipped kitchen, wood burn-
Bill Waite (Retired LAFD) 775- services for all wedding, fam- ing stove, tree swing, cable /
2013 WINNEBAGO VISTA 782-8016, Cell 760-937-1950
27N Class A motorhome, ily, student, lifestyle, sports or DVD/phone. Garage/ample
or events. Serving Southern parking. $100/night plus clean-
Ford V-10 gas, Koni shocks,
heavy-duty anti-way bar, Tru- Calif and destinations beyond. ing fee. Email for pictures. Jeff
Steer, sleeps 4, generator, air SERVICES Member of Pro Photographers Easton LAFD retired (805)
conditioning/heat, full galley, of Calif.Aerial photo and video 217-5602.
front and rear entertainment BUSY BEAVER TREE AND also available. FAA certified.
system, immaculate, 18,000 LANDSCAPE. Tree trimming 
miles, $49,000, Rich Griffin, and removal, stumpgrinding, (800) 448-0788 LAKE HAVASU AMAZING
LAFD retired, 909 992 9163. and firewood sales. Mixed Tony Senior LAFD retired LAKEVIEW HOME. 1800 sq.ft.
firewood, eucalyptus and oak. new construction, 3 bed, 2
Delivery available or pick up. bath, sleeps 8. (King, Queen,
REAL ESTATE VACATION Full 2xTwin). Fully furnished w/
Licensed and insured. Dwayne
FOR SALE Kastor, FS 63-B - (818) 535- RENTALS linens, cable TV, laundry, large
6368. kitchen, BBQ, 2 car garage.
CRAIG SANFORD HEAT- BIG BEAR - Beautiful decked 3 miles from launch ramp. No
HAVASU DREAM HOME. pets / no smoking. Call Karen
ING & AIR - Free estimates, 2 story cabin. 2 bedroom, 1
Lakeside of hwy, near launch (661) 965-0542.
residential, commercial. Great bath. Sleeps six. Pets OK.
ramp. 3bd/2ba. 2351 sq.
rates for LAFD and LAPD. Near lake, slopes, shopping.
ft. Solar heated pool - lake LAKE HAVASU BEAUTY
Toll free (877) 891-1414, Fireplace/wood, cable/WiFi.
views. Live where you play! FOR RENT - 3 bdrm, 2 bath,
(661) 298-3070, FAX (661) Fully furnished except linens.
Georgeann Hoover AZ/CA 1600 sq.ft. Fully furnished
298-3069. State License No. Winter $120/$700. Summer
broker. (310) 890-1562. email: with all amenities- Laundry &
527114 $110/$600. 2 night minimum. BBQ. 13,000 sq.ft. lot. 3 car
Call Donna/Beep (760)723-
DEFERRED COMPENSA- 1475. boat-deep garage. 3 miles
HOUSEBOAT ON LAKE from launch ramp. Close to
POWELL. “Timeshare” downtown shops & restau-
ducing My Deferred Compen-
2009 75’X16’/ 2 plus weeks rants. View of the lake. Quiet
per year. It can easily sleep street in good neighborhood.
INC., a FEE-ONLY Financial 3bdrm(2king,1full) 2bath, turn-
20 plus. It has 2 full-sized No pets. No smoking. Snow-
Planning and Investment Man- key, w/d, WiFi, Dish, gas bbq,
refrigerators, 2 freezers, 2 bird rates. Call Mike (661)
agement Firm, offers Compre- 1/2 mile to Windsor launch,
barbercues. Upper deck is half 510-6246
hensive Deferred Compensa- covered gated boat parking,
covered & has electric winch.
tion Management using Elite 3 nites $450, $100 for each
Institutional Money Managers. additional nite- cleaning in-
fast. $7000 firm. LAFD retired. WATERFRONT, steps to the
Personalized portfolio selec- cluded, pics available. Email:
(818) 523-7499 or email: water. Boat mooring out front,
tion and ongoing management off-road desert behind house.
of your deferred compensation (626) 665-9890
assets. Investment Manage- 3 bed/3 bath, fully furnished w/
linens. Direct TV/DVR, BBQ,
July 2019 • 57
Casino, Grocery/Meat Market, tennis in summertime), shuttle 645-7448, email: luvbaja2@ A’s for rent. Serving family
Launch Ramp, Marina with right outside! Across from and friends for over 15 years.
Boat House, Gated Communi- Eagle Lodge, Winter $110 per LAFD, LASD, IPD, OXPD, OX-
ty. No pets/smoking. $350 Dan night, Summer $80 per night MAMMOTH LAKES - One FIRE, LACO, LACITY, LACITY
Cook (310) 418-1577. plus $65 cleaning fee and bedroom, extremely charming SKI CLUB. Visit us at www.
13% tax. All linens included. wildflower condo. Full ameni- or call (661)
LAKE HAVASU HOME FOR Drew or Nancy Oliphant (661) ties, close to shuttle. Antiques, 297-2398 ask for Jeff. Make
RENT- 3 BED/2 BATH, Fur- 513-2000 or mammoth241@ art, satellite TV, fireplace. money with your motorhomes
nished Modern Home, Sleeps Sleeps 4. Winter $110, Sum- to offset your payment. We
9. 2 Car Garage, Covered mer $85 plus cleaning fees. sub-lease RV’s!
Boat Parking . Laundry, BBQ, MAMMOTH CONDO Cozy Call Bill Clark (818) 371-6722
TVs, Cable. Quiet Cul-De- 2 bedrooms, 2 bath. Fully Email:
Sac Street. 3 miles to London furnished, WIFI, 3 TV’s, pool,
Bridge, located near Golf spa, walk to shuttle, Old MAMMOTH SKI & RACQUET:
Course. Lake View. No pets, Mammoth area. Winter $115, Studio/loft, 2 bath, king bed,
No Smoking. Summer $90, plus cleaning sleeps 4. Full kitchen, TV,
Summer/Winter/Snowbird/ fee $139 and 14% city tax. VCR, DVD. Garage parking.
Holiday Rates. Cleaning Fee Includes linens. No smoking. Walk to Canyon Lodge. Ski
included. Call John (323)449- Call (310) 540-4648 or (310) back trail. 2 night minimum.
4473 418-1577. Winter $100/nite, $125 Fri, Sat
& Holidays. Summer $60/nite.
LAKE HAVASU LANDING MAMMOTH CONDO AT Plus $120 cleaning & linens.
RESORT. 3 bedroom, 2 bath, MAMMOTH ESTATES, Jeff & Lisa Moir (661) 254-
waterfront house, boat, moor- 4BR/3BA, sleeps 10, fully 5788.
ing out front, fully furnished, furnished, 2 TVs, DVDs, WiFi,
laundry, gas BBQ, launch towels/linens, fireplace. Full MAMMOTH SKI & RACQUET: For
ramp, gated community, gro- kitchen. Walk to Gondola Walk to Canyon Lodge. Studio
cery store, hardware store. No
pets, no smoking. Email Kathy
Village and shuttle. Complex
has pool, spa, sauna, laundry.
loft sleeps 4. Queen beds, full
kitchen, 2 baths, garage park-
at or call Winter $335/night, Summer ing, TV, VCR, DVD. Winter
(760) 858-4470 $215/night, plus cleaning. Sun-Thurs $100.nite; Fri & Sat information,
Includes city bed tax. No pets, $115/nite plus cleaning fee
$100. Non smoking complex.
no smoking. Dory Jones (310)
918-0631 or Kelly Corcoran Joel Parker, LAFD retired. please
bedroom, 3 bath, 2900 sqft (310) 619-5355 email: cat25sailor@gmail.
home with amenities & pool com or (213) 399-6534. contact:
that easily sleeps 14+ people. MAMMOTH CONDO. Up-
Centrally located, 1 mile from dated 2 bedroom 1 bath old NASHVILLE CONDO. Two
the lake, close to downtown mammoth/ eagle lodge area. bedroom condo, sleeps 6, in
shops and restaurants. Check Sleeps 6. Fully equipped Downtown Nashville. Walk-
out home at kitchen, wifi, pool, spa, laun-
dry. Walk to restaurants, bars,
ing distance to Broadway St,
hockey and NFL stadium.
Eric Santiago
com/4648549ha stores, park and trolly. Winter Contact Wayne, LAFD @
Call Julie 818-268-7906 for $150 summer $130 plus clean- (805) 796-7863 for availability (323) 259-5231
special firefighter family rates. ing fee, holiday rates vary, and price.


