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Ref: Universal Axis/AMC/19-20/004 Date: 02.05.


Birla Corporation Limited

Kind Attn. : Mr. Rahul Agarwal

Sub: Annual Maintenance Contract of Rack & Pinion Construction Hoist 01

No’s, Make – Universal.

Dear Sir,

Thank you for your interest in obtaining our services for Annual Maintenance of Lifts.

I am pleased to attach herewith the offer for Non Compressive Service Contract
with other terms and conditions.

If you need any clarification please let us know.

Yours Sincerely,

Mandar Jog
Asst. General Manager - After Sales
Universal Axis Lifting Solutions Private Limited

Encl: As above
For Rack & Pinion Construction Hoist

1. This annual maintenance contract is valid for 12 months.

2. This contract is for servicing the Rack & Pinion Construction Hoist available at
your site.

3. We shall offer following services during this service period :

i) 01 normal maintenance visits of our service person, every month

for 01 day for 01 Lift (Eight Hours). The routine maintenance shall
be carried out by the buyer. In same visit if it takes more than 01
days for AMC then it will be charge extra Rs. 7,000/- per day +
GST 18%.
ii) We shall depute our technicians to carry out normal maintenance
on the date mutually decided. Consumables/Spares to make
available by the customer.
iii) The engineer will carry out maintenance as per UALSPL norms and
guide for repair / replacement of parts.
iv) M/s. UALSPL reserves the right to inspect the equipment before the
contract is entered.
v) One visit means one engineer / technician working for one day i.e.
one Man Day.
vi) Whenever you need our service person for extra visit it will be on
chargeable basis.
vii) For every visit our service engineer / technician will make service
reports to be signed by buyer, one copy to be retained by buyer.
viii) The suggested spares shall be ordered by you as per the quoted

4. Responsibilities of the Buyer

i) The buyer shall use the equipment for the purpose it is supplied.
ii) The equipment shall be operated by trained operator only.
iii) The buyer shall maintain a log book / history card / periodic
maintenance record of machine operation / routine maintenance
and repairs.
iv) The buyer shall maintain adequate stock of spare as suggested by
UALSPL and to be made available.
v) The equipment shall be operated & maintained as per operation
maintenance manual. A copy of which should be always available a
vi) Help of semi-skilled / unskilled labor to be provided by buyer for
maintenance required.
vii) The buyer to do the maintenance of equipment as per schedule
specified in the maintenance manual.

5. Charges of AMC
The charges for AMC is as under -
Service Contract: - Rs 85,000 /- (Rs. Eighty Five Thousand Only) For 01
Nos Lift
GST – 18% Extra SAC CODE - 995469.

6. Payment schedule – 100% advance with work order.

Scope of work:

UALSPL scope:

 Inspection of greasing and lubricating all parts such as guide rollers, rack,
pinions etc. Customer (owner) will provide the lubricant (such as grease, oil as
per suggested by UALSPL.)
 Checking oil level and changing as required. (oil to be supplied by customer)
 Checking fastners, clamps, switches etc.
 Checking braking arrangement
 Checking the entire electrical functioning
 Checking the wear and tear of parts
 Checking the working of all safety features
 Checking all cable connections.
 Checking the operational parameters such as voltage, current etc.
 Conducting safety test includes only limit switches, magnetic brakes, door lock
and emergency stop push button.
 Checking cage doors etc.
 Checking all electrical functions.
 Checking motor brake hand releasing mechanism.
 Listing of replacement spares.

Customer scope:

 The equipment shall be operated by trained operators certified by UALSPL.

 The client shall maintain a log book / history card / periodic maintenance
record of machine operation / routine maintenance and repairs.
 The customer shall maintain adequate stock of spare as suggested by
UALSPL and to be made available.
 The equipment shall be operated & maintained as per operation maintenance
manual. A copy of which should be always available at site.
 Semi-skilled / unskilled labour to be provided by customer for maintenance

For the purpose of these terms and conditions, Birla Corporation Limited will be
referred to as “Customer” & Universal Axis Lifting Solutions Private Limited. Will be
referred to as “UALSPL”.

1. Period of Contract:

This Contract is initially for a period of One year commencing from ‘Service
Commencing Date and shall be renewed at expiry for a further period and so on,
unless terminated by either party as stipulated under the termination clause. Charges
for a part of calendar month will be pro- rated on the basis of 30 days month.

2. Terms of Payment:

The annual maintenance contract should be signed 30 days in advance and payment
should be paid to UALSPL one month prior to formulation of contract or expiry of
current maintenance contract.
Payment by Cheque / D.D. drawn in the name of Universal Axis Lifting Solutions
Private Limited. Payable at Pune.

3. Period and Condition for Maintenance service availability:

a) Maintenance Service shall be rendered only during Branch working hours, on

UALSPL working days. Fault will be attended within 48 Hours after formal reporting
to our office.

b) If the customer request for service outside Universal Axis Lifting Solutions Private
Limited working hours, Universal Axis Lifting Solutions Private Limited. May provide
such service on ‘Spot- Bill’, basis charging for only the total time at the standard daily
rates then in effect.

