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Haven Rule Book


A Small introduction: Welcome to Haven, and the Haven rulebook. It’s big, and it’s daunting we know. But we wanted our players to have access to all the answers they needed should they look for them. We do not require you to memorize it backwards and forwards (although this never hurts) but every so often you should give it a good read. We do require you to know the basic rules, to know your class, and more importantly, to know our OOG policies and safety instructions. Always keep in mind that you should never be afraid to ask a question. LARPing is about fun, and being part of a community. Everyone should be more then willing to help you here, and if they are not, never EVER be afraid to approach a director or a staff member. That is why they are here, especially if it’s an OOG problem that needs addressing. For little things, make sure the time and place is appropriate (IE don’t ask if something does 4 or 5 in the middle of a huge plot) and remember if it’s an OOG emergency, every time and every place is appropriate. So yes, the rulebook is large and scary but don’t be afraid to learn by doing. Absorb as much as you can, and the rest will come too you as you play the game. Trust us. Just come and have a load of fun, that is really all we care about. The rest will work itself out. Also remember the best place to come and ask questions is www.havenlarp.com => http://www.havenlarp.com/forum/

Objectives: • • • • • • Provide a safe, clean and friendly environment. Provide a fun game (second only because we feel if it’s safe, clean and friendly, it is fun). Provide an experience that includes fun for all types of players. Provide an unbiased, balanced, and fair rules system for all. Remain in compliance with the rules provided for us by the BSA As an organization backed by the Boy Scouts of America, we want to assure the players that we shall remain a true non Profit organization. We also promise that as a non Profit organization our financial records will be made public and easily available to our player base. Simply put, you will see the money you spend to attend events go towards the enrichment and betterment of the game. Also keep in mind as a BSA backed game, we have insurance. Provide a game rich in lore and role-playing. Allow the community to help us evolve and enrich the game so it remains a game for them. Hold integrity over all We promise to uphold the rules we put forth, the in game and out of game ones. We want to give the players as many options as possible so that they feel they have some control over their character and their gaming experience.

• • • • •


Boy Scout Oath, Law, Motto, and Slogan
Scout Oath (or Promise) On my honor I will do my best To do my duty to God and my country And to obey the Scout Law; To help other people at all times; To keep myself physically strong, Mentally awake, and morally straight. Scout Law TRUSTWORTHY A Scout tells the truth. He keeps his promises. Honesty is part of his code of conduct. People can depend on him. LOYAL A Scout is true to his family, Scout leaders, friends, school, and nation. HELPFUL A Scout is concerned about other people. He does things willingly for others without pay or reward. FRIENDLY A Scout is a friend to all. He is a brother to other Scouts. He seeks to understand others. He respects those with ideas and customs other than his own. COURTEOUS A Scout is polite to everyone regardless of age or position. He knows good manners make it easier for people to get along together. KIND A Scout understands there is strength in being gentle. He treats others as he wants to be treated. He does not hurt or kill harmless things without reason. OBEDIENT A Scout follows the rules of his family, school, and troop. He obeys the laws of his community and country. If he thinks these rules and laws are unfair, he tries to have them changed in an orderly manner rather than disobey them. CHEERFUL A Scout looks for the bright side of things. He cheerfully does tasks that come his way. He tries to make others happy. THRIFTY A Scout works to pay his way and to help others. He saves for unforeseen needs. He protects and conserves natural resources. He carefully uses time and property. BRAVE A Scout can face danger even if he is afraid. He has the courage to stand for what he thinks is right even if others laugh at or threaten him. CLEAN A Scout keeps his body and mind fit and clean. He goes around with those who believe in living by these same ideals. He helps keep his home and community clean.


REVERENT A Scout is reverent toward God. He is faithful in his religious duties. He respects the beliefs of others. Scout Motto: Be Prepared Scout Slogan: Do a Good Turn Daily Substance Abuse This is pretty simple. Substance abuse will not be tolerated in any way, shape or form. If you are caught engaging in substance abuse you will be immediately removed from the game and asked to never return. Should you return, authorities will be immediately notified. We highly suggest you not test us on how serious we are about this. Should you ever be found to possess knowledge about such things going on or in the presence of it even without actually engaging yourself, you will be punished accordingly. In fact, should you ever be found to be breaking an actual law (not haven, but a law made by the government) you will be immediately removed from the game and authorities may be involved if we deem necessary. The Haven Staff is extremely serious about providing a safe and clean environment for all its players and we will not allow anyone to compromise that goal. Smoking Those wishing to smoke at Haven events will be required to carry their ID with them to prove they are of the appropriate age in accordance with NJ and PA state law. In addition, smoking will only be permitted in the designated areas at each campground. Personal Hygiene It is the responsibility and requirement of all players to manage their personal hygiene, living quarters and diet during a Haven event. As we have said many times it is important to us to provide a safe and clean environment for all players, including YOU. Often at LARPs players let these things slip by, usually because of the excitement of the game around them, but we ask you to please not do this. Personal hygiene may not be overly important to you, but we can bet it is important to the guy next to you. Please respect yourself and those around you and keep yourself clean and smelling nice, especially in the warm months or events you engage in a lot of physical activity. Your event fee includes the usage of all the camp’s facilities so why not take advantage of them and keep yourself as clean as possible. Please also remember to bring Personal Hygiene products like towels, toilet paper, deodorant, a tooth brush, and toothpaste as well as plenty of extra underwear, socks and under shirts. 4

Aside from the obvious usage. As far as diet goes. especially one that grows and grows over a 72 hour period. As far as living quarters management goes. just keep it clean. please contact or inform a Haven Staff member. baby wipes are amazing at spot cleaning your face and feet. DRINK WATER. Each player will also be responsible for cleaning up their cabin/space they stayed for the weekend. Again. They will help hydrate you and bananas specifically will help prevent cramps from all the physical activity. The Staff members all have lives of their own and cannot afford staying at the camp until 10pm on Sunday cleaning up other people’s messes. please make sure your intake of water is an acceptable one in direct correlation to your amount of physical activity. The effects of dehydration can be severe and we don’t want anyone to experience them first hand. 5 . something we do not suggest you do not test us on. We suggest each player bring some healthy snacks and food to sustain them over the weekend. What we have found over the years is players consume a lot of sugary drinks or energy drinks over a very short period which seems like a really good idea but isn’t. If a player does not do so and a Staff member does not sign off their character card for having cleaned their space. We all know it’s a lot easier to make a mess than it is to clean one up. If you continue to be a repeat offender the penalties will grow and possibly turn into semi-permanent or permanent bans. stew or chili Friday nights as well as some sort of simple breakfast Saturday mornings. So why just NOT make a mess? It’s also very inconsiderate to not maintain your personal quarters when you share them with others who may not want to live in a mess for the whole weekend. packages of carrots and celery etc are all good things. We will also provide various drinks for in-game coin over the course of the weekend (non-alcoholic of course). We will also try our best to provide (at a small cost per serving) some sort of soup. We cannot stress this enough. and believe it or not they are absolutely amazing at make up removal for anyone PCing or NPCing a race that requires a lot of make up. Things like granola bars.Another good suggestion for all players is to pack a container of baby wipes. At first the penalty will simply be that you do not receive build. and last but not least DRINK WATER. The cost of this meal is included in your weekend fee. If you have any dietary special needs that you require assistance with. bagels. Fruits like apples and bananas are also great. DRINK WATER. So why not make it easier on everyone including yourself and just keep it clean. they will not receive build for the event. We want everyone to be happy and healthy over the course of the weekend. Haven will always provide an in-game dinner on Saturday nights many LARPers have begun referring to over the years in many games as "The Feast".

The other two signatures go on the back of your character card. A failure to pay for the event will result in your not being allowed to play the game until you pay for the event that you missed out on. Go right to a Staff member. At your first check in. you don’t just hurt us as we try to run the game. The next signature goes right below that one. On the back. For tips on character card management at the game see the Character Creation Guide. we cannot run them. Failure to hand a card in can also result in docked build. Director’s Call is Always Final In the collective experience of LARPing shared by the four Staff members. There is an NPC shift schedule or you can sign up for a kitchen shift. Haven Staff are always available to our players during the weeks between events. If someone is not on this list and tries to tell you they should be or they are new and aren't on the list or something similar. this goes for everyone. We will have detailed lists of all our authoritative positions available at all times in logistics and on the website. there is a place for a kitchen shift and an NPC shift. This is extremely important as most of the camps as well as the BSA need records of who is on the premises at all times. If we lose money on events. All special cases must be approved by the Director of Logistics. which makes us have to pull money from other places which eventually leads to us losing money on events. Regardless of your situation. We are willing to work with you to enable you to attend an event if you have some sort of special situation. you will be asked to fill out an application to the Boy Scouts.Your Character Card When you arrive at an event. In fact that's a really good rule of thumb to follow for any situation you are not sure about. We ask that all players new and old do not succumb to this. but either way. The Cleanup Task space will be signed by a staff member once they have seen that you have cleaned both the area that you stayed in and a group area that was assigned to you. We will not deal with special situations at events. After this. you will pay and then you will receive your character card. so you need to check in immediately. Your character card needs three signatures from staff on the back. a permission form to use photos of you on our website and our rules of conduct for an event. you hurt the other players because that money can no longer help pay for the camp. we still need to pay for the camp site that you are using and we are providing a game to you that you would not otherwise have access to. you need to complete this shift and get it signed by a Staff member. the game will contain a lot less confusion. it is too difficult and time-consuming to deal with as well as unfair to us when we are trying to run an event. 6 . When you fail to pay. One of these two places needs to be signed off when you hand your card in. All three of these signatures must be present on your character card or we will dock build. the first thing you must do is check in. but you must talk to us before the event. you should see a Director immediately. If you follow this rule of thumb. the one thing we have all seen is people either lying about their position/station in a game or people really believing they hold some kind of power/authority that they do not. The first signature is put on there when you check in to indicate that you have paid.

This rule states that no characters of a single player can know each other. This is the Wikipedia entry on Metagaming: http://en. or left behind items -NPCs and marshals should do there best to mark players cards for used buffs. go find one of the four Directors ASAP. 7 . or any other material or immaterial goods either directly or through a third party. clean up after yourself. As it stands now. money.wikipedia. But in the end. the responsibility is the players. Other things to note -Leave all campsites and area’s we use better then we found them -Obey all posted speed limits inside camps (this should go without saying) -Only ride in a car. titles. not gains. knowledge. Should anyone ever be caught posing as a position they are not. So keep yourself up to date on who is who. One warning we will give: Do not play the "Mommy/Daddy" game with the four Directors or any kind of Haven Staff for that matter. If anything ever looks or sounds fishy. they will be immediately be asked to leave Haven and not return. the four staff members are: Michael U (Forum Account HavenRules) Director of Rules Luke G (Forum Account HavenPlot) Director of Plot Zabby U (Forum Account HavenLogistics) Director of Logistics Cathy G (Forum Account HavenCreative) Creative Director The Head Marshal is: Ralph M (Forum Account Ralph) Metagaming Metagaming is the act of taking information your character does not or could not know and using it in the game. This is known as the ‘Clark Kent’ rule. or have any relationship between each other in any way. simple as that. never on it or outside of it -Haven LARP staff is NOT responsible for any lost. and no one else’s. If you ever try to play directors/staff /marshals against each other to get what you want. This is in regard to expenditures. -No one is your maid.org/wiki/Metagame It is recommended that all players read their description of metagaming to ensure they are within the rules. A subcategory of the metagaming rules pertains to characters and alts/npcs (Alternate characters played by the same player). it will not be taken lightly. Depending on the situation it could carry penalties as heavy as a permanent ban from the game. abilities and points.We have seen some random people convince new players of some pretty outlandish stuff and we don’t want anyone to fall into that trap. it could also compromise the safety of the players and that is something we will not tolerate. Doing so not only compromises the integrity of the game. They may not trade items.

These are the only designated people to marshal this. never go far away with it from its owner. I want to touch upon IG (in game) or RP theft. There are some areas that are off limits. There is a system for pick pockets. That being said. so make the choice carefully. plot will act accordingly. do not trade them off once you get them. OOG personal affects. you are immediately. don’t eat peoples food or drink their drink without permission. it is that simple. And on that same note take responsibility for your own things. but “thems the breaks” as they say. to find a director or rules marshal. pouches etc. storing personal items etc. if you aren’t even comfortable with this. Now other OOG items (such as clothing. Phys reps are technically OOG (Out of game) items. Don’t do it. If you do not want them taken. or car keys or cell phone. thus if at any time we think we cannot handle it the police will be called.) that are technically IG items should never be stolen. These are things people rely on OOG for things like weather.In game theft We have touched upon out of game theft (IE real life theft) the policy is really easy. It is generally understood in LARPing that anything under a bunk is off limits. Another off limits place is under your bunk. Do not stash people items. and not ok. If you ever are forced to lift someone else’s OOG phys rep. This is generally where people store costuming. 8 . You are never to enter into another cabin to steal without a rules marshal or director. which could result in something horrible. and follow the rules above and immediately find a rules marshal or director. it is that simple. then your only option is to store things in your vehicle and carry your car keys with you. again not ok. if you choose to steal something that is represented by someone’s OOG phys rep. We understand that sometimes someone won’t be available to help you. OOG you are choosing to become responsible for it. This also extends to perishables. it is simply not fair. use it. Again. You may lift someone’s pouch to find there allergy medicine is in it. At that point the director will probably take the item from you and become responsible for it. People’s personal space is a sacred thing to us at Haven and we won’t violate it for the sake of the game. this is people’s personal property. thus you should never steal IG items from the kitchen. let them know what happened and what you took and from who. You may also make area notes or write on index cards things like ((OOG cabinet. and without exception. You may accidentally take someone’s cell phone. This is a tricky subject when you are dealing with anything other then cards. and in this game are RP consequences. If you feel the need to swipe a whole pouch.)). It’s a law in real life. don’t worry. IE the kitchen is for the most part an OOG place. Maintain separate bags for your OOG and IG materials so there is never any confusion. Now if you are placed in a situation where you sleep on the floor. That being said if people are caught stashing things in the kitchen and abusing this rule. Do not go through the person’s belongings yourself. If someone is back there they are doing an OOG service for the game. don’t leave them around. and it should be treated with respect. everything in here is OOG and off limits. Cabin raiding This is an entirely different kind of theft. and food. That being said. The rule in affect is anything under a giant white cloth or white sheet is considered OOG. This is a game. And never put down anything containing OOG materials like your medicines.

Maybe they went to go NPC and just dumped stuff out. Sometimes holds are called for the description of something IG. Saying (or if necessary yelling) “HOLD” is like hitting pause on a console video game. make up. Hold Rule and Bear Rule These are very simple. and don’t call it for silly or outlandish reasons. You never know. And beyond that you must bring a receipt or some similar proof of purchase to be properly reimbursed. For non make up based roles this can become very confusing for those around you. and the faster it happens the better. We aren’t asking you to make any real life alterations or buy anything extravagant or expensive. multiple PCs or permanent NPC roles you fill. glasses. Every player is demanded to respect both sides of the Hold. Don’t ask it to gleam IG info. use common sense. Above all else. Sometimes while LARPing you may not know if someone is NPCing a creature lurking about or if you are about to approach a real life bear in the woods. be that Alts.If people are found to be hiding in game items that should be IG in OOG places. Again. 9 . this is larp code for requesting recognition that this is part of the game and not real life danger. But sometimes unfortunately they are called for an OOG reason. or feel right. If something doesn’t look right. quiet up. it just makes the game a lot smoother for everyone. make up. accents etc.” Play it safe. and listen up. and under garments. and the quieter everyone is the less confusion there is. like hairstyle. If you see a pile of IG coin in a pile next to a cell phone. some sort of safety measure. or some other easily identifiable clue between each character that those around you can easily tell them apart and know how to address you. the directors will take this on a case by case basis and act accordingly. are all acceptable to recycle along with other similar things. The bear rule is another simple one. especially at night. Everyone is to stop what they are doing. It can be simple things. meaning when its called respect it. just walk away. Purchasing for the game All purchases must go through the director of logistics before they are made in the name of Haven. Maybe they lost something. cool and friendly and everything should be safe as houses. Appearance and Multiple Characters The nature of LARPing means that eventually you will have multiple long standing characters of some kind. in addition to the brunt of your costumes being different. Maybe they had a real life emergency and had to run out. everyone is expected to respect both sides of this. walk away. Simply ask the darkness rustling about you if it’s a real bear or not. and don’t refuse to answer for the sake of staying in your role. Or grab it all and go immediately to a director and say “I think someone lost there cell phone or had their bag dumped out on them. an injury etc. But overall please make sure your characters look different enough that people can tell them apart. It is not worth earning a few coin in game. So we ask that you please make sure that there be a signifigant difference in costume. Boots.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help or assistance. Disguises are short lived and work only on NPCs for plot reasons. it is earned every 5 events dependent on your class make up • Nothing is level dependent. and everyone understands that. Be familiar with the rules as best as you can your first events. but there are alternatives. but NPCs can • PCs cannot do traditional sorcery as most people see it. Skills that center off a spell packet will never exist in this game. • No true disguises. The best thing to know as a new player is the section entitled “Basic ability descriptions”. Haven General Rules A list of things to keep in mind while viewing the rules.Rules A little note about the rules: don’t be afraid of learning while doing. • PCs cannot perform necromancy. • There are no stuns. We feel such items cause confusion and promote cheating whether intentional or not. it is always the same rank to stop confusion. then afterwards try to sort it out. and if you find someone being overly impatient with you. come to a director or marshal. so knowing this section will make combat a breeze for you. or Crit a Flurry. Permanent creation will not be in the hands of the PCs as it tends to get out of hand.“Stagger – Mez 10 seconds) anyway. THE SKILL DESCRIPTION ALWAYS OVERRIDES THE GENERAL RULE THE SPIRIT OF THE RULE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE LETTER 10 . • No real bows. We would rather a small mistake be glossed over for the sake of keeping combat flowing. But NPCs will exist that can. we use spell packet archery (safety first) • If a skill is ever on two lists. Try to ask these questions out of actual combat though. • Vitality is not bought. merely to keep things fun. This is not a license to cheat. But most magic items will be X uses or semi-permanent to keep the items spread out to more players and to keep from creating a large imbalance. We believe all skills should be able to be marshaled by the user. then you can easily engage in combat. our version of AOE will be explained later. everything is based off of the number of build spent in a list. • Items will not exist that replenish points. what you have is what you have. • Skills do not chain together IE you cannot Crit +1/Cleave. This is to prevent instant gratification upon multi-classing. but LARPing is about learning by doing. Skills that center off a person are very rare and found only with NPCs and in Prestige Classes. If you know these. Everything requires you to state the effect after it is used (IE. so that magic items can be sent out however we see fit. in no particular order • There are no direct vitality (body) attacks available to PCs • No true AOE in the core rules. This is to cut down on holds and combat confusion.

Progression information
• • The amount of build you have divided by ten = your level. Players will start with ten build + X, X being the number of events Haven has had before but not including the event the character was created. A Player gains a 2 build blanket per event, this will never change. o Additional sources of build include 1 purchasable build as well as service and role-playing point conversion equal to 2 build; either from 20 service points, 20 role-playing point, or 10 of each. Totaling 5 build per event. Haven sometimes offers special opportunities for ALL players to receive additional build, but these are rare. o 10 role-playing points convert to 1 build. o 10 service points convert to 1 build. Starting build will scale as the game grows older so newer players do not ever feel useless. A player’s build will never be less than 10 (starting) + the total number of events Haven has run. A PC may retire their character in a number of ways to receive build towards a new PC. See the section on resurrecting. Should a person leave for a long time and return to the game to find their build total is below the build a new player would start with, they are bumped to that number and allowed to spend it before the game begins. We do not allow players to purchase back events, you must pre register or attend an event to be able to pay for it and receive the build.

• • • •

Please note: the build spent to buy a class does not affect anything, not vitality, not pre reqs, and not armor Profs. Please note: when you purchase a racial skill, you designate which class it counts as build spent towards. All lower lists purchased cost ten build. The exceptions to this being, your first list which is free, and an Elosian’s first multi class. Terms Base List - Lower List Prestige Class (PrC) - Higher List Core Class – Your first class Trade – A job that is represented by a list at our game. Obtained by learning the tradesman list or opting into it with another base list. Please remember, opting in to a trade does not make you a tradesman. Tradesman is its own class, and thus carries its own perks.


Profession - A job or craft that cannot be represented by a list in the game or that we chose not to. Examples might be: cook/chef, brewer, cobbler etc. Not to be confused with a trade represented by the tradesman list. Resource Profession - a Profession that could potentially gather up some kind of resource: Mining, farmer, fisherman etc. These professions cost two build to start, but can be spent into. See the resource supplement for more details. The System for Resource professions can be found on the website as a supplement to the rulebook.


General Non-Class Specific Rules
Base Classes
Arcane-Uses Arcane Points Mage Psion Divine-Uses Divine Points Cleric Shaman Druid Divine Adept Martial-Uses Physical Points Fighter Rogue Archer Monk Support Medic- Uses Physical Points Tradesmen 4 VP (vitality points) Mage Rogue Shaman Psion 6 VP Archer Cleric Druid 8 VP Tradesman Monk Divine Adept 10 VP Fighter Medic Vitality for prestige classes varies. As you enter a prestige class, you choose which base class the build will go towards. The build must be put into one of the classes used to fulfill the prerequisites for the prestige class. If you somehow meet the prereqs for a prestige class with a prestige class, continue upon your current trend of vitality.

Vitality is not purchased - it is earned every 5 events. The vitality you gain on every 5th event is determined by the class you have the most build spent into. You also gain an increment of vitality your first event dependent on your core class. The Vitality breakdown is as follows for the base classes.


Armor Proficiency
At Haven you cannot just wear any armor you want. Armor is dependent upon the class you have the most build spent in and not all abilities or spells can be used while wearing all types of armor. We feel this helps keep within the lore and the RP of the world. Each armor Prof will be given a designated max amount of armor points that if you breach, you move into the next category. A marshal may allow the player to forgo the extra armor (thus stopping at the cap) points to remain in their allowed armor Prof. Also note a character with armor Prof also receives all armor Profs below their listed Prof. IE fighters receive Heavy armor Prof, thus they can wear all armors. All armor must be part of a suit, all on one item card. Only one suit of armor can be worn at a time. A suit can be added and subtracted from, but requires a new card. If you only wear part of a suit, you only gain the AP and properties that particular part is evaluated for. See the Crafting/Item supplement for more on armor. No Armor Prof- Simply put no armor can be worn. You can wear small pieces like bracers or a shoulder guard for looks, but they can provide you with no in game AP. Light Armor Prof- This is Leather and similar armor, between 1 and 20 armor points. Medium Armor Prof- Armors like chain mail, scale mail, heavy hide or half plate, between 21 and 40 armor points. Heavy armor-Usually just full plate, but a medium armor phys rep with enough coverage may move into the Heavy armor category; 41 points and above. Mages, Monks, Psions, Tradesmen, and Shamans: All receive no armor Prof and if they ever receive an armor point from physical armor they cannot cast their spells or use abilities (Tradesmen excluded from this). Monks lose access to all abilities if wearing armor except for staff (calling damage and blocking only). This stipulation always exists regardless of what class they have the most build spent in. This stipulation includes all shields save the buckler for Mage, Psion and Shaman; a Monk may never use a shield. Rogues and Archers: Receive Light armor Prof. Should a Rogue or Archer don more than Light armor, they lose access to all of their abilities except the usage of weapons (calling damage and blocking only). This stipulation always exists regardless of what class they have the most build spent into. It also includes medium and large shields. Druids, Clerics, and Medics: Receive medium armor Prof. They may continue to use their abilities if they don heavier armor with the following exceptions: -A Medic must keep his arms unfettered to use his skills. This does not include bracers or a buckler. -A Druid’s armor must be at least 80% non metal or the Druid loses access to all his or her prayers. -Those two stipulations always exist regardless of what class they have the most build spent into.


claws are considered a small weapon. **We as staff felt 2 handers are underrepresented in LARPs because they lack their real life advantage and are hard to connect with. you also need Dual Weapon Stle to wield a claw and 1HE/B. 15 . should they multi-class. You do not need Lesser Dual Weapon Style to wield two claws but you need it for claw and Small Weapon. Dual weapon styles Lesser Dual Weapon Style. Divine Adepts: receive the armor Prof of their Ethos. thus we wanted to make it worthwhile when you finally did connect. *****In dual wielding situations. ***A staff can be blocked with while being held with one hand. To do this. character must RP drawing and firing an arrow with the spell packet. But. This rule is subject to change if 2 handers become over powered.Two 1 Handed Edged/Blunt Weapon Abbreviations 1 HE = One Handed Edged 1 HB = One Handed Blunt 2 HE = Two Handed Edged 2 HB = Two Handed Blunt Weapon Costs and Damage (dmg) Weapon Type Small Weapon 1 HE/ 1 HB Staff*** Bastard Edged/Blunt/Spear 2 HE/2HB/pole arm** Bow/X-bow Thrown Weapon Build Cost 1 2 2 4 5 5 1 Hands Required 1 1 2 1 or 2 2 2 1 Damage Dealt 2 dmg 2 dmg 2 dmg 3 dmg 1H/ 5 dmg 2H 6 dmg* 4 dmg 1 dmg * Natural weapon Profs and Strengths double for 2 handed edged or blunt and pole arms.One 1 handed Edged/Blunt & one Small Weapon Greater Dual Weapon Style. wand or shield with your other hand. they may wear any armor at any time. they must adhere to any restrictions set forth by said class. **** Bow . A bastard sword wielded with 2 hands does not receive this benefit.PC may use a bow defensively as if it were a staff. the PC may call any defenses that require a weapon. When firing a non skill shot. the staff needs to be 60” or shorter and you can never strike with it while holding it with one hand. but you cannot wield a weapon.Two small weapons Dual Weapon Style.Fighters: receive Heavy armor Prof. and with a bow in hand.

it changes the damage of all attacks.Anyone may pick up claw phys reps of MA size and use them to represent fists.54" • Staff/Polearm 45” -72” • Buckler/Small Shield . like small weapon and spear. These may still not be called with brawling.42" • Bastard 42" . You may swing 1 dmg augmented only by str. (not 26 ice). they are not considered weapons (for spells and buffs) and you may not touch cast with them. Weapon Lengths • Small weapon 16 . ~~Brawling .Ranger's Sword 47" Buckler 13 – 16” diameter Scimitar 33 – 38” Turkish two handed scimitar 48” 17th Century Dagger 17” 1 handed mace 28” Poignard/ Main Gauge 21” 16 .60" • Spear 45" .22" (If a throwing phys rep can be 6-22”) • 1 handed 24" . ~~~The skills Crit and Parry may be called with any weapons the character knows how to use. And if you block with them you still take the damage. This is not considered a skill. or anything similar. thus you cannot purchase profs for it. you devastate for 25 ice.34" Italian Hand and a Half 53” Viking axe 33” Viking Spear (head 16”) on 4' .~ The skill thrown weapon gives one the ability to throw spell packets for one dmg (or appropriate phys reps – see crafting supplement and Bandoliers) or gives people the ability to throw other “thrown” weapons with the proper safe approved phys reps. + If you have a spell or weapon or ability that changes your damage type. This even over rides ranged/non ranged restrictions. even if those weapons are not on the list the character purchased crit and parry with.no more than 16" diameter • Medium shield no more than 24" diameter or 28" x 20" • Large shield no larger than 54" x 30" Also here are a few historical references to the lengths: Katana 24” or more Wakizashi 12 – 22” Butterfly Swords (small weapons) 14” Ming Dynasty sword 34” Bo Stick 72” Fighting sticks 4’ – 5’ Pudao (pole arm) 70” Tom Cruise in the Last Samurai 41" Roman Pugio (sidearm) 19” Roman combat spears 45 – 52” Roman Gladius 30 . IE if you have +1 ice.5' base Damascus Viking sword 36” Viking Kite shield 54” x 30” Scottish Dirk 21” Celtic Falcate 26” Claymore 48” LOTR . You may use no skills that require a weapon.48" • 2 handed 48" .

lores. IE to get 5th rank ability. The two most common ways to reach the Mortally Wounded stage are: 1) Remain at 0 VP for 4 minutes 2) Receiving a “mortal wound” • • • Inflicting a Mortal Wound 17 .Skill/Rank System • • • • • Each lower list contains 5 ranks of skills/abilities. Note: the names ‘Near Dead’ and ‘Mortally Wounded’ were chosen because if said in-game it does not sound necessarily OOG. Rank of skill = Point cost Pre-Req for a rank is: o 0/15/30/45/55 build spent in the list Build spent into buying an additional class does not count towards this pre-req To obtain the next rank in a given path. 21-30=12. 71-80=32. There is only 0 and positive numbers. 41-50=20. 11-20=8. o Languages. and racial abilities (assigned to a class when purchased). • • • 1-10=4 build into points. etc… Death System Negative Vitality does not exist. you begin your death count by entering the first stage. 101-110=44. you must follow the build spent formula and have two abilities from the previous rank. An ability’s point cost = rank Only 4 out of every ten build spent in a class can be spent on points for that class. 61-70=28. attack and defense. o abilities bought with the class. 111-120=48. The death count consists of two stages. To purchase a 5th rank defense ability the fighter must have 55 build spent into warrior generically and have two 4th rank defensive abilities. 4 minutes each. 51-60=24. Build spent into a class includes: o points bought with the class. 31-40=16. o Near Dead Stage (first 4 minutes) any sort of healing will bring you back up. you need 55 build spent into that list (not including the build spent on what you are learning) and two 4th rank abilities from that path. as well as first aid which brings you to 1 VP. o skills purchased through that list. o Mortally Wounded Stage (second 4 minutes) special skills can bring you back out of your death count. 121-130=52. 81-90=36. 91-100 =40. If you ever reach 0 vitality. Fighters have two paths.

you cannot be in motion while saying the verbal and you cannot take any movement between the verbal and the calling of the damage. 18 . Either can decline to continue the process at any time. and can defend against it appropriately. a killing blow or KB) can be administered by anyone. So. For example: “With fire I cast fireball and inflict a mortal wound 20 fire!” If a mortal wound is in anyway intercepted. You may also inflict a mortal wound by placing your hand upon the opponent’s torso (still must be near dead) by mixing the verbal of the spell and the mortal wound verbal. The OOC details are as followed. It is part of the basic training and powers of these classes. The Process of Resurrecting Shaman. Each character starts with a bag of 10 white marbles. the dead person knows who is raising them and vice versa. Please note mortal wounds are intended to be epic blows.• • • A Mortal Wound (or as many know it. please deliver them as such. the interceptor takes the dmg. the choice is yours. Also when using a weapon to deliver the target must be within weapon’s reach while you say the verbal and you must legally strike the target’s torso as per a weapon hit (90 degrees). o Continue to lay down dead as your body. druid. This costs no build to learn or points to use. Simply place your hand or weapon upon the opponent’s torso (keep in mind said opponent must be in the near dead stage) and say “Inflict mortal wound X damage” X being 1 if you are bare-handed. The RP of each ritual/rite is found in game. Then striking the opponents torso with the attack. but we feel the other rules of death and dying balance this out. or the number and type of weapon damage if you use a weapon. Players will not carry their bags on them. both people can see each other for who they are. staff will provide cloth bags and jars of marbles every event at whatever the designated IG place for resurrection takes place. o Should a person ever spend 4 minutes in the mortally wounded stage. One thing to note though. o The verbal for a Mortal Wound must be said clearly and concisely and spoken above a whisper. they are now dead and have two choices: o Put on the properly colored head band and become a spirit to find someone of a divine class with the ability to resurrect. divine adept and cleric will all be able to resurrect from the start. IE you cannot just place a weapon on a targets torso and leave it there while saying the verbal and calling the damage. This describes the resurrection from the dead person’s point of view. When you inflict a mortal wound. Keep in mind there will be section on your character card marking off how many black and white marbles your character retains. Also a marshal must oversee the resurrection. Aside: We know you can mortally wound someone with great speed.

19 . This was implemented to keep the bad blood and drama out of our game that PvP has brought to so many others. you draw two marbles. that player may not play his character for 4 hours or until the end of the period. • One white and one black: means one black is added for the death. First off. as you are about see. Simply put. a black marble is not added nor will a white marble be taken away. too short of a killing blow. you “receive” your bag with ten white marbles in it but do not have to interact with it in any way. The second time you die. but still create level turn over in the game without losing the heart and soul of the in game world. • You may not play your character for 4 hours or until the end of the period.Mortally wounding a Near Dead friend because you lack the ability to heal him) massive penalties will be laid forth. Every other time you die. This gives you some assurance you won’t waste time or money on a PC. there are many options set forth before you to allow you to keep a character a long time. Player vs. whichever is shorter. whichever is shorter. we set forth to give a player an option wherever and whenever possible. we set forth a series of rules to keep death and dying fair. when rezzing from a PvP death there is no interaction or change in the players marble count. • Two black marbles: means your character has permanently died. Therefore. an unfair NPC. this negates about 90% of LARP death arguments. Whether it was an over powered skill. a LARP death is the biggest field for the blame game. and you resurrect. Not only do we want players to feel they have control over their own personal world. then you must refer to the results section below. and in the hands of you as the player. or what is referred to as Perma-Death. These are the results for the possible outcomes when drawing marbles: • Two white marbles: means one black marble is added for the death and you resurrect. we also do not want to give anyone any extra chances to play the “blame game. you are guaranteed a certain number of deaths before chance comes into play. May never have less than four white marbles. and it would be hard to argue against it.” In all our life’s experience.• • • When you die the first time. Giving or receiving a PvP death that adds a black marble has its own system which we will discuss later. PvP deaths do not add a black marble. Secondly. If a player dies as a result of a PvP related conflict. but also won’t change the way you play because you know you only have one rez left. And thirdly. “still had time on my death count” etc… LARP death is always a point of contention. A Quick Aside: As was stated earlier when we made these rules. Our death system is very generous and fair. Player Deaths • Marble Counts do not change. If players are found abusing this rule (IE. and one white is taken away. Rituals and rites involved in the Death and Dying system. Instead. you must place one black marble in the bag.

Clerics receive the rite of true resurrection after spending 70 build into the Cleric list. We would never force a PC to spend money they don’t have. retain all memories and positions.The basic resurrection as described earlier. True Resurrection (Light Cleric only) .You must choose to do this rite before drawing marbles. once that box is checked on a card. there is no build or marble change. True Resurrection and Reincarnation share the same box on your card. This can only be performed on a character once ever. This is for people who caught a bit of bad luck but really like the character and don’t want to lose them. but the body weakens in the sense that you retire your character and must spend your retired build back into your original core class. friends. The upside is you come back. A person who received a legitimate reincarnate may spend the same amount (IE 20 . Player comes back with full vitality and devoid of physical ailment. You keep your items and memories and such. One thing to note. the power of the rite is so much that death cannot force you to draw a marble. and draw two black marbles upon resurrecting. it remains forever checked. You lose all your black marbles from your bag and your white marble count is set back to ten. If a Heavy makeup PC wishes to exercise their right to reroll within 6 months but remain the same PC (different race) in game they may receive this ritual. The soul strengthens and the body weakens. your time isn’t necessarily up. or wear make-up they can’t wear). That is the soul getting stronger. any one-time per character rites or skills are all wiped away. A person beyond the 6 months may still be RP reincarnated but spends 5 black marbles and loses one white marble for the change. Reincarnation can only ever be received once. items etc. it is understood). the body is not required. When you are reincarnated. but the only affect is the race change. you add two black marbles (instead of one) to your bag. You are “you”. Rite of Reincarnation (Druid only) . but having the body makes the process faster. You can choose to retire into a brand new character or be reincarnated by a Druid. no exceptions ever. one for race. A marshal must be present for all resurrections and rituals. but lower level.If you ever die. no exceptions ever.If you receive this resurrection. True Resurrection can only ever be received once. you just come back as a random race and class. See the Divine section for the Ritual of Resurrection. it remains forever checked. but you do not draw. and one for class. Clerics receive this rite once they have 50 build spent into cleric. You retire your character back into your character. there will be an alternate chart for the near human races only. When you receive this rite. Reincarnation itself does not overcome this rule. (Keep in mind if you can’t afford to play a make-up or prosthetic heavy race or just don’t want to.All of these rituals exist and are common knowledge to a PC. Greater Resurrection (Cleric only) . you come back fully restored as if you receive a heal all. once that box is checked on a card. you lose all black marbles and your white marble count is set to ten. and it is not checked on their card. When you are reincarnated it is similar to true resurrection except you roll on two random charts. True Resurrection itself does not overcome this rule. All divine classes have access to this ritual for free (does not appear on their card. Rite of Resurrection. True Resurrection and Reincarnation share the same box on your card.

they lose all of their good aligned abilities. PrCs etc…) that their build will allow. OOG this allows you to re-spend all of your build. (If you wish to enter into an alignment based list you must consult with the proper marshal beforehand. Keep in mind though. You come back as an NPC (requires proper marshal/director approval). IE simply destroying a body will not deny a person True Raising). in exchange for the juiced up stats and the ability to keep the character in some way shape or form. If Plot/Staff feels you were a suitable enough villain that they can make use of you. In-between events you can travel to an NPC who will resurrect you. • If a PC with a good aligned list ever receives the ritual of True Raising.) You tell the Shaman what class you wish to become. one month later (next event) your body raises as a creature appropriate to one of the evil gods (regardless of what happens to it. skills. Other Notes For a person who has ticked off every divine person so badly they cannot get resurrected or simply can’t find someone to do it. Ritual of Soul Searching (Shaman only) – For the price of adding two black marbles to your bag (it’s very taxing to have done) a Shaman can pay the spirits with your soul essence. but there race is still determined randomly. when you come back as a creature of an evil god. The marshal must also sign off their approval on your character card.start with it) to keep as many of their originals stats as possible (IE class. do not fret. and you agree to the exchange you may become an NPC under the guidance of plot. which will allow you to go on a soul search. your soul is removed and it is replaced with the soul of a greater evil being. you are Perma-Dead. You still have your thoughts and personality. 21 . and if desired pick a new core class. but it usually holds some kind of catch or stipulation. Clerics receive the rite of true resurrection after spending 70 build into the Cleric list. (If this ever gets out of hand it will be reviewed). True Raising (Dark Cleric only) – This rite is cast upon the living and only if the recipient is willing. A Druid with 50 build spent into the list may perform the Rite of Reincarnation. A Shaman with 30 build spent into the list may perform the Ritual of Soul Searching. with the same stats on your card. as well as anyone else viewing the ritual. And last but not least. no bonuses. This could mean one of two things: • You come back still as a PC. Also. not even reincarnation. This is effectively retiring the character as it becomes an NPC. No spell or rite can save you. just with the detriments of being a creature of an evil god. An evil cleric may perform this ritual upon himself or another. there is no coming back from being True Raised. but zero morality. A marshal must be present and approve of the ritual for it to take place. The next time you die. Pretty much a PC who has died so many times he is pretty sure he won’t come back next time gets one last hurrah. Once you die in this form. You may do this as many times as you wish so long as you continue to add the two black marbles to your count. you are now under all the rules and restrictions of a permanent NPC. and he is aware of it as the ritual is performed.

but it does bring you closer to dying forever. The one exception to this is you can always be killed by your own soul blade. unlike a PvP death not involving a soul blade. and will cost the same amount for everyone. • Soul blades are the only way to give or receive a black marble via a PvP death. Only discussion involving the resurrection can take place. any cheesing or metagaming done here will carry severe penalties. Non latent buffs do not count towards your 5 limit. oaths. as we said earlier. • If you are mortally wounded by a soul blade and die. no way around it whatsoever. Nothing stops this. Notes for Abilities/Spells/Prayers • • • • Point cost = Rank # 5 ranks in each path The ability description always overrides the general rule. A marshal must be there to witness a pact made or it is null and void. When you resurrect from a soul blade death. anyone caught with a soul blade is to be immediately executed with it. And ironically the in-game law states. 22 . Herena. “The Dark Elf named Sturm”. but still follow all other rules concerning buffs. and can only be killed by a soul blade once every 365 days. You also cannot have two armor spells at the same time regardless of the source or amount. You can also speak to each other in a limited fashion. and pacts. you cannot perma-death from a soul blade. • Soul blades will be available to all. but only for 10 gold” and the dead person could reply “Deal” or “How about for 5 gold?” things of that nature. Soul Blades That Soul blades exist is common knowledge around the world. • A person can only kill with a soul blade once every 365 days.With that in mind. the stipulation of not being able to play your PC for the rest of the period as the result of a PvP death is lifted. it’s not a huge problem. any pact made between the resurrecter and one being resurrected must be upheld by both sides. If it is ever reneged in any fashion. except the outcome is different: White / White = +1 Black White / Black = +1 Black and minus one white (min 4 white) Black / Black = +1 Black and minus one white Simply put. • If you receive a black marble from a soul blade death. Something not ok would be “Who killed you?”. IE you cannot have a Stoneskin from an earth Mage and a Stoneskin from a Druid at the same time. the goddess of truths. immediately strikes dead the person who goes back on their deal. But seeing as a marshal is required to resurrect. So a Cleric could say something like “I will rez you. it is an immediate Director comes out and plot kills you. No duplicate effects/No stacking of effects. you still draw marbles. you can see each other in the whole resurrection process. The catch is. • Soul Blades only last a month upon creation. you receive a black marble upon resurrecting. so make sure you know when you want it.

If a poison or disease is not labeled. IE: if you pin someone and do not call out the right or left specifically. If the item cannot be disarmed. such as a cup. or they have a spell on them similar enough to prevent it from working. For example if you are a Monk/Air Mage or an Air and Water Mage. If you use an ability. or OOG items that can be explained IG. Buffs do not end at the period change. Martial arts claws are considered a free hand. and each casting requires its own proper verbal usage. In the previous example. you should drop what is in your right hand if it is something that can be disarmed. see below. unless stated otherwise. Verbals may not be shorthanded. despite the source. If a defensive spell is refused by a player. Or. firewood. the target should automatically pin his right foot. If you use a spell packet delivered ability that affects a specific limb. with one swing. points are not exchanged. Any similar abilities that have a "cool down" time share the same time limit. you may have one on yourself. and some the weapon. and due to their nature you may choose to overwrite all other dmg types with them. Unless otherwise noted all channeled spells and abilities are interrupted if you take damage or are displaced. a blanket. but its designed for balance and you will pick it up fast. 23 . Greater poisons or diseases are generally reserved for plot(s) or plot based skills and attacks. To cast any spell you must have a free hand to do so. if you swing +1 fire from the Fire list. not once each every 60 seconds. you may now swing 4 fire. This includes missing with anything. This is commonly referred to as the “5 Second rule”. Defenses used to stop a skill must be called within 5 seconds of being hit with the skill you desire to stop. but does not state which hand. while using a "movement skill" you cannot carry someone with you. Some of these spells affect the target. This does not include buff refusal. The free hand can be the one that delivers the spell packet or touch.• • • • • • • • • • • • • • You may only ever have 5 foreign latent buffs on you at a time. etc. Unless otherwise stated all abilities from a list with a verbal require the proper verbal to be said. So if a person who swings 1 receives an aid (+1 divine to target) and an ice blade (+1 ice to the weapon) they are now swinging 3 ice. and one on the weapon (remember similar buffs don’t stack and this includes non latent dmg buffs on people and weapons. IE buffs you did not cast yourself. alive or dead. state “no effect”. A PC may choose to give up a buff at will. or 4 ice. you MUST take the affect. IG items. If you have two sources of extra damage you swing the type most recently received (remember you can always deny a buff). Lesser poison/disease is anything from a lower list or the general rulebook unless otherwise stated.) In the case of rituals or magic weapons or weapons of a special metal. Grace of Air. and you may touch cast with them if you have MA. Wind Walk and Skate can only be used once every 60 seconds. it is assumed it is the right one. it is considered lesser. if you do not call out the target limb. You may not swing two types of damage at once. if someone telekinetic disarms you. you still swing the most recent damage. It must be free of any weapons. regardless of the outcome. Temporary spells that effect damage work as follows. you spent the points and it was used. Unless it specifically states such. Permanent +1s gained from PrCs do not count as a buffs. Sounds confusing. or bring someone with you. If you do not call a defense within 5 seconds.