multiple night discounts. No
pets.Contact Will Nevins 26”B” SOUTH LAKE TAHOE
RESORT BEACHFRONT (714) 697-2587 Romantic Chalet Family
HOME with boat mooring. getaway. 3 bed/2 bath plus email:
Swim, ski or fish from front MAMMOTH CONDO NEXT loft. Sleeps 8–10. Cable TV,
yard. 4 bed/2 bath, fully fur-
nished. DirectTV/DVD/WiFi,
LAGE – Fully furnished, three
washer/dryer, microwave,
woodburning stove. 7 minutes
pool table, laundry, BBQ. bedroom, two bath with towels to casinos and Heavenly.
Gated community with casino, and linens, internet cable TV, Located in Tahoe Paradise.
groceries, marina, launch ramp pool and Jacuzzi. Walk to $115 per night plus cleaning.
and off-road trails. No pets, no the gondola, shops, restau- Call Shawn or Rose Agnew
smoking. $350 Bowen/Garner rants and ski in on the new at (661) 250-9907 or (661)
email: comeback trail. Parking at the 476-6288.
havasulanding27@gmail. front door. 2018/19 RATES:
com Winter: $275/night. Summer MOTORHOMES
$175/night. Holidays $325/
MAMMOTH - 1 bedroom Sum- night. Cleaning is included.
mit condo, sleeps 6. Conve- Mike Whitehouse, Retired,
nient underground garage email:
Several Class C’s & Class
parking. Jacuzzis, gym (pool/ or Bruce Galien, Retired, 661-
58 • July 2019
Maximum coverage $700 per person
Scan from contracted provider Medical Imaging Center of
Southern California, includes (at no out-of-pocket expense):
MRI abdomen and pelvis scan for liver, kidneys,
adrenals, pancreas and spleen
Heart scan, including calcium score and CT
coronary angiogram
Low-dose Lung CT - lung cancer screening
You may select other providers whose rates may vary
and could include out-of-pocket costs
Limit one scan every 3 years