4. Maintenance Service Definition:

Universal Axis Lifting Solutions Private Limited. Agrees to provide following service
under the contract to keep the machines in good working order.


B) Unscheduled on call remedial maintenance for repairing malfunction including

replacements of unserviceable parts. Parts replaced will be new or equivalent to new
parts in performance. The removed parts shall become the property of UALSPL.

C) Scheduled preventive maintenance, of minimum once per month or as determined


D] Client will provide necessary labor [operator] & any order equipment if required
to complete the servicing.

5. Safety:
i) Buyer will ensure all the safety measures while maintenance.
ii) UALSPL do not responsible for any mishap / accident and monitory losses aries out
of it.

6. Exclusions:

The obligation of UALSPL under this contract excludes,

a) Major upgrades of the machine.

b) Major refurbishment of the machines.
c) Any work external to the machines, such as maintenance of Non UALSPL
attachment, accessories etc.
d) Repair of malfunction or damage due to accident, transportation, negligence,
failure of or use of non standard electrical power, dust and humidity, air conditioning.
e) Work due to alteration in the machine by person other than UALSPL personnel.
f) Any service under circumstances posing a safety or health hazard.
h) Maintenance of Batteries.
i) Shifting of machine from one place to another place as per warranty clause
mentioned in operation and maintenance manual.

7. Revision of maintenance charges:

a) Universal Axis Lifting Solutions Private Limited. Reserves the rights to revise
maintenance charges by giving three months prior written notice, the customer may,
however, rescind this agreement through written intimation within one month of the
receipt of the notice of revision. On failure to do so, UALSPL shall continue to provide
services and revise charges shall become payable.

b) Charges of additions in the machines features would result in charges of

maintenance charge.

8. Change of Location:

During the period of contract the machine shall not be relocated without concurrence
of UALSPL and on such charges as may be determined by Se failing which Universal
Axis Lifting Solutions Private Limited. Reserves its rights to terminate this contract
forthwith. On such termination, UALSPL shall be free from all contractual obligations
stipulated and the customer shall have no right to claim any refund or compensation

9. Recontinuation of Maintenance Contract:

If the machines remains excluded from warranty or contract Se, before accepting the
contract, will inspect the machine and bring it to service condition on ‘Spot Bill basis’
at the standard hourly rates then in effect plus cost of the spares consumed.

10. Access:

The customer shall provide full and free access to the machines to provide service
11. Travel Expenses:

i) Travel, lodging & boarding expenses including in order value.

ii) If technician requires to stop more than 3 days, staying & boarding arrangement to
be borne by the customer.

12. Change of Ownership:

The contractual obligation of UALSPL shall cease forth with if the customer ceases to
be the owner of the machine.

13. Termination:

a) This contract can be terminated by either party giving two months written notice.
UALSPL will refund balance amount for the period after termination period from the
b) This contract would be deemed to be terminated if the renewal of the Annual
Maintenance Agreement and payment thereof is not made before 30 days of last day
of existing AM Agreement.
c) This contract would be terminated with no obligation to refund if UALSPL finds

i) Machine had been relocated without written consent of UALSPL.

ii) Non UALSPL peripherals etc. are being used without UALSPL written permission.

iii) Site and Environmental conditions are not up to standards as communicated by


14. Force Majeure:

UALSPL shall not be liable for failure to perform any of its obligations under or arising
out of this contract if such failure results from force majeure, act of God, fire, storm,
earthquake, or the existence of any state of emergency, riots, or any other reasons
beyond control of UALSPL.

15. Arbitration:
All disputes, differences and question whatsoever which shall arise between the parties
hereto at anytime, touching this contract or construction or application thereof or any
clauses or thing herein contained of the rights, duties and liabilities of either party
otherwise in connection therewith shall be referred to a panel of two arbitrators
appointed by the Managing Director of UALSPL and the customer. The decision of
such arbitration shall be final and binding on both parties. All such arbitration
proceedings shall be held in Pune and shall be in accordance with and subject to the
provisions of Indian Arbitration Act 1940 or any statutory modifications or
reenactment thereof for the time being in force.

This document together with any attachment here to be signed by both the parties
shall constitute the entire binding contract between UALSPL and the Customer. This
contract shall be governed in all respect Indian Law and deemed to have been
concluded at Pune and the Court of Pune will have exclusive Jurisdiction in all matters
of dispute. The foregoing terms and conditions shall prevail not withstanding of any
variation contained in the terms and conditions of any other order or other
documents submitted by the customers unless such variations have been specifically
agree upon by UALSPL.


Subject to Pune Jurisdiction.

Signed on behalf of Customer :

Authorised Signatory & Seal :

Name :

Title with Seal :

Signed on behalf of
Universal Axis Lifting Solutions
Private Limited. :

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