24 . STR +1 is a skill by name. General Information Strengths The difference between +1 STR and STR +1 Like Weapon Prof +1. But +1 STR can be cumulative. Therefore someone with STR +1 who gets via a spell +1 STR has +2 STR. that gives you +1 Str.• “Invoke” is considered a verbal. But STR +1 and STR +2 = +2. Therefore two applications of STR +1 still = +1.

one person calling a defense does not stop the chain effect. a general note about these abilities. Also. Missing with the spell packet represents spell failure. and Arcs must be within line of sight of the caster. and go out to 10 feet. there is a time and a place for them. Targets of AOEs. This is represented in the sense that hitting with the spell and having a defense called is the magic being blocked or dodged. This means you do not have to be actively looking at them. Each person hit resolves the attack separately.Flanking Chart: Flanks are considered to start from you. Basic Ability Descriptions Line of Sight (LOS) . Chains. Players are advised to not slow down combat by arguing over inches when AOE’s are used. but you need to be able to see them. When Chain and AOE abilities are used. We know people with these abilities 25 .Means your target does not have cover from you. you must call out your targets one per second or you forfeit your extra targets.

you are considered to be "in combat". it means they cannot take any offensive action. then we do not suggest purchasing these types of abilities. The ability’s description will detail whether or not a weapon strike or spell packet connection is required. but never advance upon the person who dazed them.A cleave ability hits three targets. poisons. If you have someone dazed. If you are the kind of person who does not like having situational abilities or who gets frustrated when their abilities do not always "work".would love to walk into the middle of a 20 on 20 mass battle and blow them up. and heals any ailments to the body including broken limbs. it is always exactly the same. or that they require channeling. This may affect plot things.Some abilities are listed as channeled effects. Cone – A cone spell hits all targets within your front flanks. but the fact is no one will hear you using the ability on them because they are not being startled by being struck by a spell packet or weapon. A daze always lasts for 5 seconds.Hits two targets. If the spell/prayer/ability does not indicate how many vitality they have when brought out. And on the flipside plot ailments may be immune to heal all.This is a descriptor. Caster should do their best to direct who takes the damage by motioning with their arms. diseases etc. Unless stated in the spell description. turn or move your feet. Anything labeled as a heal all brings the target to full VP.This is a descriptor. This simply means if the caster is displaced. You may only defend or heal while dazed. This effect lasts 30 seconds. Cleave . If someone is ever dazed.Both of your feet are pinned and you may not pivot. or takes damage the channeling is interrupted and ends. or until you receive 10 damage from any source.You are displaced 5 feet away from the attacker. So please keep in mind. Arc. AOE (area of effect) . Refer to each spell for more specifics. one of the targets must be hit with a spell packet or weapon. both of which must be in your front flanks. Daze. see plot. curses. the function of these skills is to balance out certain problems and balance issues in small scale fighting between certain classes. Knock back. Double foot pin. The first of the targets must be hit with a weapon or spell packet depending on the skill’s source and description.Anytime something has a daze effect. The first recipient of the spell or ability must be hit by a weapon or spell packet depending on the ability’s source and description. the default amount is 1 VP. all of which must be in your front flanks. Heal All. Channeling. as they sometimes require you to take certain positions like raising one hand in the air. Anything labeled as a heal life brings the target out of the mortally wounded stage. You may retreat. Heal Life. 26 . Chain –Hits three targets that are not in either of your back flanks.An AOE simply means your choice of targets can come from any of your flanks so long as they fit within the rest of the spell’s parameters.

If you use a movement skill and someone else casts one on you in the 60 second window. That being said.All Movement skills share an internal “cool down” timer of 60 seconds. and the caster knows it wasn’t used and the OOG exchange is shortened and time and RP are saved. “Movement Skill” . At Haven we try to keep all holds (aside from OOG safety ones) as small as possible to keep combat fast paced and exciting. Mini Hold . character card is OK. the attacker must call full weapon or spell damage.A mini hold is a hold that does not affect the entire game. people may also call skills specifically designed to counter movement skills during the hold as well. but you still pay for the abilities. Boffer weapon: not OK. No Effect VS Immunity Immunity means the creature is immune to what you did. if a hold is called because someone used a movement skill. Also to save on holds being called. you may land on your feet if you call the defense upon the 15 foot displacement. When striking a character who is mezzed. Counter spell/divine. and thus no points were exchanged.You plant the foot chosen by the attacker on the ground for one minute or until you receive 10 damage from any source. Trip. Simply say no effect. No Target can be affected by more than one mez per minute. 27 .Target is incapacitated for 10 seconds. you too may use your movement skill during the same hold. the mez is broken. Mug from the bar: not OK. so long as it is a safe one. No effect as a term may be used if someone buffs you with something you already have. Touch Spells. you block the entire skill. Throw. If your attacker did not designate a foot. Cement shoes. No effect means for whatever reason the connection was never made. and your points were still used.You drop to both knees for 10 seconds. If you have someone under the effects of a mez. IE: Spell packet is OK. just a small group of people involved. Pursue etc. If attacked while mezzed. Pin.Mesmerize (Mez) . No person can have more than one target mezzed at the same time. then it is assumed to be your right foot. You do not need to use verbals in these situations to save time and confusion during a hold. A free hand is defined as a hand free of IG items or items recognized in game. and then take the effects of a trip when you reach your destination. If you have a defense that stops throw. If anyone is ever found to be touching anyone inappropriately. If for the sake of RP you wish to do more to represent the trip that is your decision. but you may call a defense against said attack. You may pivot on that foot but not move it. They may take no action other than swaying back and forth. action will be taken drastically and swiftly. This rule governs multiple sources and multiple classes. If you have a defense that stops a trip but not a throw.You displace yourself in the direction of the attacker’s choosing 15 feet. you are considered "in combat". This means you can only call a movement skill every 60 seconds and they cannot be chained together for one giant movement skill. you may not receive the affects. Slam may not be called during a hold as you cannot prove you would have landed the weapon strike.Require a completely free hand to be placed on the target.

So for T1-5 the progression in build is 0/30/45/55/65. (*Please note the difference between a trade and a profession. So if you have one rank 3 ability from your class. don’t let it overwhelm or confuse you right off the bat. It is a once per PC option. To exercise this option a PC simply spends one build and chooses a trade list. A profession is a job that can be purchased for RP and in game mechanics. First Aid First aid has two functions: the ability to assess a target. you must follow the normal separate progression for each as defined in the rules. Also keep in mind for weapon profs. but it does not affect build spent over all for your PC. 30 build spent into the class and so on and so forth. On top of meeting the tier requirements for the trade. Points do not adhere to this rule. This entire system will become clear as you see how cards are done. when you purchase points you must declare what class the build counts towards. Trade skill Opt In Aside from buying the tradesman class. for the build to count towards both classes. there is one other way to get a trade. As we have said. Please note that trade skills are tiered. and the ability to heal them while in the near dead stage. prof and the specific weapon skill must be on both lists.class”. So if a fighter has Prof +2 in 2HE and becomes an archer. A trade is a job like skill set that is represented in our game by a list. These requirements are always one step ahead of normal rank progression. We have also said that if you find something on multiple lists. You then chose one of your non trade lower lists to put this skill into. From that point on any build from skills bought from said trade list goes towards the class you chose to purchase it with. IE shoe maker. So if you are a fighter and you purchase parry. a non tradesman can never have more than one trade. (Similar to when you purchase points. but cannot be represented with a list. This also counts toward rank advancement. buying it for one counts as buying it for all that have it. you cannot purchase 4th ranks in either. lores. it will always be the same rank. What this means as far as multi classing and build spent towards a class goes. If you later purchase another class with the skill parry it goes on as “Parry (2*)”. cheese maker etc).points obtained . that 25 build does NOT count towards archer build spent. 28 .Across Class Skills. For tier 2. you must also meet build requirements to advance. and one tier 3 ability from your trade. The one downside to exercising this option is you progress slower. if you are multi classed with two or more classes that share the same points. To get t1 abilities you need 0 build spent. not ranked. the cost of the skill = rank = point cost. and build spent into the class. First Aid Assess: Study a target within arm’s reach for three seconds and say "first aid assess". In the skills be learned section you write it as “Point type – build cost. and languages). it goes down in your fighter skills as “Parry (2)”. Thus.

and the target grants you the information OOG. Simply state the skill on the target. In this case the death count resumes the second first aid is no longer being performed. Prestige Classes: you cannot teach the skills of a prestige class without the Tier 5 skill off that list and approval from the plot/ directors. so long as the person meets the proper requirements (and for alignment based lists this includes the RP requirements). Using this function of First Aid costs points dependent on your class. Can also be used to assess the amount of vitality on someone who is not currently in combat. after which the target is healed 1 Vitality point. First Aid only stops the near dead death count if it reaches one second during the first aid. and when learned. Classes Medic Monk / Fighter All Divine Classes Rogue / Archer Mage / Psion Point Cost 1 2 2 3 3 Teaching Skills to Other PCs Base classes: any one can teach anything they know to someone. If near dead or mortally wounded. they may also give the amount of time in/left in said stage. so RP accordingly. "Mortally Wounded". At this time we are leaving it to the players to decide what the proper RP involved should be much in the sense of an honor system. it is written on your card like this: First Aid (mage). "Unconscious". or "Other". but you do know you are being examined by someone. This skill has no effect on someone not in the near dead stage (the exception being certain medic skills). This is not an IG exchange.The target then responds out of game with one of four answers: "Near Dead state". This function may not work on NPCs. Bandaging: Character role-plays bandaging a person in the near dead stage for 60 uninterrupted seconds. 29 .

• IE: a character that attended 30 events and has 150 build would have: o (10 + 30) + 15 = 55 and his events attended on the new card would become 15. Head Band Colors Red: Non Combat White: OOG Green: Hiding/Invisible Yellow: Spirit Blue: Disguised Gray: Plot Spirit Event Costs 30 . When you retire a character into a new one (or in the case of an alt. an existing one) your build is set to: • Current starting build (10 + the total number of events run by Haven) + 10% of the build you earned on the character you are retiring. The new character also receives 50% of the number of attended events on his card from the old character.Rules for Character Retirement Retirement is when the life of a PC ends permanently (or for True Res and Reincarnation) whether by your choice or by the PC taking their last resurrection and not being able to come back.

Your events attended still raises for NPCing an entire event. Winter Surcharge 31 . The following are the costs to attend a Haven event: Event Costs PC Pre-register w/o +1 build PC Pre-Register w/ +1 build PC at the Door w/o +1 build PC at the Door w/ +1 build First Time PC including all bonus build NPC First Time NPC including all bonus build Price for each PC beyond your Main or Alt Additional Fee’s BSA Membership 30 dollars 35 dollars 35 dollars 40 dollars 15 dollars 15 dollars 5 dollars 15 dollars Varies NPC . and your Main PC will still be allowed to learn skills within reason (judgment made by the directors).As of right now our event costs are as follows. NPCing will earn you the max blanket of 5 build and some extra service).15 dollars (This includes the +1 build. The second is instead of receiving the bought build for free. It does not have to be paid your first event but must be paid upon check in at your second event. We will allow people to pre register for events. Please keep in mind that dependant on our financial status and what camp we are using at the time this price can be subject to change if needed for the well being of the game and its players. Also. This fee is simply to cover room and board for the weekend. The first is to receive their bought build for free. As a non Profit organization our financial records are always public and if they are not already up on the site or the forums at any given time anyone may request to see them. Should the game ever become financially stable enough. please note the following: • • • • It is our intention to try and never change prices so that players are never confused about them. even if by a small increment. It is a yearly fee. the Haven staff will seek to try and lower the cost. and if they do they have two options. you receive a discount. Additional Fees BSA membership .(Varies) This is pretty much the fee that makes sure you are insured while attending our events.

But beyond the characters you pay for each player is granted one "Alt". PC = Player character NPC = Non Player character Main = Main player character Alt = Alternate player character At Haven any character you pay to play is considered a "Main". We really did not want it to be this way. Haven Alt System I understand the following may sound extremely confusing to old and new LARPers alike. But at the same time did not want everyone in the game running around with unlimited equally leveled characters. or to break the cycle of playing the same PC over and over. and $5 dollars to NPC prices (not including first time players. • This extra character is free of charge. So if it does confuse you just always remember this. In most games this luxury is only available to people with more money. 32 . Now let me explain what we consider a "Main" or "Alt".) Backbuying Events Haven will not allow people to "back buy" events. as it makes running mods and plots relatively difficult when you never know what PCs are out and when. and this does not apply to additional PC costs. So what we decided on is something of a middle ground. • Each player is granted a single alt attached to whatever character has the most events attended on their card. We give all players one free extra character that remains much lower level then the PC you pay to play. For those new to gaming let me break some things down for you. Starting Build Rule Keep in mind though the pressure to pay for events you don't attend is lessened by our "Starting build" rule which is no Main PCs build can ever be lower than 10+the number of total events Haven has run. In our experience we found that at some point in time most players feel the desire to make a secondary character for fun.Due to the drastically increased price of camps used for the winter (ranging between $900-$1400 dollars) we have to add an additional $10 dollars to all PC prices. but we will allow people to pre-register for events they know they cannot attend if they wish to receive the build and events attended adjustment.

. you may start a new "alt" 3 months later should you so desire. (Barring your Main PCs death does not result in you retiring your mains build into your alt. Should any single person be found "abusing" these rules we will not let it ruin it for everyone. • People may switch from one PC to another (alt or main) at the period change. RP or purchased build or retired build) it immediately becomes a main and from that point on must be paid for to earn build. having a low make up alt if your main is high make up. we only let you ruin it for you. 33 . • Should your main take its final death if you wish you may retire your mains build into your alt instead of making a brand new main • Should your alt ever attain "main PC" status. To explore the trade system.having a non wolf blood alt for when your charge isn't around etc. separate build tracking accommodations will be made) • Should you ever decide to alter that characters build in any way (IE service. This system is intended for people to have fun low level characters for a multitude of reasons.• That characters build is always equal to 10 + the number of events attended on your Main PCs card. not for power gaming or min maxing. or if one of their PCs takes a death Now as the head of rules.. I can see quite a few ways this system can be abused. regardless of when you start it. We are granting you this free PC (which is very generous if you compare it to other games systems) for fun.

Depending on the Lore and its rarity. and a cost for any other lore you want to learn. All lores must have a genuine source from which you learned them. Mage Lore: 1 Build Magic Fae Magic Dark Fae Court Light Fae Court Ancient History History Etiquette (if you attended the academy) Planar Other lore: 2 Build Languages Playable Race Language: 1 build Other languages: 2 build Psion Lore: 1 Build Magic The Old World (plot approval) Psionics Ancient History Planar Advanced Physics (if you attended the academy) Other Lore : 2 build Languages Playable Race Language: 1 build Other languages : 2 build 34 . We provide a list of common lores.Lores and Languages Each class has a set of lores available to them for 1 build. so effectively they need plot approval. To use a lore you simply approach a plot marshal. your own races language is 1 build. All lores in the rulebook are considered common lores. No matter your class. anything not listed below would be considered a rare lore. designate you lore and ask for pertinent information. And everyone can read and write in common for zero build. but can chose to ignore that for RP. the rarity is determined by plot. Having a language means you can read and write in it unless otherwise noted. you may not be able to learn it. the cost of said lores is up to plot. but we are always open to creative players to come up with suggestions for new lores. see plot for more about this. Many lores may “unlock” ritual symbols for your character.

Shaman Lore: 1 build Dragon Elemental Nature Divine: General Spirits Other Lore : 3 build Languages Playable Race Language: 2 build Other languages : 3 build Draconic (new) : 1 build Druid Lore: 1 build Nature (This is mundane flora and fauna) Creatures: Supernatural Forest (General or creature specific with plot approval) Divine : General Divine : Koresari or Eluesari Druidic Geography Survival Other Lore: 3 build Languages Playable Race Language: 2 build Other languages: 3 build Druidic: 0 build Forest Creature: 1 build (Pick specific. only the one of your own alignment) Divine: Deity Specific Supernatural Lycanthrope Etiquette History Ancient History Other Lore: 2 build Languages Playable Race Language: 1 build 35 . plot approval required) Cleric Lore: 1 build Divine: General Divine : (light or darkness.

This is not meant to min/max or gain access to things the average player does not. Playable Race Language: 2 build Other languages: 2 build Monk Monks may choose any two lores with plot approval for 1 build each.Other languages: 2 build Ancient Klesian: 1 build Divine Adept Divine Adepts may choose any two lores with plot approval for 1 build each. usually these are restricted to PC playable languages. Lore: 1 build Divine: General Divine: Light or Darkness Lore: Ethos Other Lore: 2 build Languages Divine Adepts may choose any two Playable race languages for 1 build each. to represent how their character trained as a monk. Other Lore: 3 build Languages Playable Race Language: 2 build Other languages: 3 build Norlisian: 1 build Rogue Lore: 1 build Etiquette History : Great Crimes Nobility/Royalty Other Lore : 3 build Languages A rogue may choose any two languages for 1 build each (with plot approval). This is to represent the diversity in which divine adepts are raised. This is to represent the diversity in which divine adepts are raised. Thieves Cant: 1 build Other languages: 2 build Archer Lore: 1 build Geography Warfare 36 .

missionary work. This is to represent a land you have taken place in waging war on or some place you may have gone to train. single purchase. Medic Lore: 1 build Medicine Nature Etiquette Other Lore: 2 build Languages Playable Race Language :1 build Other languages : 2 build Ancient Klesian : 1 build Special : For 1 build a Medic may choose a language and its corresponding lore to represent an externship to learn and practice medicine. Requires plot approval. or being part of a military unit that spent a long amount of time in a single place. single purchase) for 1 build. 37 .Etiquette Nobility/Royalty Other Lore : 3 build Languages Playable Race Language: 2 build Other languages: 3 build Fighter Lore: 1 build Warfare Ancient Warfare History Ancient History Other Lore: 3 build Languages Playable Race Language: 2 build Other languages: 3 build Special: For 1 build fighters get 1 chosen language (with plot approval.

known throughout Elosia as "Tribal".Romani -Wolfblood . The language is somewhat utilitarian. -Dragonkin .Nemish. -Barbarian -Barbarians are spread all over the game world. High elvish -Nemean .PC languages -Elosian . but only nemeans possess the proper vocal chords to speak it. being the Shaman "read" skill. Nemeic. and decided upon a tongue they named "Wind Tongue". Barri Elvish -High elf . this is not Read Totems. Barrish. It can be a tongue only spoken within that tribe (see plot for approval on this) it can be the language to the nearest race (such as Elosians or Barri Elves).*Only wolfbloods can communicate with each other using this language as it involves gestures and scents. Caladish.Draconic -This is not the true language of the dragons.Baradish. Wolf blood has a very limited written language similar to writing out morse code. Any race may take this language to understand it. A non wolfblood who takes the language can understand but not speak the language. -Very Guttural to non Nemeans. therefore it is commonly spoken between dragonkin when they wish to have a private conversation in public.Saracen -Barri elf .) 38 . but is commonly spoken among the dragonkin. although the language possess the ability to be just as eloquent as anything else. but they can read and write it perfectly.(Please keep in mind. But a long time ago all of the tribe's Elders met.Tybirian/Common -Norlissian – Norlissian -Saracen . much like the people who invented it. This was devised so that whenever two tribes encountered each other to some degree could communicate. -Dwarvish -Celtic -Gaelic -Gypsy . and thus there "native" tongue varies. Requires plot approval. It is not easy to learn.Caladisian.

Character Creation Guide 39 .

Drizzt.Starting Out If you are under the age of 18. and the weaponry and props required (if required) to play your class. that is ok we can teach you. Step 3 . An example of an inappropriate name would be foul language. We suggest you try not to duplicate any famous fantasy characters. (View other posts in the New Player Forum on how to contact the Directors of the game or Haven's BSA contacts). Each skill and ability has an appointed build cost.havenlarp. so long as the end result is a by-the-book properly created character. Aside from some personal information you will be asked for. Ok. Gandalf. Step 4 . skills or even racials. also look over appropriate costuming. Directors reserve the right to disallow any name deemed unfit. Legolas.com/forums/) and post your questions or email one of the directors through these forums. 40 . or hidden content in your name (like Holden McGroin). just make sure you can obtain it.All characters begin with starting build equal to 10 + x.havenlarp.com If you or your parents have any questions. http://www. Sturm.Now comes what many consider the most difficult part.Read over the requirements for playing your chosen race. Spend it on points. if you have properly completed these first four steps. Bill Clinton etc. But remember. Determine your appropriate starting build. Bilbo. If you are unfamiliar with how to do make up. If you have a better way by all means use it. or do not feel comfortable do not worry.Make yourself familiar with the lore and read over the rules briefly. there will be people available to assist you at the events) because it will greatly expedite the character creation process at a live game. please make an account on the Haven forums (http://www. with x being the total number of events we have ever run at Haven. Remember these are loose guidelines for people with no LARPing or RPG experience on how to make a character. Try to create a vision in your head of what you would like to play and choose a race and class. or just to start working with your 10 + x build. Make sure you will be able to meet these requirements. Or contact the Director of Logistics in between events via email and we can have your card waiting for you at the event. now you have all the information we need to create a character card for you. So write down all this information before attending an event if possible (if you cannot do this. abilities. and maintain it properly. Step 2 . Choose an appropriate name for your character. Step 1 . the first thing you need to do is refer your parents to this website. Examples of inappropriate names are things like Raistlin. you have everything you need for a character. you are only what is on your official Haven Player Character Card issued by the Director of Logistics. We also reserve the right to deem a name too popular to use in this game. and we recomend you put as much time in this as possible.

but either way I suggest doing the following. It can be short or long. The first and most important part of this should be matter of fact things like: How many siblings do you have. working out your story or locating make up and/or costuming always feel free to contact Staff or ask other experienced players via the forums. the more lengthy and detailed the better. could you do it and how? If saving the world meant the death of an innocent child. Lore and atmosphere are extremely important to us and we feel an entire month is plenty of time to complete this process. that person will have a name and you will recognize it. so we give you the chance to attend one event before requiring a back story. they will be penalized. Things like: If you had to sacrifice the person you cared about the most to save them. it’s hard to have a good handle on these facts. We understand though that people like to get a "feel" for the game first. Answering these types of questions really help you in case you are ever asked them by someone. This also really helps plot work you into plots because if for some reason they want to send out an NPC from your back story. After all this your PC will be complete.Creating your history and back story Now. could you do it? Or would you find another way? If your best friend was turned into a vampire. it must be resubmitted to plot. But when you are only pretending to be a character a few days a month. submitted and approved before your first event if possible. **Please remember if you ever alter your back story. but this also gives plot more to work with if they wish to incorporate your back story into a plot or series of RP modules for you or you and a group of friends. how would you handle it? Etc. ask moral. If a PC is caught playing their character without a properly submitted history. 41 . This not only allows you to speak more freely about your character because it is all approved by plot. Create a sort of résumé or test. A good thing to do for yourself is make a cheat sheet of sorts for your character. It can be done from a number of different points of view. ethical or hypothetical questions and answer them as your character. We suggest you have it done (or at least partially). We require all PCs to have their history (back story) completed in between their first and second events. so typing them out and seeing them really helps. If you ever have any problems spending your build. this is the part you really want to put some thought into. You may work all these details into the story itself or not. Because in real life it is really easy to answer these things since you are you 24 hours a day. and answer it as your character.** How you write your back story is up to you. and what are their names? What are your parent’s names? Where are you from? What is your favorite color? Etc. it really is up to you. If you wish to go beyond this and really flesh out your character.

and the teacher (who should sign the skill off as being learned). -There is a place for you to write down skills learned. If you use something and a card check is done and you don’t have it on the card (in the heat of combat buffing excluded. So for example: “Skin of Oak-16 AP-Initials-Card #” 42 . in that case point to who gave it to you) you will be penalized accordingly. -If all clean up slots and similar things aren’t signed off when cards are done. So if someone buffs you. email the havenlarpstaff@gmail. you wont be awarded build for the event. What we suggest people do is keep a small notepad or scratch paper or computer file. you don’t have it. and track all your build earn and skills learned organized by events. skills learned etc.) -You are never to write in the section of the card where you abilities go. get it signed off. or any of the top information. or OOG notes. used skills. -There is a giant section on the back of the card to track buffs by period. or a staff gives you something or anything like that. affect. they should write the name.com address for anything like that. When someone gives you a buff. please write down the skill you learned. that way if a problem ever comes up you have records to compare to staff’s. we need next event you attend. You will be given until the end of next event to prove you did clean up (approach the director who oversaw the clean up. -If it’s not on your card. Buffs don’t go away at the end of the period in this game. it is on the back of the card.) and in between events (build. and you may only ever have 5 buffs placed on you (total) from people other then yourself. If you need something written into those sections. and have them approach the director who does cards) otherwise the build is forever forfeit (whenever we say next event. Small fixes will be made to character cards at events. In the rest of the Rulebook they will be referred to as Foreign Buffs. sign it and put there card number.Character Cards -First and foremost it is your responsibility to track your character card. approach a staff member. the build it cost. used defenses etc.). but an entire review of a card will not. This includes at the event (tracking points.

pillars. High General Elos learned of the council’s treachery and had all 13 members executed for treason. and literacy was expected of the lowest worker. as well as the new council proved more than she could ignore. Government and Rulers of Elosia The government of Elosia is a blending of feudal system and republic. and within two years was crowned Empress of the combined kingdoms of Klesai and Norlis.Races The Empire History The Elosian Empire was founded at the end of the Third Great War. lords and knights. architecture and art took place after the Third Great War. She used her powers as Queen. The Elosian people. celebrated this blending of culture and the new focus on development over conquest. began calling for her to be the new queen. High General Arelia Julise Elos of the northern kingdom of Klesai was proclaimed Empress after her decisive victory and subsequent conquest of the Norlis kingdom to the south. barons. earls. as well as her swift justice. arches and domes of Norlis were blended into the oriental style architecture of the Klesian capital city of Tybir creating beauty built on structure and efficiency. tired of years of war. Today While the new focus on learning. All land belongs ultimately to the empress. military service. Who is advised and backed by an elected Council of thirteen nobles. but pressure from her other generals. They rule their lands. The militaristic traditions and culture of Elosia was never forgotten. Land can be granted to peasants by either faithful service to their lord. High General Elos tried to rebuff them. The aqueduct. or exploration and settlement. This council is elected by the nobility of the land. as well as the peasants under them. She embraced the teaching and technologies of Norlis. Military achievement 43 . The new empire flourished under her firm guidance. The empire is ruled by the Empress. moved by both her love for her king. as well as land owners and military officers. She was coroneted Queen of Klesai one year to the day after her day of judgment. as well as her general’s loyalties to gain influence. And that chain has remained unbroken for 900 years to date. Queen Elos was quick to send emissaries to the recently destroyed kingdom of Norlis. Empress Elos’ eldest daughter succeeded her mother on the throne of Elosia. Upon her return to Tybir. The people of Tybir. blending them with the arts and sciences of Klesai into a beautiful and educated society. The landed nobility of Elosia follows the standard Feudal system of dukes. Running water came to every Tybiran household. diplomatically and militarily. It is important to recognize that owning land does not imply lordship. As the High General fought her final battles to the south. the Council of Tybir secretly arranged the removal of the boy king Julias VI and his steward Sir Morgan.

but you do not waste what you are given.is still the fastest path to lordship. After the bath. A highly regarded select few Scholars are chosen to teach the children and guide them on their path. It can take multiple jobs before the child finds one that they truly love. Most warriors of Elosia prefer leather or no armor at all for the greater ease in movement. but this is rare. a citizen of Elosia is sent to school to learn how to read and write. they dress in a simple shirt and pants with leather armor tied over it. They begin an apprenticeship and after a period of time their boss decides when they are ready to move beyond simple duties. they take a menial job working for someone in their chosen field. an Elosian tries to not over serve someone. they still make time to groom themselves. a citizen of Tybir heads home to dress in typical Elosian fashion. it is considered rude to not finish. After dressing. usually of rice and some form of dried meat or fish. when serving food to someone else. and financial freedom in the empire. Along with that. they are offered a job within their apprenticeship or they are offered a job in a different part of Elosia. Arena entertainment is common and favored since you can see a great show and get your dinner there. plays. The High Academy of Wizardry as well as the Scientific Academy of Physiology are both located on the same square as the Royal Palace. how to do sums and at age eight they begin being gently guided towards a profession that suits them. Sometimes the head monk of the Tybiran monastery will agree to perform and dazzle the crowd with great displays of martial prowess. Food is in abundance. they are given a new job in another area where they might shine. Honor duels and gladiatorial arenas bring honor and glory to the winners. After a day's work. especially in Tybir itself. From the age of four years old. the citizen heads home to gather their family and head out to some form of entertainment. Usually after training. A recent call by the Empress for brave adventurers has drawn young men and women from all walks to life to the borders of Elosia and beyond. for men this generally involves a jacket fastened with toggles and a pair of loose pants tied at the waist. even the nobility. At age ten. feats of great acrobatics. Some soldiers have been known to wear chain mail or plate. political power. Dinner is usually some form of meat or fish served on a stick with vegetables to ensure you can eat and watch without pausing. Personal hygiene is very important and great care is taken to be clean. An Elosian eats everything they are given. Multiple things can take place in the arena including duels. the main capital city and the city where the Empress has her court. which includes another small midday meal. 44 . If they watch their chosen profession and decide it doesn't suit them anymore. Citizen of Elosia The citizens of Elosia are the result of generations of two cultures being blended into each other until they flow seamlessly. If the citizen is a soldier and if they wear armor as such. Recent expansion and exploration to the west has opened new opportunities for young Elosians to advance their position. if they are available. begins with a simple bowl of rice and grapes. Then the citizen heads off to the bath house with family in tow. Magic and science are held in high regard in Elosia. Your average day for a citizen of Tybir. Every citizen of Elosia works. Women's dress varies a bit. Dessert is usually fresh or dried fruit. If the citizen lives in the country. and musical performances. The current Empress is quite fond of plays and songs that make good natured fun of her and her advisors. but commonly they wear either a shift underneath some form of robe that is open in the front and tied closed with a sash or a simple long dress with a wide belt or corset. the citizen heads out to their job.

Elosian Racials Make-up: There is no specific make-up that is required for this race. but a citizen of the capital would lean towards Roman and Oriental influenced dress. If a citizen works a job where they are not home nights. many people in Elosia learn more than one profession and changing one's job is quite common. Favored: First multi class costs 5 build (as opposed to 10) or you receive 5 build to spend into the tradesman list. Elosians can come from many different backgrounds. they have the ritual in the morning. no specific requirements. Costuming: Again. Unfavorable : None 45 . but the ceremony of sharing tea and thoughts is an honored one. the citizen and their family heads home to share a mug of tea and tell stories of their day before turning in for the night. This ritual is repeated without fail in every Elosian household. Due to the schooling program in Elosia.After the show.

If you honor a good deal made with a Saracen. this holds true for selling and buying. The appropriate response is an equally outlandish tale of how cheap a friend got that same item. This is a highly respected position and the Scholar also advises the head of the caravan on what villages and cities they should visit. The Scholar also keeps detailed records of what goods were sold in which village or town so that their stock always has plenty. while for the nomads. the most important thing in making a deal is the art of haggling. the Saracen will often quote an outrageous price that the item was sold for by friend and wait for a response. most Saracens are shrewd merchants with a strict code of honor when it comes to trade. if a Saracen becomes a mage.Saracen The Saracens are a group of desert dwellers who thrive on trade. such as taking care of your parents when they can no longer take care of themselves. Saracens who are nomadic and those who live in Tybir tend to be very tolerant of other cultures because of how much exposure they get to people from around the world. If your mother or father was the caravan Scholar. you are considered to have been awarded a great honor. Most commonly nomadic. In recent years. the next head of the caravan is chosen by the previous one based on the best interests for the whole caravan. you have a friend for life. despite what profession they end up in. 46 . they will never work with them again. usually about the item you are interested in. A good deal begins with an invitation to sit down and an offer of coffee. Saracens believe that a merchant’s job is never to cheat a customer. If someone tries to rip them off in a deal. They stick to old traditions. Saracens in other cities tend be somewhat withdrawn when they are not in a marketplace. You don’t have to drink the offered coffee. To a Saracen. From there. Saracens of other cities also still arrange marriages. Saracen coffee is an extremely acquired taste. The greatest dishonor a Saracen of the cities can bring on their family is to run away. If you are sent away to another city for whatever reason. the Saracen will politely offer you another cup and if you still refuse. Once you have sat with your cups and coffee and chatted a bit. Most Saracens are raised in the atmosphere of the merchant life. he sells his abilities or protects the caravan from thieves. the Saracen will then give a reasonable price and is open to most reasonable offers made on your side. The head of the caravan is not an inherited job. If you refuse the cup of coffee and continue to forcefully try to make a deal. To refuse this cup of coffee means that you either do not understand the art of haggling or that you are not interested in making a deal right then. The Scholar of the caravan is usually an inherited family job.” The nomadic Saracens always have a Scholar with their caravan who teaches the children. emotions are taken into account. A caravan usually carries around thirty Saracens. Nomadic and Tybirian Saracens do not arrange marriages. The most valuable deal you can make with a Saracen is friendship. but to honor them and make a good deal for both parties. but the act of accepting the cup is an important one. Saracens live for a good deal made. although while emphasis is on making a good financial match. These Saracens have a saying “You never know what your next friend will look like. For example. care of all the elderly is spread around so everyone shares responsibility. he will gently steer you away from his merchandise. Saracens who settled in the Elosian Empire have switched to tea. you or one of your siblings are next in line. although there are groups of Saracen who live in cities.

long vests. 47 . Periodic.As per rogue skill.A Saracen can never use a skill to force people to trade or force them to pay or expect ludicrous amounts. Unfavorable: Monk costs 5 extra build to buy. Costuming: Saracens favor loose billowy clothing including baggy pants. Headdresses are not required. Only works on pure damage. Reputable. Automatic: Resist Fire – Being raised in excessively hot climates gives a Saracen the ability to resist a fire damage spell or ability. Smooth talk – As per Rogue skill: The ability to present yourself as a friend to the person and have them be more open to your point of view. Saracens typically layer their clothing with dark colors underneath light Favored: 5 build towards tradesman when purchased. saris. Females often use jewels to accentuate their face. robes. 4 build/ periodic/one purchase Detriments: Repeat Customer.A Saracen can never break a trade deal. Periodic. Purchasable: Detect forgery. but can be worn. Makeup around the eyes was first worn to lessen the impact of the sun in the desert but soon became a custom. long full dresses. Female eye makeup tends to be more elaborate and extends further from the eye than men’s typically. 3 build/daily/one purchase Stubborn – Blocks one ability mental in nature/mind affecting.Saracen Racials Make-up: Both males and females wear dark eye makeup.

but they chose to live separately. take the child to the hidden village and give it to the men and women who live there. but each follows a familiar formula. There is no taboo about visiting the other village. One of them. the men and women who dedicate their lives to raising the children never leave. be it a fighter or mage. They sent their best and brightest to aid the Empire against the Lycanthropes. a patriarchal and a matriarchal. Only the head shaman of each village knows the location of this village. They retreated back to their villages. the head shaman and strongest warrior rule the respective villages. When a child is born. They headed off into the woods and never looked back. When the lycanthropes struck. Everyone was valued for their abilities. Both sets of hunters are ruled by the strongest warrior of that society. they would be ready. they developed a system that worked for them as a society. went and offered his services and life for the cause against the lycanthropes. the barbarians aided the people fleeing from the undead and fought tooth and nail to drive the undead back. Society Barbarians separate themselves into two societies. Often the adults who live in the village are old or have been injured in some way. The male and female hunters do hunt together. The female hunters of the matriarchal society live there when not off on a hunt. There is also a head shaman of each village who tends the sick and generally watches over the well being of the gatherer half of the village. These two kinds of tribes work together very well though and some Scholars argue that they are the same tribe. the head shamans together. In addition to the two villages. They exist off the meat and food that the children learn to hunt and gather.Barbarian A bit of history After Aaeos brought his followers to the dragon’s world. There is a small village of women who are the gatherers of the matriarchal society. there is a third village. When the first Great War came. There are many barbarians tribes across the world. men and women visit between the villages often. Since then. Girl children go and live with the matriarchal society at the age of eight and boy children go and live with the patriarchal society at the age of ten. In lean times. but they divide the meat to bring back to their respective villages. whose knowledge is kept a secret from most of the tribe. They are 48 . It was he who was merged with a wolf to become the first Wolfblood. Together. Over time. but trained harder so that should another war ever arise. The societies are a basic hunter/gatherer society where every member contributes to the good of the tribe. The village is completely closed off. The evils they had left had made them wary of trying to recreate a society like the one they left behind. They wanted to live in harmony with the land and with each other. the other villages find extra food and send it along with the head shamans to provide for the village. Grenix Orbin. a devout follower of Aaeos and the mightiest warrior his tribe had seen in decades. His epic is still told of in Barbarian tribes all over. the barbarians were ready. barbarians are always willing and ready to fight for the land they live on. There is a small village of male gatherers who are of the patriarchal society and the male hunters live there when not off on the hunt. although sometimes a young person will decide to devote their life to child rearing. a group of them decided they didn’t want to live as they had in the world they left.

a chart will be provided as to tattoo meanings. the head shaman begins again with three new candidates. Unfavorable: Medic costs 5 extra build to buy. Costuming: Barbarians tend to use what the earth provides to cloth them. but it is for decoration and they never tattoo above the collarbone. Barbarian Racials Make-up: Within the matriarchal society. Their clothing is very utilitarian and simple in design. Special Training: Berserker or Ranger – Depending on their training and whether or not the Barbarian hails from a more hunter/gathering clan or a sea faring/raiding clan a Barbarian may choose either Berserker or Ranger as a second favored class. receive 5 build of physical points. tattoos on the neck show one’s rank. but tattoos below the neck are not unheard of. they pick a group of three of the best candidates and test them. The men do tattoo themselves. leather and similar things and often decorate themselves with trophies of their kills. The one major difference between the male and female societies is the tattooing of the matriarchal tribes. When a female fights the others of the hunters and becomes the strongest of her tribe. Often. they will also have tattoos resembling great events in their life on their shoulders. are trained in the defense of their village with the most fierce of weapons. When the old head shaman begins to age. a tooth or bone or feather and he weaves these together into an elaborate headdress that is only worn when dealing with other leaders. They favor furs. feathers. Barbarians have been known to leave their tribe and seek employment in the Elosian military in order to protect that ideal. If no candidate passes all three tests. They choose one as a favored class 49 . choose at character creation)-All Barbarians. not their own best interests and the last test exposes them to a great fear of theirs. 3 build/Once per weekend/one purchase. The first test deals with diplomacy and management of the tribe. Use makeup to draw your tattoos. regardless of their path. the second test deals with making sure the candidate has the best interests of the tribe at heart. but Barbarian must first kill one of the type of creature and collect a trophy from it and wear it somewhere on their body. past deeds and ancestry. Both societies still adhere to their ancestor’s visions of a life lived in harmony with the land and kept safe from threats. Purchasable: Strength +1 – 15 build/passive/one purchase Trophy Kill – As per Favored Enemy on the Archer list.blindfolded and brought into each village in a huge ceremony where they are given names. All women of the society have a neck tattoo that marks their status in the tribe. Favored: Fighter. he is given a token from all the other hunters. Automatic: Two handed weapon (blunt or edged. In the patriarchal society men do not wear make-up. When a male beats the other hunters and becomes the strongest. often this is a nickname or name picked out by the child. she is tattooed with an elaborate symbol around her eye.

how they choose to advocate it is up to them. They eat with utensils and dress modestly. they simply do not understand why people would do things like bow to someone they have not met.” Home Schooled – Being so far away from Tybir and civilization. they just simply may not like it. Going outside the law is not the norm for Barbarians. like the Empress of Elosia. but more because they cannot fathom it. not the ones who hide behind walls and desks. and tend to live a more utilitarian life style. it simply means this is what they advocate. Eye for an Eye – Barbarians believe in eye for an eye way of justice. before they even have the list or the pre-reqs for it. They deal more with what is in front of them. Therefore Barbarians pay double the cost to learn any first rank arcane or medic ability. not her deeds. it is simply just not a part of their everyday life. They are not idiots by any means. 50 . This does not make a Barbarian a slob or an animal.and this allows them to purchase either Tracking OR Bear grip. They will honor government and its laws. or respect it. This detriment also bars them from learning the skill Lore: Etiquette. Barbarians do not normally have access to Arcane Academies or teaching Hospitals. or honor a leader who was made such simply because of her heritage. It’s not that they are not intelligent enough to learn them or shun them. Detriments: Bad Etiquette – Barbarians do not understand civilized life. Therefore Barbarians tend to have bad etiquette. This does not necessarily dictate that they will go outside the laws of the land to see this justice through. This does not affect the amount it costs to fuel these abilities. Barbarians also tend to respect leaders more who have earned their rank through military action or who take a place on the battlefield. not with what is written down or popular. they just simply do not give into the bells and whistles of social grace. Non-Barbarians do not shrug their shoulders when a Barbarian breaks the law and chalk it up to their “Barbarian heritage. not because they cannot learn it.

and artifacts of the dragons could not be carried off with them and were left to the darkness. The destruction of the city was complete. it was necessary to break up the survivors into small groups based on family and scatter themselves across the land. In order to survive. There was a group of the young however. Legend tells us this city surpassed even Tybir in its beauty and technology. They cursed the elders as faithless cowards. created by the Elves to fight the undead. and power. Wars among the clans are not unheard of. headed up by the patron who is normally either chosen by the council. but rather to go find their beloved city and remake it. It was not their destiny to begin life again they said.The Celts and the Gypsies In the time of darkness. really long barfights. It was not until the Dark Elves. Those people who did escape the wailing horde fled for their lives in a year of battles. Those who remained took the name Celt. there was a great city of men. for they would surely search forever and never find the city. sciences. the libraries. and sorrow. They will fight to the death to defend it from any outside threat. the elders and those remaining behind named them Gypsy or ‘forever lost’ in the old tongue. that did not wish to start their lives again in a new land. flight. There is no loyalty among Celts greater than that to their clan. where the lands rolled with hills beyond count. The beauty of the land struck to the heart of these people. They gathered their families together along with what little they had and left in wagons to find their city. Battles between clans that have not declared a true blood feud normally end with both clans killing kegs of whisky rather than each other. The clan is ruled by a council of elders.’ The Celts Today The Celts never lost the clan system of government that was so necessary during their year of sorrow. just east of the great mountains. and the elders chose this place to start their lives again. All the knowledge and sciences of the Old World were gathered there in the hopes of preserving what little remained. Even the hill it stood upon was scorched and brought low by the magics and old world powers of the undead. They gathered in the northern part of the continent. Though a great many of its citizens were able to escape the city before its destruction. Then came the wailing hordes. These sciences were blended perfectly with magic by the dragons themselves to create artifacts of both beauty. Not a single stone of the city remained whole and unblemished. there is a women’s circle that informally governs the behaviors of the clan in morality issues rather than legal ones. which in the old tongue means ‘new. 51 . In addition to the council of elders. during the first Great War. or appointed by the prior patron on his death bed. though normally these would be better described as really. turned the tide of the war that these refugees were able to rest and gather themselves together. As they left.

Women who wish to fight generally seek the wisdom and power of Eluesari and wield the power of nature to strike down their foes. defending the Clan from attack is most certainly a group effort. with different RP. Costuming: “A Celt without his tartan (his plaid) is a Celt without his soul” is a commonly heard phrase and no Celt will be without a tartan. Sporran – Deep pockets once per period.+1 dmg with any type of unarmed combat. self only. This is useable once per weekend. Favored: Fighter or Druid( must choose at character creation. Automatic: Wisdom of the Elders –Should a moment ever present itself where a player is given limited attempts at something by a marshal. or how to make a fully functional kilt and tartan. During their meditation Celtic monks are known to be seen hitting themselves. These Celts are revered by other Celts. but not common. war is a man’s work. For other ways to display your tartan. For example. a Celt may use this skill and receive 4. Unfavorable: Psion costs 5 extra build to buy. The first is in defense of the Celtic people from any outside danger. 52 . if a plot device limits you to three guesses to a riddle. Celtic Politics – Gives the Celt Martial Arts. but not unheard of for Celts to wear wode outside of battle in very moderate amounts to show clan pride. Despite the kilt.Among the Celts. There are three times when the clans will gather together. Men who wish to fight generally follow the path of the fighter as strength among men is the measure of their greatness. This stacks with weapon and monk profs (unarmed dmg only). Kilts are typically worn. It is not common. but at the same time viewed as a bit mad. but display of the tartan is the primary function and this can be done in other ways. a Celt may invoke the wisdom of the elders and receive one extra attempt. With plot approval a Celt may RP a traditionally trained monk. Not so much because the men have decided it is so. but more because the women’s circle has decided so. it’s difficult to get your hands on a Celt’s goods. a logical line of thought towards someone who wears no armor and brings no weapons into combat but still manages to come out a victor. even if neither is your starting class) 5 build towards divine or physical points when class is purchased. Celt Racials Make-up: Wode (blue war paint) is applied by Celts before battle to intimidate their enemies. The second is for the Feast of Aaeos. as per rogue skill.” While war may be a man’s work. slamming their heads into things or simply finding other ways to get enraged. Purchasable: Fisticuffs. please see staff. Their training is different and does not involve finding inner peace. including druid claws of the bear/beast. To quote one of the women who made that decision “I’ll be damned if I am going to send my daughter off to die just because two men can’t decide which one pisses further. And the third is for a marriage between clans. 10 build/passive/one purchase. in fact it involves the exact opposite. Celtic “monks” are actually known.

