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In the first 24 hours after launching his re-election campaign, President Trump raised $24.

8 million,
shattering records.

I won't lie, this news worries me. That's why I'm emailing for a grassroots contribution to help us fight

The first thing I thought back to after I read this news was that the NRA spent $3O million to help elect
Donald Trump in 2O16.

Donald Trump is setting fundraising records and he will have the unwavering support of the gun lobby's
political war chest. We have a steep hill to climb if we are going to elect a gun violence prevention champion
as president in 2O2O.

So I'm reaching out today because even though 2O2O feels far away, there is no time to spare.
Rush a contribution of $5, $25, $50, or whatever you can give today to help our gun violence
prevention movement stay competitive against Donald Trump and the NRA >>>

Let's Defeat Donald Trump and the NRA in 2O2O.

CHIP IN $5 >>

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CHIP IN $250 >>

As president, Donald Trump has refused to support common-sense gun violence prevention legislation,
including universal Brady background checks.

It is time that we elect a gun violence prevention president who will back our movement and help save
American lives from senseless gun violence.

Are you with us?

Pitch in a contribution today and let's make sure we can counter Trump and the NRA's deep war
chest in 2O2O >>>

It's in our hands,

Mark Collins,

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918 Pennsylvania Ave SE
Washington, DC 20003
United States

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