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Understanding Abstract According to Experts, KBBI and General

In general, abstract understanding is the presentation of a document in a concise / concise, accurate and
clear to represent the contents or core of a document and in accordance with the original document
without adding interpretation or criticism. Easy, abstract is a brief explanation of the contents of an article
or writing. In the world of research, abstract is a short article that contains an overall picture of the
activities / research activities carried out to help a reader to be easier and faster in understanding a
paper, document or scientific work. Specifically, abstract is defined as something that is seen as not
referring to a specific object or event. Abstraction presents symbolically or conceptually and imaginatively
something that is not experienced directly. So, abstract is a word that refers to the nature, circumstances
and activities released from certain objects

Understanding Abstract According to Experts In addition to the general review above, there are several
opinions of experts and experts who explain what is abstract.

For more details, the following is an abstract understanding according to experts in full,

Maizel (Smith: Singer, 1984) Abstract is a summary that is presented briefly and clearly the part
that contains the purpose, scope / range and findings of an article (Maizel, Smith: Singer, 1984).
Lancaster (1991) Abstract is a concise but accurate representation of the contents of a document.
He distinguishes abstract from extract, because an extract is a abbreviated version of a document
made by taking the sentences from the document. While the abstract, although using various
sentences in the document, is a piece of text created by the abstract creator, not a direct quote
from the author.
Davis and Rush Extract "A" is a "Set" of sentences "S" such that A = (S / S D). D is an extracted
document. This set theory states that (A) is a set of sentences or a collection of sentences (S)
that are members of an original document. This definition applies to an auto abstract, an abstract
that is made by automatically selecting sentences from the original article by a computer
programmed for this work.


According to KBBI (Big Indonesian Dictionary), there are two abstract meanings:

1. Abstract is intangible; formless; noetic; noetic.

2. Abstract is interpreted as an overview (essay, report, etc.); summary; core. Abstract paintings can
also be analyzed.

The composition of paintings can be created in various ways:

1. Composition of symmetrical balance. In this composition the visual elements of the painting are
arranged symmetrically balanced.
2. Asymmetrical balance composition. In this composition, the composition of the visual elements of
the painting is arranged in a balanced but not symmetrical.

Structure of Abstract Writing

Abstract Has a Writing Structure Using Font Time New Roman with Spaces 1 Distance Using Indonesian Language
or with English and the Terms of the Order are the Following.
1. Research Title Typed Using Capital Font and Size 14, Positive Center Text and Made With Bold
2. If there is a Sub Title then the same as the Title Only Size is Change to 12
3. The Name of the Researcher Written Without Using a Title It's Only Given a Sort Number with a Superscript
Center Position with Font Size 12 and Bold Print
4. Name of Study Program / Study Program and Institution Address Center Position with Font Size 12 and Bold
5. The Chair of the Researcher's Email Only Specified Center Position with Font Size 12
6.. Title of Section "ABSTRACT" Written with Uppercase Position Center with Bold or Bold Print
7. Abstract Contents Written With Flat Position Left Right With Maximum 250 Word Counts Using Font Size 12
8. Keyword Made With Right-Left Align

Abstract properties
Abstract Is Informative And Descriptive, That Is Data Or Information In Abstract Based On Existing Data And
Facts. And Not Suggested To Include Information That Does Not Have Data And The Facts That Are True In
Abstract Briefly If Taken Conclusion So Abstract Has Properties:
1. Clear
2. Right
3. Summarize
4. Objective
5. Stand Alone