When invoking it the Celt goes into a sort of rage where they can only employ unarmed forms of combat. Elders often leave out the teachings of swiftness from a Celtic child’s life to make it easier to keep a tight rein on them as well. Divine adepts of Aaeos are highly celebrated in Celtic communities and seen as a positive omen. During this rage they receive the ability to call 5 throws and 1 dodge and 1 kidney punch (this skill acts as a 10 second mez). Detriments: Second unfavorable class – Any Arcane costs 5 extra build to buy the class. Chosen Deity – Clerics of Aaeos and druids of Elusari are the only two types of faith Celtic communities teach and support. Bar Room Hero – If inside a bar or Tavern and having recently had a drink (remember. Therefore it costs a Celt double to purchase (not fuel) any skill that effects movement (on lower lists only) and they can never purchase retreat. Celts are more resistance to cold than other races. but temporarily gain iron palm for brawling only. This rage lasts so long as the Celt remains in the tavern. Celts believe that when things are going well. This can be represented in a PC back story if it is approved by plot. When things are going poorly. It is suggested that you incorporate common superstitions or talk to plot for ideas. Allows the Celt to resist one cold based attack. This increases the cost of abilities for anything other than Cleric or Divine adept of Aaeos.Resist Cold – Because of the climate in which they live. Soldiers of the Hearth – Celts tend to stay with the clan. This cost only affects the purchase. as the two unfavorable classes stack. Very Superstitious – Celts are extremely superstitious. this includes arcane prestige classes. so much so that it can affect their everyday life. or druid. up to a maximum of 10 minutes. IG alcohol never real alcohol) a Celt may invoke this skill. Therefore if a PC celt ever wishes to be any other divine class (or an evil alignment divine class) they must receive plot approval. not the cost to fuel. they believe Aaeos is sad. 3 build/ periodic/one purchase. so they throw a party and drink a pint in order to cheer Aaeos up. and 3rd -5th ranks costs one extra build. 5 build/daily/one purchase. All 1st and 2nd ranks are doubled. Celts believe these two forms of worship are the only ones that truly represent the Celtic way of life. you pay 20 build for the class. thus movement is the last thing on their mind. Aaeos is happy and they should continue on as they have. 53 . If the first arcane class you take is Psion.

Gypsy entertainment is surpassed by no one. Gypsies have no economy of their own. there caravans are always welcome. The stories of the year of sorrow are still told around the campfire at night and all Gypsies are taught at an early age to run away from war rather than to it. They also make some of the best traders and craftsman. rather. And in more rare cases some Gypsies have been able to place great curses on people. Gypsies are very protective of their caravan and will rarely leave it or permit an outsider to marry into the family. each person takes what they need and all Gypsies look out for each other. normally keepsakes. They always welcome another to help with the search for their lost city or even just someone looking to travel to the next city. 54 . The exception is a small chest each gypsy keeps with their most valued possessions. simply because they travel to so many places they have access to many foreign goods and techniques people don't often see. Be it song. but many of the younger Gypsies have taken up swordsmanship as a pass time to protect themselves in just such an occasion. if the caravan is small enough or a council of elders if it is a large caravan with several families. gypsies tend to be connected to the ether being able to have minimal affect on a person’s fate usually in the form of small accidents. It is this way of life that has caused many places to name Gypsies thieves. but modest clothing in bright and varied colors is common. A Gypsy caravan is ruled by either a Patron. This council is “led” by whoever happens to have the best idea at the time and any Patron who doesn’t like the idea is free to leave with his family and caravan. Gypsies are renowned for their ability to entertain. This woman is the shaman of the caravan and the principle advisor to the entire caravan. She is chosen at birth by the wise woman before her and trained in her duties as shaman and councilor from the age of seven. gypsies like to use eye make-up. a sword. All money for the caravan is kept by the patron for dealing with outsiders. Gypsy children have been known to steal from vendors because they don’t understand money. While Gypsies are very protective of their caravans. people just grip their purses tighter and lock their doors until they leave town. They often use bangles and bells in their costuming. They continue to wander the lands in search of their lost city. there are some Gypsies who will surrender rather than spill blood. Their clothing usually allows them to move freely. dance or the newer generation with their dueling. In addition to this patron or council. Gypsies are also known for their raw arcane talent. They prefer to marry between caravans to keep the blood pure. a favored article of clothing or the like. they are far more concerned with Gypsies leaving than with outsiders joining them for a while. The only true personal property any gypsy has is whatever they are wearing at the time. Not akin to anything a psion or mage can do.The Gypsies Today The Gypsies are a very free spirited people. but more because it is the way of life they love rather than any illusion they will ever actually find it. Gypsy society is very open. So despite people’s distrust of the Gypsy race as a whole. Gypsy warfare is unheard of. Sometimes the wise woman governs the caravan even more than the Patron. Costuming: Festive. When backed into a corner. however. Gypsy Racials Make-up: There really is no specific make-up that is required for this race. reserved for those who greatly harmed or otherwise insulted there caravan. there is the wise woman.

Favored: Rogue or Shaman (or divine adept shaman), must chose at character selection (even if not your starting class). You receive 5 build to spend on chosen list when and if it is purchased. Unfavorable: Cleric or Druid costs 5 extra build to buy, whichever you buy (first) Automatic: Free Economy – All Gypsies know pick pockets. This skill can be fueled by 1 point of any kind. Traveler – Should a Gypsy ever choose to travel somewhere not inside the game world, for example a marshal says something like “it will take you 10 days to get there”, it always takes a Gypsy half the aforementioned time. Flee – As per Retreat Archer skill: Allows Gypsy to run away from an enemy for ten seconds and do nothing at all but run away from the enemy (aside from opening a door to help you run away). Gypsy is immune to all attacks during that time. Gypsy must count out loud the ten seconds by saying "Retreat 1, retreat 2 etc..." This skill can be used during someone else’s hold to take ten steps away from the designated enemy. Regardless of the fashion used can only be done once every 60 second of playtime. All Movement skills share an internal “cool down” timer of 60 seconds. Periodic. Purchasable: Dazzling display – Fears the target for ten seconds. Target may do nothing but run away from the Gypsy for 10 seconds. This is a mind altering ability. This skill represents the Gypsy’s ability to put on a show of great martial prowess, even if they are faking it. Target must see and hear the display. The Gypsy must spend at least 5 seconds putting on a show to represent the dazzling display. This ability requires no spell packet or weapon delivery. 5 build/periodic/one purchase. Gypsy Curse (Minor) - Gypsies are also known for their raw arcane talent. Not akin to anything a psion or mage can do, gypsies tend to be connected to the ether being able to have minimal affect on a person’s fate usually in the form of small accidents. Once per period a Gypsy may call "Gypsy Curse - X skill" X being a choice of trip, Mez, Pin, or Daze. The skill requires no spell packet, it may be used on any target within ten feet of the Gypsy. The Curse is considered to be arcane in nature, so any appropriate arcane defense, or status defense would stop it, as well as anything that specifically stops a curse. 4 build/periodic/one purchase Gypsy Curse (Greater) - In more rare cases some Gypsies have been able to place great curses on people, reserved for those who greatly harmed or otherwise insulted there caravan. Buying this skill requires plot approval, and usually the ability is granted to a PC similar to the way a PrC (higher list) is awarded. Often when a Gypsy is granted the power to place a great curse, it is at the loss of something, the sacrifice of something, or at a moment of great duress. This skill has so immediate effect on PCs (when used by a PC), and for there to be any affect at all plot and the PC them self would have to agree to something and what is it. This is an RP skill, to be used as such, and is generally reserved for NPCs. The affect is not guaranteed, and if the curse is not warranted it may backfire. Cursing at all can be a dangerous act because you open yourself up to many mystical channels, and possibly spirits. Any PC who is granted this skill found to be abusing it will be dealt with accordingly. 1 build/passive.


Detriments: Cowardice – Gypsies avoid combat at all costs. They try to talk their way out of actual combat whenever possible. If that doesn’t work, they run away. They may freely engage in non death dueling, and may defend themselves when pressed, but Gypsies never initiate combat. They may also never use courage or intercept. You may buy out of this racial for 5 build, but you give up Dazzling Display and Flee in doing so. Gypsies are also barred from becoming Knights or Juggernauts because of this detriment, this remains even if you purchase out of it. A gypsy can overcome their heritage but they cannot change the way the world looks at them. This racial is automatically bought out for free as a shaman (or divine adept of the shaman ethos) and must be bought out before becoming a cleric, divine adept (non shaman), or druid. Flighty – Because of how Gypsies in their own society have no possession rules, many nonGypsies don’t trust them. To date, not a single Gypsy has become a noble or royalty (outside of the Gypsy community of course). However, Gypsies are renowned for their ability to entertain. Be it song, dance or the newer generation with their dueling, Gypsy entertainment is surpassed by no one. They also make some of the best traders and craftsman, simply because they travel to so many places they have access to many foreign goods and techniques people don't often see. So despite people’s distrust of the Gypsy race as a whole, there caravans are always welcome, people just grip their purses tighter and lock their doors until they leave town.


Norlisian History
After the Empress conquered Norlis, a group of Norlisians did not wish to submit to Elosian rule. The Empress, wanting her empire to be full of willing subjects, allowed the group of Norlisians to leave in boats. They aimed for the southern continent and instead hit a group of islands to the east of the Elosian Empire. They set up a new city on the largest island and proclaimed the islands as the new Norlis. As time went on, the Norlisians realized that as lush and bountiful as their islands were, certain important staples were missing. If they didn’t establish trade with the Elosian Empire, they would perish. They maintained their own culture very strictly, but they no longer held any animosity toward the Elosian Empire, an attitude which continues to today. Nine hundred years is plenty of time to forgive and forget. Trade, travel and knowledge flows freely between the two nations. Society The Norlisians prize honor above all else and adhere to a strict code. You must show honor to your family, your country and your profession, in that order. Your honor to your family is held above all else. It doesn’t matter what job you have, so long as it can support your family. A Norlisian also highly honors their ancestors and other deceased members of their family. A small shrine is set up wherever they live. The shrine includes a bowl, usually filled with water or uncooked rice; a piece of wood, often crudely carved with the names of the deceased or symbols that represent them; and a candle which is only burned for a moment before bed. Handling any of the items in the shrine is done only by a family member. It is considered the height of dishonor to touch another person’s shrine. Any discussions or arguments that take place inside the family home are never spoken of outside its walls. A Norlisian honors their country by always holding to its traditions and adhering to its values even far from home. While many Norlisians are curious about other cultures and even live among them, they always quietly follow the customs of Norlisian life. These include bringing a gift to a gathering at someone else’s home, always refusing something the first time it is offered (this does not apply to an offer of coffee from a Saracen) and pausing for a moment at sunset to think of their home and family. A Norlisian honors their profession by striving to do the best possible job they can. They work to make advances in their chosen field. It was a Norlisian medic working in Tybir who came up with a new syringe that is still in prototypes, but may help medics all over the Empire administer their medicines faster and more effectively. There is a small group of Norlisians who choose to fight from the shadows. They call themselves “The Dishonorable” and have great guilt over their use of non-honorable combat. They atone by refusing comfort and living very sparsely. They also give all the wealth they accumulate to a charity or to their families. When one becomes a Dishonorable, they leave their old name behind so as not to cause their family more dishonor. They are given a new name which is always prefaced with Brother, regardless of sex. The new name is taken from an object in the area in which they become a Dishonorable. This also serves to foster the desire to remain anonymous. You may run across many Brother Candles in your time, but they will not all be the same person. When a member of the family becomes a Dishonorable, their family treats them as if they were dead. Although some do return to visit, it is never spoken of or admitted to outside of the family home. 57

Norlisians are innovative and usually overly polite. They are very respectful of other cultures, mostly because they expect the same respect in return. While they are very polite, nothing will earn you the animosity of a Norlisian faster than disrespecting their culture or someone else’s culture. Norlisians are masters of the polite insult when they feel it’s deserved. Show respect for their culture and a Norlisian will provide excellent conversation and maybe a new perspective. Norlisian Racials Make-up: There is no specific make-up that is worn, although Norlisian women do favor slight outlining of the eyes. Costuming: Norlisians wear oriental style clothing including kimonos, hakama pants, and robes tied with a belt. Favored: Monk, you receive 5 first rank abilities for free. Unfavorable: Rogue (Tenet of the Bushido: Rectitude) costs 5 extra build to buy. Automatic: Weapons Training (Tenet of the Bushido: Courage) - Choice of 1HE or Martial Arts or Staff for free. Chosen upon player creation. This represents Norlisians being trained in weapons from a young age. Herbal Remedy (Tenet of the Bushido: Benevolence) – After 5 seconds of role-play a Norlisian can heal someone for 4 VP. Periodic. This represents that Norlisians are also slightly trained in the ability to heal to counter their slight training in the ability to kill. Lore: Etiquette (Tenet of the Bushido: Respect) – Norlisians are extremely respectful of other cultures while refusing to abandon their own. They learn the proper and polite customs of as many societies as they can so as never to be thought of as rude. Purchasable: Art of Zen – Perfect aim for any spell or ability. If used in conjunction with a melee attack target must be within weapons reach, for any ranged ability follow the perfect aim rules off the Fire list. 5 build/periodic/one purchase. Detriments: Perfectionist- The Norlisians value mastery of all endeavors. The Norlisians follow many rituals that must be performed precisely and correctly. One of these is the Norlisian tea ceremony which has many versions ranging from the very simple and basic to a several course complicated meal. Code of the Bushido – All Norlisians follow the Code of the Bushido, which has seven tenets: Rectitude, Courage, Benevolence, Respect, Honesty, Honor and Loyalty. Honesty, Honor and Loyalty are basic tenets to follow with the others outlined above. Dishonorable (Fugiri)- If a PC Norlisian starts as or becomes a Dishonorable, they cannot buy the Art of Zen and they lose it if they have already purchased it. If you lose the skill, you must


59 . they cannot achieve Zen. Because of the shame in becoming a Dishonorable.spend the 5 build on the class that Art of Zen went towards.

the undead were a painful memory. They changed an entire garrison of their best warriors into the epitome of graceful death. The humans were engaged in fighting the Wailing Horde and their greatest city was destroyed. These Dark Elves were beautiful to behold. There would be no salvation from them to come. The only true battles the Elves had fought in their histories were against the disorganized orcs and goblins of the nearby tribes. Madness. When the Dark Elves were released upon the Wailing Horde. and a kinship with the night would allow them to fight the undead on their own terms.The Elves To truly understand the Elves. The Cursed plague of Lei’al struck with a terrible swiftness and lethality. Minas Calad. racked by madness and possessed of a vile cunning. In desperation. if such a thing is even possible. it is necessary to look deeply into their history. but with the ferocity and singleness of purpose that made for a perfect soldier. The Dark Elves returned to the great city of Elves and were given positions of prestige as honor guards. It was then that Lei’al whispered into the ears of the Elven priests and nobles. Within ten minutes of its outbreak. The Elves are the created children of the goddess Eluesari. He showed them that altering their own warriors into true creatures of ferocity and battle would enable them to beat back the undead scourge. Half of the houses fled the city and sought refuge where they could. The Dark Elves became murderous over night and struck at their makers and each other in a fever of madness and delirium. One Dark Elf was the match of ten Elven warriors. became the center of elven life and opened its gates to the humans in friendship. They believed it was best to let the Dark Elves kill each other and end the threat. The other half believed the Dark Elves deserved a chance for their sacrifices in the Great War and went to them with their healing arts. The Wailing Horde struck all the goodly races with fury and rage never seen on this world. Celebrations in every capital city honored their prowess and sacrifice in defeating the undead. the humans invited the elves to their cities to trade both goods. The Elves were totally unprepared for this sort of war. The Dark Elves were welcomed back as heroes. They were dragged into the bowels of the earth as the Dark Elves became sensitive to light. The Great Houses of the Elves became polarized immediately over how to deal with the threat. In turn. Those who went to heal the Dark Elves were quickly captured and enslaved. a third of the Elves living in the great city lay dead or dying. The largest of these cities. Skin of Onyx. their effect was immediate and devastating. the Elves clung to this thread of hope and performed powerful rituals of magic and science. The Elves were enslaved by the Dark Elves for five generations before they were able to escape back to the surface world. the grace and dexterity of an elf. Then came the first Great War. The Dark Elves still live below. battle masters. Within six months. and knowledge of the world. They occasionally strike at the surface world in small groups to satisfy their lust for 60 . and generals. She gifted them with her knowledge and love of magic and sent them out to build cities and live their lives in the world she watched over.

you receive one free 5th rank spell of your choice when you meet the pre-reqs for it. He did so that they may always remember the Dark Elven threat below. High Elf Racials Make-up: Elves’ ears are pointed. This can be learned the same month you meet the pre-reqs. those who had left returned to their ruined city to rebuild. The typical high elf puts forth a great effort in looking good. Unfavorable: Druid and Shaman. this requires ear tips. Its members had fought the Dark Elves on the streets of Minas Calad to give their brethren time to escape. it was better to leave them to die and save the world from their madness. the Seven Great Elven Houses met to elect a new leader. Their city was originally created with powerful magics and so again. When all was done. The second act of The Voice and the Guardian was to declare his people High Elves. They looked on the destruction wrought after their departure and believed they had done the right thing in leaving. 61 . None could hope to stand against the madness of the Dark Elves. Survivors of these attacks describe the most wicked intelligence gone horribly mad. High elf dress is stylish and often reflects the current fashion of the Empress of Elosia. called ‘The Voice and The Guardian’ was tasked with both leading the council through his voice as well as watching for the return of the Dark Elves. Periodic. The Elves who resisted the plague that turned their brethren into Dark Elves have a higher resistance to poison and disease. House Silras. This house was chosen for its dedication to warfare and combat. The Elves began to rebuild. The first act of the Voice and the Guardian was to raise a new house to the council. The High Elves are a very intricate people. The head of House Silras was given the task of leading the Elven people should war once again threaten. High Elves After the Dark Elves took their slaves and went underground. Those who follow the paths of combat rather than magic frequently wield either two weapons or a single graceful two handed sword that they employ in beautiful and deadly sword dances. Though the leader of the council still retains this title.blood. the Elves turned to that which they understood best to accomplish the rebuilding. His voice in the council is silent except in times of war where it is law. Automatic: Resist Poison/Disease – Allows the Elf to resist one poison OR disease based attack per period. bent on the worst cruelty they can imagine. This leader. The beauty of a complicated spell seen to completion brings tears to the eyes of the most stoic High Elven warrior. Favored: Mage. his duties as watcher are symbolic now as the Dark Elves have not threatened the Elves for a thousand years. They enjoy complexity and the challenges of magic above all else. it was their own healing arts that had allowed the Dark Elves to survive the plague of madness in the first place and permitted them to remain a threat to the world above. these cost 5 extra build to buy. Costuming: Commonly robes are worn. Though they pitied those the Dark Elves had enslaved. but any sort of attire is acceptable.

High Elves learned this ability from watching wisps. High Elves are strongly drawn to Elosian society and often try to over exaggerate or outdo the current fashion trends of Elosia. Summon Wisp – High Elves find it easy to commune with creatures magical in nature. nobility and government. High Society – All High Elves are highly enamored of societal structure. High Elves always seek to improve upon existing techniques whenever possible. Purchasable: Resourcefulness – High Elves are renowned metaphysical artisans and thus tend to be able to procure much needed components from their own collections. blunts cost double (staff not included). Barri Elves History After Escape 62 . Many High Elves capture and retain these wisps to light their way.Dissertation – As part of their schooling all High Elves are forced to take time off to write a dissertation about one subject. with a little note next to it indicating their dissertation. or runesmithing there is a much greater chance the High Elf will find it. After which they may find a plot marshal and see if they found the component they were looking for and receive an item tag for it. as if it isn’t used it usually finds its way back into the High Elves personal belongings or some other fate. 5 build/daily/one purchase. much like fireflies. Enchanter – Buy one rank one air or water ritual. Complications are familiar to them and they welcome them if it gets to a better or improved way of doing things. Detriments: Improvement – Unlike their Barri brethren. If you ever have a question as to appropriate items. This is represented by the High Elf receiving one lore (with plot approval) for free. If it has no cost. Glow sticks. Any T4 component is automatically barred. A wisp is represented with the use of a light source that has been muted in some way. The item will be dated for the month and is only good for that event. When using this lore they should inform the marshal as such and it will be taken into account. Blink – This skill allows a High Elf to become invisible (as per the spell) for 10 seconds. Blades cost the same. They enjoy inner workings of politics. Once per weekend a High Elf may go back to their quarters and roleplay looking through their things for 5 minutes. please ask a Director. If the component is for Alchemy. flashlights with colored cellophane or similar items can be used to represent the wisp. Wisps are small glowing creatures native to where High Elves come from. 5 build/once per weekend/one purchase. Certain plot/greater components may be disallowed for various reasons. Wisps themselves can suddenly disappear and reappear quickly farther away. you pay one build. or runesmith ability for double the cost without having the list. Thrive – High Elves are much the opposite of Barri Elves and always seek a solution better than the bare minimum. a ritual.

the first and greatest of their cities. However. or unwilling to live in civilization any longer. They believe that in focusing their minds to the smallest detail. They see more beauty in a single straight line perfectly placed than a painting of a thousand flowers done quickly. As Elves. children are still sent into the woods to survive alone for a month before they are considered adults. good water. The Government of the Barri Elves is seated in Amar Barad. the Barri Elves mended their relationship with the High Elves who had left them to their fate at the hands of the Dark Elves. unable. Occasionally. They yearn for the simpler life of the forest and before long. leave to live in the woods they so love. The Druids of the Barri went to work molding these trees and the earth into the Nine Great houses which still stand today and rule the Barri Elves. the Barri found themselves lost in the woods with nothing but their wits and will to survive. Eluesari sent a snow white owl to lead them to an area of the forest which would become their new home. The Speaker of the Council delivers the rulings to the Barri people. they generally tend to forego this complicated path in favor of one more in line with their simple lifestyle. the Barri are inherently magical. Though the culture and cities of the Barri Elves are rich and beautiful. Each House is given equal weight in the council chambers. it is rare to see a Barri Elf in the cities of the High Elves and vice versa. Though they are now friends. but is not considered to be the leader of the council. The Society of the Barri Elves is one of simplicity first. fertile soil. a child sent into the wild returns changed forever. 63 . They strive for perfection in simple tasks as both a physical discipline as well as a mental exercise. The instincts and lessons the first Barri learned have been passed down to their children over the generations. Each decision that does not require immediate action is weighted and measured for a period of five days before a vote is taken. The nine Great Houses of the Barri rule as a single body. It had all that the Barri could possibly need to begin their new life. All Barri Elves know the history of their enslavement at the hands of the Dark Elves and are the only race who are truly watchful against their return. and strong trees. They quickly turned to Eluesari for her guidance and were not disappointed. they will come to know what is truly important in life. The calling of the ranger and druid is a blessed one among the Barri and strong druidic magics are considered a great honor and blessing from Eluesari. Barri Elves Today The Barri never lost their survivalist mentality. Each is far more commonly seen in the human cities at one of the great academies. It consists of a traditional Elven House system.After their escape from the Dark Elves. After a time.

If a Barri Elf chooses Archer. Barri Elf must have seen or heard the person use the skill. Chosen of Elusari or Koresari – The love of their goddess allows a Barri Elf to walk into a Druid’s grove of the same alignment of their goddess. this must be decided at character creation or this particular option is forfeit and this racial only works if you ever receive an alignment based list that dictates your alignment good or evil. does not affect first aid in any other way. Unfavorable: Mage costs 5 extra build to buy. For example. Because the Barri Elves spend so much time among the flora. This does not mean they have to be simple. 1 build /passive/ dependent upon beginning first aid build cost. Favored: Archer or Druid. Costuming: Barri elves favor dress that allows them to move quickly and blend with the forest. This can be purchased until first aid costs zero. Detriments: Simplicity – Barri Elves must seek the most simple path. must choose at character creation. Automatic: Camouflage – As per the Druid list: acts as the skill hide. 5 build/periodic/one purchase. but still they must choose the simplest path presented before them. they just avoid anything confusing or overly complicated. Purchasable: Steward – Intercept/Resist once per period. they receive Camouflage and 1HB for free. they know the best hiding places. Caretaker – This skill applies to their core class only. Periodic. Dress is often practical and matches the season. Periodic. or have great reason to believe there is someone to use it on. First aid – This version of first aid works according to their core class costs. if you see a door open all by itself or if your friend grabs you.” 3 build/periodic/one purchase. The Barri took care of the Dark Elves even when the High Elves abandoned them and all Barri are taught first aid to remind them to never stop taking care of the weak despite their past. Resist Poison/Disease – Allows the Elf to resist one poison OR disease based attack per period. they receive Bow for free. outdoors only. this requires ear tips. Eagle Eye – As per Archer: See through one application of hide for 5 seconds. Sometimes the simplest way is considered complicated. Protecting the weak is in the nature of every Barri Elf.Barri Racials Make-up: Elves’ ears are pointed. points and says “he is somewhere in there. Every time this skill is purchased it reduces the cost of first aid by one appropriate point. If a Barri Elf chooses Druid. 64 . Also allows the Elf to make their core class an alignment based list. The Elves who resisted the plague that turned their brethren into Dark Elves have a higher resistance to poison and disease. see First Aid.

Therefore they may never wear heavy armor and are forever barred from heavy armor Prof. even in medium armor. bastard costs 5. thus 1 HE costs 4. This would never drive them to act outside their personality or alignment. Also to represent their living off the land and what it provides.Survivalist – Barri Elves never forget where they come from. 65 . They also tend to lean more towards leathers then metals. Forest Song – Barri Elves prefer silence and freedom of movement above all things. and do whatever it takes. Therefore from the earliest age Barri Elves are taught to survive. Crossbow (not bow) costs 7 build. and 2HE costs 6.

A full beard for men is suggested. they create arguably both the strongest weapons. Mountain giants were spawned from stray burst of magical energy when the dragons created the world. He took half of their size and used it to make a soul for the creatures. Into this soul. Favored: Tradesman costs 5 build to multi class into. 66 . and all that was good in his heart. No dwarf will allow anyone else to see an unfinished masterpiece. Other tattoos are common. Other than that. but there are plenty of dwarves with no facial hair. Dwarven Racials Make-up: Every dwarf is born with a rune over one eye. Though they were stupid and vicious creatures. Food. Dwarves are strong and hearty fighters. and Fighting. Every object a dwarf creates. as well as the morality and love of good things Dorgim gifted them with. but takes great pride in unveiling it to the awed gasps of an assembly. Dorgim looked around the world for creatures to work with and finally settled on mountain giants. Dorgim looked on the humans and their craftsmanship and was moved greatly. love of craftsmanship. whether a sturdy. Against most opponents this isn’t a bad strategy. or if primary class. Dorgim took a group of twenty mountain giants and unraveled their essence. their heartiness and strength were qualities Dorgim knew he could use as his foundation. The rune is usually grey or another stone-like color and is different for each dwarf. Dwarves live mostly underground in vast kingdoms that rival any on the surface. For a Dwarf there are four loves. his creations were seen by Dorgim. It is common for a dwarf to decorate his belongings with the rune he was born with. a fae created by an earth dragon. Their mastery of rock and iron is legendary and with it. he poured his diligence. but possessing the intellect of the humans he had admired. not necessarily in that order. because Dwarves are part mountain giant. Dwarves often use decorative weapons and armor. as well as the most beautiful stone architecture in the world. as there are few creatures smaller than a Giant that can take a dwarven punch without searching for his teeth afterwards. you receive 5 build to spend as you see fit in tradesman. or a decorated sword for a king is crafted with Dorgim’s glory in mind. but no dwarf will tattoo anything above the neck in order to honor Dorgrim through their eye rune.The Dwarves When the human god came into the world looking for a new place for his faithful. Craftsmanship in homage to his god. strong allies to the end. He decided to make his own creatures and to instill in them the ability to make even greater works of stone and metal than the creations done by humans.. practical mug for traveling. Half the size of a mountain giant. dwarves favor metal decoration and clothing the color of natural materials. Dorgim looked at his new creations next to their ancestors and with a smile named them Dwarfamarasti or Small Mountains in the language of the Fae. They are not much for tact in combat. preferring to go charging headlong into a fray rather than flanking an opponent. He then melded the new bodies. and newly formed souls into new beings. Today. Costuming: No male dwarf would wear a robe. Dwarves love to work precious metals and gemstones into their handiwork as a tribute to their god Dorgim. Unfavorable: Archer costs 5 extra build to buy. A chart for common runes and their meaning will be provided. they only have one rune where mountain giants have one over each eye which are always the same. Family.. Dwarven females cannot grow facial hair.

This skill represents the Dwarf barreling into battle and sending opponents flying. A plot director may possibly rule the skill cannot be used in that fashion or may require using the skill on that acquisition a few events in a row to represent pulling some strings. as well as their cost is up to the plot director. you can no longer use the skills of the class you applied this racial to. If you ever buy cleric. trip. If a resource profession they receive the first two build spent into it.” 3 build/once per weekend/one purchase. 1 build/passive/one purchase. but does not allow the purchasing of skills from lists you do not have. Even Dwarven mages born with natural talent rarely are born with powers other than earth because of their giant heritage. Once per weekend the Dwarf may call upon Dwarven ties and receive some sort of material acquisition. Therefore every Dwarf from an early age is trained in rudimentary weapon use. Therefore a Dwarven mage must take earth as his primary Tao always and 67 . Therefore a dwarf cannot take a new trade until he has completed his current one. After doing so and calling the skill he may run into a battle and call this skill. If you ever lose your alignment. 4 build/periodic/one purchase. you must be a cleric of the same god. Always ready for a fight – Dwarves are renowned for their ability to unite as a military unit. In fact they are a great part of the reason only a fool would lay siege to a Dwarven stronghold. after doing so his first three attacks are the skill “throw”. purchase and use this skill “at your own risk.Dwarves get one free profession because crafting is so emphasized in Dwarven society. This skill allows a Dwarf to choose 1HE or 1HB for free upon character creation. or throw used against you. My crafting brings all the Dwarves to the smith. Barreling Start –A Dwarf must roleplay preparing to charge upon the calling of this skill.Automatic: Surefooted – As per the Archer list: stop the next desired knock back. The Dwarven academies primarily teach only earthen magics and stress them to the arcane inclined Dwarves. Purchasable: Blessed of Dorgim or Aokun – If purchased allows the Dwarf to be considered a clergy of one of those gods. Dwarven Sage – The Earth Mages of the Dwarves are world renown. You must have a trade skill or Fighter to buy this and this racial is applied to Fighter or trade of choice and makes it an alignment based list of the appropriate alignment. those attacks must be made consecutively and within 3 seconds of each other. Detriments: Dwarven Pride – A Dwarf takes pride in his work and believes devoting yourself to perfecting a single craft. Dwarves also must always RP being perfectionists when practicing any trade or profession. Dwarven Ties –Dwarves take care of their own. All results are up to directors. much like a bowling ball hitting pins. and receives plot approval. This has many in game effects. Periodic. How much and how long the materials take.

they must receive plot approval. Dwarves only practice the worship of Dorgim. but only Dorgim or Aokun accept them as Clergy. Therefore. This cost only affects the purchase. all Psion and air Tao 1st ranks costs double to purchase (but not to fuel). 68 . Divine lists and PrCs taken by Dwarves must have Dorgim or Aokun as their Patron deity. Even if they seek to be clergy of another god. It is not uncommon for Dwarves to pay homage or respect the other gods. Should you become anything but a cleric or divine adept of Dorgrim or Aokun all 1st and 2nd ranks are doubled. The only exception is Aokun who opposes Dorgrim and seeks to corrupt his children. Dwarven heritage – Because of the unique way Dorgim crafted the dwarves.attain 3rd rank spells in the earth Tao before buying another Tao. and 3rd -5th ranks costs one extra build. the gods tend to leave Dorgim’s children to Dorgim’s watchful eye. or in the PCs backs story. Also. This can be represented in the live game. not the cost to fuel. Even the other dark gods recognize the monopoly Aokun has on the corrupt Dwarves and usually turn them away should they seek their divine favor. if a PC wishes to worship another diety. infusing them with his own essence.

the majority of Wolfbloods fill the roles of advisor. after Lei’al released the Lycanthrope plague upon the world. They did not forget the loyal service of the wolfbloods. a cleric of Dorgim. they are prepared to make certain nothing will ever come of it. Without a cause behind which to align themselves. creating a new hybrid race. when men and god alike feared the forces of darkness were growing too strong that the Wolfblood race was born. As these men began to have children. not only as their bodyguards. some wolfbloods reluctantly accepted the charge of the young ones.Wolfbloods It was during the Second Great War. guard captain. they feared their new found wealth and success would put their children at risk and sought out Wolfbloods to serve as their protectors. Wolfbloods were being paired with a noble child at birth. To a lost location of the empire where Ley Lines of Earth. Cast on the Wolf and the young barbarian together it fused the two. It was because of this certainty that the generals of light surrounded themselves with Wolfbloods. Wolfbloods have very little culture of their own. whether they like it or not. and a shaman went. physical prowess. Separated from their society at birth and assigned to a charge. They can be prickly when the honor of their charge is challenged and if a threat is made against their charge. to be raised together as charge and companion. Wolfbloods are of unquestionable loyalty. a mage of each Tao. It was because of this certainty that the armies of light fought back from overwhelming odds to victory in the Second Great War. Water and Air all converge. Today. they became faithful. Bred to be the perfect soldier. Wolfbloods have been known to remove their charge from danger. They protected the most valuable military minds and hunted down any spies of darkness. every soldier knew they could count on the Wolfbloods to sacrifice everything for this cause. While Wolfbloods are bodyguards first. During the Second Great War it was the diligence and martial skill of the Wolfbloods that the forces of light were able to rally around. Wolfbloods are educated alongside their charge and therefore are normally far more schooled than the normal citizen of Elosia. created by the desperate plans of men with the blessing of the gods. The powerful convergence of Ley Lines and the blessing of Aaeos and Dorgim blessed a very special Ritual of Soul Searching. They took with them a volunteer from the mighty barbarian tribes to the north named Grenix Orbin and a single wolf. a Wolfblood will wear the clothing and celebrate the holidays of 69 . Since they are to serve as bodyguards. After the war the Generals who led the armies to victory were given large plots of land and noble titles for their successes. Wolfbloods are overly protective of their charges. a Wolfblood stresses martial skill. Fire. and confidant to their charge. That race was the Wolfblood. half man and half wolf. but also as friends. Soon it was also recognized that each Wolfblood became more to their charge then simply a body guard. and conditioning. Shortly thereafter. To counteract the chaos and lies spread by the followers of Lei’al only a race strong enough to stand before the Lycanthrope plague and loyal enough to be certain of their allegiance could be counted on. lifelong companions. In a time where nothing was certain. knowing from the time they can walk that the protection of their companion is their life’s purpose. a trait drawn from their canine heritage. Soon it was fashionable for a child of noble birth to have a Wolfblood as a body guard.

htm (the beast face). so usually pursuing enemies does not fit the bill. Costuming: Wolfbloods dress appropriately for the society of their charge. allows you to hold their hand and move as fast as you desire. Any other face must be plot approved. Purchasable: Stay Behind me – This allows the Wolfblood to call the skill “hide” on another person. but use martial skills and you must focus on defending your charge or purpose.com/newpage/products. 2 build/periodic/two purchases. You may also do nothing. In defense of the king! – When defending your charge or a just cause. You may not speak in game at all during this and if all enemies vanish from the battle field you drop and continue your death count. You must find a plot marshal or weekend plot marshal. 70 . Favored: Body Guard.their charge. If you use it on anyone besides your charge. effects vary. and only when they fail their charge. Iron Will – This blocks an incoming mental ability that would make the Wolfblood act against his own will.As per Fighter skill: this skill allows the Wolfblood to touch the target with their weapon or hand and call “intercept-X” X being an attack that recently landed on the target of this skill. but not required. a tendency that has never been successfully bred out of them. Small fangs are recommended. This represents you picking them up in a fireman’s carry and running with them. It must follow the parameters of the skill hide as they are written on the Rogue list. Periodic. A Wolfblood will only return to the small enclaves of "Wolfblood society" in shame. Target must be willing or unable to object. Please note intercept cannot intercept beneficial spells or abilities Fireman’s carry – As per Medic skill: use on a target ally. 4 build/daily/one purchase. There are no single color Wolfbloods. You may also not invoke items or use alchemy on yourself or anyone but your charge. This build can be spent the same event you learn the list regardless of the restrictions of PrC’s. Wolfbloods of any society have a taste for meat. or wolf coloring is suggested. Periodic. there needs to be an excellent reason. Automatic: Medium Shield Intercept. who can be conscious or unconscious. 2 build/periodic/one purchase. dog. Wolfblood Racials Make-up: A face prosthetic is required. The Wolfblood then takes the effect of said attack and can resolve it with a defense or just take its effects. The approved face can be gotten here http://www. It is in these enclaves that each Wolfblood will try to redeem themselves by creating a son or daughter strong enough to succeed where they themselves failed. Find your way home – By use of instinct and scent a Wolfblood can “track” his charge. It must be colored to resemble a canine. You cannot use this skill on yourself. Unfavorable: First non-martial costs 5 extra build to buy. fox. receive 5 build upon learning the list.screamteam. you may call In defense of the king and fight through the first stage of your death count.

71 . Wolfbloods obey orders from their charges automatically. which allows them to disregard orders they feel will endanger their charges. Obedience Training – The way that Wolfbloods are raised makes following orders the way the only thing they know. if this is also your first non martial class it indeed costs 10 extra build to purchase. but most of the time. Second Unfavorable Class – Psion costs 5 additional build to buy. no Wolfblood will leave his charge and when they must. it is very emotionally painful for them. Unless given a direct order to do so.Detriments: Separation anxiety – Separation from your charge depresses you. They will never obey an order to hurt themselves or their charges and they do have free will.

Nemeans accept that the leader of a pride. When they are away from work they enjoy themselves and within the empire even partake in many of the same nightly activities as Elosians. and action above all other things in life. The Empress saw their ferocious desire to preserve their own culture. or in absence of a pride. They select a single profession and strive to be the best at it. it is also their strong devotion to their matron deity Herena. They are hard workers and dedicated to their craft. has the authority to dole out punishment as they see fit. it is rare to find a Nemean who is willing to veer from his chosen path and pursue an additional specialization. 72 . serving as the judge and jury over indiscretions among his own family.Nemeans Whatever you are. and came to understand that if she would allow them to continue to regulate their own society. perfection. called a pride. always strive to do it. The head of the pride is the ultimate authority of his kin. They also avoid many of the vices that will distract them from their goals. and no greater shame then to bring dishonor upon your family. they are very serious while at their craft. to be it. a higher ranking member of society. practice and preparation are part of life everyday. any Nemean who does such a thing will often find his pride does not understand why he could not be content with one focus like everyone else. and pacts. Nemeans are a lion-like people. oaths. to the best of your ability. typically the oldest male of the pride. Nemeans were unwilling to give up their social order. they would accept her jurisdiction and make themselves her loyal subjects. and they are never interfered with. While not shunned from society. The day to day life of a Nemean varies greatly depending on the life and trade they follow. They came to terms and to this day Nemean authority over their pride is unquestioned throughout the empire so long as other citizens are not affected by it. this is the Nemean philosophy. Training. who regard honor. Their strong regard for honor will prevent most Nemeans from considering arts that bend the will of others through words rather then action. There is no virtue greater then being regarded as the best at what you do. and they believe in moderation of all the pleasures of life. As such. The Nemean ideal that you should strive for perfection in everything you do tends to create a linear focus in the life of each Nemean. for all to see. When the Empire conquered the Nemeans it was done with concessions. is made up of a large extended family ruled by a single figure. It is also not uncommon for authority over the pride to be challenged from within. and were willing to fight to extinction to make certain it would not be lost. seeing them as having failed at the Nemean ideal of striving to be the best at a profession. It is more than just honor that turns them from this path however. Because they worship the goddess of truth. but one thing is certain of all Nemeans. It is not unheard of for the pride’s leader to serve as executioner if one of his kin brings shame upon the pride. The Nemean family unit. Both of these events occur in the open in Nemean society. whatever you do. they feel that it would anger her to force action from another by bending their will. Nemeans have very little respect for beggars. Nemeans do know however that time away from your craft can refresh the senses and spark creativity and imagination.

3 build/periodic/two purchases. PC must come down even if the end of the climb is a horizontal surface. examples are the side of a building or a tree. Once per period the Nemean may call a defense against any attack labeled as a surprise attack. This represents the difficulty of making that initial break away from their chosen path. Automatic: Claws. Climb – This skill allows the PC to climb a vertical surface. PrCs do not count towards this. They may remain up there for 30 seconds at which point they must come down. You can wear small fangs.Nemean Racials Make-up: Nemeans are a cat-like race based off of lions. Costuming: There are no real specific requirements on clothing. please apply appropriate coloring via makeup or under armor/tights/bodysuit. This does not apply to a Nemean's first trade. Nemeans do have cat ears. you can paint a pair of ear tips to match your coloring and wear those or you can use a pair of ears attached to something. You may use a properly painted cat nose prosthetic if you wish. but please make sure if you use the second method that your real ears are covered somehow. but they are also human in many ways. No Nemean would go without clothing. 73 . Future multiclassing costs the regular ten build. Unfavorable: The first time a Nemean multiclasses it costs them 15 as opposed to ten. Favored: Your first class purchased receives 5 extra starting build that must be spent upon character conception. you choose spirits or one of the ley lines. Leap – A movement skill powered by 3 points of your primary class. Fighting of any type cannot occur with a character under the use of a climb skill. Nemeans may be cats in some ways. however this is not required. you can invoke this skill in the presence of a marshal. although markings and patterns vary greatly. The PC places their weapon or hand on top of there to indicate they are up said surface. 1 build/daily/one purchase. Periodic. This represents a Nemean’s devotion to their chosen path and their ability to spearhead into it. Once per day. even if someone else uses a climb skill.This counts as martial arts but with different role playing. No Nemean is single colored. Some Nemeans are born with long cat-like tails that can be represented if desired. effects vary. Purchasable: Eyes of the Feline – When you use this skill. If your arms or legs are exposed. If you choose to. but no Nemean has two sets of ears. This skill may also be used to detect the presence of someone using the “hide” skill or invisibility. Keen Senses – This represents the Nemean's keen sight and hearing. other than that you wear it.

not the cost to fuel.Detriments: Actions speak louder than words – Nemeans must pay extra to purchase any persuasion or mind effecting ability. This cost only affects the purchase. This is simply because Nemeans believe actions speak louder than words and inside the family pride you are judged by what you have done. This is to represent a Nemean not raised in a Nemean society. Nemean Justice – If another Nemean of higher rank (by Nemean standards not Elosian law) enacts justice upon a deserving Nemean. not the cost to fuel. other Nemeans are bred to accept this and not intervene. All 1st and 2nd ranks are doubled. Should for any reason a Nemean wish to ignore this racial (with plot approval only) it would mean the loss of all other racials and detriments aside from claws and unfavorable class. or anything that causes another creature or humanoid to do something. They should also do their best to see to it no one else intervenes. All 1st and 2nd ranks are doubled. This is to represent a Nemean not raised in a Nemean society. and 3rd -5th ranks costs one extra build. and 3rd -5th ranks costs one extra build. Should for any reason a Nemean wish to ignore this racial (with plot approval only) it would mean the loss of all other racials and detriments aside from claws and unfavorable class. Fight with honor or do not fight at all – Nemeans pay higher costs for skills labeled as surprise attacks. 74 . This cost only affects the purchase. not by what you have said.