Visit to learn more about this provider or call (310) 829-9788
*All benefits Visit to change; for questions about
for more info
the Relief PPO Medical Plan, call (866) 995-2372

Deal direct with authorized Factory Dealers

Offering members of the Los Angeles Fire Department
Courteous, Ethical, and Special Consideration in the purchase of your new car.


“#1 Volume Ford Dealer in the world for 20 Camry / Celica / Corolla / Tundra Honda - Sales and Leasing
consecutive years!” Tacoma / Sienna / Supra / Solara Large Selection of Used Vehicles
Lincoln / Mercury / Honda / Mazda / 11041 Sepulveda Blvd 6511 Santa Monica Blvd
Volvo / Ford / Jaguar / Lotus / Aston Mission Hills CA Hollywood CA
Martin / Spyker / Galpin Auto Sports Ask for Steve Denson—Fleet Mgr Ask for Dave Erickson­­­­­­­­­
For special pricing contact 323-466-3251 l Fax: 323-462-0187
Terry Miller—Fleet Sales & Leasing 818-365-9621
15505 Roscoe Blvd “Specializing in hassle-free car buying”
North Hills CA 91343
818-797-3800 l

July 2019 • 59
Fire Station 10

Source: LAFD Photo Album Collection - Courtesy Happy Baker, LAFD Ret.
Engine 10, Truck C. 1906 Engine Company 10 - Circa 1930

