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Transition risks

Figure 1. Diagrammatic representation of the Markov model with health states (boxes) and possible

transitions (arrows). postevent health states was estimated by multiplying the age-adjusted
probability of death not attributed to an MI or stroke in the general population by a disease-specific
mortality multiplier.
Cost-Effectiveness of Beneft-Based Intensifcation of LLT in CAD

intensive LLT therapy for all results in the highest QALY gain against
reasonable treatment costs. The AHA/ACC and the National Institute for
Health and Care Excellence clinical guidelines recommend intensive LLT
for patients with CAD in general.This may be because physicians tend to
treat solely patients who they believe to be at high risk for recurrent
vascular events with intensive LLT.Even though these health-economic
results point toward intensive LLT for all, initiation and intensification of
LLT is preferably done in close consultation with the patient
taking into account potential drug interactions or adverse effects, an
individual patient’s life expectancy, and his or her preferences.