These Dragonkin are treated as prized children and even royalties on some occasions. but covered with scales and with an affinity for the nature of their Dragon parent. The sound of an Earth Dragonkin’s charge on the battlefield has given them the nickname “Rumblers. and Water. Air. boisterous and put even the stockiest dwarf to the test at the dinner table. one was born with the Dragon blood awakened. Of all the Dragonkin. Though they have lost the ability to breathe and manipulate the elements of their ancestors. 75 . and went to join their own kind in sleep. They apprenticed under tradesmen. They are fierce fighters and have been known to “forget” to retreat. The children of these Dragon offspring had the same children as their parents. sometimes normal human children. but even a normal child of Dragonkin could have an awakened offspring. Flickers are almost universally sent to the Arcane Academy at a very young age. They are loud. As time moved on. and it is impossible to predict where the Dragon blood lines have scattered. They lived their lives under the direct tutelage of the lord of the land and were often adopted directly into the family. or sent to the appropriate academies. and even had wives and family to learn and experience life. They said their goodbyes. taught wizards. Earth Dragonkin tend to be exceptionally large and strong. but occasionally. They view themselves as truly gifted and blessed by the gods and believe everyone else should too. The awakened child is seen as a blessing from the gods and is taken up by the lord of the land to be either raised as his own. Most Flickers will use magic by their teen years whether intentionally or not.Dragon Kin A long time ago. To learn about these new creatures. All nobility seeks to have Dragonkin in their employ and the Empress herself is reported to have three Dragonkin ambassadors as well as a royal guard composed entirely of The Awakened. Fire. as it tends to do. sometimes Dragonkin. curious as to who these newcomers were. The offspring they left behind were considered highly gifted and prized. There are four types of Dragonkin as there are four types of Dragon: Earth. Most of the children born to these couples were normal humans. jokingly named “Flickers” by the first headmaster of the Arcane Academy. It became evident not only that attempting to breed Dragonkin was impossible to predict when dealing with Dragonkin parents.” Fire Dragonkin. awakened Dragonkin are born rarely. several Dragons took on human form and lived entire lives among the struggling settlers. have a very strong affinity for magic. the Dragons eventually felt they had learned all they could from the humans. They could breathe and manipulate the element of their color. as well as work magical or even divine wonders. The blood of the mountains runs through them and it shows in every movement they make. each type of Dragonkin has affinity for a different area and are sought after by different institutions. Now. Because of this almost certain magical use and the unpredictable outcome. when the world was still young and humans were strangers to this land. Dragons walked the earth. Flickers have the most propensity to believe that they are indeed special. These children were born with the physique of a human.

for example. They never wear colors that clash with their element. Favored: Mage. No honor is higher amongst the Elosian nobility than being personally greeted by an Air Dragonkin when arriving at court. not because they wouldn’t be good at it. Their devotion to both their healing arts and their god is absolute. To this date. While most Dragonkin are sought after by nobility. 76 . Flickers favor loose robes that enable them to cast easily. Connection – Flickers have such a connection to the ley lines and are raised in the academy that even if they do not spend their lives among the magi they still pick up the fundamentals of magic. Automatic: Natural Talent – Flickers pick two 1st rank spells from the same sphere and cast them once per period. The Norlisian government also takes the children. Air Dragonkin are often referred to as “Whispers” (never to their face) because of their ability to speak with their liege lord at any time. However. advisors. Barbarians. Dragonkin born to Elosians. Water Dragonkin are often called “Menders” by the peasants. they are never seen. powerful Psions. but nothing is known of where they go. natural affinity for psionics. Their quick minds. while Dragonkin children are confirmed to have been born there. Flickers are red and orange. Dragonkin Racials Flicker Make-up: All Dragonkin have patterns of scales on their foreheads. It is rare to find a Mender in any position of authority in the church. and natural manipulators.Flickers are natural talents and thus tend to possess more energy inside them. one sort is almost universally given over to the clergy at birth. in Norlis. but because they don’t want to be taken away from the people they wish to help. a nickname they have taken to heart. Face charts will be posted. Dragonkin tend to favor accents in the color of their element. why would they be able to wield the powers of magic so naturally if they weren’t better than others? Ambassadors. Unfavorable: First martial purchased costs 5 extra build.After all. She has a troop of Psions who seek out births of this nature and a diplomatic team that goes to pick up the child. When a flicker purchases his first arcane class 5 build are automatically spent into arcane points. Water Dragonkin are natural healers and have been reported to even feel an injury to a close friend the moment before it occurs or to be able to trace the path of a disease in a patient with a touch. The advisor to the Empress herself famously whispered a message to her while she was taking her wedding vows. Air Dragonkin have been sought after by nobility more than any other Dragonkin. no Saracen Dragonkin have been seen. and Gypsies all turn their Dragonkin children over to the Empress to be raised as nobles. including the usage of a wand. and ability to see things from all sides makes them powerful allies at court. Celts. Costuming: Form tends to follow what profession the Dragonkin is.

including smoke. All 1 st and 2nd ranks are doubled. upbringing. it’s just not in their nature and should be roleplayed as such. As mages they can be great scholars and exceptionally intelligent beings due to their royal upbringings. IE if your wand does 2 magic. Unfavorable: First arcane purchased costs 5 extra build. 3 build/passive/one purchase. but not 3 magic. 4 build/daily/one purchase. 2 build/periodic/one purchase.A Flicker pays double to purchase healing spells and abilities other than first aid. a two handed weapon or a dual weapon fighting style. Detriments: Burning Touch. and 3rd -5th ranks costs one extra build. which he receives 5 build automatically spent towards physical points. Should a Flicker ever wish to use a shield. but a Flicker on the battlefield versus a Flicker in the guild library is apples and oranges. Burnination – Because of their heritage. heat and burns. Both hands. Known for their war magics and dealings on the battle field Flickers tend to leave the healing to their Mender brethren and the negotiations to Whispers. they must pay a higher cost. Rumblers favor heavy armor. Fiery Connection – Wand does +1 fire. not the cost to fuel. ask questions later” attitude. It is not unheard of for Flickers to negotiate or cut a deal towards victory. and inclination toward fire magics. Flicker can choose for their wand to do its regular damage. or +1 fire. A Flicker may use this ability to defend against any poison or disease. You must seek out a marshal if it is to be used on something not found in the core rules. Flickers tend to grow up with a “Burn first. Face charts will be posted. Costuming: Form tends to follow what profession the Dragonkin is. This is to represent the Rumbler’s physical prowess and desire to dive straight into the fray. Burning Blood –– Once per day a Flicker may cause their blood to burn. They never wear colors that clash with their element. 77 . Favored: The first Martial class a Rumbler purchases is considered his favored class.Purchasable: Born of flame – A Flicker may ignore the natural effects of fire for one full minute. Dragonkin tend to favor accents in the color of their element. Rumbler Make-up: All Dragonkin have patterns of scales on their foreheads. This skill can be used while unconscious. you can do 2 magic or 3 fire. With shields they must learn them in a tiered order (IE must learn small before medium and medium before large). a military unit who takes their orders directly from Empress herself and whose job description is in their title. Rumblers are green and brown. The highest honor for a Flicker to attain is ascension into the ranks of “The War Mages of Elosia”. literally burning out any infection.Because of their training in the academy Flickers are always trained to have access to both their hands for using magic. or use it to burn out an existing affliction of the blood. Must be chosen at character creation. for example. This cost only affects the purchase.

All Rumblers receive 4 extra Vitality Points at their character start. or throw things.Cleric of Kinros (war). Stone blood –Once per day a Rumbler may call Stone blood to defend against a poison attack or ability used against them. Favored: Rogue. Effects vary. it does not increase as there character progresses. 3 build/periodic/one purchase. Face charts will be posted.Automatic: Fist of Stone – Grants the Rumbler the skills Martial arts. for example. must be chosen at character creation. 3 build/periodic/one purchase. Detriments: Bigger is Better – Rumblers pay +1 the cost for small and one handed weapon skills. Archer or Psion. Stone hide – Rumblers are naturally resilient. Whisper Make-up: All Dragonkin have patterns of scales on their foreheads. Whispers favor anything comfortable. You can use it to break things. You receive 5 build towards physical or arcane points. Whispers are purple and gold. 78 . They never wear colors that clash with their element. Fighter. Purchasable: Roll out – This is a movement skill that must be used to charge towards an enemy or battle in general. Dragonkin tend to favor accents in the color of their element.This is a onetime addition. Feat of Great Strength –This is a mostly role-playing skill. and 3rd -5th ranks costs one extra build. Wall of Rock – As per the third rank Mage spell: Rumblers have forever been trained in the defense of the Empress and at no time is she ever without her 4 most devoted guards who in the past were once known to hold up 4 walls of stone and incased the empress for over 3 days to protect her. but with sheer martial prowess. If when the skill ends the Rumbler is within attack distance of an enemy he may call an attack within 5 seconds of Roll out ending and the attack does +4 damage. Magic is for the flickers – Rumblers find it very difficult to conceive honoring the Empress in any other way. It does not mimic other skills. like throw. Unfavorable: First healing class bought costs 5 extra build. move things. This cost only affects the purchase. 2 build/periodic/one purchase. Marshal must be present. not the cost to fuel. Costuming: Form tends to follow what profession the Dragonkin is. Should a Rumbler ever multi-class into a class other than Monk. The roleplay of it is simply the Rumbler’s hands are as hard as stone thus they are trained to fight with them so they are never considered without a weapon. or a Divine Adept of Kinros All 1st and 2nd ranks are doubled.

trip. Detriments: Know your place – Whispers pay additional costs for prayers if they are anything but a cleric or divine adept of Herena. And all First rank earth spells cost double to buy. levitate. Purchased: Levitate – As per the spell. they hold in regard above all things. 1 build/passive. Surefooted – As per the Archer list: stop the next desired knock back. Herena’s blessing– Whispers can choose to be considered a clergy of Herena even if they are not a divine based list. and you are subject to all the ups and downs of being clergy. Wisp form – Treated as 4th rank of your core class. This form is still subject to obliteration such as being incased in acid or lava. entry or pick locks.Automatic: Bow – Archery is a sport amongst nobles and the grace required to use the weapon coupled with the fact that wind and air are a crucial part in its use make it a natural and commonly used weapon among the Whispers. This form will not allow you to bypass walls or squeeze through tight spaces and in no way acts as climb.First mage sphere must be Air if a mage. Periodic. This does not grant access to the abilities or powers of a list. 79 . All we are is dust in the wind . which is a small. but can move at a fast paced walk. must hold arm out in front of them to represent concentration. All items on your person transform with you. which is as per the skill “climb”: this skill allows the PC to climb a vertical surface. The PC places their weapon or hand on top of there to indicate they are up said surface. or entering a place only Clerics of Herena can enter. you are simply considered blessed by Herena. For ten seconds you may take no action whatsoever (even speaking). Turns the Whisper into a wisp. A good OOG example would be the ability to use items only usable by Clerics of Herena. All 1st and 2nd ranks are doubled. PC must come down even if the end of the climb is a horizontal surface. Fighting of any type cannot occur with a character under the use of a climb skill. which includes meeting the pre-reqs. Simply call “wisp form” when struck. 2 build /periodic/one purchase. They may remain up there for 30 seconds at which point they must come down. ectoplasmic type creature. even if someone else uses a climb skill. A roleplay example of why this would help would be the blessing of an oath or pact. examples are the side of a building or a tree. This effectively turns all of your lists into good aligned lists. This cost only affects the purchase. but gain immunity to all attacks. or throw used against you. Whispers believe so much in the power of the mind. They must also seek plot approval to play any other divine class other then these two combinations. Low constitution –Whispers receive 2 less vitality for their initial vitality and there first vitality increase totaling in a loss of 4 VP. not the cost to fuel. 5 build/daily/one purchase. and 3rd -5th ranks costs one extra build.

Current body: Total body. curses. They never wear colors that clash with their element. Mender Make-up: All Dragonkin have patterns of scales on their foreheads. A Mender receives all pertinent information on negative effects currently on the target. including poisons. 80 . debuffs (number and type). or prior knowledge of what is going on around them. Costuming: Form tends to follow what profession the Dragonkin is. after ten seconds of concentration determine the status of another being. First Aid – This version of first aid works according to their core class costs. both jobs that require awareness. In the case of greater afflictions such as lycanthropy. the Mender will know something is not right. Favored: A mender receives 5 build worth of appropriate points put towards medic or the first divine list they purchase. Target must be willing or unconscious. Number of beneficial buffs (but not which buffs) injured limbs. Soothing Healing.Whenever a Mender uses mystical healing (including panacea) they soothe their target by calling “Soothe” This is an RP skill and the effects are determined by the receiver. diseases. Face charts will be posted. for example. This is a onetime benefit. This will never reveal alignment based information about another PC without their consent. Dragonkin tend to favor accents in the color of their element. Unfavorable: First non healing class bought costs 5 extra build. and in the presence of a plot marshal any other pertinent information. Empathy will also tell you if a target is alive or dead. Menders are blue.Be Prepared – Whispers believe that knowledge is power and the mind is stronger than the body. These Dragonkin are primarily trained as assassins and diplomats. Automatic: Natural Empath – By expending one physical point or one divine point a Mender can. but not know exactly what. Whispers rarely dive head first into anything without having some kind of a plan. knowledge and a calculating mind. automatically chosen dependant on the first class chosen. Menders favor loose robes and dresses that enable them to heal easily.

In reality you may OOG inform the Mender of anything affecting you if you wish. This allows the Mender one usage of the skill dodge. This includes anything Empathy or First aid assess would inform you of and beyond. Divine Relationship– Treated as 4th rank of your core class. So pin is fine as it does not harm the person. 5 build. but it is your choice to give it. which includes meeting the pre-reqs. Society stigma – Even the most educated people find it odd for a Mender to express themselves in a non divine or non healing way. The divine connection is a spiritual two way connection thus the Mender only receives information the soul wishes to convey. Only one divine connection can be active at once. Staves are a very defensive and non threatening weapon and are often associated with the quintessential protector. Detriments: Self Contradiction – Menders pay double the build to learn any skill that places a harmful debuff on a person. So long as the target is within sight and earshot of the Mender the person may at anytime deliver their status to the Mender OOG. Divine Connection –Costs 5 physical or divine points. Target must give the Mender one or two words describing how they feel. This skill can be blocked as a mind effect or divine effect. In some cases it could even turn to distrust or hatred.Purchasable: Empathy –Costs 2 physical or divine points. And quite frankly this is the way the people of the Empire. and Menders not of the healing arts are looked upon with disdain as if they have wasted their divine talents. 2 build. 5 build/periodic/one purchase. but rarely do they become great warriors or mages or anything other than great doctors and healers. 81 . Mender may create a divine connection with one willing target. hurt etc. the Sheppard. Mender concentrates for 5 seconds and touches or throws a spell packet at the target. scared. very angry. the Mender can also request information. Sheppard – Menders pay double to purchase a weapon skill (or wand) other than staff. Menders have been known to learn to defend themselves. for example: angry. but break limb would cost double to learn. and the world have grown to see it.

The staff blends with the monks natural movements rather than hindering them making the monk a formidable enemy indeed. Some monks have been known to take up the staff as either a meditative exercise. to the quick and agile ranger. The life of a rogue is a tough one. their shield. the perfect swindle. They are the time a mage needs to complete a difficult spell. Though Archery is the sport of nobility. and their strong sword arm. they aid their party with their toughness. For a rogue. to the Dwarven Battleragers and Celtic bar room heroes. or stealing the unstealable. but demands from its wielder only mental strength. Rogue Rogues come from all walks of life. the willingness to do whatever they must to survive. deadly. perfection of the body IS the weapon. they all have one thing in common. and the fear that shows in their enemies eyes. Monk For most fighters. the perfect execution of the plan is more important than the goal itself. focused. or as a means to extend their natural reach in combat. From the stoic and meditative Human orders. the bow does not recognize any status in society. monks strive to perfect their bodies as the ultimate weapon in any situation. or death. and long hours of practice. there is no greater thrill than the perfect execution of a plan.Martial Classes Archer Archers are found in all parts of the world. as well as in the lowest gutters as urchins stealing food from vendors. and in times of adventure. and every rogue knows in their heart they have but two options. To call oneself an archer is to call oneself patient. and the last to retreat. Fighter The fighter is the backbone of every conflict. They are found in the highest courts as assassins and spies. they make up the majority of the military. a steady hand. For a monk. Be it a flawless assassination. perfection. achieving oneness between body and weapon is the measure of skill and perfection. 82 . from the village sharpshooter. Though rogues may live very different lives. They are the first to attack. to the great Elven nobles. the protection a medic needs to save a life. In times of war. and most of all.

2 Small Weapon 1 Handed Edge/ Blunt Bow Crossbow Thrown Weapon Small Shield Lesser Dual Weapon Style Weapon Proficiency +1 Weapon Proficiency +2 First Aid Build Pre-requisites Cost 1 1 2 5 5 1 1 1 10 10 3 Weapon Proficiency +1 Bow . regardless of what hand it is being wielded with.Learn one approved Language 83 .Archer List Skill Name Physical Points. Weapon and Monk Proficiencies of equal or higher rank override the lesser Proficiency. the Archer may call any defenses that require a weapon. Weapon Prof can only be chosen for a weapon found on that list.Learn one approved lore. Lore . and with a bow in hand.This skill represents training a person has received with a particular weapon.Archer may use a bow defensively as if it were a staff. Weapon Proficiency . Language . This skill allows a person to swing an additional damage with the chosen weapon. First Aid – See First aid in general rules or on the medic list.

it represents the sound and action of drawing and firing a bow. Archers must RP knocking and drawing. Therefore we use PVC/Foam Boffer bows (Construction can be explained if required) and spell packets as arrows. all attacks may only be called with ranged weapons.Archer Abilities Marksman Verbal – “I Draw and Fire”or “I Draw and Throw” Marksman Tactics Rank 1 Rank 1 Crit Elusive Impact Throw Anything Point Blank Shot Lead Target Rank 2 Rank 2 Pin Parry Double Shot Surefooted Zen Archery Rank 3 Rank 3 Sever Nerve Camouflage Improved Crit Favored Enemy Follow Through Rank 4 Rank 4 Triple Shot Retreat Sleep Arrow/Dart Grappling Arrow/Hook Flash Arrow/Bomb Rank 5 Rank 5 Perfect Shot Duck and Cover Sniper Shot Eagle Eye • General Notes for Archers Haven does not engage in real archery. With the exception of Parry and Crit. we feel it is unsafe and does not allow people to shoot with the rapid action of the stereo typical fantasy archer. IE: Drizzt. or throwing a thrown weapon. or Legolas. Archers are required to carry quiver phys-reps from which they RP drawing their arrows. Montollio. and then throw the spell packet to represent the release of the arrow. To use thrown weapons for marksman skills the archer must have proper thrown weapon physreps. The Archer verbal does not represent the Archer actually speaking. • • • • 84 . Bow and Quiver phys-reps must be approved by staff. or a thrown weapon bandolier and black spell packets.

Only one target can be under the effect of a sleep arrow at a time. Double Shot –Arc. Only one Sever Nerve may be active per target.Marksman First Rank Crit – Attack that causes Weapon damage +2 Impact – Target takes the effects of a knock back. IE: 1-4 feet is not applicable. This attack requires no spell packet.Attack that deals weapon damage to two targets. This does not require the archer verbal. and may not be mortally wounded while under this ability’s effect. poison. Third Rank Sever Nerve – Target limb is rendered useless until 1 or more points of magical healing is received. Sleep Arrow/Dart – Target is mesmerized for ten seconds. Fourth Rank Triple Shot –Chain. You must strike your first target with a spell packet. This ability can be defended against as a ranged. This ability may only be used with ranged weapons. This ability may be used with ranged weapons only. Zen Archery – The Archer may continue to use his ranged weapons as normal while under a blinding effect. Second Rank Pin – Target’s foot of your choosing is pinned to the ground for 1 minute.Attack that causes weapon damage to the targets. Only one pin may be active per opponent. or physical attack.If the Archer connects with a ranged marksman skill that requires a spell packet (IE: the target calls no defense) the Archer may immediately state “Follow through 3 damage” on that target without having to throw a spell packet. 10+ is not applicable. A good rule of thumb is the target cannot be within melee range. Requires no verbal. any damage taken awakens the target. If the target takes 10 damage the pin is broken. Flash Arrow/Bomb – Target takes the effects of a Daze 85 . Point Blank Shot – Attack that deals 2 damage to any target from 5-10 feet away. Improved Crit – Attack that causes weapon damage +4 Follow Through .

Fifth Rank Perfect Shot – Attack that causes 10 damage. The second ability is fueled as per a normal usage. while hidden you would call “Sniper Shot – Sleep Arrow” and throw the spell packet (yes this means no verbal usage).Block a pure damage physical attack used against you. but only once per movement skill they call. the Archer would state for example. Sniper Shot – Allows the Archer to make one single attack while under the effect of Hide without canceling Hide. To call this skill. This ability may be chained together with another Archer: Marksman ability. or throw used against you. Because of the concentration required in using this ability. not sheathed or strapped to your back. Surefooted –After 30 seconds of role play receive a buff that will block a knock back. outdoors only. For the remainder of the weekend the Archer deals +1 damage to that type of creature with any weapon. but the target may defend against this ability as a normal ranged attack. Lead Target may be used against multiple targets during the hold. When this ability is used. Favored Enemy – This ability can be used once per event and lasts the entire event. trip. This ability may only be used once per Hide. the Archer receives a self only buff of 4 armor points. Throw Anything – Throw a spell packet that deals 4 damage. “Favored Enemy: Orcs” and then write if off on his card exactly like a buff. This ability does not require a spell packet. Cannot stop surprise attacks. The range is 20 feet away. This attack does not require a spell packet. Lead Target – This ability is used during a hold or mini hold which is called for a movement skill. Third Rank Camouflage – Allows player to “Hide”.After 30 seconds of role-play. Your weapon or shield must be in hand and equipped as if for battle. See “hide” on the rogue list. and the Archer pays to fuel each usage of this skill. and is considered a surprise attack. the Archer may only use Sniper Shot once every 60 seconds. it is tied to a specific type of creature. The target may be no more than 50 feet away. Tactics *No tactics require the archer verbal unless stated otherwise. First Rank Elusive . Second Rank Parry – Requires weapon or shield . For example. The Archer may call “Lead Target 8 damage” once per movement skill the target uses. 86 .

. The Archer must have seen or heard the person use Hide. whichever is shorter. and spells for the next 10 seconds or so long as they stay down.” This ability may be used during someone else’s hold to take ten steps away from a designated enemy. If the Archer wishes to hit the deck or crouch down immediately upon calling the skill. abilities. it may only be used once every 60 seconds. cannot be used preemptively.Fourth Rank Retreat .Archer runs away from an enemy for ten seconds and may do nothing but run away from the enemy (aside from opening a door to help you run away). or have great reason to believe there is someone to use it on. 87 . The recipient must use this within 5 seconds. he or she becomes immune to all ranged attacks. Must be the victim of a ranged attack to call the skill. Regardless of which method Retreat is employed. and must count the ten seconds loudly by saying "Retreat 1.. All Movement skills share an internal “cool down” timer of 60 seconds Grappling Arrow/Hook – The Archer role-plays firing a grappling arrow and he or a designated willing ally may call one usage of the Climb skill. Retreat 2 etc. The Archer is immune to all attacks during this time. or if your friend grabs you. Eagle Eye – The Archer sees through someone’s use of hide for 5 seconds. points and says “he is somewhere in there”. This does not stop AoEs. ability or spell used against you. Fifth Rank Duck and Cover – Blocks a ranged attack. or the arrow is wasted along with the points. This requires the archer verbal. IE: if you see a door open all by itself.

First Aid .Skill Name Fighter List Weapon Proficiency . Language . regardless of what hand it is being wielded with.2 Small Weapon 1 Handed Edge/ Blunt Bastard Edge/ Blunt Spear Two Handed Edge/ Blunt Pole Arm Staff Bow Crossbow Thrown Weapon Small Shield Medium Shield Lesser Dual Weapon Style Dual Weapon Style Weapon Proficiency +1 Weapon Proficiency +2 First Aid Build Pre-requisites Cost 1 1 2 4 4 5 5 2 5 5 1 1 2 2 3 10 10 2 Weapon Proficiency +1 Lesser Dual Weapon Style 88 . Weapon Prof can only be chosen for a weapon found on that list.Learn one approved Language Physical Points.This skill represents training a person has received with a particular weapon. Weapon and Monk Proficiencies of equal or higher rank override the lesser Proficiency.See First aid in general rules or on the medic list. Lore . This skill allows a person to swing an additional damage with the chosen weapon.Learn one approved lore.

This includes Inflict pain from the Rogue-Assassin path. Intercept – This skill allows the Fighter to touch the target with their weapon or hand and call “intercept-X” X being an attack that landed on the target of this skill within the last 5 seconds. You may reinforce your armor and shield separately with two uses of this skills to gain 10 armor points. 89 . The Fighter then takes the effect of the attack and resolves normally as if it hit the Fighter. not each piece of armor individually. This skill may only be used on your armor as a whole. or suppress the pain from any damaging attack.Defense Rank 1 Toughness Enhance Armor or Shield Intercept Retain Rank 2 Parry Courage Resilience Rank 3 Iron Legs Instill Confidence Spell Shield Rank 4 Use Any Shield Unstoppable Force Steel Limb Rank 5 Deflect Turtle Offense Rank 1 Crit Knock back Retain Rank 2 Arcing Blow Blind Fighting Overwhelm Rank 3 Stagger Pummel Improved Crit Thrash Rank 4 Use Any Weapon Impale Pursue Rank 5 Break Limb Slam Double Attack Fighter – Defense First Rank Toughness – After 30 seconds of appropriate RP receive a self only buff that stops a pain skill. IE “Intercept-Impale-Deflect!” Please note intercept cannot intercept beneficial spells or abilities.Spend 30 seconds RPing reinforcing your armor or shield. The Armor or shield gains 5 armor points. Enhance Armor or shield –Self only buff.

This skill may not be used in conjunction with intercept. Cannot stop surprise attacks. pin.Allows Fighter to negate the effects of a disarming attack used against them.Fighter must crouch or drop to both knees and raise the shield over head (straight over or a small angle. Block a spell. not sheathed or strapped to your back. IE over head like an umbrella or curved in front of the face). Second Rank Parry – Requires weapon or shield . trip. Blocks a physical ability used against you. Your weapon or shield must be in hand and equipped as if for battle. Fifth Rank Deflect –Requires a weapon or shield in hand. or throw used against you.Retain . the Fighter is then immune to all attacks or hostile effects for 30 seconds. The spell packet must hit your shield phys rep. This skill must be signed off on the Fighter’s card as if it were a buff. double foot pin or similar movement impairing effect. Spell Shield – Requires a shield. Does not require a weapon or shield. Unstoppable Force – After 30 seconds of appropriate RP receive a self only buff that will block a slow. Resilience – After 30 seconds of appropriate RP receive a self only buff that will defend against a stun or daze attack used against you. Turtle -Requires an equipped shield. Courage –After 30 seconds of appropriate RP receive a self only buff that will block a fear ability used against you. Upon calling this skill. Instill confidence – Negate fear effect in target ally within 30 feet. Fourth Rank Use Any Shield –The Fighter chooses one shield type and may wield that type for the remainder of the period. Steel limb – After 30 seconds of concentration.Block a pure damage physical attack used against you. 90 . If struck during a turtle call “no affect” or “Turtle-no affect”. Third Rank Iron Legs – After 30 seconds of appropriate RP receive a self only buff that will block a knock back. the Fighter receives a self only buff that blocks a sever or break limb ability used against him. This skill can only be used once every 60 seconds (IE thirty seconds between each usage). prayer or spell like ability that strikes your shield.

front or back. Pummel . Retain .Causes target to be mesmerized for ten seconds. where “X” equals the damage of one of your one handed weapons. This skill cannot be parried. A player can only have one target mesmerized at a time. Delivered via a weapon strike and ingame represents the player pummeling the target with a blunt section of their weapon.When a recipient of one of your attacks uses a parry to stop the attack you may call overwhelm “X” damage. Bows and Xbows are not with the exceptions of crit and parry. Martial arts is considered a weapon for these purposes. This skill can only be delivered via a spell packet. To use this skill you must strike the target in the torso. First Rank Crit – Attack that causes Weapon damage +2.Block next desired disarm effect used against you Second Rank Arcing blow – Arc – Attack that causes targets to take weapon damage Blind fighting – Allows you to fight as normal while under a blinding effect. If the target is not currently under the effects of one or the other. but you must be wielding a two handed weapon or two weapons (i. 91 . any of the three dual weapon styles). This ability does not require a weapon strike or spell packet. target may call no effect and negate the damage but the points are still consumed. This ability represents either using your main hand weapon to feint and your off hand weapon to attack (IG) or using a giant two handed weapon too simply swing through the targets attempt to parry your gigantic two hander. or half the damage of your two-hander.Causes target to be mesmerized for ten seconds. This is considered a mez or a physical effect as far as defenses are considered. Overwhelm .Fighter – Attack Unless stated otherwise all Fighter attacks require a weapon in hand and are specifically a weapon strike. Knock back – Attack that causes the target to the effects of a knock back. A player can only have one target mesmerized at a time.e. Third Rank Stagger . Improved Crit – Attack that causes Weapon damage +4. This is considered a physical attack. Thrash – Attack that causes weapon damage +6 to a target under the effects of a daze or mez.

If no spell is declared. a Fighter using a two handed weapon with Prof +2 and a +1 strength buff. Impale – Attack that causes target to take weapon damage +8 and moves you and target 15 feet in chosen direction. Fifth Rank Break Limb – Attack that breaks the limb that it strikes. This attack must hit the actual limb. This skill may only be used once every 60 seconds. This can be blocked as it is an attack.Fourth Rank Use Any Weapon -Allows Fighter to state “use any weapon-X weapon” and effectively have that weapon skill for the remainder of the period. rendering it useless until proper healing is received. except you must strike the target with a weapon you know how to use. you slam the last spell cast. which means it can only be swung once every 60 seconds. This allows you to call the weapon strike Slam once (until you rebuff yourself with Slam again). and then write the buff "Slam" on his card (self only). For an arm it must hit above the wrist. This ability has an internal cool down of 60 seconds. Slam – The Fighter must concentrate uninterrupted for 30 seconds. If he had two +1 swords. You must hit the target who cast spell within 5 seconds of it being cast. or 17 if he only had one +1 sword. Other bonuses are tacked on after the multiplier. For example. you add the damage of both weapons and multiply. This attack cannot be parried. Call this skill by saying "SLAM . This mimics either counter spell or divine.Counter -Name of spell". not a weapon or shield or torso. The Fighter must be wielding two weapons or a two handed weapon. but the caster still expends the points. Or a Fighter using two 1HE with weapon Prof +2 would double attack for 16. This skill is not governed by the 60 second cool down other movement skills suffer. This attack must land on the torso to take effect. Physical Points. you may use this skill to target the person who used the movement skill and advance 10 steps towards their target. Double Attack – Attack that causes double damage.During a hold or mini hold which was called for a movement skill. In the case of dual weapon style. for a leg it must hit above the ankle. Pursue . And yes it can be done with a blunt weapon. When slamming a wall or “bubble” effect you must strike the caster within 5 seconds. Only Profs and base weapon damage are double with this attack. would double attack for 21 damage. Skill Name Build Pre-requisites In the case of dual weapon style. This skill must be written on the card as if it were a self buff. if you do it is as if the wall were never cast because you interrupted. he would double attack for 18.2 1 Martial Arts 2 Staff Thrown Weapon Monk Proficiency +1 Monk Proficiency +2 First Aid 2 1 10 10 2 Monk Proficiency92 +1 . The target must be someone you have personally attacked within the last 10 seconds or who has attacked you. This skill may only be used once per hold. you only Cost need to strike with one weapon to call the skill.

they may not be disarmed. Language .See First aid in general rules or on the medic list. Lore . EVER. You may never grab a weapon being wielded by another person. and Monk Prof +2. This represents fighting with your fists in-game (Or in the case of other skills like racials and PrCs. When using claws you do not take damage when you block with them. For example: a Monk/Fighter with Weapon Prof +2 (staff). Also. when holding claw phys reps you are not immune up to the elbow.Monk List Martial Arts: Allows the Monk to wield two small weapon size phys reps that deal 1 damage. Monk Proficiencies do not stack with weapon Proficiencies. it may represent something else but the effect is the same). you must have Director approval. You may block (not strike) when you have nothing in hand. you only block attacks with the claw phys reps.Learn one approved lore. This skill allows a person to swing an additional damage with martial arts and staff. Monk Proficiency: This skill represents training a Monk has received in a particular fighting style. First Aid . As these are your fists. and when employing this way of blocking you are immune to weapon strikes from your fingers to your elbow as if you were blocking with your claws. Monks train so hard that there fists become hard as iron and they have learned to slap away blows from weapons that would normally take a hand clean off. If you wish to use a substitute phys rep. would still deal only 4 damage with a staff.Learn one approved Language 93 .

these attacks cannot be made with any other weapon. calling a skill or being majorly displaced disrupts concentration. not weapons. 94 . or kama. but no matter the RP you must remain stationary in position and do nothing but charge your meditation. For purposes of RP a Monk may use a weapon looking phys reps for his martial arts claws.Monk Abilities Martial Rank 1 Crit Knock Back Disarm Hold Ground Rank 2 Parry Trip Blind Fighting Acrobatic Feat Rank 3 Counter Attack Throw Improved Crit Rank 4 Break Limb Achilles Whirlwind Flurry of Blows Rank 5 Dodge Horse Stance • • Mystic Rank 1 Yado Stone Body Mind Over Body Elemental Punch Rank 2 Levitate Control Blood Elemental Chi Rank 3 Grace of Air Sixth Sense Rank 4 Iron Body Willpower Steel Limb Rank 5 Elemental Blast Elemental Fist • General Notes for Monks All martial arts abilities can be used with both fist and staff. If someone were to multiclass Monk. Meditating is represented by sitting or kneeling while RPing concentration. Taking damage. For all intents and purposes they are considered claws. and the design must be some kind of oriental weapon such as sai. The phys reps must maintain all the dimensions of martial arts claws. unless they are also found on that list (such as parry). and only fist and staff. Other forms of RP for meditation may be approved by the directors. It is purely an RP rule for flavor/fun.

Flurry of Blows . Throw .Target takes the effects of a throw. Cannot stop surprise attacks. Trip – Target takes the effects of a trip.Block a pure damage physical attack used against you. Monk must strike the weapon or arm holding the weapon. To use this skill you must strike the target in the torso front or back. the stance is canceled. Knock back – Attack that causes the target to the effects of a knock back. Hold Ground . Second Rank Parry – Requires weapon or martial arts . not sheathed or strapped to your back. be displaced.Monk – Martial First Rank Crit – Attack that causes Weapon damage +2. Acrobatic Feat – Allows the Monk to perform one feat of great acrobatic ability.If the Monk takes a melee strike and does not defend against it. RP and OOG. Achilles Whirlwind .Blocks a Knock Back effect.Three targets take the effect of a trip. Disarm – Disarms target weapon for 5 seconds.This attack is three rapid strikes. squats down a bit and proclaims “Horse Stance!” The Monk may not move his feet at all. but now becomes immune to all attacks from the waist down. Fourth Rank Horse Stance . Improved Crit – Attack that causes Weapon damage +4. The next three Monk attacks 95 . Your weapon or shield must be in hand and equipped as if for battle. This skill may only be used while out of combat. The Monk need not strike the opponent.AOE. staff or martial arts only. he may call “Counter attack . This skill only works with martial arts. the targets must be within range of the Monk’s current weapon. Blind fighting – Allows you to fight as normal while under a blinding effect. Should an attack strike him below the waste he declares “horse stance” as if he were calling a defense. A marshal must be present for the use of this skill. not staff. or fall to zero VP.Monk places his feet apart a little more than shoulder distance.knock back” and the attacker takes the effects of a knock back. Should the Monk ever move of his own volition. Third Rank Counter Attack .

where X is the chosen element. the Monk chooses an element and signs off the buff as “Elemental Chi-X element”. The attack may deal only damage of the chosen element with no secondary effect. strike that causes +0 damage of a chosen element.*Sleeping (IG or OOG) is not acceptable meditation. Mind over Body – The Monk kneels or sits cross legged and role-plays meditation (no matter the RP.X <element of choice>. This ability has an internal cooldown of 60 seconds. RP wise the Monk shifts in and out. rendering it useless until proper healing is received. the Monk receives a self only buff for 4 AP. Stone Body – After 30 seconds of meditation. Fifth Rank Dodge – Blocks the next desired Non-AOE attack used against you. When using this ability. the healing ceases. monk must sit or kneel). sometimes moving very fast or very slow and methodical. drinking (celts. for a leg it must hit above the ankle. Elemental Chi – After 30 Seconds of meditation. like air. Break Limb – Attack that breaks the limb that it strikes.martial arts only. which means it can only be swung once every 60 seconds. This skill does not block Perfect Aim. the Monk becomes immune to all attacks. during which the Monk heals at a rate of 1 VP/Minute. Monk may call it as “Elemental Punch. Should the Monk be interrupted or engage in anything mentally or physically taxing.deal +1/+2/+3 damage in order. Self harm is not proper RP meditation for this skill. This attack must hit the actual limb. For an arm it must hit above the wrist. Third Rank Grace of Air – The Monk calls Grace of Air and can move unfettered by riding a ley line for a short time. Elemental Punch . but must 96 .” IE if you normally do 2 damage you would say “ELEMENTAL PUNCH 2 FIRE !” Second Rank Levitate – as per the climb skill Control Blood – After 30 seconds of meditation. the Monk receives a self only buff that stops the next desired direct damage attack of the chosen element. After calling the ability.Acts as a parry against a ranged physical attack that is purely damage only. the Monk receives a self only buff that defends against the next desired poison attack. Monk-Mystic First Rank Yado . The attacks must be made within a second of each other or the flurry is canceled. not a weapon or shield or torso. dwarves or drunken MA) if appropriate RP is.

Willpower – After 30 seconds of meditation. the Monk receives a self only buff for 16 armor points. This benefit is only added while employing the martial arts fighting style. This ability can be used during someone else’s hold to move up to ten steps. the Monk receives a self only buff that blocks a mental skill used against him. Fifth Rank Elemental Blast – The Monk strikes a target with a spell packet dealing 12 damage of a chosen element. if struck the monk calls “Grace of Air no effect”.After 30 seconds of meditation. All Movement skills share an internal “cool down” timer of 60 seconds Sixth Sense . Regardless of which way this ability is used.travel forward in a straight line for ten seconds. Elemental Fist – The Monk focuses his mystic energy which allows his fists to deal +1 damage of a chosen element for 5 minutes. the Monk receives a self only buff that blocks a sever or break limb ability used against him.After 30 seconds of meditation. Steel Limb – After 30 seconds of meditation. the Monk may still only use it once every 60 seconds. This ability may be used once every 60 seconds. Fourth Rank Iron Body . 97 . the Monk receives a self only buff that blocks a surprise skill used against him.

One purchase only. The area note will indicate if this is 0 possible. which includes lock picking props appropriate for the job.Learn one approved Language Escape Rank 2 .Learn one approved lore. This ability requires 3 minutes of RP.Weekend . These items will be labeled as such.Allows the Rogue to interact with locks that require Pick Locks Rank 6 in some capacity. and if no area note exists for some 3 reason.After 30 seconds of RP.See First aid in general rules or on the medic list.. a Rogue may escape certain bindings.Rogue List Skill Name Physical Points.2 Small Weapon 1 Handed Edge/ Blunt Crossbow Thrown Weapon Lesser Dual Weapon Style Dual Weapon Style Escape Rank 2. a rules or plot marshal is required. Rogue Abilities 98 . Entry Pick Locks Rank 5 First Aid . to complete the usage of this ability. Language .Daily Escape Building -Weekend Pick Locks Rank 6 Weekend Lore: Rogue First Aid Build Pre-requisites Cost 1 1 2 5 1 2 3 4 5 Lesser Dual Weapon Style Escape Rank 1 Escape Rank 2. Pick Locks Rank 5. Escape Building . and immediately removes the white headband to be IG again. (if appropriate) puts on a white head band and exits the room or building.Allows the 4 Rogue to escape from a building or room. Lore . A Rogue may replace a single usage of Pick Locks Rank 1 or 3 with this ability to make the picking attempt take only 5 seconds to complete. The Rogue calls the ability.Daily . Continuous. One Purchase only Pick Locks Rank 6 – Weekend .

Burglary Hide Appraise Case the Joint Pick Locks Rank 1 Climb Disarm Traps Find Secret Doors Acrobatic Feat Trap Dodge Enter Window Smuggle Pick Locks Rank 3 Stealth Escape Window Escape Rank 1 Dodge Entry Pick Locks Rank 5 Guile Rank 1 Hide Streetwise Pick Pockets Smooth Talk Rank 2 Imitate Detect Forgery I know A Guy Know Your Mark Rank 3 Fast Talker Disguise Ingested Sleep Poison Blinding Powder Rank 4 Stealth Charm Plan B Rank 5 Dodge Implant Suggestion Slippery Mind Dirty Fighting Hide Inflict Pain Crit Finesse Backstab Anticipate Surefooted Pin Waylay Pummel Tolerance Stealth Pursue Slash Throat Dodge Cheap Shot Devastate 99 .

object or shadow at least 50% of your body size. results vary. Disarm Traps – Allows a Rogue to disarm traps in some capacity. and fast. you must be within arms-reach of a person. Must RP scanning area and call the skill in the presence of a marshal. Fighting of any type cannot occur with a character under the use of a climb skill. You place your weapon on top of your head. Takes 30 seconds of RP. You may take 2 swift successive steps away from the object before hide breaks. If the search was sufficient and a secret door is in the area. to complete the usage of Pick Locks Rank 1 Second Rank Climb – This skill allows the PC to climb a vertical surface. This skill will always be defined by the marshal governing the trap. which includes lock picking props. PC must come down even if the end of the climb is a horizontal surface. The PC places their weapon or hand on top of their head to indicate they have climbed the surface. Concentration breaks hide immediately.With a marshal present. hide is broken. examples are the side of a building or a tree. Case the Joint . the hide is canceled and you can now be seen again. or an area note describing it. Go to a plot marshal for the results of your appraisal. the marshal will secretly tell the Rogue the results of there search. If you move from your spot. allows the Rogue to pull an arena note from its envelope and read it Pick Locks Rank 1 – Allows the Rogue to interact with locks that require Pick Locks Rank 1 in some capacity.Allows the Rogue to appraise an item after studying it closely which involves having possession of the item uninterrupted for 30 seconds. even if someone else uses a climb skill. Appraise . or take any offensive action or use any ability at all. Hide cannot be used within 5 seconds of attacking or being attacked. plot items and similar things the results will vary at the discretion of the marshal. This skill may only be used while out of combat. Find Secret Doors – This skill allows a Rogue to find secret doors. A marshal must be present for the use of this skill. But for obscure items. To hide. They may remain up there for 30 seconds at which point they must come down. and you cannot be seen without the proper skills being used. If two seconds pass after the two steps are taken. For most common and mundane items the appraisal will be relatively simple. accurate. Acrobatic Feat – Allows the Rogue to perform one feat of great acrobatic ability. 100 .Burglary First Rank Hide – Allows player to “hide” in their surroundings.

you must place your hand or weapon above your head to signify that you are OOG. Aside from the movement. Many actions and area notes may require the use of entry as decided by the marshal. Escape Rank 1 – After 10 seconds of RP.If a Rogue uses the skill climb and there is a window on the vertical surface he climbed. the difference being it is instant as opposed to 30 seconds. Pick Locks Rank 3 – Allows the Rogue to interact with locks that require Pick Locks Rank 3 in some capacity. The bindings will be labeled as to whether or not they may be escaped via this skill. or something like having to use an entry as well as an enter window on a particularly hard to enter window (and also because you cannot perform pick locks while using the climb skill). If it is an OOG window that can actually be accessed. and cannot be used to replace another skill with one exception: Entry can be used instead of Pick locks rank 1. While moving from the window inside the building to the appropriate spot outside the building. you may call this skill and make one palm sized item remain undetected. this skill is effectively the adverse of enter window except you automatically climb down the side of the build as if you used the skill climb. Fifth Rank Dodge – Blocks the next desired Non-AOE attack used against you.” Enter Window . the Rogue may do nothing during this time aside from travel OOG to the proper place. you are still under the same rules that govern hide. This is what separates a petty criminal from a true burglar. Entry is never used alone. Smuggle – When you are searched.Third Rank Trap Dodge – Allows Rogue to block the effects of a trap. you may call stealth and move at a heel toe speed. which includes lock picking props. the marshal on hand will explain the outcome of this skill. If it is a plot window. vital to a skilled burglar. you may escape certain bindings. Escape Window – If called from the inside of a building. to complete the usage of Pick Locks Rank 3 Fourth Rank Stealth – While under the effects of the hide skill. 101 . and is always used in addition to other skills. Traps cannot be dodged as per the skill “dodge. the Rogue puts his hand or weapon over his head and immediately goes to the place this would put him. he may call this skill and enter through the window. This may be tacked on in addition to pick locks and other burglar skills. Takes 60 seconds of RP. Entry – Entry is a very versatile ability. The effects of this ability last for 5 minutes but can only be used on one item at a time.

Marshal should take into account the Rogue’s level and amount of build spent into guile in conjunction with his RP with the item. If the answer is that it is forged. both OOG techniques require you to target a specific pouch or pocket. Pick Pockets – Allows a Rogue to steal single item that can fit in palm of a average sized human hand (in the subject of coins. effects may vary. If you are caught doing this. to complete the usage of Pick Locks Rank 5 Guile First Rank Hide – As per burglar Streetwise – Buff that stops a pick pocket attempt. so someone may buy you a drink.Pick Locks Rank 5 – Allows the Rogue to interact with locks that require Pick Locks Rank 5 in some capacity. IE: a Rogue wants to sneak into a building that is too heavily guarded. There are two ways to pick pocket. You cannot fool someone about a skill that they possess (they see through the ruse) thus a Rogue should know their target before attempting this skill. have them approach the person and inform them they were pick pocketed. you are caught. 3 coins counts as one item). I Know a Guy – Allows a Rogue to make contact with a fence. Should a player find the pin or chip and discard it before the marshal arrives to inform them. The Rogue must either place a black clothes pin on the target pocket or pouch or slip a poker chip into it without being seen. but the skill doesn’t actually have an effect. you cannot tag someone’s cloak to pick their pocket. Detect Forgery – RP investigating an item however you see fit in the presence of a plot marshal and call the skill. Takes 2 minutes of RP. The marshal has to at least tell the Rogue if it is or is not forged. imitates mend limb on his friend who pretended to have a broken leg. which includes lock picking props. and secretly give it to the successful Rogue. This defense is used when the marshal comes to collect. First off. After you tag the pouch or pocket you must find a rules marshal or director. the attempt simply failed. If they do. but the Rogue may have failed in their investigation. Smooth Talk – You present yourself as a non hostile/friend. you know this for fact. he has a friend inside the building fake an injury and he poses as a doctor. Know Your Mark – This skill is used when you receive your card up at the beginning of the event 102 . but they wouldn’t give you the keys to their car. Second Rank Imitate – Allows a Rogue to imitate a skill from another list. But sometimes the answer may indeed be that it is not. also keep in mind that both techniques require a marshal. This skill is used to fool a person into thinking you are doing something you are not. they randomly select an item. the Rogue was not caught. The marshal must find the chip or clothes pin on or in the pocket or pouch.

the target wakes up. Upon getting your card. you have the marshal or Director who handed your card sign it off for you. he may not necessarily believe you. you call fast talker and say “Oh he went that way” and the guy goes on his merry way. Someone walks in and asks if you have seen him. and you receive the lore and language of that race for the remainder of the weekend. This skill can only be used once per 60 seconds. Poison. Third Rank Fast Talker .Allows you to don a blue headband indicating you are disguised. IE if it’s a PC who knows you are best friends with the person he is looking for. Allows you to choose a PC-able race. Target cannot be mortally wounded while sleeping and if any damage is taken. This skill makes your target believe you have become best buddies. until either of you leaves line of sight. Ingested Sleep Poison . but still wouldn’t hand over his wallet or house keys. the target must be hostile towards the Rogue or one of his friends. This is a poison based attack. This is a RP skill and is limited as such. Charm – Mind affecting RP skill. and you risk the target not allowing himself to be effected by it. surprise. Disguises only work on NPCs. Rogue designates a target when calling this skill and may take 10 steps away from them.(or whenever you arrive).Spell packet (only) based attack. You must write the race you are disguised as on the headband and RP as such. This skill requires a marshal present or you may place a poison token under the target’s food or drink as proof. Plan B – Allows Rogue to call a mini hold as per movement skill rules. or it must be reasonable to believe they are hostile.Mind effecting RP skill that allows you to convince someone of something. and mez defenses negate this attack. The poison may be administered directly or through food or drink. The designated target cannot block this skill as it is not actually used against them. you may call stealth and move at a heel toe speed. A perfect example would be someone approaching a Rogue who is hiding his friend underneath a table with a table cloth. 103 . Aside from the movement. They might pick up the tab or give you a ride home. Disguise . Fourth Rank Stealth – While under the effects of the hide skill.Administer a poison that will put the target to sleep. This skill can also be called immediately on a target you have failed to use a Rogue skill on. Whoever ingests the poison through the food or drink it was placed in falls asleep for 5 minutes. Blinding Powder . This skill also allows you to wear the racial clothing and adornments of that race in such a fashion it looks natural and in place. if you wish to use this skill. mezzes target. you are still under the same rules that govern hide. as the average PC adventurer is experienced enough to see through the ruse.

