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English language is a universal language. Mostly

all the countries adopt English language to communicate
to other countries and to communicate with tourists.
Since English language is very useful in communicating,
there is an aide called PSEP(Practical Spoken English
Program). It could help us speak English fluently with
the proper intonation and it could boost our confidence
when speaking English.

According to the PSEP book, to improve your

skills in speaking english fluently first you need to
perform through learning how to answer questions,
how to use IGT, and how to read in front of a crowd with
the proper intonation and pronounciation. With these
exercises it could help us in speaking english
fluently with confidence. The researcher also suggested
that you should listen to the disc that is together with
the PSEP book to improve your English language fluently.

The purpose of this topic is to give importance

regarding PSEP in speaking English. It will allow
us to have the confidence when communicating with
foreigners and to speak english language with the
proper intonation and pronounciation.


-The researcher interviewed some students and

handed them survey forms to answer some
questions to support the researcher's


-Survey forms were handed to the students for

them to answer to prove the researcher's

-Participants were given survey forms to answer
the survey.
-They were given allotted time to finish the
-The survey forms were compiled and checked
by the researcher.
-The researcher used the survey forms to
support the researcher's research and to
further the researcher's research.

-Through speaking it could widen one person's vocabulary.

-PSEP can aid or help students to speak fluently in front of others and it
only can improve your vocabulary but also it can help to boost your

PSEP can help us speak English more fluently since it is all about
practicing the way you pronounce a word, learning how to answer the
questions in a proper way, and how to have a confidence when speaking
through a crowd.

PSEP is very useful to the students since it has exercise that would
enhance one's confidence, enhance one's pronounciation of a word and
enhance one's intonation of a word.

-PSEP book