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A person is likely to be addressed as a creative person if she/he has an inclination for art,
photography, music, dance, theatre or design. During school days when a student interprets a piece
of work in a unique valuable way giving an innovative perspective; student is considered to be

Creativity is the word which has become very popular in the past few decades. It is the most
essential future skill set required in every aspect of life.

What is Creativity?

Creativity is seeing which is invisible, patterns which are hidden and making a connection between
them which are usually not related. It is transforming ideas, imagination and dreams into reality by
giving a valuable meaning.

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi says, “Creativity is a central source of meaning in our lives … most of the
things that are interesting, important, and human are the results of creativity… [and] when we are
involved in it, we feel that we are living more fully than during the rest of life.”

Who is Creative?

Everyone is Creative!

A child who loves to play around with colour is not less creative than the person who makes art as a
career. In this information age creativity is making a comeback. Millennials are trying a wider range
of creative tasks as developing mobile app, developing and designing the innovative sustainable
materials, spaces, user friendly products, systems and services and using inanimate objects to
convey expression.

Creative people are always curious, they are always asking questions and finding a creative
meaningful solution in the simplest way. They have heightened emotional sensitivity, are usually
seen as nonconforming and are not afraid to be seen as different or exhibiting unusual thoughts.

As playwright George Bernard Shaw sums it up, “Some men see things as they are and say ‘why?’ I
dream of things that never were and say ‘why not.’

Is Creativity learnt or innate?

Human Beings are born creative and as they grow older, they are forced to be uncreative. Children
are most creative as they have free-flowing imagination with no inhibitions.

Pursuing our creative potential tends to come to a stop when we grow up. Creative individuals don’t
always have the most supportive environment.

Research proves that non-creative behaviour is learned overtime. According to George Land’s
Creative Test, young children are creative geniuses, and become less creative as they age. His study
took a group of 1,600 five-year-olds and tested to see how creative they were. Ninety-eight percent
were deemed creative geniuses, thinking in novel ways similar to the likes of Picasso, Mozart,
Einstein and other creative personalities. He tested them again at 10 years old. That number
dropped to 30 percent. By 15 years of age, it had declined to 12 percent. He gave the same test to
280,000 adults and found that only 2 percent were creative geniuses.

Creativity is the most crucial skill set for future success?

The new future of an Artificial Intelligence empowered society is already taking shape. As always, a
hierarchy is emerging in a three-tier format.

1)The Pinnacle of the Triangle will be The Creatives, visionaries who value their innate and

curiosity for all things new, all things possible. They will be the Masters of a Robot Workforce,

feeding them new knowledge, new creations, adding to the Big Data that Robots need to progress.

AI will ensure that knowledge comes thick and fast, that it is deep and powerful, well researched

and that it serves the purpose of the people.

2)Then the Robots

3)Finally, a potential Sub Culture, those in the service of the Robots and the Masters.

Sounds frightening, well it should do because if all this power is in the hands of people with evil

motives then evil will prevail.

However great Creatives are deeply rooted in Empathy and therein lies the potential power for
good, the power to develop positive opportunities and share them with those having different

So, Creativity is everything.

If we go back to past, ancient Liberal Arts Universities of India where all knowledge was special and
precious. Be a philosopher, mathematician, potter, weaver, dancer, archer etc. This magic has to be
rediscovered which still exists in our Indian roots.

India the Past, India the Present and India the potential Future; inspiring young people if we make
correct changes.

The Indian Renaissance using AI to expand and develop the wonders already uncovered.