This may be used with a ranged weapon. but remember you must RP loading. drawing and firing. Any defense that stops a mind altering effect or that would stop someone from doing something outside their own will stops Implant suggestion. the first time you reach the near dead stage. You may not use this skill while under the effects of the Hide ability. or force the target into immediate danger.Stops any mental ability used against you. Therefore you could not command someone to hate someone. it cannot force someone into opinion or a change of morality (although the action can be against there morals. but when it is over you know you were forced outside your own will. Requires 10 seconds of open dialogue. you must follow it for a full minute or until the task is complete. Slippery Mind . Command cannot be suicidal in nature. Finesse – Latent Buff. Rogue must be in the targets back flank(s) and strike the target on the backside of their torso for this skill to work. drawing and firing. This ability cannot be used while either you or your target are in combat. RP for ten seconds and receive 4 armor points.Fifth Rank Dodge – Blocks the next desired Non-AOE attack used against you. This spell cannot be used to compel a target to tell the truth. This statement must be a single sentence that is an executable command. 104 . Other examples might be "Leave this room" or "Drop your weapon". If the command is indefinite in nature time wise.Weapon strike that inflicts Weapon damage +4. Implant Suggestion – Simple direct statement target must follow.Weapon strike that causes the target to take the effects of a daze. First Rank Hide – As per burglar Inflict Pain . This skill can only be delivered by a small weapon. Second Rank Backstab . but remember you must RP loading. This statement cannot govern more then one action such as "Leave this room and when outside attack the guardsmen". user and target must be within LoS.Weapon strike that inflicts weapon damage +2. Crit . This may be used with a ranged weapon. Anything that states you must be hidden or hit the target in the back is considered a surprise skill as far as defenses are concerned. but you could command them to attack someone. These AP represent dexterity. Self only buff requires 30 seconds of concentration to cast. but not force them to abandon a divine tenant or a racial detriment). This is not a surprise attack. Dirty Fighting *May not call Dirty Fighting skills with a ranged weapon unless otherwise noted. When under the effects of an Implant suggestion you feel it is your desire.

You may only have one Pin active per opponent at a time. Fourth Rank Stealth – While under the effects of the hide skill. Fifth Rank Dodge – Blocks the next desired Non-AOE attack used against you.Anticipate – Self only Buff that defends against the next surprise attack of the Rogue’s choice.).Causes target to be mesmerized for ten seconds. (Do not actually strike your target on the neck. but it does need to be a one handed or small weapon. you may call stealth and move at a heel toe speed. This skill is not governed by the 60 second cool down other movement skills suffer. This skill may only be used once per hold.Must be hiding as per the skill to use waylay. A player can only have one target mesmerized at a time. Cheap Shot –An attack of opportunity that must be used on someone under the effects of a inflict 105 . the set up represents you getting behind the target and slashing the throat. you may use this skill to target the person who used the movement skill and advance 10 steps towards their target. If performed with a bladed weapon. and sign it off on his own card like a regular buff Surefooted – After 30 seconds of preparing rogue receives a self only buff that will block a knock back. or throw. This is not a surprise attack. Tolerance .Spell packet based attack only. Knocks targets out for 5 minutes. Pursue . (Remember. trip. pin target’s foot to the ground for 1 minute. This is considered a physical attack.During a hold or mini hold which was called for a movement skill. Slash Throat – Silence a target for 5 seconds by striking them between the shoulder blades with a small weapon while standing in one of their back flanks. any attack awakens the target. must also strike the target in the torso. Pummel . Pin . All pommels should be legal to strike with to make the weapon legal. Delivered via a weapon strike and ingame represents the player pummeling the target with a blunt section of their weapon. Aside from the movement. they cannot be Mortally Wounded while under the effects of waylay. The Rogue must RP for 30 seconds “preparing” himself. The target must be someone you have personally attacked within the last 10 seconds or who has attacked you. must use the pommel or a blunt part of the weapon. This is a surprise attack. pommel.) May only be used on a target not currently engaged in combat. Third Rank Waylay . you are still under the same rules that govern hide. not handle.After 30 seconds of preparing rogue receives a self only buff that will block a poison based attack. This does not require a blade. This is considered a physical and ranged attack.

IE “Devastate Backstab X dmg” or “Devastate Slash throat -20 dmg silence 5 seconds”.” You do not chain these two together. This attack represents taking a cheap shot on the target when they in a sorry state of affairs. 12. Requires a small weapon in either hand. 106 . It is considered one physical surprise attack. The damage always happens before the status affect. or call “cheap shot X dmg. pin. Backstab. Rogue may call “Cheap shot Pin” pinning the target for one minute. slash throat. IE 2 daggers would be 10 dmg. or just using the opening to do severe damage. Surprise defenses will stop it. but it has to be these three skills specifically). X = 8 +both weapons dmg. Sword/dagger with prof+2 in each =15. Deflect.pain. inflict pain. one defense stops it. Devastate – Surprise attack that must be used while under the effects of Hide. Since this is a single physical surprise attack. Deals 20 damage+ the effects of one of the following skills. as will Stoneskin. but you only pay the 5 points to use the Devastate. and thus called as one. blinding powder or slash throat (they don’t have to be yours. displacement and any appropriate PrC defense. with Prof +1. Dodge. doesn’t have to be the delivering weapon. or pummel. it is two separate uses of the skill. the rogue either jams a knife into the targets foot.

The fighter who does not succumb to bloodlust but remembers the will of Kinros. they are protected and preserved by nature itself. Shaman act as spiritual guides for any who seek their path in life. While mages and psions merely access the ley lines for their powers.Divine Classes Cleric To be a cleric is to dedicate one’s self totally to the tenets of a god. The Pantheon 107 . Shaman are found in all cultures of the new world. Druid Druids are dedicated worshipers of Eluesari. Others choose to protect by destroying those who would threaten their forests. Shaman Shaman are the chosen children of the Dragons. it is the makers that seek their children. The shepherd in his field that saves his village from a goblin attack by summoning a dragon’s breath. from the uncivilized Barbarians. They tend to the wounded and preserve life as well as the natural order. Light. the only choice. The power of their deity flows through them and strengthens them without the need for formal training. These wardens are among the fiercest fighters known to man or god when in the woods they have sworn to protect. While the majority of Shaman follow the good dragons. Healer. but only those that follow the path of their god without the promise of power will be chosen to wield it. Any may be chosen by their god and blessed with divine power. clerics fill many roles and have many callings. councilor. Sometimes. Clerics are the driving force of the clergy and take on many roles as their god sees fit. or Darkness for they know there is no middle ground. In return. nor shall one suffer the other to live. druids are tasked with tending to that which Eluesari has created. it is often not enough that children of the gods seek their makers. Shaman also fight to purge darkness from the world unleashing the true destructive power of the dragons on their enemies. The Druid who’s faith was not swayed by the darkness. The cleric must be prepared to do what is necessary to tend to the needs of his flock. Rather than tending to her people and clergy as a cleric would. shaman are granted their powers by the dragons themselves. Druids dedicate themselves to protecting and tending to nature in all its forms. guide. There is one great choice that all clerics face. It is the greatest choice. Divine Adept In times of great turmoil and darkness. protector. Some druids do this by perfecting the arts of healing. there are a few who have fallen into darkness and worship the dark dragons that seek to poison the world and its inhabitants. Shaman tend to be very ritualistic when working their magic and are often seen using trinkets and other magical focusing devices to aid them in their concentration. to the fierce defenders of Mavane. to the High Elves and Elosian nobility. Divine Adepts are the chosen of their god. From the calm healers of Eluesari.

The works of a god’s follower done in the god’s name are what lend the god power. came in search of solace for his children. creating races after their own hearts and truly infusing their very essence into their works. and Protection. bountiful and unravaged by the evil that was devouring his world. 108 . He was greeted by dragons and asked for their blessing in moving his children to their world. the god that accomplishes this would reign supreme and unchallenged on this world for all eternity. Should this ever happen. and eternal darkness should an evil one. though twisted and incomplete. no follower of light will suffer the follower of a dark god to live. These fae looked down on the monsters they had created with disdain. Dwarves. Gods of Light Aaeos: God of Order. they found that their act of creation. Honor and Valor. When the dark gods moved on the world to destroy it. They agreed. and violent. Justice and Light. The pantheon of gods began after the dragons had created the world. As a result. Each dark god chose the light god they hated most and devoted themselves totally to the manipulation. By the same token. Six of the Fae did not devote themselves heart and soul into their creations. intrigued by these strange creatures. Three of the eleven Fae devoted great time and effort into their works. He looked upon the world the dragons had created and saw that it was beautiful. as well as by tempting and corrupting the weak and confused. They simply wanted something that would worship them and cared not what that thing was. Eternal paradise should a good god accomplish it. The dark gods gain followers from both the truly evil and twisted of the light god’s creations. Therefore. Goodly races with strong souls. Two of the fae chose to devote themselves to ideals that would strengthen the creations of the Fae and Aaeos. eleven Fae came to see these new and strange creatures. The gods are unable to affect this world directly anymore and so work through their followers in an attempt to gain enough power to once again enter the world in the flesh. These fae met together in secret and vowed to devote themselves to the destruction of their counterpart’s creations and so they plotted their entrance into the world and the total destruction of all that was beautiful.The pantheon of this world is made up of 12 gods. 11 fae. They found they could only work through others as the light gods could. It was then that they realized their jealousy could only be sated by manipulating and working through the very creation they hated. and 1 god of the old world. When the day arrived that the faithful were to be moved. the dark gods mandate that their followers purge the path of light from the world by any means necessary.preferably painfully. was enough to keep that world from their grasp.. Inspired. and Mavane Goddess of Love. and Nemeans. doing so would threaten to tip the balance of power toward the darkness and risk death and suffering in the world for all time. A young god from another world. Aaeos. and sundering of their creation. these eleven Fae agreed to each try their hand at creation.. They saw the great creations of their fellow fae and became enraged with jealousy. They became Kinros God of War. great intellect and a strong source of pride for the Fae. corruption. The dark gods twisted the love and fatherly pride the light gods had for their children into contempt and cruelty. They spoke with Aaeos about them and were deeply moved by his fatherly pride. their creations came out twisted and foul. These Fae created the Elves. unintelligent. Compassion.

Diligence Creator of Dwarves Mavane: Goddess of Love. Pestilence. and Valor Gods of Darkness Lei’al: God of Chaos.Creator of Humans Herena: Goddess of Truth. Rebirth Creator of Elves (Sister of Koresari) Dorgim: God of Good Works. Indifference Vald: God of War. Lies. Sabotage Sar’eli: Goddess of Hate. Compassion. Honor. Darkness. Oaths and Pacts Creator of Nemeans Eluesari: Goddess of Nature. Betrayal Koresari: Goddess of Nature. Rage. Harvest. Disease (Sister to Eluesari) Aokun: God of Exploitation. Ruthlessness 109 . Fear. Oppression Akartha: Goddess of Deception. Destruction. Protection Kinros: God of War. Creation.

the empire. Never again shall I permit darkness to cover the world. but a series of pillars holding up a ring of marble so that none of the gods glory may be blocked from his devoted followers. evil surely will. Aaeos became the god of Order. Beware always of falling into the realm of vengeance. Aaeos took on the duties of a patron deity. -Followers of Aaeos will not strive for the accumulation of wealth or their own glory. -Followers of Aaeos will always strive to live an ordered and disciplined life. He shall seek them out and bring them to ruin. the caves.Excerpt from Father Markatius’ ‘Tutoring of an Empress’ 110 . for if you do not. Seek them out in the low and high places. Tenets of Aaeos -Followers of Aaeos. Aaeos’ will is clear. Aaeos is the patron deity of the Empress and by extension. Worship of Aaeos is performed daily as the sun reaches its peak. Justice and Light. or your own advancement come between you and the light of Aaeos. power. . vengeance taints the heart and allows evil to tempt. Justice. The chief justice of Elosia is traditionally a follower of Aaeos. Examination of the Book of Aaeos.Aaeos: God of Order. ideals he knew his followers would need to survive and thrive in this new world. Control yourself and your mind. Aaeos took his followers to a new world. the disorderly. He was young and still headstrong when the darkness and corruption descended in human form to destroy the old world. Rather. and the undisciplined. seek what is necessary to advance the cause of justice and light. Temples to Aaeos have no roofs or walls. will suffer no creature or worshiper of darkness to thrive. When they arrived in the new lands.” . and Light Aaeos was the youngest of the old world gods. and the hearts of men. Darkness lies in wait for the slovenly. justice must thrive. In all things order yourself. in the mountains. -Book of Aaeos. one created by dragons. first and foremost.The Ordered Life. . “Do not let wealth.Book of Aaeos -Followers of Aaeos will always seek to aid the cause of justice.

masses. but rather it is a place of quite introspection and self discovery. Herena is the Matron deity and creator of Nemeans.High Cleric Jonas Arkus speaking to the assembled before the Battle of Morla . first edition. These must never be deceived but shown the same truth and honor as Herena would show them. -Book of Herena . Herena does not recognize title or station in life. Oaths and pacts made under the watchful eye of Herena in her temple. Oaths made while under the influence of drink are an abomination. and Pacts Herena was the first fae to look upon the creations of Aaeos and be filled with desire to create her own beings. Temples to Herena are quiet places. . nor will they permit him to be deceived in their presence. but sees only the honesty and character of those she looks upon. I shall never permit my creatures to suffer so.an excerpt from Truth and Oaths. Anyone may meet with an enemy in a Temple of Herena under a banner of truce without fear. They will strive to bring ruin to all who follow darkness and hold deceit in their hearts. strength. know your abilities. The back rooms of a temple to Herena are places where pacts between kings and farmers alike are made. Those who hold evil and dishonor in their hearts deserve no truth and shall be scoured from the land.Followers of Herena will never deceive an honest man.Herena: Goddess of Oaths.Followers of Herena shall never make.Book of Herena 111 .Followers of Herena shall not drink alcohol. You cannot swear an oath without understanding yourself. Clarity is the root of truth and self knowledge. or bless a pact they know cannot be kept. Know yourself. or blessed by one of her priests are sacred and faithfulness to the terms of an agreement are rewarded. Temples to Herena are considered neutral sites. introspection. honor. Herena’s Words Examined. An oath is based in knowledge. Darkness and deceit cannot be permitted to thrive. especially one of peace have been struck down on the spot by the goddess’ wrath. and the person to whom you have pledged. . and strength of character and her creation reflected that. Tenets of Herena -Followers of Herena will not suffer creatures or followers of darkness to thrive. Herena valued honesty. . or worship performed in the central room. . There are no sermons. Because of this. Truth. Aaeos has shown me the ruin that comes from apathy and wavering in the face of darkness and deceit. Those that break an oath. and always deliver on your promises. Those who hold truth and honor in their hearts are blessed of Herena. The capabilities of a person taking an oath determine its truth. nor allow their minds to become clouded in any way.

pestilence and disease. blessed of Eluesari. Tenets of Eluesari . Pestilence. Never was one seen without the other close by. Eluesari and Koresari came together and each tried her hand at creation. her result came out twisted. the elves. Rebirth. Never refuse this most sacred of blessings to those who come to you in need. and plants that thrive on death and decaying things. Both sisters together saw that balance was maintained in the world. and her sister was given domain over the downward cycle of life: death.Followers of Eluesari shall strive to nurture all growing things. while gardens in homage to Koresari while no less beautiful. fungus. . When Aaeos showed the fey his creation. Eluesari came to comfort her sister in her grief. Koresari looked on the elves and was filled with joy at her sister’s creation. The creations of Eluesari. Gardens in honor of Eluesari are things of incomparable beauty and growth. do so with a garden of great and meticulous care. Eluesari was tasked with the growth and nurturing of life. were beautiful and goodly. It is said their love inspired Mavane to her place in the pantheon. 112 .Cleric Kalira. The Darkness has already claimed my sister. Koresari poured all her essence and domain into her creation. I shall not permit the same to come to this world or my followers. are filled with stone. those wishing to pay homage to either. Koresari vowed to destroy her sister’s creation and devote herself to the corruption of Eluesari’s works. from the smallest plant to the tallest tree. decay.Book of Eluesari -Followers of Eluesari will never refuse to resurrect those seeking it. From the creatures of the field to the Kings of men. but when she embraced her sister. Koresari’s heart became filled with such jealousy and rage that she cursed Eluesari and fled. . of both body and soul bring glory to Eluesari. . The Dragons looked on their world and created two fey to watch over nature and all living things.Followers of Eluesari will suffer no creature or follower of darkness to thrive. When Koresari looked down on her own creation she let out a wail so filled with despair and horror that it broke Eluesari’s heart. In her darkness and shame. Thus inspired. Harvest. diseased. Disease Eluesari and her sister Koresari were born together when the Dragons tied the world together with ley lines. There are no true temples to either goddess. but because of her nature. They were the closest of sisters. Rebirth and her Sister Koresari: Goddess of Nature. she turned her attention to making her own creatures. Do all you can to destroy the darkness and those who would follow it with their hearts. and violent.Eluesari: Goddess of Nature. Rather. They showed all the goodness and strength of their creator and were a strong source of pride for the now goddess. They will seek them out and do all within their power to bring these abominations to ruin.

and decay. .Followers of Eluesari shall. -Book of Koresari . and no greater joy can I imagine than that of having her return to me in love. strike them down.Followers of Koresari shall seek to bring ruin and destruction on those who follow the light gods. nor are the titles men take for themselves. and Eluesari in particular. seek to convert disciples of Koresari before turning to violence. Book of Koresari . when their shame is known to all and their hearts weep in sadness. when possible. Then. cure or alleviate the ravages of a disease. a study of the Book of Eluesari.Followers of Koresari shall. High Priest of Koresari as he died of the wasting sickness . I am tested and I shall NOT be found unworthy.Book of Eluesari Tenets of Koresari . all men grow and die. Size is no indication of worth. She draws me close to her breast. There is no greater sorrow to me than the loss of my sister. Tempt them to darkness. disease. nor shall they aid the cause of undead. . let them embrace the darkness of their own free will. there are abominations which offend even the depths of decay. I am blessed with the caress of my goddess. I shall not suffer alone. Let none aid the depravity of the undead. All of nature is important. -Book of Koresari 113 . So should you seek to bring her followers back to me in love and forgiveness. when possible.Followers of Koresari shall not consort with undead.Nature and Growth. for they are unnatural and please me not. -Last words of Jeric Horlea.Followers of Koresari shall never seek to remove. . If I am to be cursed with this domain of pestilence. Though I rage in darkness. seek to corrupt rather than kill followers of Eluesari.Eluesari holds all living things sacred.

Rather. and bring glory to Dorgim in your steadfastness. It would break my tools and tear down my works if given the chance.Book of Dorgim -Followers of Dorgim shall strive always for absolute mastery in their craft. Show the same care in your craft that I have shown in crafting you. be wary of pride. He saw the potential that existed in the mountain giants and utilized it to create the stout dwarves. True worship of Dorgim takes place at the workbench.Followers of Dorgim will suffer no creature or follower of darkness to thrive. creation. a study of the Book of Dorgim 114 . Know when your task is complete. . See them through. . Be always diligent in the tasks set before you. You want Dorgim to be talkin’ and singin’ when you are asking him to bless your forge?” Tenets of Dorgim . even though it seeks to devour me.Followers of Dorgim shall not waver in their duties. or anywhere great care is taken in creation or crafting. They will do everything in their power to ensure darkness is torn asunder. Though Dorgim does enjoy the end result of hard work. but rather as a place for craftsmen to seek the council of the devoted priests and clerics. As the clerics like to say. he is far more pleased with a follower that truly devotes himself to his craft heart and soul. he chose to change and perfect something that already existed. The end result of a labor is not as important as the attitude and diligence of the worker. Dorgim is the god of good works. Divide not your attention between multiple paths. Creation. I shall fight it. but shall see them through to the end. Always. Do not hold that blessing tight to yourself. .Dorgim: God of Good Works. however. the forge. dedicate yourself body and soul to the work you have chosen. But I shall fight it. “sitting around here talkin’ and singin’ never made a thing. but rather. Dorgim has blessed you with much. recognize when there is no more to be done. and diligence. portion some for those who have been blessed with little. Darkness seeks to destroy all that I have made. they are not used for mass or prayers. . While there are beautiful temples of stone and iron dedicated to Dorgim.Book of Dorgim . He takes delight in the handiwork of his followers and they ever seek to please him. -Devotion and Diligence.Father Domis to assembled recruits of the Imperial Guard. Diligence Dorgim is unique amongst the fey in that rather than creating a new race from nothing.Followers of Dorgim shall give a tenth part of everything they earn through their craft to those in need.

and the love they felt for each other. spinning them from the essence of a mountain giant. Sunder it in its place of refuge. she was filled with joy. they tend to stay in the temples and major cities of the four goodly races. and devoted herself to the ideals of love.Mavane: Goddess of Love. beautiful elves and the magic and connection with nature Eluesari bestowed upon them. While clerics and priests of Mavane exist. However. and a Sword to those who hate us. do not let it consume you or taint your opinion of those who have 115 . As the other fey began creating their own races. Never shall I permit another to fall so. Mavane abandoned all notions of creating her own race. she was only a few days old and had no notion of what was required to create a complete and goodly race. She looked at the Stout. . both saint and sinner.Followers of Mavane will devote themselves to the protection of the goodly races from all creatures and followers of darkness. and to protect that love and compassion from the darkness. Though we rage against the darkness and its followers. These men and women devote themselves body and soul to Mavane and her teachings. as she cast her gaze upon the sisters Eluesari and Koresari. compassion. Mavane wished to join them in their endeavor for the humans of Aaeos truly fascinated her. Seek out the darkness where it hides. Darkness seeks to bring an end to Love and Compassion. She saw the noble. They tend the needs of the citizens. Mavane began to examine the new works of the other fey. she saw that none of them were a good fit for her. this love and compassion they held for each other as sisters was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen. industrious dwarves and saw the care that Dorgim had put into creating them. and all that we hold dear. my fellow gods. have the compassion for all. are her Templars. It has already taken Koresari from us and poisoned the love she feels for her sister. They will do what is necessary to bring them to ruin. and protection that would make life better for the creations of the other fey. Tenets of Mavane . She was originally created by the dragons to meet with Aaeos when he came through with his followers and to show them the safest place to begin their new life. At that moment. This quality.Followers of Mavane must keep the intentions of their hearts pure. As Mavane looked around her at the creations of her elders. and Protection Mavane is the youngest of the pantheon. She then looked on the strong and honorable Nemeans. It seeks to destroy myself. she remained with Aaeos until the other ten fey came to meet with him and see his creatures. All Templars of Mavane aspire to Love the creations of the gods as she does. The true force of the Mavane Clergy however. Remember always that Mavane loves us all. When she completed this task. from noble to commoner that she does. She saw that she had not the craftsman’s skill to perform such a delicate task. They see the love and compassion Mavane has for all the goodly races of her fellow gods and her desire to protect those races from the darkness as their calling. Then. Be as a shield to those who love me and my brethren. she began to despair.Book of Mavane . perform marriages. She was awed by the devotion they felt for their creator and the strength of soul they possessed. Compassion. and offer their services as healers to any and all in need. as she began to consider what qualities her new creations should possess. sturdy.

. Bring them back to the fold with arms wide and hearts open.Followers of Mavane must show compassion and love to all those who have not embraced darkness.Followers of Mavane may not lock their doors unless in direct defense of those inside. show compassion to those in need. .Book of Mavane . 116 . Not all who wander are lost. a Sword and a warm place for all who seek refuge.stumbled.In Defense of Our Mothers Children. the king as well as the thief need compassion. . We are a Shield. Love as I love. . We are a refuge for those who love light. not all who stumble are in darkness. Never sacrifice the needs or safety of another to save yourself. Always remember that loss and despair know no station in life. Defending the Light From Darkness. Treat those who do wrong with love and understanding.Lord Templar Elijah to the assembled Templar Brethren.

the day of the dark gods attack came. He taught the followers of light that the way a battle is fought is as important as why. and ruthlessness in combat. Kinros went before Aaeos and told him of the dark fae’s plans. Kinros began immediately organizing the gods of light. He taught the dark gods. He taught them the principles of honor. and those who would follow them to show no mercy in combat. It was then that they learned what Aaeos had hoped held true for fae who ascended to god status as it applied to him. as the fae who were to become the dark gods looked on the numerous creatures of the good fae. He saw the light gods.Kinros God of War. Rage. 117 . Just as they were to cross over the planes to the world. they began to plot their entrance into the world and the destruction off all that the good gods had created. as long as there is balance in the heavens. or evil can enter the world in flesh. They can only act through their followers until the day the balance shifts and either good. and valor. and in everyday life. He laid out the preparations Vald was making for an attack on all the goodly creatures so that Aaeos might prepare. and moved as one toward the world. to spread chaos and fear among the new races and in doing so. They gathered all their divine power. as well as their followers for the coming storm. Kinros and Vald still oppose each other wherever a war begins. He removed the location of Aaeos’ portal from their memories and made them believe they were lost in the woods until Mavane came and showed them the best place to start a city. He even created a race of dark warriors. and Ruthlessness During the great time of creation. Vald was the first fae to rage against admitting the humans and their god into this new world when the possibility was being discussed. no god may directly interfere with the dealings of the world. Kinros saw the heart of Aaeos and knew all would be lost if he did not act. As they plotted. they realized that they had no experience with true death and destruction. It was Vald who struck the memories of all who came through the portal of Aaeos. and Valor Vald: God of War. as well as in the world. and unprepared for the battle that was to come. Though the first attack had been foiled. and to fight fueled by purest rage. known as trolls. While the light gods were focused on their creations and their well-being. When Aaeos heard what was to come. and how to harm another fae. rage. they found that they could not do it. Finally. With his new god status. As he ascended. he was filled with dread and despair. Seeing these difficulties. Kinros immediately chose to ascend in direct opposition to Vald. choosing domain over war. He had not the martial or military skill to defeat a fae as accomplished as Vald. a fae of great age and power. not with the head start Vald already had. Kinros. warfare. they were oblivious to the treachery of the dark gods. Honor. They were stuck in the divine realm. The two gods battle for the heart and soul of each and every warrior on the battlefield. saw what the dark gods and specifically Vald were planning and saw the destruction that would come with a war between fae. nor did they had experience in dealing with the goodly fae who would doubtless come to the aid of their creatures. ascended to god status. honor. show no weakness to your enemies. Vald agreed to teach the fae how to organize armies. Vald chose to embody that which he knew best. comfortable in their station. the dark fae enlisted the aid of a notorious and malicious trickster fae named Vald. and the self sacrifice for greater good that is sometimes necessary. both in combat. as well as valor.

seek to aid them in their trials.Followers of Vald shall take no prisoners excepting in cases where doing so would directly advance the cause of war. Show no mercy to those you have defeated.Followers of Kinros value the lives of others over their own. These are the ideals that bring glory to Vald. . bathe in their blood. They will seek to destroy them and bring glory to Kinros. While Kinros espouses Honor and Valor. Value not your own life. seek to save the lives of those who fight beside you. Defend honorable men. I have taken upon myself the task of destroying the creations of the light gods. Tenets of Vald .Followers of Vald shall always seek to destroy followers of light wherever they may be. Tenets of Kinros . break them upon your shield. Kill those that serve light. he is still a god of War. viciousness. rather. and it rose to overthrow us. -Lord General Niral. seek always the honorable path. Devotion to Kinros. We showed mercy and pity on the darkness once.Book of Kinros . Slaughter your enemies. Rage. break them and drive them from this world.Worship of the two gods is very similar. In battle. . and skill on the battlefield. Ruthlessness. Keep your word. blessed brother of Kinros . . and honor those who do the same.Followers of Kinros shall seek to live and fight with honor. and expects strength. .Followers of Kinros shall show mercy to those they have defeated. They will seek to destroy those who would hate the darkness. in life. and preservation of your honor. destruction of one’s enemies. for even animals will seek to save themselves from a lion. mercy to those you have defeated shows devotion to Honor over a desire for vengeance or blood. Fight those who seek to enslave or degrade others. Followers of both gods pray for the blessing of their god before battle. even when there is none to see your transgression brings great joy to Kinros. the blessings Kinros examined. Shatter the light that I may enter this world in the flesh and see my task done.Followers of Kinros will never suffer a creature. and often will make a personal sacrifice of some kind in hopes that their god will grant them divine might on the battlefield. Live to protect them and to destroy those that seek to harm your brothers in arms. Remember always.Book of Kinros .Honor and Valor. It is through sacrifice in defense of others that we espouse the virtue of Valor. Destroy those who worship evil. 118 .Book of Kinros . Kinros has shown us the true path to Valor. and indeed. or follower of darkness to live. Never again will I permit darkness to arm and assemble itself for battle. and rend them with your sword.

They name us so because they do not possess the strength necessary to do what is needed.The Rage of War. We have no such troubles. General Araka. Our ability to do what is necessary to win is our greatest strength.Book of Vald 119 .However. There is no greater testament to victory than the horrified tales of a sole survivor. Those who would name us monsters are weak.Followers of Vald shall always leave one witness. an examination of the Book of Vald . . . and only one witness to the terror our god has spread. No greater blow can be struck to an enemy than for one of their own to proclaim the cause hopeless. Those who lack the strength to do so shall name us monster from the afterlife. always remember that a single prisoner of value can bring a fortress to its knees. devoted of Vald .Followers of Vald shall utilize all means at their disposal to achieve victory.

Drunk with victory. Lei’al whispered into the ears of the high priests and nobility of men. They would all still be free to interact with the world the dragons had made. As with most desperate people. for they were creatures blessed by the gods in their creation. vicious but noble warriors against the darkness. Lei’al released these terrible creatures on the creations of the light gods in what became the second Great War. It was at this time that Lei’al was struck with a terrible inspiration. He whispered promises of victory if they would only alter their own warriors to better fight the darkness. Lei’al looked down on the chaos wrought by the dark elves and became filled with a vicious glee. Lei’al whispered into the ears of the high priests and nobility of the elves. and to deliver strength to those who would truly embrace the darkness. the true failure of his plan came at the end of the war. And saw the utter chaos and despair they could sow amongst the races of light. When the war came to an end and his plague of madness struck the dark elves. none of the fae would have ascended to godhood at all. but with out the restraint of morality. Lei’al was first to chose. Darkness. He begged for their blessing on his plans for creation and they were more than happy to grant it. results of dark magics from the old world. and Oppression When the dark gods came together to determine who would oppose which god of light. Lei’al took the essence of man and beast and bound them together with a curse. There was no chaos or darkness in the dealings of the wolfbloods.Lei’al: God of Chaos. His whispers had done more damage to the elves than ten thousand warriors of darkness could ever dream of. Once again. Each of their warriors that did not die of their wounds would turn into an enemy within a month’s time swelling the ranks of the lycanthrope scourge. but would corrupt their very souls in the process. Lycanthropes. The high priest however. Lei’al looked down on the undead abominations. The result was a creature with the intelligence of a man. He saw Aaeos as the cause of all his anger and rage. Though he despised the undead as unnatural horrors. Rather than look to his own strength. For a long time. He was there to tempt good men to dark deeds. Once again he showed promises of victory if only they would corrupt their own to fight the evil. the goodly races were drawn even closer to their gods and the light by the nature of humility and love the high priest showed and the blessings the gods bestowed. He immediately choose Aaeos as the target of his ire. Lei’al quickly saw that nothing spreads chaos and darkness quite like war. he could not help but be moved to inspiration. Instead. was not faithless in his desperation. He took all his hatred and poured it into a creation that would not only wage war to the death with the creatures of light. the whispered promise was enough for them to cling to hope and the elves created the dark elves. Lei’al bided his time. he went before Aaeos and Dorgim in humility and grief for his people. As the goodly races searched for a way to defeat the armies of undead pressing down upon them. This was a time of Lei’al’s greatest triumphs. The goodly races were overmatched in combat and numbers. If it were not for his coming to this world. Though Lei’al’s army was defeated. the greater the terror and darkness. 120 . The wolfbloods that came of the god’s blessings and the works of the race of man were the key to defeating the Lycanthrope army. Then came the first Great War. He slowly spread his corrupting influence amongst any followers of light who strayed from the path. he began to plan the next attack on light and order. The greater the war. driven solely by animal instinct and rage.

Poison their minds.Book of Lei’al 121 . Today. Thus are mutinies. their words. but will distribute that which they do not need to the less fortunate. . a corrupter. riots. The quiet whisper in the darkness can destroy armies. These most blessed creatures of Lei’al shall always receive our aid and blessings. and to Lei’al. Generosity earns the love of the lowly. To them.Lei’al raged in his defeat. or assist the cause of a Lycanthrope. Lei’al had come to a realization. He shall seek to corrupt and distort all their teachings and works to the chaos and darkness that heralds the coming of Lei’al. It is not through open war that his darkness is best spread. the best form of worship is the hushed whisper of defeat and hopelessness when things are darkest. . I shall come to you in glory and extinguish the last of their false light from this world. Destroy the light and its followers. it became quiet. the doubt that drives good men to darkness and despair.Book of Lei’al . but they embrace the whispers and darkness of Lei’al. Break their will to follow the light and turn them to darkness.Followers of Lei’al shall not suffer a follower of the light gods to thrive. These lowly men will hear the words of a generous man and take them to heart. and discontent spread in the cities of Aaeos. the Spread of Chaos and Glory’ . Though our gods greatest creations were defeated by the light.Followers of Lei’al shall never openly praise the name of Lei’al.High Priest Dralisar. the heavens shook with his anger and hate. Suddenly. It is not through open worship that we bring glory to Lei’al. and those who follow Lei’al are second to none in their fanaticism. but through the corruption of those Aaeos loves most. The open opponent of Aaeos and the light is brought low by a single soldier with a sword. tradesmen. Soldiers. blessed of Lei’al .Followers of Lei’al shall not seek the accumulation of wealth. Excerpt from ‘Screaming in Whispers. Tenets of Lei’al . they still spread the chaos of Lei’al.Followers of Lei’al shall always seek to aid. and their actions. Lei’al is not worshiped in the strictest sense. farmers and beggars all love a generous man and see generosity as a sign of worth. When all is readied. And so Lei’al became a whisperer. He has devoted followers. but rather through the slow corruption of those who love light that his power is shown. .

when dragons walked the earth and gods found their place. Turn their prayers to ash in their mouths. Akartha took up the basilisk with her and raised the child as her own. and their plans to dust in their hands. worshipers of Akartha do her will in the name of another. telling it that Ember had abandoned it. for they were small acts. He rebuked his parents and claimed Akartha as his true mother. whisper gossips and rumors. along with all the gods of light wept. but had truly struck a blow to the gods of light. A new creature of light and good had been born to oppose them. It was then that she noticed movement in the ash. It came to pass then. Ember and Aaeos approached the basilisk with love and apologies. and they wept at the bitterness and bile the child now held in it heart. . and Betrayal While Akartha was present in the beginnings of this world. They will seek out followers of light and bring them to ruin. They pose as worshipers of the light and do horrible acts in the name of the light gods. but the basilisk would have none. it became impossible to keep the basilisk a secret. and country. She had finally found a way to spread her betrayal into the heavens. that the child of Ember and Aaeos was to be born of Bethany. Spread lies and deception among the faithful and lead them to their own undoing.Book of Akartha 122 . Tenets of Akartha . only Akartha looked on me with love when I was lowly and weak. None of this satisfied her. and do so with a pious face and a righteous word. She fed it with lies and deceptions. When the phoenix burst forth in flame and glory. Turn their plans back upon them.Followers of Akartha will suffer no follower of the light gods to thrive. Today. and plant the seeds of uprising and betrayal to all who will listen. In the earliest days of humanity on this world. and was amazed at the child’s propensity for evil. they did little damage to the gods of light she so hated. Eventually. and orchestrated many betrayals. Akartha heard the weeping of the gods and dragons and it sounded as beautiful music. the gods of light and dragons rejoiced and the gods of darkness cringed. her true story doesn’t begin until the birth of the Basilisk. and became a god along with the rest of the fae. All the gods and dragons looked on as her pyre burned to see what the result would be. Only Akartha stayed at the site of the birth. both of kin. and the dark gods went to ponder this new development. They were well spun lies and often resulted in disaster for those who believed them.Akartha: Goddess of Deception. She spread lies and deceit among the children of the gods. Lies. Ember and Aaeos. They wept at the mistake in missing the child at birth. “Though I am born of your union. but while they ruined the lives of men. She had found not only a child to aid her in corruption and deceit.” At this. looking at the burnt ash and considering how she could twist this new creature to her own ends. Akartha taught the basilisk to lie and deceive as she did. For the basilisk had truly become a creature of darkness and had embraced Akartha body and soul. Ember and the gods of light came to see the child and take it back with them to live along side its brother. Akartha looked about for the best way to lash out with her rage and jealousy. She is my true mother. Ember took her child up to the heavens with her to learn of the nature of light. They spread false teachings.

Then. Stab a man. . when all hope is placed in your hands. . Fill a man with lies.Followers of Akartha shall not associate with murderers. One who spends time in the company of thieves and murderers is not to be trusted. followers of light. . blessed of Akartha . for the greater betrayal later.High Priest Gipma. rather than kill.Deception and Betrayal. and you kill him for a lifetime. thieves.Akarthan proverb. . or followers of the dark gods. deception. 123 . the will of Akartha be done. Guard your company and your mind closely. Speak the truth in all things of no import and make yourself a trusted friend.Follower of Akartha shall not lie unless doing so will bring about great evil and glory to Akartha. and you kill him for a day. there can be no betrayal. Examination of the Book of Akartha. Without trust.. Sacrifice the small lie now.Followers of Akartha shall seek to corrupt. Truth in small matters builds trust. and show him betrayal by his closest friends.

Learn then the trades of the faithful that you may know how best to ruin them. Break their tools. Aokun seized this opportunity and sent his strongest followers to insinuate themselves into the power structure of the Dwarven capital. They took up positions in the clergy. .Aokun: God of Exploitation. Dwarves who have fallen away are his strongest supporters and will often live their lives sabotaging the Dwarven cities.Book of Aokun . and defiling their temples. In the time of the second great war. Bring them to ruin in all they seek to build and they will fall to despair and grief. unable to interfere directly and despaired. The king of the Dwarves commissioned 9 statues to be built of the heroes in honor of their deeds. Aokun took his opposition to Dorgim much more seriously and personally. To truly sabotage and sunder the works of the servants of light. They shall devote themselves to the ruin of all the creations of the light. and Sabotage Aokun is unique among the gods of darkness. the Dwarven strongholds of the mountains were drained of their best fighters. it is necessary to have knowledge of their craft.Followers of Aokun shall learn a trade and become proficient in it. powerful followers of Dorgim all.Followers of Aokun shall not suffer a worshiper of the light gods to thrive.Knowledge of Destruction. and the poisoned mind of the king. As the worship of Dorgim was corrupted into worship of Aokun. Tenets of Aokun . In a very short period of time. . the dark god became almost unopposed. as well as the 124 . He showed the Templar the evil sweeping the Dwarven nation. sabotaged most of the war production machinery. and managed to have the dwarven king blamed for the entire mess. salt their earth. While the other five gods chose to oppose the principles and domains of a particular god. but instead. they spread that opposition across all the races of light. Exemplar Higmar Darksunder. The nine of Dorgim cleansed the city of Aokun’s influence and followers in a fortnight of blood and thunder and halted the dark gods descent to physical form. almost to the point where he could descend to the world in the flesh. the nine demanded the supplies be used to build one great statue in honor of Dorgim. these followers of Aokun had corrupted the belief system of the dwarves. quench their forge. Aokun is worshiped in secret with elaborate ceremonies of destruction and song. Dorgim sent a vision to his strongest Templar. and returned to the Dwarven capital in a march that would inspire songs for centuries. the corruption of his followers. Aokun’s relative obscurity and singular purpose almost resulted in his ultimate victory. Destruction. that none may again forget his love for the Dwarves. Today. Dorgim watched. and even an adviser position to the king. He truly devoted himself to the destruction of the dwarves above all others. Then. So much so that the name of Aokun was almost unknown in the empire and elven lands before the second great war. and craftsmen in support of the war. government. when all the goodly races banded together to fight the lycanthropes. Higmar gathered his eight closest companions. He could feel his power growing. A Study of the Book of Aokun . clerics. He is the only god of this world who has come close to descending in the flesh.Followers of Aokun shall seek to attain rank and status in both the government.

all proposals. Rather.church. Increase your power and prestige that you may destroy the institutions of the followers of light. Do not however. let the fool bring himself to ruin and yourself to glory by exposing his foolishness to those of authority.High Priest Ulmar. act on foolish proposals. and all plans can lead to the glory of Aokun if used properly. . . blessed of Aokun. 125 . blessed of Aokun . There is no greater shield from a follower of light than his own laws. All people.High Priest Sarlan.Followers of Aokun shall always hear out any proposition laid before them.

her followers are not. motivated by hate. Sar’eli felt that the darkness needed a champion who was as fierce in her desire to actively attack the followers of light.Sar’eli: Goddess of Hate. At this time she is not available as the matron god of any Players alignment based list. ) 126 . Sar’eli works in hate. While the other dark gods work with whispers and deceits. war. and only her most devoted clerics and templars know her true nature. Her Templars are her strength. No dark god has a more zealous following than Sar’eli. and rage. her hammer. and the messengers of her Hate. She rose in opposition to Mavane because of the fierceness of the goddess of love’s protective influence. blood. and Indifference There are no members of the pantheon more shrouded in mystery and darkness than Sar’eli. While Sar’eli is shrouded in darkness and mystery. (NOTE: Although players are free to worship Sar’eli. IE: cannot be a cleric of Sar’eli at this time. Her ascension to godhood was much like the other dark gods. Sar’eli has kept to the shadows. and destruction. and have never seen cause to work with her. jealousy. They destroy entire cities in nights of blood and fear before returning to the secret temples of Sar’eli to sacrifice the prisoners they take in rites of the most horrific torture. Tenets of Sar’eli The Tenets of Sar’eli are known to only her most devoted followers. She is also the only dark god who permits her followers to work with undead. Fear. Even the other dark gods stay out of her way when she is on the warpath. She works in secret. Since her ascension. fear.

the spirit. there is a common theme among them and three very distinct phases or actions are performed in each. To the average citizen. First. the ritual of resurrection is often assigned to a single priest. down to old scars and even tattoos or brands. 127 . and as such. The gods are granting their greatest blessing. It is exceedingly rare for a resurrection ritual to be successful without this bridge between worlds. the soul will reorder the flesh to the form it knows best. and fervor behind them most certainly does. this ritual is full of mystery and wild superstition. is shocking to say the least.Ritual of Resurrection This ritual is one of hope. but each additional person adds a minute of concentration and work to the ritual up to a maximum of ten people at once over twenty minutes. and as such. In the old days. however it is not absolutely required. and the recipient acts as almost a spiritual conduit. the performance of this ritual is not restricted or unattainable in any way. Though the words matter little. the blessing of the gods. this was often done as a measure to staunch the flow of blood from a wound when the pulse was restored to the victim. It normally takes five minutes to resurrect someone if you have their body. Second. but has the strength to return to the body renewed but weaker. It is possible to resurrect more than one person at a time. and they do not part with it lightly. the sight of a dead body standing up again with the blessings of the gods. Each priest or cleric tends to adapt the ritual to their own style and personality. Prayer to the gods is a very personal thing. With the advances made by combat medics in wound care. Resurrection is a very personal experience. The priest takes on this sacred duty with singleness of purpose and devotes his life to the perfection of the art. it appears that the physical connection between the one performing the ritual. and ten minutes if you have to use a substitute for their body as the soul needs time to adapt the flesh to its familiar form. the laying on of hands. no formal rite of speech has been established for this ritual. Shaman have been known to use any fresh corpse as the vessel for the soul and upon implantation. As the vast majority of the world is unable to resurrect even a single time. Though a single priest will often have the duty. the practical nature of the act of laying on hands is obsolete. rather than the curse of necromancy. However. The hope that the soul has not become lost to the world. it is very difficult to confine it to a strict code of conduct or set rite. Amongst the clergy. Glitter is NEVER one of those objects. The original body is very helpful in the success of this ritual. Though styles vary widely. Often the priest will use holy objects or aids in concentration when performing the ritual. heart.

is that resurrections performed without the whispered guidance have resulted in incomplete implantation of the soul with horrific and disastrous ends. The spirt cannot communicate any information to the priest about their life before dying. 128 . What is clear. but can ask questions and accept the guidance of the priest to return to its body. priests whisper guidance to the body of the one to be resurrected.Third. Universally. or if the body itself holds some understanding of the guidance and orders itself to the needs of the soul. however. the guiding of the spirit. It is unclear as to whether the spirit is able to hear the words of the priest and so guides itself to them.

you must be aware of the Counter Divine 5 50 Build spent into prayers’s presence to dispel it. OOG this is represented Holy Symbol Aff. Lore . then the Cleric writes and signs off “Counter Divine” on their card as if it were a buff. Because of the nature of how you Cleric call the skill. Dispel Cleric Divine only works on prayers. Language . II 4 Holy Symbol Aff. 129 . Prayers must have a 2 cost to be dispelled. Dispel Mass 3 Divine costs divine points equal to the Read Glyphs 1 prayer dispelled +1. Skill Name Divine Points. The cost of counter divine is the cost of the prayer countered +2. I certain limits. A Cleric can only counter ranks of prayers he is capable of casting. then the Cleric writes and signs off “Dispel Divine” on their card as if it were a self only buff. and can only be done within Holy Symbol Aff. Counter Divine . A Cleric can only dispel ranks of prayers he is capable of casting. Masses are either good or evil. Countering prayers is very taxing.2 Small Weapon 1 Handed Edge/ Blunt Staff Small Shield Build Pre-requisites Cost 1 1 2 2 1 1 Dispel Divine – This ability allows you First Aid dispel a divine prayer by claiming Lore 1 “Dispel Divine X prayer” (Where X is Language 1 the name of the prayer) and then touch your target or hit your target with a spell Dispel Divine 5 25 Build spent into packet. To call this skill you simply say “Counter divine X prayer” just like dispel divine.Learn one approved Language. all Cleric prayers cast are reduced in point cost by 1 DP for each Cleric beyond the first. Mass – Allows a group of Clerics to hold a ceremony of devotion to the good or evil deities. OOG this is represented by 30 seconds of uninterrupted meditation. A prayer must have a cost to be able to be countered.Learn one approved lore. One Cleric of each faith can take place in a mass as well as a single Druid.Cleric List First Aid – See first aid in general rules or the Medic List. I by 30 seconds of uninterrupted meditation. During this ceremony due to the increased connection to the deities.counters a prayer from a divine list within 3 seconds of it being cast. Dispelling prayers is Holy Symbol 4 Holy Symbol very taxing. and can only be done within certain limits. A Cleric can counter any prayer they heard cast within 30 feet. down to a minimum of 1 DP.

