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The Cyclical Nature of AI in its Connection to Biological Life

By Ian Beardsley

Copyright © 2019 by Ian Beardsley

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The Structure They Have In Common

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When we look at the ratio of the molar mass of one element to the to the molar mass of
another, it like comparing the mass of one atom to another, we just choose a large number of
them (avagadro’s number) so the mass is in the range of grams as opposed to some
extraordinarily small percent of of grams. As well we are considering the weighted average
between all the isotopes that exist in their natural occurrence. As such we are dealing with their
properties. Here I report a cyclical nature of of artificial intelligence in its connection to
biological life.

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It all started when I found a connection between the golden ratio and AI
by way of the the central AI element silicon, Si, and the central doping
agents phosphorus, P, and boron, B:

Which can be written:

And, of the central biological elements to the golden ratio conjugate:

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Leading to the connection between artificial intelligence and the


And, can be written:

Writing in the arithmetic mean:

Which is nice because:

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Where ZnSe is zinc selenide, an intrinsic semiconductor used in AI and

Ge is germanium, the other central AI element and, As is arsenic and Ga
is gallium, the other two central doping agents

A similar thing can be done with Germanium, Ge, and Gallium, Ga, and
arsenic, As, this time using CHNOPS (C,H,N,O,P,S) the most abundant
biological elements by mass:

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The factor by which our original equation has near-perfect equality uses
H20, CH4, and NH3 water, methane, and ammonia, the primordial
precursors to amino acids, the building blocks of biological life:

We find there is an equivalence to the precursors of the primordial AI

and primordial biological life in that tungsten, W, is the filament of the
first crude AI for making switches by housing it in silicon dioxide, SiO2,
or glass for vacuum tubes:

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What Makes Them Dynamic

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The complete set of equations is

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