Source: LAFD Photo Album Collection. 1335 S. Olive St. Date Opened—December 26, 1951. Cost of Land—$27,000. Cost of Building—$171,606. Archi-
tect—Strange, Inslee & Huber. Contractor—Harvey A. Nichols Co. Sq. Ft. Floor Area—11,206. Area of Site—100’x100’ 10,000 Sq. Ft. Number of poles—3

Tickets a
Current Day Crew—Circa 2019. Photo by David Blaire Always c

60 • July 2019
Serving Government Employees PRICES
Since 1928
Prices Include Fees

1525 $ 95
9 8
$ 50
$ 45
1975 $
1149 $
10 25

1750 1064 9
$ 00
$ $ $ 50

Anyday Adult
Season 2 Tickets $
8400 $
5400 N/A $
48 00

8599 $
6465 N/A $
N/A $
5600 $
5299 N/A $
4599 $
3381 N/A $
Employees Club of California
The Club DOES NOT charge any 120 W 2nd St.

processing or handling fees! Los Angeles, CA 90012


Ticket Services: 888.777.1744

Insurance Services: 800.464.0452
Tickets are limited while supplies last. Prices are subject to change without notice.
Always check our online prices at for the most up-to-date discounts. Email:


July 2019 • 61
Los Angeles Firemen’s Relief Association
7470 N Figueroa Street
Los Angeles CA 90041-1725

We Are
Exclusively for Firefighters
Safe, Secure, Convenient Full Service Banking Wherever You
Need Us
Insurance Services • Investment Services • Trust Services • Business Services

• Mobile Banking - manage your money wherever you are

with the FireFirstCU app
• Nationwide CO-OP Network ATMs - use over 30,000
no-fee ATMs
(800) 231-1626
• Digital Wallet - pay with Apple Pay® , Android Pay™,
Samsung Pay™, or Visa® Checkout*
Los Angeles • Bakersfield • Loma Linda • Orange County
• CardValet®- stop fraud and control spending** Pleasanton • Sacramento • Thousand Oaks • Tempe, AZ

Plus, get reimbursed for up to five (5) ATM transaction fees per
month at any bank ATM***

Non-deposit investment products and services are offered through CUSO Financial Services, L.P. (“CFS”), a registered broker-dealer (Member FINRA/SIPC) and SEC Registered Investment Advisor. Products offered through CFS: are not NCUA/NCUSIF or
otherwise federally insured, are not guarantees or obligations of the credit union, and may involve investment risk including possible loss of principal. Investment Representatives are registered through CFS. The Credit Union has contracted with
CFS to make non-deposit investment products and services available to credit union members.
Trust services are provided by Members Trust Company, a federal thrift regulated by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, Trust and investment products are not deposits of or guaranteed by the trust company, a credit union or credit union affiliate, are
not insured or guaranteed by the NCUA, FDIC, or any other governmental agency, and are subject to investment risks, including possible loss of the principal amount invested.
*Android, Android Pay, Google Play, and the Android Logo are trademarks of Google Inc. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, and iPad are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Apple Pay and Touch ID are trademarks of Apple Inc.
Samsung Pay is a trademark of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. All third-party companies, products and service names used are for identification purposes only. All service marks, trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective Federally Insured by NCUA
owners. VISA® Checkout is a trademark of VISA®.
**CardValet® is a trademark of Fiserv, Inc. or its affiliates. You’ll need to install the CardValet® on your smartphone or tablet to receive credit and debit card alerts and notifications. A smartphone or tablet is required to use the CardValet® service.
*** ATM rebate program details: Firefighters First Credit Union will reimburse you for ATM surcharge fees incurred when making a withdrawal using your Firefighters First Debit Card. Fees will be reimbursed for your first five (5) ATM transactions that incur a
surcharge fee, per calendar month. Fees will be reimbursed the same day unless your ATM withdrawal is after 3:00 pm (PT). Withdrawals after this time or on a non-business day will post on the next business day along with the fee reimbursement. To qualify for
this program, you must have a combined direct deposit total of at least $500 per month and you must make your ATM withdrawal from your Firefighters First personal or business checking account.