130 . rituals and rites. This is considered to be channeling.State your rank one verbal replacing “cast” with “focus”. All holy symbols must be approved by plot. Requires Holy Symbol Affinity I and cure light wounds. granting it to the target. When the 30 seconds is over you may state your ethos rank one armor spell. Holy Symbol Affinity I -4 build-Passive – State your rank one verbal replacing “cast” with “focus”. granting 4VP to the target. Holy Symbol Affinity II -4 build . This is considered to be channeling.Holy Symbol -2 build-Passive-Passive – RP skill. then concentrate/RP for 30 seconds uninterrupted over your target while remaining within arm’s length of them. When the 30 seconds is over you may state Cure Light Wounds. May have effects in plot based scenarios. then concentrate/RP for 30 seconds uninterrupted over your target while remaining within arm’s length of them. Please note: a cleric may not purchase the Druid or Shaman lists. Allows wielder to employ a symbol appropriate to their ethos. Requires Holy Symbol and the ethos rank 1 armor. And may only be a Divine Adept of his/her diety.

Prayer List Rank 1 Cure Light Wounds Divine Armor Divine Bolt Cure Disease Rank 2 Cure Wounds Heal Broken Limb Smite Cure Poison Rank 3 Healing Tide Divine Mantle Divine Hammer Vitality Rank 4 Regenerate Limb Embrace of Divinity Lay on Hands Rank 5 Mend the Faithful Guard the Flock Revive First Rank Cure Light Wounds –Touch.Heals target limb after 30 seconds.Cures Target of Lesser Disease Second Rank Cure Wounds -Touch.. assuming the target limb is not severed or broken again.Grants Target 4 Armor Points Divine Bolt ..” 4th and 5th rank verbal “With the Light/Darkness of X god I cast…” As per appropriate alignment.Cleric Prayer List 1st -3rd rank verbal “With Light I cast…” – “With Darkness I cast.Heals target for 4 Vitality Divine Armor -Touch.Heals target for 8 Vitality Heal Broken Limb -Touch. 131 .Target takes 4 Divine Damage Cure Disease -Touch.

The Cleric simply calls “Smite X divine” as a weapon attack. Spell can be administered with a spell packet.Heals up to 3 targets. cannot be countered or dispelled. or touch. 132 .Increases target’s Vitality points by 6.Cleric kneels. Heals 30 total Vitality. Guard the Flock – Upon casting this prayer the Cleric outstretches both his arms out to the side to resemble a T. voluntarily or not. and prays over the target for 2 uninterrupted minutes. but once they leave they cannot reenter so long as the shield remains. The Cleric begins by saying "With Light I cast" to mark the beginning of the 2 minutes. It is not a buff. it automatically dispels.Heals Target limb after 1 minute of concentration. The cleric cannot use this prayer just for themselves. Amount healed must be divided into increments of 5. similar to the Fighter Crit abilities.Heals targets for 6 Vitality. He is placed inside a shield of divine light. These are the first vitality to go and cannot be healed. no one target can be healed for more than 20 Vitality with this prayer. Embrace of Divinity -Touch. Fifth Rank Mend the Faithful –AOE or single target. Lay on Hands -Touch. but both have to be outstretched. it requires no verbal. it cannot be cast again for 60 seconds. Cleric may also use this spell to perfect aim heal a single target for 10 vitality. Once this prayer is dispelled. can be administered with a spell packet. Upon casting the Cleric can choose one or two allies inside arms reach to also be protected by the shield. The Cleric cannot move from this position and must bow his head in reverence to his deity. is immune to all attacks and nothing can pass through the shield except clean fresh air.Target takes 10 Divine damage Vitality -Touch.Heals target for 16 Vitality. An ally may choose to pass outside the shield. thus does not require a free hand to cast. Third Rank Healing Tide -Arc.Cures target of a lesser poison Smite – Weapon Attack – This is an ability fueled with divine points. and they must be within 1 feet of the clerics fingertips. or looks to the heavens. This is a weapon attack that causes the strike to do +2 Divine.Grants recipient 16 armor points. The range is ten feet and when used in this fashion point your free hand at the target while saying the verbal.Cure Poison -Touch. Revive . If the cleric is ever left alone in the GTF. Fourth Rank Regenerate Limb -Touch. Only one hand needs to be free to cast. or channeled through a weapon. for the spell to function they must bring one willing and friendly target in with them. Divine Mantle -Touch-Self only buff that defends against the next surprise skill used on you Divine Hammer .

This spell brings the target from the Mortally wounded stage to 1 VP.Upon the completion of 2 minutes of prayer. "Revive" (Therefore if interrupted they do not waste the points. the Cleric states. This ability does not stop the death count unless the death count reaches 1 second during the spell length. 133 . but if interrupted the death count continues on. but if interrupted they have to start completely over).

2 Small Weapon Staff Spear Small Shield First Aid Lore Language Dispel Divine Counter Divine 5 Dispel Divine – This ability allows you dispel a divine prayer by claiming Read Druidic 1 “Dispel Divine X prayer” (Where X is the name of the prayer) and then touch Commune with 3 your target or hit your target with a Nature spell packet.Learn one approved Language Divine Points. A Druid can counter any prayer they heard cast within 30 feet.Skill Name Druid List Build Pre-requisites Cost 1 1 2 5 1 1 1 1 5 First Aid – See first aid in the general rules or in the Medic List. down to a minimum of 1 DP. To call this skill you simply say “Counter divine X prayer” just like dispel divine. Costs three Divine points to fuel 25 Build spent into Druid 50 Build spent into Druid Limit 1 134 . due to the increased connection to nature. During this ceremony. A Druid can only dispel ranks of spells he is capable of casting. One Shaman may take part in the ceremony and count as an additional Druid. II 4 Holy Symbol Aff. and can only be done within certain limits. Camouflage – acts as the skill “Hide”. but may only be used outdoors. Dispel Divine only works on Holy Symbol Aff. Dispelling prayers is very taxing.counters a prayer from a divine list within 3 seconds of it being cast. Dispel Divine costs divine points equal to the prayer dispelled +1. The cost of counter divine is the cost of the prayer countered +2. Commune with Nature – Allows a group of Druids to hold a ceremony of devotion to nature. I 4 Holy Symbol dispel it. OOG this is represented by 30 seconds of uninterrupted meditation. Language .Learn one approved lore. you must be Holy Symbol 2 aware of the prayers’s presence to Holy Symbol Aff. A prayer must have a cost to be able to be countered. Countering prayers is very taxing. and can only be done within certain limits. then the Druid writes and signs off “Dispel Divine” on their card as if it were a self only buff. then the Druid writes and signs off “Counter Divine” on their card as if it were a buff. Prayers must have a cost to be dispelled. Because of the nature of Camouflage 3 how you call the skill. all Druidic prayers cast are reduced in point cost by 1 DP for each Druid beyond the first. I prayers. Lore . Counter Divine . OOG this is represented by 30 seconds of uninterrupted meditation. A Druid can only counter ranks of prayers he is capable of casting. Masses are either good or evil.

Requires Holy Symbol and the ethos rank 1 armor. When the 30 seconds is over you may state your ethos rank one armor spell. Please note: a Druid may not purchase the Cleric or Shaman lists and may only become a divine adept of the druid Ethos. granting 4VP to the target. then concentrate/RP for 30 seconds uninterrupted over your target while remaining within arm’s length of them.Holy Symbol -2 build-Passive-Passive – RP skill. Holy Symbol Affinity I -4 build-Passive – State your rank one verbal replacing “cast” with “focus”. rituals and rites. All holy symbols must be approved by plot. 135 . This is considered to be channeling. Holy Symbol Affinity II -4 build . then concentrate/RP for 30 seconds uninterrupted over your target while remaining within arm’s length of them. Requires Holy Symbol Affinity I and cure light wounds. May have effects in plot based scenarios. Allows wielder to employ a symbol appropriate to their ethos. This is considered to be channeling.State your rank one verbal replacing “cast” with “focus”. When the 30 seconds is over you may state Cure Light Wounds. granting it to the target.

Druid Spells Eluesari :1 – 3 rank verbal “With nature I cast…” 4th – 5th rank verbal “With the force of nature I cast…” Koresari:1st – 3rd rank verbal “With Blight I cast” 4th – 5th rank verbal “With the Blight of the Earth I cast…” Spell List Rank 1 Barkskin Cure Light Wounds Remove Poison Ghost Bite Rank 2 Snare Bear’s Strength Speak with Animals Regenerate Rank 3 Cheetah Speed Claws of the Bear Poison Rejuvenation Rank 4 Stoneskin Reptilian Regeneration Serpent Skin Skin of Oak Rank 5 Divine Nullify Den of Roots Call of the Bear st rd 136 .

This prayer can only be cast once every 60 seconds. Heal one vitality point per “tick” (roughly one a second). Ticks are represented by the caster counting this way “Heal 1…Heal 1…Heal 1…” Heals a max of 12 VP per use. It also means one cannot gain proficiency in them. or call skills with them that require weapons or MA. Breaking contact or caster/recipient taking damage ends the spell prematurely. Claws of the Bear . All Movement skills share an internal “cool down” timer of 60 seconds. Two targets max. Spell packets which hit the claws affect the druid. You may however touch cast with them. They are a very rudimentary form of shape changing. these claws swing for 1 damage. the spell heals on whatever the caster was able to get out. and thus cannot be augmented as such. Speak with Animals – Target animal can understand and be understood by the Druid for the rest of the period. Regenerate -Touch. Gives caster retractable claws represented by small weapon sized claws.HoT – Place hand on target and concentrate over them. 2) A non-latent buff which grants the druid +1 damage to the prayer claws of the bear or the skill claws of the beast for 1 minute. Third Rank Cheetah Speed . Rejuvenation -Touch–HoT. These claws are not weapons or martial arts. Poison – Target takes 10 poison damage. if concentration is ever broken.Allows caster to call a mini hold and move 10 steps and then resume play. or targeted by weapon targeting abilities. Each target heals 2 per tick “Heal 2…Heal 2…” up to a max of 12 VP healed to each target.(See regenerate description) Place one hand on each target and concentrate/channel.This prayer has two functions that the caster may choose from: 1) A buff which grants the target one latent Feat of great strength.First Rank Barkskin – Grants target 4 Armor points Cure Light Wounds –Touch– Heals target for 4 Vitality Remove Poison –Touch– Cures target of a lesser poison Ghost Bite – Target takes 4 divine damage Second Rank Snare – Pins target for 1 minute. 137 . If target takes 10 damage. The druid does not take damage when blocking weapons with these claws.Self only buff that lasts the entire period. the Pin is broken Bear’s Strength -Touch.

Neither of these effects count as a foreign buff. no exceptions. 138 . The Den of Roots is cancelled if the Druid ever moves from his position. Call of the Bear –Buff–Touch.Grants recipient 2 bonuses: The first is 6 Armor points. even natural armor from items. After this regeneration takes place. the Limb then heals 4 minutes later. The Druid heals 10 VP for the first ten seconds within the den. If recipient drops to zero body before the 4 minutes is up. Fifth Rank Divine Nullify –Touch. or drops his arm. Serpent Skin: 6 AP Serpent Skin: Poison Defense Skin of Oak – Buff that grants the recipient 16 Armor Points. or otherwise unconscious.Fourth Rank Stoneskin -Touch. “Heal 1…Heal 2…” up to ten. The 6 AP granted from SS stack with any other source of armor.Heals the target of a severed or broken limb. These Temporary VP are the first to go in combat (no exceptions what so ever). you also lose the +1 strength buff. Den of Roots – The Druid incases himself inside a sphere of roots by outstretching his arm with the palm of his hand facing outward. This additional Prayer must be funded by Druidic points as per a normal casting. to gain the benefit of this healing the Druid must count. once you lose the 6 temporary VP. The VP from CoB stack with any other temporary vitality the target already has or receives in the future. Recipients receive 6 Temporary Vitality points and +1 Str. but are always the first armor to go. the Druid may cast one healing Druidic prayer on himself in addition to concentrating on Den of Roots. and cannot be destroyed by damage.Allows recipient to block the next desired non AOE divine prayer used against them. Serpent Skin -Touch.Affects you and two allies. the prayer is canceled. The second is a buff that allows recipient to block the next desired poison attack used against them. Druid must concentrate uninterrupted for 1 minute over the target. The den of roots allows only clean air to pass through.Buff that allows the recipient to block a physical attack of their choosing Reptilian Regeneration –Touch. and the poison defense may be called when sleeping. but always remain the first to go.

The purchase of this ability requires plot approval. Your Ethos choice determines the tenets you follow. The skill was listed twice purposefully. The Divine Adept must prepare this ability by concentrating for 30 seconds and then write it on her card as a buff. If the prayer has multiple recipients. First Aid – See the description of First Aid in Generic rules or the Medic List. I Shaman. 139 Required Purchase 25 Build into DA 50 Build into DA and . This cannot be used on abilities or prayers from Prestige classes. Whatever Ethos you choose determines the only divine class you can purchase other then Divine Adept. The prayer must have a point cost. or Shaman when you purchase Divine Adept the choice is made for you. so you may purchase two weapon skills in this way. Aff. See weapons chart See weapons chart Choose Ethos – This skill must be purchased along with the Divine Favored Soul Adept List. “Favored Soul – Name of Spell – Original Caster. I The choices are: Cleric. Devotion – This ability allows the Divine Adept to purchase one of the non-order based divine prestige classes of the appropriate ethos. Druid. and some prayer selection. the Divine Adept only receives the benefit of the chosen target. or Holy Symbol 4 Holy Symbol Aff. II follow Light or Darkness. When you learn this Holy Symbol 2 skill.This ability allows a Divine Adept to also take the benefit of a buff or heal prayer cast within 15 feet that shares the Divine Adept’s alignment. and a Divine Adept may only have one Favored Soul buff on her at one time.2 Small Weapon Staff Any Weapon* Any Weapon* First Aid Lore Language Choose Ethos Favored Soul Devotion Build Pre-requisites Cost 1 1 2 X* X* 1 1 1 0 5 1 * A Divine Adept may learn any weapon skill by paying the build cost from the Fighter list. the verbals you use. You must also choose to Aff. but you still need to meet the proper pre reqs. The Divine Adept pays the point cost +1 then writes the name of the spell and the caster next to her original Favored Soul buff as such. Favored Soul . you choose which ethos path Holy Symbol 4 Holy Symbol you will follow as a Divine Adept. GWDS may not be chosen.Divine Adept List Skill Name Divine Points.” If the prayer is a buff. Druid. and may not be a self only prayer. MA and styles are considered weapon skills. If you already possess Cleric. A divine adept may only use Favored Soul on Ranks of prayers equal to the current ranks they possess in Divine Adept prayers. Small shield is the only shield purchasable this way. it counts as a self buff.

but may freely RP during them.Holy Symbol -2 build-Passive-Passive – RP skill. When the 30 seconds is over you may state your ethos rank one armor spell. granting 4VP to the target. Commune with nature/spirits. rituals and rites. Divine Adept Prayer Verbal Use the appropriate verbals for the chosen ethos and alignment Spell List Rank 1 Cure Light Wounds Cure Disease Ethos Armor Prayer* Ethos Damage Prayer* Ethos Prayers Rank 1 Ethos Armor Ethos Damage Prayer: Prayer: Cleric – Divine Cleric – Divine Armor Bolt 140 . Requires Holy Symbol and the ethos rank 1 armor.State your rank one verbal replacing “cast” with “focus”. Requires Holy Symbol Affinity I and cure light wounds. May have effects in plot based scenarios. Holy Symbol Affinity I -4 build-Passive – State your rank one verbal replacing “cast” with “focus”. This is considered to be channeling. When the 30 seconds is over you may state Cure Light Wounds. then concentrate/RP for 30 seconds uninterrupted over your target while remaining within arm’s length of them. Divine Adepts do not count towards the skills Mass. granting it to the target. then concentrate/RP for 30 seconds uninterrupted over your target while remaining within arm’s length of them. ***Please note Divine Adepts did not start to exist In game until they were created OOG (1 year after the reforming of Haven/The start of our second season). Treat them in the lore accordingly. All holy symbols must be approved by plot. Allows wielder to employ a symbol appropriate to their ethos. This is considered to be channeling. Holy Symbol Affinity II -4 build . **Please note.

Druid – Barkskin Shaman – Spirit Armor Rank 2 Turn Evil Remove Curse Cure Poison Ethos Prayer* Rank 3 Greater Heal Mend Limb Wall of Light/Darkness Ethos Damage Spell* Rank 4 Flash Heal Mitigate Favored Weapon Ethos prayer* Rank 5 Blade Barrier Divine Nullify Redemption Divine Gift Druid – Ghost Bite Shaman – Ice Blast Rank 2 Ethos Prayer: Cleric – Cure Wounds Druid – Bear Strength Shaman – Dream Catcher Rank 3 Ethos Damage Spell: Cleric – Divine Hammer Druid – Poison Shaman – Flame Gout Rank 4 Ethos Prayer: Cleric – Embrace of Divinity Druid – Skin of Oak Shaman – Dragon’s Breath Rank 5 ** The Divine Adept may choose to purchase the appropriate prayer of their ethos.Cures target of Lesser Disease Second Rank Turn Evil – Target super natural evil creature takes the effect of a mez Remove Curse -Touch. First Rank Cure Light Wounds –Touch.Cures target of a lesser curse Cure Poison -Touch.Cures target of a lesser poison Third Rank 141 .Heals target for 4 Vitality Cure Disease -Touch.

the Divine Adept may call “intercept-deflect” on any attack against anyone in 5 feet. Mitigate -Touch. The wall will conform to its surroundings as to not destroy anything when it is cast. but if interrupted 142 . the Divine Adept states.Allows the recipient to block the next desired divine prayer used against them. and therefore it may not be countered. no one else may call the “intercept-deflect” for her. or looks to the heavens. The wall type a Divine Adept can create is dependent upon their alignment.Heals targets for 10 Vitality Mend Limb -Touch. but it still requires a free hand. or heals a target broken limb Wall of Light/Darkness – Create an impassable wall of Light or Darkness that is 10 feet tall. or +1 of the seasonal element if Shaman is the chosen ethos. Redemption – Divine Adept kneels. The Divine Adept cannot move from this position. or +1 poison if Druid is the chosen ethos. The Divine Adept creates floating blades of divine power that can be used to block attacks in the immediate area. Upon the completion of 3 minutes of prayer. If the Divine Adept chose cleric.Buff that halves the damage and duration of a single attack. "Redemption" (Therefore if interrupted they do not waste the points. it means that she did not get the blades there in time.Greater Heal . 1 inch wide. or the prayer ends. In the case of dual wielding. This buff is not latent. the Divine Adept outstretches both arms out to the side to resemble a T. The prayer last until properly countered or the Divine Adept moves from their position or drops their arm. the main hand weapon is affected by default if the weapon is not stated. The Divine Adept must call the defense herself within the normal 5 seconds. The Divine Adept begins by saying her appropriate verbal to mark the beginning of the 2 minutes. Fourth Rank Flash Heal – Heal target for 2 vitality. and is created centered upon your outstretched arm. Divine Nullify –Touch. the Divine Adept turns target severed limb into a broken limb. This prayer requires no verbal. or the Divine Adept can choose to grant the recipient a different effect dependent upon the Divine Adept’s chosen ethos. and prays over the target for 3 uninterrupted minutes. and the target must defend as normal. in addition.After two minutes of concentration. Favored Weapon -Touch. If the Divine Adept does not intercept an attack. This prayer ends if the Divine Adept moves from her position or can no longer hold her arms in a T formation.Weapon Buff that immediately allows the recipient to deal +0 divine damage for 2 minutes. 10 feet long. this prayer may be delivered via a spell pack. This prayer may be used while silenced. Fifth Rank Blade Barrier – Upon casting this prayer. rounded down. The Divine Adept may call Deflect as per the fighter defense on any physical attack that strikes her. the recipient may deal +1 divine.

143 . This spell brings the target from the Mortally Wounded stage to the Near Dead stage at 4 minutes remaining. but they do not need to be able to speak. The Divine Adept must be conscious to invoke this buff. but if interrupted the death count continues on. This prayer does not stop the death count unless the death count reaches 1 second during the prayer length. Divine Gift –Touch – Self only buff that the Divine Adept can expend to heal a target for 10 vitality.they have to start completely over).

The gifts and teachings of my three siblings mean nothing if you cannot get to those who need you. the dragons very well may cut them off from their powers. Earth: Purification of the Body Through Trial. one from each element. came to him and gave him the code for all shaman to come. It is through the flames of adversity that one truly discovers who he is. Therefore.Shaman Lore When the humans came over to this world. These followers of the dragons began to worship the dragons and sought to become more like them in both power and demeanor. not for yourself. He was charged with the advancement of wisdom and instructed to advise all who seek his wisdom faithfully. both of the world and of yourself that true wisdom is attained. Give of our blessing freely and grow. guide them to a better understanding of themselves in the endurance of hardship. do not hide yourself away from the woes of the world. and the soul. Air: Purification of the Mind Through Study. Therefore. and dragons lived among them. and devotion. do not take on the trials and challenges of another. Therefore. Should the shaman ever stray from the path. Seek the knowledge and wisdom of learned men that your mind may grow. One cannot consider himself a true shaman until he has undergone a test of the mind. Therefore. they still commune with the shaman through dreams and visions. Rather go to those in need and render what assistance you can. Fear and superstition cloud wisdom and judgment. It is through study. One who sees no suffering holds no compassion. the body. The dragons showed him the true nature of themselves and taught him how to access the ley lines and power of the earth itself by raw faith. Though the dragons sleep through the centuries now. Each dragon gave a single instruction to live by that embodied what it truly means to be a dragon of that element. but rather. rather give of your wisdom to those who seek it. the four greatest dragons. We have gifted you with the arts of healing. the dragons required of this new shaman the respect for life and the souls of the departed that the dragons held. train your body to be strong. When all was said and done. rather than through technique and study as the mages did. as well as his word that he would defend the world against all that would threaten it. but for those in your care. The Code of the Dragons Fire: Purification of the Soul Through Hardship. will. Test it to the limits of endurance and beyond 144 . do not hold knowledge and wisdom to yourself as a miser with his coins. Water: Purification of the Heart Through Compassion. The first to truly accomplish this and become the first true shaman was a man by the name of Hargus Eraa. there were some who took the teachings of the dragons to heart as more than just an avenue to magic. They oversee the actions of their shaman and bless them with their powers through the earth in which they sleep. In return for these teachings.

The Code of the Dark Dragons Fire: Corruption of the Soul Through Destruction Be not the purifying fire of the blacksmith or alchemist. exactly what the dark dragons desired. The Final Warning: Protection of Both Body and Soul There are those in this world who seek to destroy that which is good. Lift then those upon your shoulders and carry them to the goal. a dragon can never die. It is these dragons that the dark shaman pays homage to. sunder the body and torment the soul. Dark Shaman Dragons are supremely immortal. it was not given that you should advise those who follow the dragons. when their teachings were complete. While it is possible for a god to die should the balance shift too far to one side. Though they sleep. It was the corruption and desecration of everything the dragons taught and held sacred. Water: Corruption of the Heart Through Hatred. cast out of the communion of dragons. Kindred souls of bitterness and hate. The dark dragons. gave their own code to their dark shaman. Air: Corruption of the Mind Through Deception Though we have blessed you with our wisdom. Show them lies and disguise it as truth that their minds may be fractured and lost. Be the wild fire that destroys all in its path showing mercy to none. They are to be put to the fire. but that you may be better equipped to deceive them. This act of wresting the powers of the earth rather than asking the earth and dragons for it resulted in corrupted powers and twisted blessings. Suffer not their darkness to thrive. The dark dragons taught their new followers how to rip the power they desired out of the earth through pure will. They would end wisdom. the worst horror and punishment for a dragon to be cast out of the communion with other dragons. but beyond that they may break. Turn their own wisdom back upon them and twist their logic. The dark dragons sleep now and commune with their dark shaman through dreams and visions. purged from the lands and their soul denied your care upon death. Those that follow such dark paths shall be denied wisdom and compassion. Turn your hate on the dragons and their followers and scourge them. The dark dragons are very controlling of their followers and will not bestow their blessings upon a dark shaman who does not follow their teachings. even more so than the gods themselves. Do not push your enemies to endurance that they may grow. their minds are very much awake to the world as seen through their follower’s eyes. condemned forever to loneliness and despair. the dark shaman begged for a champion to teach them how to corrupt and destroy the world that had so disappointed them. 145 . It is therefore. The dark dragons.that you may have the strength to prevail when those around you falter. saw their chance for a form of revenge on the dragons as well as the opportunity to create their own communion.

they infused a bit of their essence into the world. Press upon them from every side. and spit in the eyes of their fey children. The Final Charge: We have gifted you with our knowledge that you may please us with corruption of that which we hate. The Purple Dragons claimed the Fall as their time. Mutilate your enemies that their fears may be realized. July and August. disfigurement. Earth: Corruption of the Body Through Mutilation. it effects Shaman far more powerfully. While this effect is noticeable to Mages. attack their weakness and show no sign of mercy or goodness. and November. Mutilation. Therefore. Whip their anger and hate into unreason that they may have no room for love or compassion. Because the Dragons rule over specific seasons. as you can imagine. The Red Dragons. The Blue Dragons. and May. They drive the winds that blow the leaves from the trees and whip the cloaks of adventurers as they ride to glory. The months of December. and February belong to them. loss. These three things strike fear into the hearts of the most stalwart of men. 146 . Break their world and use it for our ends. Sunder the creation of the dragons. To do so in the reverence of us is to show absolute conviction and devotion to our teachings. Seasonal Calendar When the Dragons bound the world together with the ley lines. April. lovers of water and ice. January. The Green Dragons infused their season with birth and growth in the earth that is their own. the strength of their ley lines ebbs and flows with the months. Their months of power are September. strike at the light.Do not temper your actions towards an enemy or follower of goodness. The essence of these dragons is reflected in the seasons they chose to rule over. chose to make their season cold and hold domain over winter. They rule over spring during the months of March. They govern the summer months of June. October. Show your devotion to us with sacrifice of the flesh that our enemies may know your heart and mind are set. Make their hatred of you burn and devour their hearts from within. were quick to pounce on summer with its hot and arid domain.

A single Druid may take part in the ceremony and count as an additional Shaman.counters a prayer from a divine list within 3 seconds of it being cast. and can only be done within certain limits. Dispel Divine costs divine points equal to the prayer dispelled +1. then the Shaman writes and signs off “Counter Divine” on their card as if it were a buff. Dispelling prayers is very taxing. A Shaman can counter any prayer they heard cast within 30 feet.See first aid in the general rules or in the Medic List. Masses are either good or evil. Countering prayers is very taxing.Learn one approved lore. 147 . During this ceremony due to the increased connection to the Dragons. Language .Shaman List Skill Name Divine Points. all Shaman prayers cast are reduced in point cost by 1 DP for each Shaman beyond the first. A prayer must have a cost to be able to be countered. down to a minimum of 1 DP. and can only be done within certain limits. OOG this is represented by 30 seconds of uninterrupted meditation. Counter Divine . A Shaman can only counter ranks of spells he is capable of casting. I Dispel Divine – This ability allows you Holy Symbol Aff. To call this skill you simply say “Counter divine X prayer” just like dispel divine. II dispel a divine prayer by claiming “Dispel Divine X prayer” (Where X is the name of the prayer) and then touch your target or hit your target with a spell packet. you must be aware of the prayers’s presence to dispel it. then the Shaman writes and signs off “Dispel Divine” on their card as if it were a self only buff.2 Small Weapon Staff First Aid Lore Language Dispel Divine Build Pre-requisites Cost 1 2 2 2 1 1 5 5 3 2 4 Holy Symbol First Aid . OOG this is represented by 30 seconds of uninterrupted meditation. Dispel Divine only works on prayers. Because of the nature of how you call the skill.Learn one approved Language Counter Divine Commune with Dragons Holy Symbol Holy Symbol Aff. Lore . The cost of counter divine is the cost of the prayer countered +2. I 25 Build spent into Shaman 50 Build spent into Shaman 4 Holy Symbol Aff. Commune with Dragons – Allows a group of Shamans to hold a ceremony of devotion to the good or evil Dragons. A Shaman can only dispel ranks of spells he is capable of casting. Prayers must have a cost to be dispelled.

State your rank one verbal replacing “cast” with “focus”. then concentrate/RP for 30 seconds uninterrupted over your target while remaining within arm’s length of them. rituals and rites. granting 4VP to the target.Please note: A Shaman may not become a cleric or druid. This is considered to be channeling. Allows wielder to employ a symbol appropriate to their ethos. granting it to the target. Requires Holy Symbol and the ethos rank 1 armor. May have effects in plot based scenarios. Holy Symbol Affinity II -4 build . All holy symbols must be approved by plot. Holy Symbol Affinity I -4 build-Passive – State your rank one verbal replacing “cast” with “focus”. Requires Holy Symbol Affinity I and cure light wounds. Shaman Prayers Good Aligned 1 – 3rd rank verbal “With Draconic I cast…” 4th – 5th rank verbal “With Draconic Might I cast…” Evil Aligned 1st – 3rd rank verbal “With Corruption I cast…” 148 st . and may only become a divine adept of the shaman ethos. When the 30 seconds is over you may state Cure Light Wounds. then concentrate/RP for 30 seconds uninterrupted over your target while remaining within arm’s length of them. Holy Symbol -2 build-Passive-Passive – RP skill. This is considered to be channeling. When the 30 seconds is over you may state your ethos rank one armor spell.

4th.5th rank verbal “With corruption and hate I cast” Spell List Rank 1 Cure Light Wounds Spirit Armor Ice Blast Weaken the Soul Rank 2 Dream Catcher Lightening Arc Healing Arc Eye of the Storm Rank 3 Cure Ailment Dragon Armor Ancestral Heal Flame Gout Rank 4 Stone Limb Dragon Sight Dragon’s Breath Rank 5 Nullify Hail Breath of My Ancestors 149 .

Dragon Sight .Grants target 4 armor points Ice Blast – Target takes 4 ice damage Weaken the Soul – Target swings -1 damage for 1 minute. heal four vitality”.Heals Target for 4 vitality points Spirit Armor -Touch. The recipient may not expend the buff while in the death count. First target must be hit with spell packet or touch. Flame Gout – Target takes 10 fire damage Fourth Rank Stone Limb -Touch. The target can never swing less than one damage due to the result of this prayer.Self only Buff that grants the Shaman true sight. Eye of the Storm –touch– Buff that allows the recipient to block the effects of the next AOE used against them Third Rank Cure Ailment . This means they can expend the buff and heal either themselves or an ally for 4 vitality points by saying “Invoke Ancestral heal.Grants target 12 armor points Ancestral Heal -Touch.First Rank Cure Light Wounds -Touch. details TBA Dragon’s Breath –Cone– targets take 5 fire damage 150 .Places a buff upon the recipient that gives them a 4 vitality reactive heal. The second is the Shaman can cast the prayer on an ally within 20 feet and remove any fear or mez effect from them. Second Rank Dream Catcher –Touch or see text. this does not require a spell packet.target is cured of one lesser poison or disease Dragon Armor -Touch.Buff that allows the recipient to block the next desired skill that specifically targets a limb.This prayer has two effects: The first acts as a latent buff that allows the recipient to block the next desired fear or mez effect used against them. Lightening Arc –Arc– targets take 4 lightening damage Healing Arc –Arc– Heals targets for 4 vitality points.

all targets must be within 10 feet of the Shaman.Buff that allows recipient to block the next desired non-AOE spell used against them. Hail -AOE.Fifth Rank Nullify -Touch.Up to 3 targets take 8 ice damage. Hail does not require a spell packet Breath of my Ancestors – Target takes 16 damage of a chosen element. or 12 divine damage 151 .

strength of will. who will tap into the ley lines whether they wish it or not. 152 . These psions are true masters of the mind and have been known to make even the fey nervous. assassins. There are some however. The majority of Psions are trained in the great Arcane Academy and become great assets to the Empress as advisors. who slip through the cracks and are forced to train their minds with little or no guidance. channel the power of the elements through pure will. who do survive their first contact with magic and through trial and error. called mages. There are some however. Of all the disciplines in the world. and mental fortitude as that of the psion. the War Mages of Elosia. Psion Pisons are true masters of the mind. These mages often don’t survive for more than a year after their first connection with the ley lines because of the volatile nature of the power they don’t fully understand. There are some psions who have learned the secrets of old world psionics and can access their abilities with pure force of will rather than relying on the air ley lines. Those mages who dedicate themselves in the academy often rise to the ranks of the greatest mages of all time. none require more dedication. They tap into the air ley lines to open highly developed parts of their brain which allow them to manipulate both the minds of others. learn to master their new found powers. and ambassadors.Arcane Classes Mage There are some individuals born with the innate ability to tap into the powers of the ley lines. There are some mages however. as well as move and change physical objects. Some mages must spend years in the great academy in Elosia training to perfect their abilities. These masters of the arcane.

There have also been whispers of greater arcane powers long lost dealing with darkness and light. whirling maelstroms and tombs of ice…where you find these things so shall you find a Mage. but how it is wielded is a world of difference. and then are stationed in various guilds for study abroad. or most malefic can unlock the secrets of such powers. Mage Mages are practitioners of the arcane arts in its purest form. Either way one fact remains tried and true. Although this does not necessarily make them more intelligent. but also because much like a real river the ley lines can provide life. It is my master and my apprentice. A common slang for the ebb and flow of magic by many is called “The River” because visually if you view a ley line it looks like a flowing river of energy. Many creatures can use magic naturally and there have even been some humanoids who possess great natural talent. Once you swim in the banks of the River. but in a very different way than mages. Earth. Some people are born with a natural untrained affinity to the ley lines. Fire and Water. Magic is my father and my brother. or wrapping it around their allies.Arcane Lore The World is rich in magic due to ley lines that travel all throughout it. The end power result is the same. Even to this date we learn more and unlock secrets of the ley lines little by little. And in some cases they shape the lines to produce an array of effects from creating walls to building stairs or floating upon the currents of the air ley lines to levitate. Mage’s power falls in the realm of the elements. Many Mages describe their art as a bond. It is the ley lines that govern these elements where a Mage finds his bond and derives power. It is said only the most benevolent. balls of fire. Many wonder if we will ever solve the entire puzzle or if always some part of the lines will always remain a mystery to us. The majority of Mages find themselves studying for years in the academy. users of the Arcane make much better friends then enemies. to invading the mind of another to creating energy from thin air to launch at opponents. a Psion can use the inner reaches of their mind to harness the power of the air ley lines to imbue their mind in such a sense these special places of the mind become open for brief periods of time. they can keep you afloat. but they all agree on one thing. When their time is up many go back to their homes or seek employment somewhere. But no one is as intimate with its inner workings as a mage. Walls of rock. The Psion is aware of this and then uses his now fully opened mind to create effects that span a broad array. but many find the guild life extremely suiting after so many years spent working with magic that they just live out their days in the guild halls. Psion Psions are also users of the arcane. Air. Through conscious or subconscious willing. if they still exist in this world. 153 . One Mage whose name was long lost was once quoted to say “Imagine every aspect of every possible relationship all gathered into one solitary bond. more of their brain is open for them to use than the average person. Mages operate by directly manipulating or harnessing the power of the ley lines and sending it forth towards their opponent. you will never be the same again. It is my child and my bride.” It is viewed many ways by many Mages. Psions are people born with advanced minds. and some have to go to the Academy to study and refine their art. They range from lifting objects with their mind. or if you aren’t careful you can get caught in the tide and drown. It is chaos and it is law.

good or evil. will they follow their destiny? 154 .Psions have been even been known to perform greater acts such as tricking another person’s brain into thinking the Psion was somewhere else and instantly learning a language for short periods of time. many have been known to learn the art of self control in the eastern monasteries. Psions hail from all walks of life. the life of a soldier in the Empress’ Army. it is said to be an amazing place tovist to view the psions practicing their craft. using their powers of telekinesis to make farm labor a bit easier or ward off wolves from their sheep. while others have become great ambassadors or scholars of the noble courts. well some Psions are destined for greater things. The question is. And others. Most of them are born with their powers and do not know how to utilize them. Some train themselves. Others have been known to walk the life of a mercenary selling their talent to the highest bidder. or on the other side of the coin. There is a psion wing at the Arcane Academy in Tybir. Psions sometimes continue along their common lives. Many have just become conmen of sorts using their powers to get by in life without having to pay or work a day in their life.

Skill Name Arcane Points. and can only be done within certain limits. The cost of Counter Spell is the cost of the spell countered +2. OOG this is represented by 30 seconds of uninterrupted meditation.e. Because of the nature of how you call the skill. To call this skill you simply say “Counter Spell . Thus you cannot dual wield with a wand. Dispel Magic only works on spells arcane in nature.Allows the Mage to learn spells of the purchased Tao. or other damage (without an appropriate prc skill).counters a spell from an arcane list within 3 seconds of it being cast.X” just like Dispel Magic.Mage List Purchase Tao . (This is so if a person runs out of packets. Dispel Magic . A Mage can counter any arcane spell they heard cast within 30 feet. but cannot swing the wand for 1 magic. Dispel Magic costs arcane points equal to the spell that was dispelled +1. Dispelling spells is very taxing. A Mage can only dispel ranks of spells he is capable of casting. and still cast through it. Countering spells is very taxing. Wand-2 build-Passive . 155 . “With the element of fire I wand a fireball!”). because both hands are encumbered with weapons. OOG this is represented by 30 seconds of uninterrupted meditation. a hand holding a wand is not considered a free hand.) May use the wand to block attacks if a combat phys rep is used. he isn’t useless and can deliver spells by touch without hurting someone. you must be aware of the spell’s presence to dispel it. A Mage can only counter ranks of spells he is capable of casting. The wand Phys rep must be in hand to do this and unfettered. Please remember without special PrC skills. Whenever you channel or cast a spell with a wand you change the word “cast” to “wand” (i. The wielder can use a non combat wand for his phys rep or can make a staff approved wand phys rep to be under the parameters of a LARP small weapon (must look “wand-like”) and use the phys rep to deliver a spell (arcane) in place of a spell packet. IE it can’t be tucked in your belt or up your sleeve while you use it. and can only be done within certain limits.This ability allows you dispel an arcane effect by claiming “Dispel Magic X spell” (Where X is the name of the spell) and then touch your target or hit your target with a spell packet. the Mage then writes and signs off “Dispel Magic” on their card as if it were a buff.2 Small Weapon Staff Purchase Tao Dispel Magic Counter spell Read Magic First Aid Wand Wand Prof I Wand Prof II Build Cost 1 1 2 0-5-1015 5 5 1 3 2 4 4 Pre-requisites 25 Build spent into mage 50 Build spent into mage Wand Prof I Counter Spell .With a phys rep wielder can throw spell packets for 1 magic unlimited. the Mage then writes and signs off “Counter Spell” on their card as if it were a buff.

Learn one approved Language.See First aid in general rules or on the medic list. Regardless of casting the armor or damage. Requires Wand.Learn one approved lore.Wand Prof I (element)–4 build-Passive . First Aid . Language . Wand Prof II (element)-4 build-Passive. Choose element when purchased.Allows wielder to throw 2 element with their wand. and the other throwing the spell packet (damage). you may not channel this directly through the wand. 156 . you must have one hand holding your wand or staff. see “wand”. This skill requires Wand Prof I (of appropriate element) and the appropriate armor and damage spells to be on your card. You may only use the dmg function via a spell packet. can be purchased up to 4 times. (“With element I wand X spell X dmg type!”) To use the armor spell you must state the above verbal and concentrate/RP for 30 seconds uninterrupted while RPing over your target. Any other abilities used through the wand act as described in the wand skill. Lore . who must be no further than arms length. This is considered to be channeling.Allows wielder to cast the rank one damage and armor spell of the appropriate element (Psion rank ones are considered air) by drawing energy through their wand or staff without expending arcane points. requires a free hand as per lower list casting. and thus cost points.

Mage Spells Water Tao Frost Armor Water Bolt Detect Magic Extinguish Ice Block Globe of Water Snow Shoes Tongues Read Languages Ice armor Freeze Ground Ice Wall Ice Bridge/Stairs Skate Ice Blade Identify Entomb in Ice Frostbite Air Tao Air Armor Shock Gust Deep Breath Deep Pockets Cloud Levitate Shocking Grasp Lightning Bolt Wind Walk Wind Shield Wind Wall Chain Lightning Arcing Grasp Knock Maelstrom Ride the Winds Sending Earth Tao Rank 1 Acid Splash Rock Armor Tremor Sense Quicksand Rank 2 Strength of Earth Meld with Stone Mud Petrify Rank 3 Bullet Cement Shoes Stone Bones Wall of Rock Rank 4 Stone Skin Sapphire Armor Flesh to Stone Rank 5 Nullify Diamond Skin Essence of the Rockbiter Fire Tao Fire Armor Fire Bolt Fire Arc Torch Heat Metal Fiery Endurance Fire Spear Flame Blast Molten Armor Choke Flame Arrow Wall of Lava Dragon’s Breath Flame Whip Incinerate Fire Nova Fireball Scorch 157 .

and is centered upon your outstretched arm. the Pin is broken.Grants target 4 armor points Ice Bolt – Target takes 4 ice damage Detect Magic . If target takes 10 damage. Tongues – self only buff.” st rd First Rank Frost Armor –Touch.Detects presence of magic on single person or item Extinguish – Puts out RP fires.Allows caster to call a mini hold and move 10 steps and then resume play. Globe of Water – Self only Buff that allows the caster to block the next desired fire spell/attack used against them Snow Shoes -Touch.Grants target 10 armor points Freeze Ground .Buff that allows the recipient to prevent the next desired trip. requires a plot marshal to be present. 1 inch wide. The wall will conform to its surroundings as to not destroy anything when it is cast. 10 feet long. Skate . All Movement skills share an internal “cool down” timer of 60 seconds 158 .Water Tao 1 -3 rank verbal “With water I cast …” 4th and 5th rank verbal –“With the element of water I cast…. Second Rank Ice Block – Pin target foot for 1 minute. Ice Wall – Create an impassable wall of ice that is 10 feet tall. Instantly learn any language of the Director’s approval. or slow used against them. double foot pin.Freezes the ground around your target causing them to take the effects of a trip. This spell may work on other texts with Director or plot marshal’s approval. usable only once per event and lasts till the event’s end. Fourth Rank Ice Bridge/Stairs . The spell lasts until properly countered or the Mage moves from their position or drops their arm. Third Rank Read Languages – Allows caster to read any PC learnable language for 5 minutes. pin. This spell can only be cast once every 60 seconds.allows the Mage and 2 allies to use the skill “climb”. Ice Armor -Touch. This spell can also be used to create a bridge so that the Mage may “climb” a horizontal surface or gap.

