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0 Forthcoming Activities
Main beam and mezzanine slab on grid line 4 to 5.
5.0 Architect matters
5.1 a. Cold room passerelle - Quotation received and need to be coordinated with cool-executive.
b. Dock leveler – Client to finalize decision before next meeting
6.0 Structural Engineer’s matters
a. MARS – Expansion/Armor joint unit agreed.
b. Concrete cube tests – Premix to carry out further test and Labolink will double check.
c. Sample of pull out bars approved.
7.0 M&E Engineer’s matters
a. Sprinkler Water Tanks – Only 7 units to be placed as per discussion with client.
b. Quotation for 300KVa generator – Report will be submitted by this Friday.
c. Lighting layout & schedule being revised as per positioning of racks for the dry store by Storax.
d. Sprinkler attic stock 20% provision required as per Merits.
e. Main pump for sprinkler approved.
8.0 Quantity Surveyor’s matters
8.1 Contract Documents: Signed by Client. QS to have a meeting with client for further clarification.
8.2 Valuation no.5 has been issued. To be certified.
8.3 Contractor enquired on cost adjustment due to change in concrete supplier. QS will look into any
contractual implication.
8.4 Earth volume, cut and fill are being measured for pricing - Ongoing.
8.5 QS to circulate draft cost report but still awaiting Merits’ cost report.
9.0 Contractor’s matters
9.1 Rate for boundary fencing and blockwall - approved.
9.2 Architect has instructed that a low wall be implemented below fencing along North East
boundary where the adjoining site is higher.
Contractor to proceed with fencing along remaining sides apart from front wall.
Front wall to be detailed in line with site contours.
9.3 Advance Payment to MEP.
Contractor has requested an indemnity statement form client against any event arising from
advance payment to MEP not
being in line with main contract conditions. Indemnity statement draft has been prepared by QS.
10.0 Cold Room & Racking contractors – Cool Executive & Storax
a. Cool Executive to issue cad drawing for the evaporators location in dry, cold and ante
b. Chiller plant equipment layout received. Chiller plant room requires extractor fan for
ventilation and water point.
11.0 Client matters
11.1 Client requested that storm water disposal from outside and within the site be reviewed to avoid
flooding – Under review
Additional drains to be provided where needed. Consultants to review with new contour survey.
11.0 Procurement
a. Dock leveler quotation received from main contractor. Client’s final decision before next
b. Contractor to obtain a procurement schedule from MEP by end of next week.
c. MEP to provide shop drawings.
d. MEP to provide proposal for Lightning protection.