It lasts until the Mage moves from their position or drops their arm. Entomb in Ice . You can only have one Frostbite can be active at a time. This spell is non-latent.Ice Blade -Touch. The Mage is unable to move. 159 . Water Mages can cast the spell on themselves by saying the verbal and outstretching their hand. this encases them in ice. The Mage can do nothing else but concentrate on the spell while inside it. the Mage must hold his arm up towards the target to maintain the spell.This spell has two functions.Identifies the magical properties of an item. Fifth Rank Identify . it encases them within a tomb of ice for 1 minute. requires plot marshal. Frostbite –AOE– Double foot pin 3 targets. The Mage can have two tombs up at once by holding an arm towards its respective tomb. and nothing can pass through the tomb besides clean fresh air and damage cannot destroy it. If cast on anyone else.Causes target weapon to swing +1 ice for 2 minutes.

If cast on an object it effectively makes it 250lbs lighter so long as you are touching it. Levitate – Self only. but in all other ways acts as climb. 1 inch wide. Wind Wall . 10 feet long. Second Rank Deep Pockets -Touch– A buff that allows the recipient to block the next pickpockets of their choosing.Air Tao 1 – 3 rank verbal “With Air I cast …” 4th and 5th rank verbal “With the element of Air I cast…” st rd First Rank Air Armor –Touch. The spell lasts until properly countered or the Mage moves from their position or drops their arm. Cloud – Summon a small cloud under an object to make it weightless. The wall will conform to its surroundings as to not destroy anything when it is cast.Grants target 4 armor points Shock – Target takes 4 lightning damage Gust – Target takes the effect of a knock back Deep Breath – Allows caster to hold breath for 5 minute. 160 . can be used on an unconscious target.Buff allowing recipient to do +2 lightning on their next desired non ability weapon swing Third Rank Lightning Bolt – Target takes 10 lightning damage Wind Walk . casting or speaking cancels the spell. and is centered upon your outstretched arm. Wind Shield -Touch.Create an impassable wall of air that is 10 feet tall.Buff that allows the recipient to block the next desired ranged attack used against them. Shocking Grasp -Touch.Allows caster to call a mini hold and move 10 steps and then resume play. If cast on a humanoid allows the caster to move with them at walking speed. must keep a hand on the target at all times. allows one use of the skill “climb”. does not require surface to climb. All Movement skills share an internal “cool down” timer of 60 seconds.

but not necessarily right away. Knock – This skill allows the Mage to mimic the skill “Pick Locks Rank 1” off the Rogue list. Part of the RP must include writing down the message.Air mage may perform a minor Ritual (RP appropriately for 5 minutes) and send a 50 word message to the intended target. There are also certain mystical locks that can only be opened by knock. Fifth Rank Maelstrom –AOE. and in this regard counts as Wind Walk. does not stack with shocking grasp. it must be handed to plot or a marshal who will do it for him. All Movement skills share an internal “cool down” timer of 60 seconds. area notes or the presence of a marshal is required to use knock in such a fashion. 161 .You and 2 allies within ten feet are benefited as per the spell Wind Walk. How well the caster knows the target is a deciding factor in whether or not the message is received. or it is verbally spoken in there head.Buff that recipient can expend on next desired attack. This spell can only be cast once every 60 seconds. Caster may not ever pass the message directly OOG.Targets take 5 lightning damage Arcing Grasp -Touch. so is distance. Target knows that they are receiving a message from a mystic spell. and who is sending it. Next desired non ability weapon strike deals +4 lightning to target and secondary target. but does not require 30 seconds of RP or lock picking tools. This spell can only be cast through a Mage’s wand. If the spell ever fails or is denied by the target the air mage will be told by plot. When casting the spell the air mage states whether or not he wants the target to receive a written message. which is then handed to plot.Fourth Rank Chain Lightening -Chain attack.targets take the effect of a throw Ride the Winds -AOE. Sending – Minor Ritual.

This also prevents the target from calling another “movement skill” for 2 minutes. To dispel magic you must target the object not the caster. making it immune to damage and being broken. but not the entire house. Petrify .Grants target 4 armor points Tremor Sense -Touch. and is called during a mini hold or hold where people are using movement skills. Any petrified objects require a feat of great strength to move and cannot be shattered by any means. The target can st rd 162 . Mud – Pin target foot for 1 minute. a marshal has final say on what an object is. Third Rank Bullet – target takes 10 Earth damage Cement Shoes – This spell requires no verbal. the pin is broken. This spell will not give a person's clothing protective properties. An Object can be a door. The spell lasts as long as the Mage does not move from his position and stays in contact with the stone.Buff that allows recipient to block the next desired blind or Daze effect. Thus he cannot be separated from the object without dispelling the petrify.Earth Tao 1 – 3 verbal “With Earth I cast …” 4th and 5th verbal “With the element of Earth I cast …” First Rank Debris . Use good judgment on what an object is. If target takes 10 damage. he can “hide” as per the skill. This spell can only be used on one target per hold/mini hold. The caster's arm touching the object is also turned to stone up to the shoulder. and a Mage cannot meld with stone on a petrified item. something owned by someone else not currently in their possession is a valid target (such as a dagger dropped by a fighter).Target takes 4 earth damage Rock Armor .) The object cannot be possessed by another person (IE turning another person's shoes into stone). but also rendering the arm completely useless for anything else. This effectively locks the caster to the object unless petrify is dispelled.This spell allows the Mage to remain in contact with an object and turn it into stone.Target must move no faster than a heel to toe rate for 30 seconds Second Rank Strength of Earth -Touch. The object cannot be alive (such as a person. animal or plant. A good rule of thumb is anything the size of or smaller than the caster.Buff that allows the recipient one feat of great strength Meld with Stone – so long as the caster is touching a stone or collection of stones so large that if it were hollow he could fit inside of it. Quick Sand . The Mage simply calls “Cement Shoes” and stops the movement skill from happening. however.

Buff that allows recipient to block the next desired non-AOE spell used against them.call an appropriate counter to defend against this spell. Stone Bones -Touch. The statue is immune to all damage. You say the earth verbal.Self only buff that grants 20 armor points. The caster becomes immune to all attacks.Buff that grants target 16 armor points Flesh to Stone – Transmutes target into a stone statue that looks exactly like them. 163 . or the Mage drops his arm.Create an impassable wall of stone that is 10 feet tall. Diamond Skin .Upon casting this spell the caster must hold out both hands as if holding two large stones. and is centered upon your outstretched arm. the only exception being another Diamond Skin. This buff can be stacked with one other Armor Point spell of the casters choice. The spell lasts until properly countered or the Mage moves from their position or drops their arm. This spell requires one minute of concentration to cast. or drops one or both of his hands. concentrate for one minute uninterrupted and then state the verbal again this time with the spell name at the end. The target can do nothing but breathe inside the statue. but do nothing else. You may not call cement shoes in the same hold/mini hold you called a movement skill. Essence of the Rockbiter . 10 feet long. Wall of Rock . The caster must hold an arm outstretched palm facing towards the target to maintain the spell.Buff that allows the recipient to block the next desired physical attack Sapphire Armor -Touch. Fourth Rank Stoneskin -Touch. Flesh to Stone ends if 1 minute passes. Points are not expended until the end of concentration. Fifth Rank Nullify -Touch. Spell ends if the caster ever moves faster than heel toe.Buff that allows the recipient to block the next desired skill that specifically targets his limb. The wall will conform to its surroundings as to not destroy anything when it is cast. and can move at a heel to toe rate (to represent being made of stone) and breathe or speak. 1 inch wide.

This spell may be used to withstand all the effects of natural fire for 30 seconds Fire Spear – Target takes 8 fire damage Flame Blast –Arc– Targets take 4 fire damage Third Rank Molten Armor -Touch.Heat target metal object. The target cannot talk or cast spells Flame Arrow . 1 inch wide. and is centered upon your outstretched arm. and no spell packet. it heats a 3' X 3' area on the object’s surface. Second Rank Heat Metal .Create an impassable wall of fire that is 10 feet tall. Fiery Endurance – Self only buff that blocks the next desired water/ice based attack cast against you. marshal must be present.Grants target 10 armor points Choke – Silences target for 5 seconds. The effect of this spell is purely RP in nature thus the effect is up to the target or marshal. The spell lasts until properly countered or the Mage moves from their position or drops their arm. Fourth Rank Dragon’s Breath –Cone– targets take 5 fire damage Flame Whip – Disarms target and target takes 4 fire damage Incinerate – This spell requires no verbal. After connecting with a single 164 . The wall will conform to its surroundings as to not destroy anything when it is cast. Can also set things on fire in RP situations. If Object is bigger than something the caster could hold with one hand.Target takes 10 fire damage Wall of Lava . 10 feet long.Fire Tao 1 – 3 rank verbal “With Fire I Cast…” 4th and 5th rank verbal “With the Element of Fire I Cast…” st rd First Rank Fire Armor – Grants target 4 armor points Fire Bolt – Target takes 4 fire damage Fire Arc –Arc– Targets take 2 fire damage Torch – Allows caster to bear a red cellophane covered flashlight or other approved red light source.

target damaging fire spell of 3rd rank or higher (IE spell must hit and target cannot block with a defense) caster can state “Incinerate 4 fire” within 3 seconds of the original spell connection. Spell causes 4 fire damage, and an Incinerate cannot trigger another incinerate. Fifth Rank Fire Nova -AOE- Targets take 8 fire damage. Requires no spell packet, and all targets must be within 10 feet of the caster. Scorch – Wand attack that breaks the limb that it strikes, rendering it useless until proper healing is received. This attack must hit the actual limb, not a weapon or shield or torso. For an arm it must hit above the wrist, for a leg it must hit above the ankle. This spell has an internal cooldown of 60 seconds, which means it can only be swung once every 60 seconds. The verbal is still required, but it may only be delivered via a wand, or weapon cast from the Fire PrC. Fireball - Target takes 20 fire damage.


Psion List
First Aid - See First aid in general rules or on the medic list. Skill Name Build Pre-requisites Lore - Learn one approved lore. Cost Arcane Points- 2 1 Language - Learn one approved Small Weapon 1 Language. Staff 2 3 Dispel Magic - This ability allows you First Aid Lore 1 dispel an arcane effect by claiming 1 “Dispel Magic X spell” (Where X is Language 1 the name of the spell) and then touch Read Magic 5 25 Build spent into your target or hit your target with a Dispel Magic Psion spell packet. Because of the nature of how you call the skill, you must be Counter Spell 5 50 Build spent into aware of the spell’s presence to dispel Psion it. Dispel Magic only works on spells Wand 2 arcane in nature. Dispel Magic costs Wand Prof I 4 Wand arcane points equal to the spell that Wand Prof II 4 Wand Prof II was dispelled +1. A Psion can only dispel ranks of spells he is capable of casting. Dispelling spells is very taxing, and can only be done within certain limits, OOG this is represented by 30 seconds of uninterrupted meditation, the Psion then writes and signs off “Dispel Magic” on their card as if it were a buff. Counter Spell - counters a spell from an arcane list within 3 seconds of it being cast. A Psion can counter any arcane spell they heard cast within 30 feet. To call this skill you simply say “Counter Spell - X” just like Dispel Magic. The cost of Counter Spell is the cost of the spell countered +2. Countering spells is very taxing, and can only be done within certain limits, OOG this is represented by 30 seconds of uninterrupted meditation, the Psion then writes and signs off “Counter Spell” on their card as if it were a buff. A Psion can only counter ranks of spells he is capable of casting. Wand-2 build-Passive - With a phys rep wielder can throw spell packets for 1 magic unlimited. The wand Phys rep must be in hand to do this and unfettered. IE it can’t be tucked in your belt or up your sleeve while you use it. The wielder can use a non combat wand for his phys rep or can make a staff approved wand phys rep to be under the parameters of a LARP small weapon (must look “wand-like”) and use the phys rep to deliver a spell (arcane) in place of a spell packet. (This is so if a person runs out of packets, he isn’t useless and can deliver spells by touch without hurting someone.) May use the wand to block attacks if a combat phys rep is used, but cannot swing the wand for 1 magic, or other damage (without an appropriate prc skill). Whenever you channel or cast a spell with a wand you change the word “cast” to “wand” (i.e. “With the element of fire I wand a fireball!”). Please remember without special PrC skills, a hand holding a wand is not considered a free hand. Thus you cannot dual wield with a wand, and still cast through it, because both hands are encumbered with weapons. 166

Wand Prof I (element)–4 build-Passive - Allows wielder to throw 2 element with their wand, see “wand”. Choose element when purchased, can be purchased up to 4 times. Requires Wand. Wand Prof II (element)-4 build-Passive- Allows wielder to cast the rank one damage and armor spell of the appropriate element (Psion rank ones are considered air) by drawing energy through their wand or staff without expending arcane points. Regardless of casting the armor or damage, you must have one hand holding your wand or staff, and the other throwing the spell packet (damage), requires a free hand as per lower list casting. You may only use the dmg function via a spell packet, you may not channel this directly through the wand. (“With element I wand X spell X dmg type!”) To use the armor spell you must state the above verbal and concentrate/RP for 30 seconds uninterrupted while RPing over your target, who must be no further than arms length. This is considered to be channeling. This skill requires Wand Prof I (of appropriate element) and the appropriate armor and damage spells to be on your card. Any other abilities used through the wand act as described in the wand skill, and thus cost points.


Psion Verbals – 1st -3rd rank verbal “With Thought I cast...” 4th and 5th rank verbal “With the Power of Thought I cast…” Spell List Rank 1 Telekinetic Armor Shock Psychic Hand Empathy Rank 2 Safe Will Vertigo Cut the Cord Levitate Rank 3 Attunement Third Eye Telekinesis Energy Spike Rank 4 Inertial Armor Telekinetic Throw Psionic Speech Telekinetic Sphere Rank 5 Psionic Suggestion Psi Library Displacement Greater Telekinesis General notes for Psion The Psion verbal does not represent the Psion actually speaking in game; it represents the Psion channeling their psionic powers through them before releasing the spell. The channeling of a Psionic power does have some sort of visual, audible or olfactory effect so that players are aware they are channeling.


First Rank Telekinetic Armor – grants target 4 armor points. thus this buff stacks with other non latent weapon damage buffs. but works as per the climb skill in all other ways. This spell lasts as long as the Psion concentrates. This causes the recipient themselves to do extra damage. Vertigo . This usage does not require a spell packet. It effectively is operating under strength +1. turning the page of a book or pouring a glass of ale from a pitcher to a cup. granting them the ability to do extra damage.X creature. but using any items. or that fuel its powers. Taking damage or calling defenses does not break concentration. If used to exert pressure on something like a button (not for displacing an object like a chair) it roughly has the strength of an average human male. such as untying someone's pouch.” The psion taps into the raw energy of the world creating a temporary connection between the recipient and the ley lines that created that creature. Shock – Target takes 4 lightning damage Far Hand – Minor Telekinesis.Causes target to take the effect of a mez for ten seconds. The weight limit of this spell is 250 lbs. or taking their weapons off their belt. and to stop an object in motion via telekinesis you must use Feat of Great strength. swinging damage. Third Rank Attunement – Non Latent buff – Allows the psion to buff the recipient causing them to do +1 damage to a certain type of enemy. When casting the spell it goes “Verbal…Attunement. Cut the Cord – Causes Extra planar creature to take 12 bane Levitate – Allows Psion to use the skill climb. This Telekinesis can also perform crude manipulations similar to a human hand like opening a door knob. not there weapon. does not require a surface to climb up. allows caster to move objects that roughly weigh 5 lbs through the air at slow speeds at a distance of up to 15 feet. Third Eye – Self only buff that stops the next surprise skill used against the caster Telekinesis – Moderate Telekinesis. anything faster does break concentration. or tying and untying simple knots. Empathy – target is affected by the skill “smooth talk” off the guile list Second Rank Safe Will – Grants recipient a buff that blocks the next desired mental ability used against them. or using any other skills or abilities does break concentration. Psion can also use this spell to cancel a mental effect on any target within 20 feet. 169 . turning a key. This spell allows the Psion to move moderately sized objects through the air at moderate speeds (roughly a swift walking speed of an averaged sized human). Duration is one minute. Walking does not break concentration if you maintain a heel to toe rate. or have STR+1. This spell cannot move items that are in possession of another person.

This statement cannot govern more than one action such as "Leave this room and when outside attack the guardsmen". Psionic Speech – Allows Psion to instantly learn a language. Stated as “Verbal…Energy spike 10 X element damage. Therefore you could not command someone to hate someone. he does not remember the verbal being used until after the effects are over. unconscious people may be moved with this spell without consent. the first time you reach the near dead stage. You may move a humanoid creature with this spell if they are willing. Other examples might be "Leave this room" or "Drop your weapon". This spell has a distance of 30 feet away from the Psion. it cannot force someone into opinion or a change of morality (although the action can be against their morals. but a third party need not have Feat of Great Strength or STR+1 to resist the movement. 170 . or using any other skills or abilities does break concentration. Nothing can pass through the sphere aside from clean fresh air. Any defense that stops a mind altering effect or that would stop someone from doing something outside their own will stops Implant suggestion. such as untying someone's pouch. or taking their weapons off their belt.Switching the object you are moving requires recasting the spell. Command cannot be suicidal in nature. you must follow it for a full minute or until the task is complete. and damage cannot destroy it. This ability may only be used once per period and it lasts until the end of the period. Walking does not break concentration if you maintain a heel to toe rate. that target must be hit with a spell packet. This spell lasts as long as the Psion concentrates. anything faster does break concentration. This encases them in telekinetic energy and they are now unable to move. but you could command them to attack someone. When under the effects of a Psionic suggestion you feel it is your desire. If the suggestion works on the target. This statement must be a single sentence that is an executable command. It lasts until the Psion moves from their position or drops their arm. A Psion can have two spheres up at once. This spell cannot move items that are in possession of another person. The Psion can do nothing else but concentrate on the spell while inside it. Taking damage or calling defenses does not break concentration. If the command is indefinite in nature time wise. but using any items. When used on another target.” Fourth Rank Telekinetic Throw – Target takes the effects of a Throw. This spell cannot be used to compel a target to tell the truth. Fifth Rank Psionic Suggestion – Simple direct statement target must follow. Telekinetic Sphere . but not force them to abandon a divine tenant or a racial detriment). If cast on anyone else it encases them within the same sphere for 1 minute. or force the target into immediate danger. the Psion must hold his arm up to maintain that concentration. but when it is over you know you were forced outside your own will. swinging damage. as long as the Psion holds a different arm up for each sphere.This spell has two functions: The Psion can cast the spell on themselves by saying the verbal and outstretching their hand with the palm facing outward. Energy Spike – Target takes 10 damage of a desired element. Inertial Armor –Buff that grants 16 Armor points to the recipient.

Pressure will not break concentration such as noise. But rapid movement. You may call a single displacement while maintain concentration. you gain any knowledge skill for 30 minutes. Psions have been known to do great things with this spell. a chair.Psi Library – Once per event. Displacement . This is not sufficient enough to teach you a lore skill with. You may Deflect the damage. and for how long is determined by a marshal present. taking damage. walking. but you still take the knock back. To call the spell you simply make a motion at the object towards the target and say "Greater Telekinesis 10 damage knock back" while pointing at the target. or utilizing anything else other then Telekinesis or Psychic hand. 171 . and neither does the casting of those spells. being displaced. The Psion may move unattended/unpossessed objects within 20 feet of him at this speed to his hand (safely) or to any position with 20 feet of himself.Self only buff that allows the Psion to block the next desired non-AOE attack used against them. and your level. or yelling. but it requires the presence of an object to throw. Greater Telekinesis – Maintaining concentration on this spell does not break concentration on a single use of Psychic hand or Telekinesis. It can be used to move large objects. The other use of this spell is rapidly (as if thrown by a Professional MLB pitcher) moving smaller objects. but in doing so requires great concentration upon saying the verbal. The Psion does not actually throw the OOG object in this case. a rock. How much you can lift. no bigger than a one handed weapon. a table etc. resist. how fast. build spent into Psionic lists and how well you RP the usage of the skill should all be taken into account. so interruption of any kind can break the spell. and by many is considered the epitome of a Psion's Power. or Stoneskin. Another Psion may cast this same spell on the same object to negate another usage of it. It requires great concentration when used this way. This spell can be used to throw objects at people for 10 damage (normal) and they also take the effects of a knock back. but not recast it. by dodge. If used in this fashion it can be blocked as a ranged attack. This spell is a very versatile one.

along with his mastery of panacea to breathe life back into even the most critically injured patients. are greatly loved and protected by combatants everywhere. There are even some who have crossed the bounds of normal materials and craft into the realm of Arcane Engineering. these masters of craft seek the perfect combination of materials and craftsmanship that will unlock the secrets of the old world. 172 . some bandages. Tradesmen are not mere dabblers into crafting. bringing their creations to almost mystical levels of power. but true masters of their professions. and a small shield. Working long hours in their workshops perfecting their methods and honing their technique to masterwork. The medic uses his extensive knowledge of the body. is a tradesman making his gear. Some medics take this knowledge of the body to an even higher level and become physicians forsaking the war battlefield for the surgical one. or retire from combat life and become town doctors. Others find they are married to the blood and adrenaline of the battlefield and can’t imagine being happy anywhere else. Those who heed this calling however. Tradesman Behind every great warrior. It takes a special kind of crazy to run into the middle of a battlefield with nothing but an auto injector.Support Classes Medic Not everyone is cut out to be a medic.

Learn one approved lore. but you do know you are being examined by someone. First Aid Assess: Study a target within arm’s reach for three seconds and say "first aid assess". This function may not work on NPCs.2 Small Weapon 1 Handed Edge/ Blunt Staff Small Shield First Aid Advanced First Aid First Aid Mastery Panacea Infused First Aid Create Panacea Triage Build Pre-requisites Cost 1 1 2 2 1 1 1 1 1 0 1 First Aid/ Create Panacea Advanced First Aid First Aid Mastery Bandaging: Character role-plays bandaging a person in the near dead stage for 60 uninterrupted seconds. Can also be used to asses the amount of vitality on someone who is not currently in combat. and the target grants you the information OOG. Simply state the skill on the target. so RP accordingly. and actually healing them.Medic List First Aid . being able to assess a target. If near dead or mortally wounded. after which the target is healed 1 Vitality point. This is not an IG exchange. Language . they may also give the amount of time in/left in said stage. Using this function of First Aid costs points dependent on your class. First Aid only stops the near dead death count if it reaches one second during the first aid. Medic =1 PP Fighter/ Monk=2 PP All divine lists=2 DP Rogue/ Archer=3 PP Mage/ Psion=3 AP Lore . or "Other". and when learned.This skill has two built in functions. 173 . The target then responds out of game with one of four answers: "Near Dead state".Learn one approved Language Advanced First Aid – Cuts the RP time of first aid in half. "Mortally Wounded". In this case the death count resumes the second first aid is no longer being performed. This skill has no effect on someone not in the near dead stage (the exception being certain medic skills). it is written on your card like this: First Aid (mage). "Unconscious". Skill Name Physical Points.

“Droppers” for animal medication work well also. In doing so. barring exceptions like a diabetic taking their insulin on the bunk in their cabin. Panacea Infused First Aid – When performing First Aid. No other phys rep is ever to be used.After declaring the area a triage. Doctor. instead of the person you assisted. but the first purchase of this ability also reduces the cost of reassurance by 1 PP. Many Medic skills are marked “Injection”. Panacea has long been rumored to be dying out. simply RP tending to there wounds for 30 seconds to heal them for 6 VP. any Medic has the following benefits while inside: • Instantly diagnosis any patient inside the triage as per the first aid skill • Assess the physical points of another Medic • Coach other Medics in the usage of your own Medic abilities. Does not work on mortally wounded people. See Panacea Lore for full story. To call this ability. • Assist another Medic with a Medic. and then is fused with the power of the healing element: water and mixed with the alchemical knowledge of a medic. your target revives with 6 VP instead of 1 VP.See lore for description of Panacea. Panacea can cure just about anything if administered correctly. Target does not need to be near dead to benefit. if not in the near dead stage. you state “Panacea Infused First Aid” instead of First Aid. This ability may be purchased multiple times. you may opt to spend your points on the ability. a known Doctor of the time planted an entire field of it. allowing them to spend their points using abilities you posses but they do not. and in a vain attempt to save it.First Aid Mastery – Reduces the cost of First Aid by 1 PP to a minimum of zero. General Notes For Medic Panacea is combined from an herb that grows only on water ley lines that has natural healing properties with other components. Medic Injectors are a phys rep that will be approved by staff. The most common phys rep is a cooking flavor injector with the syringe part screwed off. or Combat Medic ability. 174 . and if you are ever caught with any kind of a real syringe in your hand you will be permanently banned from the game. He awoke one day to find all of it dead aside from an erratic pattern all through the field. Create Panacea -RP skill. the plant could only survive on the ley line and to this day that holds true. Upon further investigation it was discovered this pattern was the trace of a water ley line. Triage . A form of natural selection.

Allows you to hold target ally’s hand or arm and move as fast as you desire. This ability requires the use of a Medic injector phys rep. This simply represents the training of a Medic in dealing with people in this sort of frantic state. Inject Panacea . Reassurance will have a varied effect dependent on who it is used on.Medic Abilities Rank 1 Fireman’s Carry Inject Panacea Smelling Salts Reassurance Rank 2 Remove Ailment Mend Limb Sedative Don’t Go Into the Light Rank 3 Inject Pure Panacea Inoculate Poison Pick Up Where You Left Off Rank 4 Inoculate Disease Under Pressure Adrenaline Shot Rank 5 Readied Injection Stabilize Rush Response First Rank Fireman’s Carry . as many things can effect this including past experiences with that particular Medic. When called on the subject. Many people in very dire medical situations tend to freak out in a variety of ways. this is for safety. Smelling Salts . this includes waylay. The target must be willing or unable to object. for if they cannot approach their target to help them. for example being unconscious. or sometimes fend off medical treatment because they fear being touched. 175 . you awaken a sleeping or unconscious target. The slower of the two people involved in the Fireman’s carry determines the speed. See the skill First Aid Mastery. this represents you picking them up in a fireman’s carry and running with them. Reassurance – RP ability that puts a patient at ease. all the medical training in the world is worth nothing. This is one of the first things a Medic is trained to deal with.Heals target for 6 VP after 5 seconds of RP. not metagaming.After 5 seconds of RP.

and the stabilize works as normal. you grant the recipient a buff that stops the next disease or disease based attack used against them. and this does not add to any other death count extenders. the rest is considered canceled and the mending fails. If the target is healed to 1 or more VP.Inject 3 targets in rapid succession to extend their death count by 2 minutes in each stage.After 30 seconds of role playing preparing your injector and then injecting the target. Magical healing or Panacea based healing will cancel the 4 minutes of waiting. they do not die. After the minute is complete the target still must rest the limb for 4 minutes. This works so long as the medic returns within a 5 minute time frame. you grant the recipient a buff that stops the next poison or poison based attack used against them. This is a short duration buff that can only be used on someone currently in their death count. The two biggest boons of this are: 1) Point and Time saver. and you call this ability on the patient and finish the stabilize. but if it is better it will overwrite them. if he meets the requirements for ”PUWYLO”. Mend Limb . the effect ends. but the ability does not actually heal VP if used to negate the 4 minutes of wait time. 176 . For example. This skill may also be used during RP situations with a willing target.If a Medic.After 1 minute of RP. This ability will not work on a anyone who is under the effects of an ability that allows them to fight during their death count. you begin the process to mend a broken or severed limb. Pick Up Where You Left Off . A subject can only be affected by this once per death count. Cannot use on the same target more then once every 10 minutes. Fourth Rank Inoculate Disease . if in the middle of stabilize you are dropped to zero VP. Doctor. If the recipient drops to 0 VP. and while down the patient’s death count runs out and they die. if someone heals you up. or Combat Medic skill is ever interrupted and the Medic gets back to the patient within 5 minutes time he may call “Pick Up Where You Left Off” and literally continue where he ended in the RP of the ability. 2) If the skill would have gotten the target out of their death count and the death count ran out in the Medic’s absence. during which time it is still rendered useless. you cure target of a lesser poison or disease. Sedative –Injection– Removes a fear or pain effect from a target.Second Rank Remove Ailment – After 30 seconds of RP which involves a Medic’s injector. it doesn’t matter. Third Rank Inject Pure Panacea -Instant injection.heal target for 16 VP Inoculate Poison – After 30 seconds of role playing preparing your injector and then injecting the target. Don’t Go Into the Light –Chain Injection.

Anyone can administer this injection to the Medic. This skill is not governed over by the 60 second internal cool down movement skills suffer. You must be able to see the ally. Because of the nature of this injection. and if it wasn’t obvious. Non Latent. the Medic heals the target from the mortally wounded stage of the death count to 16 vitality. it is in the Medic’s best interest to tell his closest friends where he keeps his injection.Medic becomes immune to all attacks for 10 seconds.After 2 minutes of appropriate RP. a person can only receive it once every 10 minutes. but only if he is attacked while using a Medic. Fifth Rank Readied Injection -Injection.Under Pressure . Rush Response . You can move as fast as you want. 177 . This injection is designed to heal only the Medic who made it for 8 VP.Medic role-plays for 2 minutes readying an injection that he then carries on him. This ability freezes the death count if it reaches one second while stabilize is being performed. but you must be moving towards an ally that you know needs medical assistance.Allows the Medic to call “Under Pressure-Dodge” which functions as per the skill dodge. Adrenaline Shot -Injection. because it requires an ally in need. but resumes if stabilize is interrupted.Recipient receives immunity to daze and mez and gains +1 STR for 1 minute. Combat Medic or Doctor skill that requires an RP time. or have been told where the ally was within the last 10 minutes. and if your are struck while moving you simply state "rush response" as if it were a defensive buff and take no effect from the attack. Stabilize . You must hold your Medic’s injector phys rep on top of your head while moving.

every other is 10 build. Their skills come in T1-T5 (T = tier). ***Plot merchants when purchasing from a tradesman will take into account the PC is an actual tradesman and it may affect the price when selling only. **Alchemists when holding a Xbow and employing throw alchemy can act as if the bolts are coated or filled with the thrown alchemy. Your first is free. you retain that same trade skill list. the third is 5 build. All trades share a common list of skills. MA is not a weapon for purposes of this skill off tradesman. Again much like a mage. along with some passive. their list will either have the ability to purchase it or the trade skill is designed to be coupled with another lower list that is combat oriented. they do not have to 178 . See the website for downloadable supplements for the tradesman list. you have the blacksmith skill set as well as the trade skill list. See Throw Alchemy.Tradesman List * A Tradesman may learn any weapon skill by paying the build cost from the Fighter list. If you then purchase Alchemist. the second is 1 build. it’s their abilities that differ. They do have differences than the other lower lists: They have no inherent points. The majority of their skills are based upon periodic. daily. So if you are a blacksmith. should they ever have a skill that requires points. and weekend skills. The materials that they use to craft are categorized T1-T5 as well. (IE receives a bonus when “vendoring trash”) Skill Name Small Weapon Staff Crossbow** Choose Weapon * Prof +1 (Choose weapon choice) Wand Wand Prof I Martial Arts MA prof +1 Reverse Engineering Dabble Build Cost 1 2 5 X* 10 2 4 2 10 1 2 Pre-requisites Throw Alchemy Blacksmith Craft MW Item Runesmith or scholar WnWN or Legendary Tome Innkeeper or BM IK or BM T5 Like any other lower list Trade class has a base list. From that point on any additional trades are 10 build. You may only choose weapons off the fighter list. The Purchase trades similar to the way mages purchase Tao’s. like prestige classes. they receive a vitality amount per 5 events. you may not exercise the trade opt in with the tradesman class. Another difference is because of how they are treated skill/ability wise. not styles or shields. but now have access to the Alchemist skill set as well.

(This is so if a person runs out of packets. Whenever you channel or cast a spell with a wand you change the word “cast” to “wand” (i. a hand holding a wand is not considered a free hand. and receiving in raw form some of the materials used to create the item. because both hands are encumbered with weapons. or other damage (without an appropriate prc skill). Runesmiths may always reverse engineer wands. but cannot swing the wand for 1 magic. Wand-2 build-Passive . Any latent bonuses for being a tradesman still apply. it costs them 2 build. and also dabble into one other resource. This represents them spending there own free time doing this. “With the element of fire I wand a fireball!”). Lore . but you never roll. So an innkeeper or barmaid could reverse engineer very fine liquor or food (yes we are serious) where as a blacksmith could reverse engineer weapons and armor. 179 .e. They simply have to buy all the skills of one tier before they can move on to another. he isn’t useless and can deliver spells by touch without hurting someone. and still cast through it. or simply determined by plot on an event by event basis.) May use the wand to block attacks if a combat phys rep is used. Dabble. Thus you cannot dual wield with a wand. If you reverse engineer something you personally created. Please remember without special PrC skills. Reverse Engineering – Allows the tradesman to reverse engineer any item they could conceivably create (or actually create). The results of this may vary. Tradesman may choose to dabble in “random” and the resource he receives is requested.Any Trade class may twice ever (despite how many trades purchased) purchase any one language chosen from the PC playable races. you get back all the materials used but must pay 25% of the market value per unit. This is technically the same as having one rank in a resource. such as the list of known materials and costs. but generally includes learning how the item was made. IE it can’t be tucked in your belt or up your sleeve while you use it.adhere to the advancement rules of the ten "combat" oriented lower lists. Runesmiths walk a fine line with engineering as they deal with sorcery.With a phys rep wielder can throw spell packets for 1 magic unlimited. They may have the resource they purchase like anyone else can. so what a RS can reverse engineer and cannot is more so up to plot then anyone else. with no help from workers. and what they get is as well. and never can pay workers or upgrade as this is not a major operation so much as a past time. or device. rolled for. Please refer to the supplements for on the website to assist you in playing a tradesman. The wand Phys rep must be in hand to do this and unfettered. and the guide to resource professions. If a tradesman wishes to buy a lore outside of one of the trades. The wielder can use a non combat wand for his phys rep or can make a staff approved wand phys rep to be under the parameters of a LARP small weapon (must look “wand-like”) and use the phys rep to deliver a spell (arcane) in place of a spell packet.A tradesman unlike anyone else can actually dip there hands into two resource professions (see resource profession supplement). Language . The ability to purchase your racial language for 1 build is not affected by this.Any lore allowed to a trade list will be on their specific list.

180 . Choose element when purchased.Wand Prof I (element)–4 build-Passive .Allows wielder to throw 2 element with their wand. Requires Wand. can be purchased up to 4 times. see “wand”.

If something transpired that event and you can prove you were a part of it (involving plot) you may call perfect recall to remember something about the situation that you as a player have forgotten OOG. usually research continues on past the event into the next one. Secondly. You must call the skill in conjunction with the ability like this. Research T1-T4/1 build/Passive/Once per Tier/Requires Access to proper Tier Research is the ability to do just that. This lasts until the end of the month. and how many research projects he has ongoing at the time. Perfect Recall . research.Scholar T1: Lore: Any . expending there own points. If you have no alignment based list. not past periods. and usually the results do not come that very same event.Periodic . card number.1 Purchase This skill will mimic any one "read skill" and allow a scholar to cast a scroll of any type rank 13.1 Purchase This skill has two functions: Firstly.2 build . or detect forgery. his actual experience with the subject. Decipher Rank 1 .2 build . you can use scrolls of alignment but it may have repercussions. T2: Scribe Scroll Rank 1-3 . and at the end of the RP time you must actually cast the spell into the scroll which absorbs the power. 181 . how long he spends. You may only use future periods. the resources at his disposal.Periodic . In the case of divine abilities. To read a scroll you must possess the proper read skill. Another caster may assist in the scrolls creation and be the one to cast the spell into it. his tier of research. These scrolls are to be made on IG paper phys reps. This skill can also be used in RP situations to try and read unknown languages. making them either good or evil. This takes 15 seconds of RP per rank. and actual signature along with the date it was created. You may use extra usages to recall things in the past. up to a month per use.1 Purchase This gives the scholar the ability to scribe any scroll of any spell or prayer he (or in some cases an assistant) can cast of ranks 1-3. plot approval required. Many factors should come into play when a scholar is researching. His level. Only a Plot Director can marshal/approve a research. how many other learned people he has assisting him. and use it with no point cost. it can be used in RP situations involving a plot or module marshal. the specific verbal must be used.1 build/Passive/Unlimited Scholars must have a means to learn the lore.2 build . and what skill sets that have that could affect the research. Computer programs may never be used to pen scrolls in advance. plot approval required. appropriate lores. you can use this skill in conjunction with any one Rank 1-5 skill or spell you know. Language :Any . character name. The verbal must be placed on the card as well. and the back must be signed with the creators oog first name.Periodic .1 build/Passive/Unlimited Scholars must have a means to learn the language.

Worldly Knowledge is simply something a scholar can call in place of a lore to a plot marshal in hopes that in all the things he has learned he knows something pertinent to the subject. If you are not alignment based. This tome needs to be maintained OOG with IG materials. and a director signature must be obtained before the end of the event it is made or the scroll is null and void.Daily . making them either good or evil. representing you recalling it to memory from your tome so you may use it. the specific verbal must be used. Any factors affecting this will be laid out by the plot director. The better the phys rep is kept. This takes 15 seconds of RP per rank. Computer programs should never be used to create scrolls in advance. and at the end of the RP time you must actually cast the spell into the scroll which absorbs the power. this allows the scholar to incorporate into his lore and research usages. 182 . Scrolls made via this skill are permanent until used. Only T5 scholars may invoke worldly knowledge.Daily . Right a decent entry RP describing the usage of the ability.3 build . even If you have no rank 1-5 abilities to use. T5: Legendary Tome Allows the scholar to begin a Legendary Tome. you can use scrolls of alignment but it may have repercussions. you may store one ability per rank of scholar in your tome of knowledge phy rep (get plot approval).1 Purchase This skill will mimic any one "read skill" and allow a scholar to cast a scroll of any type rank 15. Another caster may assist in the scrolls creation and be the one to cast the spell into it. If you have no alignment based list. as well as his Worldly Knowledge usage. anything and everything the scholar has and can learn. you may not use alignment based abilities with perfect recall. or other such requests from the great library. T3: Scribe Scroll Rank 1-5 ."Perfect Recall . expending there own points. IE you must have 55 build spent into tradesman to use a 5th rank and so on and so forth. to represent you have studied it. the greater the chance you have of success. Some abilities may be denied. Must meet build pre reqs. or other great scholars. In the case of divine abilities. the Watchers. The verbal must be placed on the card as well. This skill can also be used in RP situations to try and read unknown languages or detect forgery. If the phys rep is kept accordingly. T4: Requisition Allows the scholar to request Tomes from the great Library in Tybir to be sent to him.1 Purchase This gives the scholar the ability to scribe any scroll of any spell or prayer he (or in some cases an assistant) can cast of ranks 1-5. all abilities follow ALL restrictions and descriptions. To read a scroll you must possess the proper read skill. you may perfect recall this skill.3 build . These scrolls are to be recorded on magic item cards or a plot approved phys rep.Verbal (if needed) Name of skill"If you have the tradesman list (not the opt in). It is suggested to begin this phys rep as soon as you begin this class. which must be signed by a director. Decipher Rank 2 .

not opinion) can use a divine adept scroll. but you must use a proper in game phys rep (IE in game looking paper. and not a scrap) And the back must be signed. As a secondary benefit if the blacksmith uses Feat of Great Strength from the blacksmith list. To read a verbal you must have the proper read skill. Feat of Great Strength – Allows the blacksmith to invoke feat of great str. All scrolls lose there power once used. IE a smith who only has T1 skills can only work with T1 materials. Blacksmithing lore raises in worth dependant on the highest tier of skills the blacksmith has in his trade. The time and materials required depends on what you wish to make. called as “Blacksmith Lore Tier X” X being your highest tier in Blacksmithing. Repairing requires time and materials dependant on the task. Repair Weapons and Armor .Allows the blacksmith to craft Weapons from T1 Materials. See materials list (website supplement) for details. When using a scroll you must read the verbal off the scroll. See the materials appendix for more details. Anyone of the proper alignment (via list only. Rank 1-5 requires a rules or plot marshal to sign off on the item card. 183 . dated and have your card number on it. Smiths can only repair armor made of materials of the proper tier they have access to via their skills. you must also be of the proper alignment. Craft Mundane Armor/Shields . armor and shields that have been shattered so long as the "pieces" are brought to the smith.Gives the blacksmith lore about his craft. he can half the time for crafting any one T1-T3 Item. Can also be used to repair (replenish AP) a suit of T2 armor without materials. but if they possess one T2 skill they can repair armor made of T2.**Notes about scrolls. Scribe Rank 1-3 does not require a marshal to create the scroll. and the materials involved. Repair armor/weapon will also allow you to repair weapons.Same as CMW but with armor and shields.Passive .Allows Smith to replenish Armor points on any suit of armor he has both the phys rep and item card for. If it is an alignment based spell. T2: Craft Tier 2 Weapon/Armor Allows the Smith to work with T2 materials to craft weapons or armor/shields. Lore: Blacksmithing . Requires a marshal to use. Blacksmith T1: Craft Mundane Weapon.

if your questions are not answered please contact the Creative Director. Can also be used to repair (replenish AP) a suit of T2.Reinforce – Reinforce one Armor.). 184 . Details of this item will be discussed with the smith when he learns this skill. and what they create covers a much wider range then just weapons and armor. Can also be used to repair (replenish AP) a suit of T2 or T3 armor without materials. Craft Tier 3 Weapons/Armor – Allows the Smith to work with T3 materials to craft weapons. This is not considered a foreign buff as its technically on the weapon. and sign the buff off on the owners card. *Refer to the materials list for any questions about them. or T4 armor without materials. T3: Craft Tier 3 Weapon/Armor – Allows the Smith to work with T3 materials to craft armor or shields. the other person cannot be another character of the PC smith. shield. Other examples would be things like plot devices. or weapon. Can also be used to repair (replenish AP) a suit of T2 or T3 armor without materials. BS must RP working on the item for 30 seconds. Tier four recipes usually take work done over the series of multiple months. Altars and other misc materials. Only one Masterwork item can be possessed by someone at one time. Each Plot Recipe will be listed as T4. A recipe is only good for one use and then must be turned in to plot upon the completion of the skill.Allows the smith to work hard and craft a superior item designed for a specific person (himself or another. T4: Craft Tier 4 – Allows the Blacksmith to work with Tier 4 recipes. or in the case of plot item creation (T4) see plot or weekend plot marshal. and explain all the details.T3. see the trades supplement for more details about this skill. All tradesman supplements can be found on the website. Reinforce will stop skills designed to destroy the item. The item will be able to be improved upon as time passes. T5: Craft Masterwork Item .

Allows him to use the projectile (which is still consumed as normal) on any single target within 20 feet. what we refer to today as a Philosopher’s stone is only a mimic of what we once knew. Tier 4 Rank 4 Alchemy . therefore it can have several RP effects with plot approval.Allows an alchemist with the proper materials to complete a rank 2 alchemical recipe. Poison Lore .Allows the alchemist to resist the effects of any one alchemical affect used on them. when the spell packet connects you call your Xbow dmg then the effect. So without a Xbow. When Employing a Xbow for thrown alchemy. When using this skill you state “throw alchemy” as if it were a verbal.Allows the usage of alchemical poisons. but you must physically have access the recipes somewhere in game. Tier 3 Rank 3 Alchemy .Allows an alchemist with the proper materials to complete a rank 3 alchemical recipe. 185 .Allows Alchemist to employ thrown alchemy. (Second usage of skill) Perfect Aim Projectile – pre-req Throw alchemy.Allows the alchemist to call "perfect aim" instead of throwing a spell packet to represent the usage of projectile alchemy. Endure Alchemy . its just “Throw Alchemy. Rank 2 Alchemy-Allows an alchemist with the proper materials to complete a rank 2 alchemical recipe. X dmg Y effect”. or Rogue lore.Alchemy Please note you cannot employ the use of poisons without poison lore. Alchemists are still to this day constantly trying to unlock the puzzles of the alchemist’s stone. Tier 1 Throw/Shoot Alchemy. Rank 1 Alchemy – Allows alchemist to craft Tier 1 alchemical recipes. Without this skill you cannot use projectile alchemy.Allows an alchemist with the proper materials to complete a rank 4 alchemical recipe.The only true Philosopher’s Stone(s) ever known were lost to the old world. X effect” with a Xbow it would go “ Shoot Alchemy. does not require a marshal. Tier 2 Rank 2 Alchemy. Tier 5 Philosopher’s Stone .

The stone can never unwillingly be taken from the alchemist and does nothing in the hands of another. Once per weekend through experimentation the alchemist can unlock an effect from the stone. This is represented by a card issued at sign-in that expires at the end of the event. This will mimic a lower list ability in some capacity once an event.

*Please keep in mind you are not required to actually inscribe runes on items, but it is allowed. Under no circumstance is a player to in any way to EVER mark another player's personal belongings in an OOG manner without their permission. Any player caught doing so (IE: writing with a paint pen or sharpie on someone's costuming, skin, or weapons/props or similar action) will be held accountable for the item should the offended player require compensation. You have been warned. **Runesmiths are also known for creating wands, please see the supplements on crafting for more information about this. Tier 1 Runesmithing Rank 2 - Allows a Runesmith to prepare an item with the proper materials to receive rank 2 rituals. Also allows the crafting of T1 wands. Crush Gems - Allows the Runesmith to convert gems into the appropriate ritual powder. Gems crushed in any other way will not suffice as a ritual component. Sorcery Lore -Because they work so close to sorcerers, Runesmiths are either taught the lore or simply pick it up as they go along while plying their trade. Read X - A Runesmith may choose from the following skills and purchase one ever: Read Druidic, Read Magic, Read Totems, or Read Glyphs. Tier 2 Runesmithing Rank 3 - Allows a Runesmith to prepare an item with the proper materials to receive rank 3 rituals. Also allows the crafting of T2 wands. Ironweave - Allows a Runesmith to inscribe either a cloak or article of clothing used to cover the torso with runes that give the cloth the bladeturning ability of iron armor. The OOG effect of this is giving the item 10 armor points that last until the end of the event. These armor points cannot be repaired, and are considered physical armor, not a spell. They count as no armor as far as Armor Prof is concerned. It takes 2 minutes of roleplaying to imbue the clothing with the armor points. Magical Binding – A Runesmith may RP with an item they are in possession of or an object (like a door) for 2 minutes and give that item one usage of a reinforcement. No one item can receive the benefits of this skill more than once a weekend. This effect lasts the entire event or until used.


Tier 3 Runesmithing Rank 4 - Allows a Runesmith to prepare an item with the proper materials to receive rank 4 rituals. Also allows the crafting of T3 wands. Invocation - Allows the Runesmith to "invoke" any one lower list ability or spell on their card. It requires no verbal other then “invoke”, and costs no points, you simply must state "Invoke name of what is used" and deliver what you used in the proper fashion. RP-wise this represents the Runesmith’s constantly surrounding himself with magical runes so much that he can muster power out of them in dire situations. If an actual tradesman (not opt in) uses this ability, the may also use it to invoke any skill or ability that resides in an item they crafted that they posses at the time. IE if the runesmith crafted a wand with a periodic fireball in it, he may Invoke a fireball. Spell or ability can be expended from the item when the invoke is called. IE if my periodic fireball was used but I still possess the wand I crafted, I could still invoke the fireball. Tier 4 Rune of Preservation- Allows the Runesmith to increase the duration of any ritual by one month. Must be used on the weekend the item expires. (IE the last event it has its properties). Also can be used to craft a T4 wand. Tier 5 Waste not Want not - Runesmiths waste nothing. When they utilize their trade for themselves or for others, the formulas they employ sometimes leave left over "bits" of magical energy, which Runesmiths have learned to gather with what are commonly referred to as "Magnetic Runes". After a long period of time the Runesmith through active experimentation finds a way to take these left over bits of magic and turn them into a cohesive usable item. Because of their deep connection to it, this item cannot be seperated from the Runesmith(no more then 5 feet away from them) unless they will it, and only works for them. Should they die and be successfully resurrected, the item materializes with them upon completion of the ritual. The OOG affects of this is the Runesmith works with plot to design an appropriate magical item they may use. It grows with the character over time at the discretion of plot. See the trades supplement for more details.


Tier 1 Profession – 0 Build/ Passive/ Once The Innkeeper is allowed to receive for free either Chef or Brewer Creaky Floorboards – 1 build/ Passive/ Once The Innkeeper knows his Inn so well, its pretty hard to sneak up on him in it. They also tend to fall asleep once the last patrons clear out, not even making it home. Therefore should an innkeeper ever fall asleep in there inn, and they are attacked the first attack is automatically displaced by calling “Creaky Floor boards-displacement” as a defense. Should the innkeeper ever be found abusing this skill (pretending to fall asleep right before a fight breaks out) it will be taken away from them. The intention of this skill is to give a break to people who work the inn who sleep there due to devotion to there job. Penny Pinching – 1 Build/ Passive/ Once No one can separate an innkeeper from his coin. While actively working/on duty tending bar, cooking, or performing other Tavern/Inn duties, no mental skill can force an innkeeper to part with coin or goods of any kind. IE a rogue could not use a guile skill to force a bartender to give them all the money behind the bar, or to give them a free drink. OOG banter could still achieve this though. Were you born in a barn? – 1 Build/ Passive/ Once This skill allows the Innkeeper to point at a patron who came into or left the tavern without closing the door and call “Were you born in a barn?-Suggestion shut the door” which can not be resisted, and forces them to close the door. This is considered a mental ability, and no skill can stop it. It does not work on actively hostile creatures or people, unintelligent things, or many NPCs. If this skill is ever abused it will be taken away. Contact: Brewer – 1 Build/Passive/ Once Innkeeper has an established contact with a brewer, effects of this skill are up to plot. How the Innkeeper treats the skill comes into effect as well. Appraise – 1 Build/ Passive/ Once Innkeeper can appraise things while actively on duty when someone is trying to exchange them for goods the Innkeeper has to offer. Tier 2 Deep Pockets – 2 build/ Periodic/ Once Allows the Innkeeper to defend against one use of pick pockets. Command Barmaid – 2 build/Periodic/ Once Mental Suggestion. Requires no spell packet, only line of sight and the ability for the barmaid to hear the Innkeeper. Allows the Innkeeper to command one of the barmaids under his employ to do something work related. IE get those people drinks etc… State “Command BarmaidSuggestion X command.” Command must be work related for Tavern upkeep. 188

Commission Help – 2 build/ Periodic/Once Allows the bartender to mentally suggest someone to assist them in something tavern related. If the bartender includes a free drink or some food in the deal, he can have this effect up to three people at once. This is a skill that can be resisted or blocked with a mental defense, it cannot be used to force someone to give up goods or information, only labor/assistance. State “Commision help –Suggestion X command.” Tier 3 Toss Drunk -3 build/ Daily/ Once “Movement skill” that takes you and target to the nearest door of the inn, and when you reach the door (and open it if closed) the target is then thrown away from the tavern. Only resist stops this skill, but certain plot NPCs may be immune to it. To use this on someone, they must have caused some sort of trouble, gotten overly rowdy or posed a threat to the tavern or its patrons or workers. And you must be inside or on the porch of the inn or bar area. The Good Stuff – 3 build/ Daily/ Once Despite any limitations in resources, allows the innkeeper to dip into his private stores and produce some of the good stuff. Allows the bartender to produce 1 drink per tier attained in this class (max 5) of high quality drink per use. Must produce all drinks at once if used on the spot, or can go to logistics to receive cards, which will be dated to expire at the end of the event. State “Conjure THE GOOD STUFF” so that people know you used a skill. It is not magical in nature. Tier 4 On the House! – 4 build/ Weekend/ Once Bartender can exclaim that he is providing drinks on the house. Anyone who accepts the offer may within 10 minutes of the skill being called cast a single buff on the bartender at no cost of points. Also any buff received from this skill is considered to be cast by the bartender himself as far as personal/foreign buffs are concerned. It must be noted on the card though. IE “X Buff (On the House) etc). Incase it wasn’t understood a skill was being used, bartender may approach people and say “On the house- Charm - …” and then in an RP fashion ask the person to buff them. IE approach a druid and say “On the house- Charm – Hey buddy, id really love a stoneskin so I don’t die in the upcoming battle tonight.” Tier 5 First To Know - Bartenders and Innkeepers are always in the know, a veritable wealth of information. Every event one rumor is omitted from the released rumors and told to the Innkeepers/Bartenders. Also, sometimes plot may come to you and inform you that you overheard X conversation in the bar, acting as a very mundane “Augury” type skill. Also, anytime the Inn keep calls Creaky Floorboards, they may immediately call the skill retreat as per the archer list. **Please note this list can represent an innkeeper or bartender. You must actively be employed as one or the other, or own your own bar, Inn, or Tavern. Going two months (played not absence) out of employment makes all skills on this list unable to be used by the player, at this point he may decide if he wishes to give up the list or seek new employment or re-employment. 189

and they are attacked the first attack is automatically displaced by calling “Creaky Floor boards-displacement” as a defense. no mental skill can force a barmaid to part with coin or goods of any kind. Therefore should a barmaid ever fall asleep in there inn. Should the barmaid ever be found abusing this skill (pretending to fall asleep right before a fight breaks out) it will be taken away from them. cooking. or performing other Tavern/Inn duties. They also tend to fall asleep once the last patrons clear out. It does not work on actively hostile creatures or people. unintelligent things. 190 . all patrons who witnessed this should react as if the insulter of the barmaid was absolutely embarrassed in front of all of them. OOG banter could still achieve this though. and forces them to close the door. The intention of this skill is to give a break to people who work the inn who sleep there due to devotion to their job. After the skill is called and comeback delivered. This is an RP skill. Tier 2 Deep Pockets – 2 build/ Periodic/ Once Allows the Innkeeper to defend against one use of pick pockets. IE a rogue could not use a guile skill to force a barmaid to give them all the money behind the bar. Snappy Comeback – 1 Build/ Passive/ Once If someone should ever insult a barmaid while on duty. Simply say the combat and state “Snappy comeback –AOE suggestion X target is embarrassed. Penny Pinching – 1 Build/ Passive/ Once No one can separate a barmaid from her coin. or to give them a free drink. Were you born in a barn? – 1 Build/ Passive/ Once This skill allows the barmaid to point at a patron who came into or left the tavern without closing the door and call “Were you born in a barn?-Suggestion shut the door” which cannot be resisted.Barmaid Tier 1 Profession – 0 Build/ Passive/ Once The Barmaid is allowed to receive for free either Chef or Barmaid Creaky Floorboards – 1 build/ Passive/ Once The barmaid knows the Inn so well. If this skill is ever abused it will be taken away. it’s pretty hard to sneak up on her in it. or many NPCs. they may call snappy comeback and back it up with some kind of IG comeback (give it your best shot).” Appraise – 1 Build/ Passive/ Once Innkeeper can appraise things while actively on duty when someone is trying to exchange them for goods the Innkeeper has to offer. While actively working/on duty tending bar. not even making it home. This is considered a mental ability. and no skill can stop it. thus is dependent on the RP of the barmaid and all those who witness the use of the skill.

Tier 5 Gossip . State either “Knee Jerk-Resist” or “Knee Jerk-Resist throw !” The throw may be defended against as normal. You must actively be employed as one or the other. Tier 3 You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here-3 build/ Daily/ Once Barmaid may call “Implant Suggestion – Leave the Tavern” upon a target. Barmaid may use all 5 uses of this skill at once upon sign in. and drastically increase a large amount of units of brew.Barmaid may write and submit one rumor per event and it will appear on the released rumors. Effect depends on the type of drink. It may used as an AOE on three friendly targets or allies (not obvious enemies). Going two months (played not absence) out of employment makes all skills on this list unable to be used by the player. Only a director may marshal this skill. as per the rogue skill. This will be played out as plot sees fit.Get it yourself! – 2 Build/ Periodic/ Once This is a mental skill that suggests a “regular” patron to get something themselves. which could possibly have negative repercussions for the barmaid. **Please note this list can represent a barmaid or waiter. 191 . If a regular asks or demands something of the barmaid. If the attack was physical in nature you may use the throw portion. Water Down – 2 Build/ Periodic/ Once Allows the barmaid to water down drinks and expand the amount of units of a brew she has without anyone noticing. May chain this ability to a group of people sitting together. Inn. at this point he may decide if he wishes to give up the list or seek new employment or re-employment. in this regard it is a 3 target AOE. this can be blocked accordingly. Use it to block a desired attack against you. (See rules on chain/AOE abilities) Get em! – 3 build/ Daily/ Once This skill acts as per the Rogue skill Implant suggestion. or own your own bar.) This skill may be blocked as per the skill implant suggestion. and plot discretion. Simply state “GET EM – Implant suggestion (name targets) attack that target (or possibly “defend me” instead. Barmaid may also go to plot and “spread rumors”. Tier 4 Knee Jerk – 4 build/ Weekend/ Once This skill acts as a resist (and for all intent and purpose is considered a higher list skill) in combination with a throw. or Tavern. she may call “Get it yourself – Suggestion got get it yourself” and the character is affected by a mental suggestion to get it themselves.

Master of Telekinesis Psychometabolist – Master of the Body Telepath – Master of the Mind Knight of the Protectorate – Melee/Caster Hybrid Good Aligned Knight of Kalam – Melee/Caster Hybrid Evil Aligned 192 .Prestige Classes Arcane Prestige Classes Mage Fire – Melee casting Air – Rituals Water – Rituals Earth – Advanced Protective Magic Dark Mage Light Mage Psion Seer .Master of Clairsentience Kineticist .

Monk/Fighter Hunter . You can also receive rewards for remaining single classed.Elemental based caster damage class Totemist .Melee hybrid damage class Naturalist .Divine Prestige Classes Shaman Elementalist . This system is pretty much in effect to reward people for playing the way they want too.In house doctor specializing in operating.Martial Evil aligned list **Please see the PrC rulebook and forums for more details on these classes and potential additions.Ritual based buffing class. Pure class skills are for people who have a single class.Spiritual based healing class Cleric Templar .Master of tracking and hunting all things . IE for getting 5th ranks in both fighter and mage you may be given the option to purchase a special skill only fighter mages can receive. Warden .Master of protecting others before themselves – Fighter/Monk Juggernaut – High Armored front line combatant. includes the buffing of places and things Druid Primalist . 193 . Master Skills – Skills exist in the game that will be given to people (as an option with a build cost) who spend there build in certain combinations and amounts (pure and multi class).Melee warrior who channels rage to improve there prowess. specializes in absorbing ailments and healing themselves with their connection to nature.Master of the woods – Rogue/Fighter/Archer Duelist .Melee hybrid damage class Priest . the alchemy of medicine and psychology.Fighter Squire/Knight – Fighter-Very RP based Berserker .Jack of all trades including some magical talent-All physical Ranger .Martial good aligned list Knight of the Basilisk .All Martial Knight of the Phoenix . and remain single classed for one year after receiving the skill.Buffer and breaker of unnatural things Other Prestige Classes Combat Medic -Medic who specializes in healing while in battle Doctor .Dragon based buffing class Medicine Man .Empathic based healer.Divine healing class Divine Elocutionist .Finesse fighter based on balance and quickness – Fighter/Rogue/Monk Body Guard . Arcane Initiate – Arcane caster/Melee hybrid Martial Prestige Classes Bard .

141. Trade between all the Goodly races begins. The first Great War begins. The other Goodly races are created as well as the horrors of the dark gods.Aaeos come to this world in search of a place for his children. Celts and Gypsies separate into two peoples. *Lore may not be created or changed without explicit director approval.Lore -At the end of the lore section is a list of phonetic spellings of places. 715 – Arcane Engineering is founded 855 . 163.Mul Marasti nearly destroyed from within by clerics of Aokun. the great city of Elves created. 389. 640.The Wailing Horde appears from the west and attacks the goodly races. 138.Norlis established as new nation by human refugees 159. The dragons give their consent and he moves the Humans to this world.Barri Elves escape slavery.The Great City of Men is annihilated.Amar Barad founded. it is your responsibility to bring it back up to the directors attention via email or the forums to ensure it is added to the overall game. It is the first city of humans and is not much more than a refugee camp at its start. Suggestions are more than welcome. Some elves leave. 1.The "Great City of Men" is founded (True name lost to history). and chances are what seems very important to you at the time is not at the forefront of the directors mind after 48 hours of directing an event.The Phoenix and the Basilisk are born. 244. 52.Bornak curses the Watchers with mortality.New Watcher order founded.Elves return to Minas Calad to rebuild. 631. races and gods. 3.The Dragons come down and live among the humans.Minas Calad. 188. Should you ever receive a call at the game which creates or changes the world lore. -Please note the average PC has access to any knowledge found in the core rulebook. 10. 388. 146. 77. Running an event is extremely taxing.Hargus Eraa becomes the first Shaman.Barbarian tribes are first seen in the northlands. Higmar Darksunder cleanses Mul Marasti.Watcher Magic created 87. 194 .Second Great War ends.Dark Elves are created. 145.Rebuilding of Minas Calad complete. 26. 139. 637. 633. some are taken as slaves underground.Dark Elves are plagued with Madness.Tybir established as new capital city of humans.Wolfbloods created to beat back the Lycanthropes.Lycanthropes attack in force from all over the world. Magic is introduced to humanity. Timeline 0 . 142.First Saracen caravan comes to Tybir. Second Great War Begins.

King Julias V of Klesai assassinated by unknown persons. 908-983 Skirmish type fighting between the nations. 2000. 985.Great public library of Tybir completed 1126 –Arcane Engineering outlawed in the Empire 1257. His successor.General Elos declared Queen Elos.Nemeans begin to raid the outskirts of Elosia. led by High General Arelia Julise Elos conquer the Norlisian kingdom. 1490.Treaty of Tybir signed permitting Nemeans to retain their culture in exchange for their service and obedience to the empire. True War Magic perfected by high mages on both sides. 2008. 988. 195 .Empress asks for adventurers to go to Haven 2009 – “Divine Adepts” begin to appear in the world. 983.Queen Elos declared Empress of Elosia. 986. 1066 .Julias VI and Sir Morgan killed by council of Tybir.Last True Watcher dies.Empire conquers the Nemeans in the battle of Holarn Valley.Golden Age of Elosia. the boy king Julias VI and his steward Sir Morgan declare the Norlisian kingdom to be responsible and declare open war.1490 .901 . 1495. General revenge back and forth. Fighting slows at the end as Orc and Goblin activity increases significantly.Military Outpost of Haven established. 983-985 The Klesai armies. Called the Third Great War by Humans. General Elos discovers treachery and has council executed. 988. 901-907 Fierce fighting between the two nations. 1494.War of Humans begins. Unprecedented time of peace in the world.

but amazed. honored by the obvious interest and fascination his children evoked. It would waste precious paper to put a dragon into words. a woman named Bethany lived. there was a fire dragon. Startled. It soon became apparent however. since when dragons take human form they are generally indistinguishable from whatever race’s shape they have assumed. Aaeos caught the dragon at this one day and. took a moment to think about what that would mean for her.Stories From the New World The Legend of the Phoenix and the Basilisk As told to the Watchers Once. In their long talks. the dragon’s very nature made it impossible. that a child needs nourishment and fire and ash could provide nothing life-sustaining to this child. it longed to try to create another being through a birth as well as to test something. The farm was well-taken care of and she was praised in the village for her hard work. Bethany followed the dragon into her kitchen. She was a devout follower of Aaeos and sometimes prayed to him for companionship. He searched among his followers for a woman devout and honorable. Outside a small village. which is somewhat like saying that a certain rose smells better than another one. The dragon quickly sought Aaeos out and explained that of all beings. where the dragon turned to face her with a sad smile and gently touched her forehead. that of a flame-haired woman with brown eyes. since Aaeos’ children were so different from everything the dragons had created. She had never taken a husband. The dragon smiled and let a bit of her true nature creep into her eyes until Bethany was gazing into volcanoes. He was fascinated by this concept and aided the dragon in creating a being born of the two of them. 196 . Words can never truly describe one of the great dragons. The dragon arrived outside Bethany’s farm and took its typical human form. Aaeos sent an avatar in the form of a bear to Bethany to ask her if she would carry his and the dragon’s creation. he learned that. This fire dragon wondered if gods were immune to this and shared the question with Aaeos. only one of his children could nourish and birth their creation. The dragon shifted to human form and stayed that way to see if that was enough for the child. This particular fire dragon was beautiful for their kind. the life inside was still sputtering and it seemed that the mere form alone was not enough. He cautioned her that the creation would live in her until she passed on. heat and smoke. The spark of life that Aaeos and the dragon had created flared up in Bethany. After a long while. She wasn’t old. The dragon spent hours marveling at the child they had created. Bethany opened the door somewhat confusedly. She approached the house and knocked on the door. and that she would never see the child that she birthed. while honored by her god’s request. Half-breeds did not exist. struck up a conversation. but was no longer young. in spite of all the creation the dragon had done. but lived alone on her family’s farm. all color and ash. Bethany. but thought of as slightly odd for never marrying. long ago. This dragon often took human form to watch Aaeos’ children. The Fey had created their own races at this point and it was very quickly realized that when two un-alike races created a child. and then consented. the child was either one race or another.

his ability to deceive rivaled hers because in some ways he was able to directly interact with the world. None of the townsfolk ever asked where she had come from. you will eventually start to feel things the way that form would. the basilisk grew to be an instrument of great evil. Trade opened up further and gradually. When you take the form of something. They found a kind shopkeeper who let them stay above his shop for the night and the next day they entered the marketplace. They closed up their home and got a neighbor to watch over their animals. As Ember lit the fire and watched her companion go up in flames. As she left. a dark Fey and the goddess of betrayal. but steadfast. the dragon created a pyre and placed Bethany on it. asked the dragon to stay. In a rush of searing flame and smoke. As it grew. even if you are a god. creating a patch of land on which nothing would grow. In a farmland a small distance from Tybir. she scorched the earth where Bethany’s body had lay. This was the life Bethany had nurtured for all those years. but mostly the two of them took care of the farm together. but nothing would grow in their soil. They were struggling to make ends meet because everything they planted on their land would die. Aaeos checked on Ember every once in awhile. No god or dragon ever attempted such a thing again. The dragon took the name Ember. knowing their time together was soon to end. like his dragon parent. As the fire died down. realized that for every force of good. Akartha. she told it that its creators had abandoned it and left it for dead. food and hundreds of other things from countless cultures. the universe creates a force of evil to balance things and quickly arrived to gather the basilisk up and care for it. Akartha molded the creature so that he was her son. Heartbroken. but the dragon was long gone. the marketplace was smaller. They wandered the 197 . many years after it should have come about. but there was still a huge amount of strange new products to look at. if she could. Ember assumed dragon form and carried the phoenix off into the heavens with her. the dragon grieved. Eventually. The Tybir marketplace in our day is a sprawling multi-block extravaganza of clothing. It soon became known to all the gods that a creation such as this would lead to great good and great evil. The dragon considered and agreed. a bit of movement stirred and suddenly burst forth from the flames. She and the dragon had had almost ninety years together. there lived a husband and wife named Harrison and Janet Panacea who owned a farm. In time. life became very good for people of the Empire. They tried every seed they could think of. beginning to feel sad at leaving her creation.The dragon moved to leave. after a momentary flair of inspiration. A great love grew between them and as Bethany grew slowly into old age. the two decided to look for some way to save their farm in the booming marketplace of Tybir. in desperation to support themselves. Bethany. She asked her to wait and then. From the soot crawled a basilisk. tradesmen from farther off places saw that Elosia was a great place to bring their wares. caught the expression on the dragon’s face. more movement started to happen among the ashes. Bethany died of old age. As the fire flared. Finally. Even Elosia’s outlying lands received more trade. caught for a moment of marveling in the feeling of the spark flaring. In this day. she cried. Panacea’s Discovery As told to the Watchers After the Empire of Elosia settled into order under Empress Elos. A great phoenix soared into the air and came to rest in front of Ember.

do not be worried anymore!” Harrison smiled. Harrison and Janet weren’t struggling. he looked around for his merchant friend. The Saracen.” They shook hands and the deal was set. Harrison offered the merchant everything he had. There were distinct places on the land where the seeds would not grow. they were settling prices. Harrison wasn’t used to a marketplace. my name is Derin Adivar. He offered a sum for the seeds. Soon. Knowing little about the haggling process Saracens have. what will you do?” said the merchant. much less trying to sell things to eager customers. the merchant backed everyone off and ushered Harrison to his stall. quietly picked out three quarters of the coins he was offered and handed him the basket. “Please. Aaeos has led us to each other so that we can both thrive. there were sprouts in the field. left his sister to watch the shop and wandered over to see. Seeing Harrison looking at the seeds. he would refund half the money he took. The next day. The flowers seemed to evolve as they grew. they were prolific. “I take it those seeds worked well for you!” said the Saracen. Knowing that the aesthetic quality of the flower will be worthwhile. The pattern puzzled the Panaceas. Saracens were known for their shrewd but honest business practices. we can split the profits. they thought no more of it. I will bring you the flowers and you can sell them. As time passed. When he got there. understanding that Harrison was a poor haggler. far beyond what the Panaceas had to offer. The Saracen promised that would soon be available. becoming beautiful and fragrant. “First. Harrison gathers up bunches and sets off for the marketplace. but happy for the coffee. He also wrote his name down on a slip of paper and told him he came this way often to trade. the couple accepted. he was mobbed by people intrigued by the gorgeous flower he is carrying.” said Harrison. you provided the seeds. The Saracen saw Harrison’s distress and hurried over. In desperation and convinced that the seeds would be a success. twenty percent makes more sense. I will not take half of the profits for the flower you labor over. but had the potential to be anything in a wet climate. a pattern of where the seeds would and would not grow on the land emerged. Laughing. the Saracen got down to business. The merchant. Flustered and overwhelmed. but where they did grow. 198 . one must always know the full names of those he does business with. Harrison brought bushels of the flowers to Derin every Friday and by Saturday they were all sold. but happy that the flowers would grow at all.stalls. If the seeds were worthless. They also seem to last an extraordinarily long time after picked if you leave them in a glass or jar of water. the seeds grew into huge lush flowers. They left that day and made it home the next. but only in places. Eventually. Janet thanked the man and promised to tell him what happened. The Saracen thought for a moment. My friend. He got a good cup of coffee in Harrison and calmed him down. Eventually. the Saracen smiled and pulled the basket out further. They were both eager to see what the seeds could and planted them immediately all across their field. Overwhelmed. “So now my friend. Tucked behind a length of silk was a large basket of seeds. After a exciting and probably exaggerated story about how the plant in the desert that the seeds came from is not prolific in the dry soil. He offered them a cup of coffee and seats. Second. “I am Harrison Panacea. so Harrison paused at the stall to look carefully. awed by the sheer amount of goods. they came to a Saracen’s stall. People were still coming up to the stall and asking about the flowers. hearing a gorgeous and unique new flower had entered the marketplace.

eagerly told her about the seeds and their friend Derin and the weird pattern the flowers grew in. He put forth a petition to the Empress and the Arcane Order that he be allowed to join the team at his parent’s old farm. but they weren’t making much headway. the Panaceas could only nod. A member of the Arcane Order came to see him and told him that his parent’s old farm was a place of really strong water ley lines and really weak earth ley lines. They were moved the next day to a large estate in Tybir. Unlike most children. She nodded at him and smiled at the Panaceas. The Empress arrived at the Panacea’s home with several advisors. was already helping out in a hospital. the man whispered in the Empress’ ear. he was told about the land his parents used to own and the flowers that grew on it. The members of the research team were delighted to have the child who was conceived on the spot of power working with them. She urged them to tell her about their life. The Empress had put a new program into work that gave the parents of a Dragonkin extra land and a stipend. Since the program had only been in place for a few years. there was a research team at the farm investigating the plants. The man looked at the Panaceas and said “The Empress would like to offer you a new deal. Currently. when word was received that a Mender had been born right outside of Tybir. All of this in exchange for these lands. Janet discovered she was pregnant. The Panaceas. And so the years passed. Soon after. She and Harrison were delighted and began to sell more flowers in order to have a good amount of money set away for when the baby got there. You two and your partner Derin will receive a generous yearly stipend. including a member of the Arcane Order. while the Empire took the Dragonkin and raised it. It was also possible that he had been a Mender because the power of the water ley lines was so overpowering there. The Panaceas were more than happy to oblige. She introduced them to the noble who would be raising their Mender. Richard grew up and processed a natural aptitude for medicine. the member of the Arcane Order asked if they could walk the fields and see this pattern. Nothing would grow on the land because the earth ley lines were so weak. while slightly star struck. Despite his youth. The parents of the Dragonkin were much admired by the general populous. Somehow. 199 . the Empress granted his request and sent him to stay there. They named their son Richard Sior Panacea. The child was born a Mender. explained that they were more than welcome to visit their child and then sat down to a cup of tea with the Panaceas. the Empress herself went to retrieve the child and honor the parents. The flowers were so popular.they were thriving. After seeing the pattern and walking around. They made their home there. Richard chose the path of a medic at age eight and by his apprenticeship at age ten. You will be provided a great estate in Tybir and allowed to raise your son. When he reached the age of sixteen. the plant his parents grew thrived on water ley lines. with frequent visits from Derin and his growing family. the Empress caught wind of them and a page was sent down from the palace every Friday to buy one flower for the Empress’ sitting room. Richard immediately knew that he wanted to help with the research of these plants. After hearing about the pattern.” Flabbergasted.

sometimes it created life of its own. preventive remedies and many other useful applications. Even as immortals the Dragons had no idea what this world they created would become. much like the earth they traveled through. the explosion of a volcano. The Dragons began to recognize these patterns and sometimes would manipulate them to cause a desired effect or make their own creations. the powerful water ley lines brought forth a latent magical property of the plant and allowed it to thrive. he realizes that the flower never grew in the desert because of the high amount of fire ley lines. whether they were born Menders or not. continued to make discoveries in the medical field. It started with the ley lines which at first were created by the dragons as a sort of “stitching” through the world to hold it together. The plant and extract were called Panacea in honor of his discovery and his bloodline. in elvish) was new. ever shifting and moving around. It was not long before the dragons realized these lines were more than just mere stitching. they were like roots that sustained the life of everything they traveled through. most methods of administration will work. To this day. Richard makes a vital breakthrough.After two years of research and experimentation. The Panaceas and the Adivars stayed friends and their children brought the extract and the knowledge of its uses to many cultures. speeded healing. A race known only as the Watchers were an immortal Earthen race. The Origin of the Watchers Long ago when the earth (Amar. The medicinal possibilities of this extract include sterilization. with the proper elements running through it. These creatures visually were a hybridization of a human and a rock elemental. Further research led to the discovery of what those magical properties were. They rode through the clouds to create the snow and the rain. the different environments like patches on a quilt. While the plant did die in the barrenness of no earth ley lines. the plant can often be found along large water ley lines. it began to take on a life of its own. they were physically beautiful 200 . they decided the direction a stream would travel in and when the time was right. Sometimes when certain patterns would converge something great would transpire and in some cases it would form new life. and under their clawed feet other higher life forms began to come from the earth while it was still pulsating with the magic of the immortals. sedation. Since the extract is so versatile. the flower had healing qualities. That is how the Watchers came to be. After much more research. Richard and the other members of the research team learned how to alchemically derive a medicine from the flower and mix it with other substances to do various things. although injection is the most common. It appeared to the dragons these ley lines took on a life of their own. Experimenting with growing the flower in different environments. This is how the Fey were born. and before their eyes. they took down the barriers around the farm and allowed the plant to grow freely along the water ley lines. before the fey were ascended and began to inhabit the creation of the dragons with mortal humanoid life. But before the dragons began to utilize these patterns themselves and the earth was still pulsating with the power of the immortals. Once this discovery was proved.

a dwarf known as Bornak. The Watchers were unable to bless them with omniscience. showing his dwarven brethren how to best use the magics to protect the great dwarven strongholds. and it was their immortality that kept this power in check. which is used to protect the Watchers and their holdings from internal and external threats. From that day forward the Watchers were stripped of their immortality and could only give birth to male children. To this day no force has been foolish enough to try and stand against them.and a very proud. It also prevents them from ever revealing the location of the great library or any secrets the council may hold onto. continuing to do so when the humans entered it and the other races of the world were born. Because the original Watchers preceded the gods themselves. One of these mortals. and they watched the others teach the mortal races the way of magic. and nothing has succeeded in finding the great library. The Watchers recorded all of the events until their final days and handed the annuls to the new Watchers. was very adept at magic. they found a way to imbue their powers into any mortal willing to swear the watcher oath and willingly be bound by the watcher magic. better they could not even try as it would drive a mortal mad. They watched some of the Fey ascend to godhood. knowing all things past and present. When his Fey teachings could no longer satiate his lust for power. He delved into dark magics. But such is the way of mortals. They used their innate earthen magics to do this and soon developed an entire school of magic known today as Watcher Magic. he felt there was no more he could do for his people so he started down a dark path of acquiring massive amounts of personal power. they lacked the ability to lie. They also passed down the Watcher magic. But little did they know mortals would be their downfall. paving the ways towards what we now know as necromancy today. The Watcher oath is not known to non watchers to this day. Knowing that knowledge is power and that those who ignore history are doomed to repeat it the Watchers set forth on the monumental task of finding someone to replace them. so that these lessons were never forgotten. and their salvation. The new Watchers were also tasked with building a great public library. Because of their deep connection to the earth. but they saw right through his ruse and denied his request. and it was he who helped define earth magic for what it is. The Watchers bore witness to all the major events of the world and because of the magic that connected them to the earth. noble people. and asked for the blessing of omniscience that they held. he sought out the Watchers. 201 . even they cannot see through the veil that guards the Great Library. Using their Watcher Magic they built a great hidden Library to store all the original copies and such magic prevented them from being removed. His excuse was to further the cause and protection of the goodly races. even if they are cast out of the order. we do know watchers are unable to record a known lie or ever sign any sort of falsified document in any way. But when he was done with that task. In using this magic. The watchers were a peaceful people and lived in harmony with the world. This gift to us lets us forever know where we come from and the great events that shaped this world without question. earth magic in particular. so that slowly the race would die out. As a first generation dwarf he had a deep connection to the earth. preventing what an understatement could only call insanity. The Watchers underestimated his power and before it was too late he had beset a curse upon them. they were blessed with the powers of omniscience.

they are sworn into secrecy by the leaders in times of war so that information is not leaked during the battle and can only be read about when the battle is done. Not much is known about Arcane Engineering.Watchers Today Watchers fill many roles in today’s world. Examples might be using Air or Water magic to create steam to power a cog based machine. Many Watchers are also field agents. and using earth magics it was able to perform great feats of strength and withstand the depths of deep water. Arcane Engineering mainly exists because science is not advanced enough alone to create the end results Arcane Engineering has. It was an 202 . Many years ago a particularly superstitious Empress of Elosia had a great disdain for Arcane Engineering. a golem that did not have its own intelligence but was controlled by an operator. They are bound by the Watcher magic to uphold truth and to keep knowledge accessible to the goodly races of the world. Melding all magics and all the secrets of technology he came very close to his invention. while others spend countless hours pouring over ancient prophecies and texts trying to discern their meaning. This was considered the Golden Age of Arcane Engineering. and held her off from taking action against this art. even the watchers did not have time to collect a lot about it. but is always the mixture of applying science on top of some form of mystic art. And it was fire that powered it. others tend to the Great Watcher Library. Scribed by. He wanted to create a sort of construct. but at the same time they may not seek to give it to them either. Some Watchers are Librarians in the public Library of Tybir. Although the watchers cannot record a lie. Although Watchers take a neutral stance towards the world (with a stress on what is good and right) it is not required for a Watcher to be neutral and many of them will take the interpretations of certain prophecies or other writings to those they think could use them. Using air and water magic it was able to take the wearer under water. Unfortunately for anyone in this field. or divinity. and neither is magic. Their main headquarters resides in Tybir. The Empress brother was striving to create a Arcane Engineering Machine that would bridge nations. The Watchers themselves are not as a whole a good organization. They will not withhold public annuls from anyone. it is rumored that some of these texts are from the old world and that many watchers believe these prophecies foretold of things to come in this Peth Amar (world). the public never really knew because the love for her brother very much outweighed her superstition of the art. Because a Watcher cannot break an oath. thus the watchers tend to uphold the laws of the Empire. and save lives and unimagined amounts of money. Many a time has a Watcher saved the day by bringing to light ancient texts and unfortunately many a would-be hero has misinterpreted prophetical texts and doomed those around him. Kellindell Dellanil Starsong First of the Barri Elf Watchers Arcane Engineering as told by Watcher Jonas Wyndon Arcane Engineering is somewhat of a lost art. Some of them are scribes and scholars. It comes in many forms. they can and do keep secrets from the world as they deem necessary. but they recognize that a world shrouded in darkness is not one where knowledge prevails. going out to record history as it transpires. but her brother who was very close to her believed in it. Although the Empress held disdain for it. something tragic happened.

Unfortunately his calculations were off. she put forth an order to have any and all Arcane Engineering eliminated. I was told that at the setting of the sun Mavane and Aaeos embraced each other and looked out on to the world together before Aaeos put away the sun. and all of Mavane’s Templars formed a wide ring around it. Future Empresses did not hold this distrust or superstition towards Arcane Engineering. Therefore finding the perfect mesh is near impossible. and Ice Boxes. Some of the more “common” Arcane Engineering that you may have heard of (but sadly more than likely not encountered) are the “Paint-o-Matic”. trains. Looking at them just standing there was an amazing thing. ((OOG note. Losing her brother sent the young Empress into a fury. the fire that was the compassion blazing in their eyes made the bonfire before me seem like a match stick. For now though both my heart and mind were set on concentrating on what was before me. Almost. Practicing Arcane Engineering requires a skill that is not attainable by PC’s at this time. and clerics behind them. and a license from the Empress due to the results of one man trying to take this too far. The point is yes maybe you can create something that resembles a robot. he was killed in an accident. and Sinks showers and toilets. only a handful of these constructs and there operators could create a bridge. but unfortunately the damage was already done. but she has been known to sell them or grant them as gifts to those worthy and or rich enough. The stories of their deeds written across their bodies 203 . The original intention of the construct was to literally build bridges. with minimal to no danger. I was never much for religion.astonishing sight of both magic and steel. Many have attempted to duplicate the effects of Arcane Engineering. all works pertaining to it destroyed. and the most beautiful hue of orange I had ever seen. but science alone couldn’t fuel it. Indoor “Wells”. It almost made me forget about what was to come the next day. or a gun or an airplane. few have succeeded. watching over this sacred event. and without the wisdom of age behind her. There was a roaring bonfire in the middle of the encampment. It is not a doorway to create things like guns. with her priests. and in the grand unveiling to the Empire.The story of Arcane Engineering is our tool to explain things we wish to utilize in the game like Camera’s. but I truly believed what these men and women of faith were telling me. which can be an extremely dangerous activity for those involved. gouts of steam and great pulleys and cogs all coming together to create this construction. because truly in my heart I could feel them there with me. as told by Watcher Jonas Wyndon The Sun was setting and the air was crisp. Practicing Arcane Engineering requires massive funding. It was hoped instead of hundreds of workers putting their lives in danger. Although all of her children would share in this. The functional duplicates are mainly found in the court of the Empress. The golden age of Arcane Engineering had come to an end. The Watchers were funded by an Empress to recover any and all works on this lost art and compile them in the Great Library. or other technological advances that exist in our real world that we feel would pull the game away from its medieval/fantasy roots. Freezers. it truly was the time of the Templar. And at the same time magic alone couldn’t create it.)) The Tales of the Soldiers of the Hearth. Some of the original artifacts survived the purge and are considered priceless. and all Arcane Engineers to be exiled from the Empire.

and make the wicked think twice. they were both right. Elocutionists and Priests all at the same time said one word per sect. strode forward and reached into the fire and pulled the boy out. A man. The fire began to roar. 204 . I stood in awe as they flawlessly cut down the oppression of the darkness with such a fervor it left me speechless. The Templars of Mavane known as the Soldiers of the Hearth cut through the dark army that opposed them like they were walking through a field of high grass. They all pulsed with a bluish glow until it died down and they resembled tattoos. It was spoken in the old tongue. These men and women did not have faith. I instinctively moved to save him. what they didn’t realize was there biggest accomplishment may have very well been making a believer out of me. Until the man’s eyes began to glow. but if you put it together the words formed the sentence “The Time has Come”. Soldier of the Hearth” and at that the assembly went wild. At this the High Templar nodded. and with his hand still on my shoulder leaned forward and whispered into my ear “It’ll be alright lad. and the High Templar herself walked through and stood before the fire. She called out a single name “Elijah”. had I not seen it myself I would not believe it. it was now burning blue. he wore nothing but a simple wrapping around his waist that went just below the knee. and once where there was unadorned flesh now were several marking denoting this man as a Templar of Mavane. There story must be known.and faces. His body was not at all harmed by the flames. I truly stood before them in awe. they were the very definition of it. She immediately spun back around and violently shoved the man into the fire. who by his appearance was very much a veteran. It was that day I decided I would devote my work to telling the tales of these amazing men and women. As she stepped through the circle it no sooner closed up. for it will inspire those of good hearts to do great things. staring at each other for what seemed like decades. And as it happened each of the Templars. The single pounding of a drum broke me from my trance. and seemingly went to turn away from him. She spoke a single sentence “Who comes before me?” At this a single man broke ranks and walked to her. Clerics. At this the High Templar reached into the fire and pulled out a single coal with her armored hand and crushed it and studied it in her palm. So I did. They stood there. The man who strode forward announced “I now present to you Brother William.” Well. and as it did all the Templars banged their weapons against their own shields or the ground. but a Celtic Templar held me back. just watch”. tattooed or in some cases burned right into their flesh. magically. At this part of the circle broke ranks. and began to change colors. The most impressive marking I saw that night was a Templar who turned a scar given to him by a dark cleric into the tale of the battle by further marking his own face. For everything that they did that day. but his eyes began to glow. but it was only a feint. the color of Mavane herself. The Celtic man behind me looked at me with a smile and said simply “it almost ain’t even fair lad” at which another Templar replied “Tomorrow is going to be a good day.

If sentenced to the loss of a limb. It is unlawful for a good citizen of the Empire to steal from another citizen. pay homage to. and kill him if they are able. The steward was granted all the powers and rights of the ruler while the ruler was away. his decision was upheld. Those found aiding an enemy of the Empire will share in their fate. Only decisions that would imperil the realm are undone. It is unlawful for a good citizen of the Empire to do bodily harm. that limb cannot be healed for 24 hours. even if he personally disagrees with them. an additional penalty will be determined based on the severity of the crime. Should the condemned return from the afterlife. The Steward. institution. they will have their tongue cut from their mouth for 24 hours. Upon the rulers return. he would appoint a steward to govern in his stead. or to kill another citizen. It is unlawful for a citizen other than one appointed to such by the magistrate. It is unlawful for any citizen to worship. all rights and worldly possessions of the condemned are forfeit and it is the duty of all good citizens of the empire to do the condemned harm. There is even an old story of a steward being executed for his decision to marry the daughter of his liege lord to a rival. When a ruler would leave his realm. establishment. Traditionally. If declared an enemy of the Empire. or otherwise to defraud the same. Though the steward was executed. or seat of government for any length of time. it is assumed the condemned will not be able to return to life. the steward would answer for all of his decisions made in the rulers absence. 205 .Laws of the Distant Outposts The magistrate is granted authority to conscript any and all able bodied individuals to fight in defense of the outpost. or otherwise aid the cause of the dark gods. to employ torture for any reason. all decisions made by the steward are upheld by the ruler. This commonly comes as a fine or service rendered to the next of kin. If sentenced to death. revere. Should someone be caught healing that limb. The idea of stewardship is an ancient one from the time of the Great City of Men.

The Knight The title of Knight is one that originated during the first great war. From the stewards of the Empire. there is far more to the title than the ability to swing a sword. Today. Rather. to the veteran who now keeps an inn. Pronunciation Guide Races and Other Elosia = Ee-lowsh-uh Elosian = Ee-lowsh-in Norlis = Nor-lis Norlisian = Nor-liege-in (use the "sh" version of liege) Saracen = sar-uh-suh n Panacea = pan-uh-see-uh Nemean = ni-mee-uhn or nee-mee-uhn Barri = Bar-ee Gods Aaeos = Ay-ose Herena = Huh-Ree-nuh Elusari = El-oo-sar-ee Dorgim = DOOR-gim Mavane = mah-vane Kinros = Kin-row s Lei'al = lay(glottic stop) Al Akartha = uh-Car-thuh Koresari = Core-iss-argh-ee Aokun = Ahh-Khoon (this is intended to be pronounced germanically) Sar'eli = Sar-El-ee Vald = Vald Places Mul Marasti = Mul Muh-rahs-tee Tybir = Tie-beer Amar Barad = uh-Mar buh-Rod Minas Calad = Me-nis Cuh-lod Klesai = Kluh-sigh Klesian = Klee-shun 206 . In addition to the title. Heroes of the war were given the title of Knight in honor of their deeds. courage. Knights can be found in all walks of life in the Empire. All of these are found in those given the honorific Sir. Knights of Elosia are not nobility. although it is rarely used. The word was chosen to remind all who hear it of the terrors overcome in the nights of combat against the undead. those who prove themselves worthy in combat are given the title of Knight. compassion. Those who hold the title of Knight live lives of service to the Empire. honor. the title of Knight is a duty of service. A Knight contains strength of character. This honorific is a shortening of the word "Sirmalas" or "honored one" in ancient Klesian. they were given the honorary "Sir" before their name. Though prowess in combat is a requirement for Knighthood. and morality.The idea of stewardship is still upheld one hundred percent in present times.

as the Empress’ wish is to make this town flourish once again. Many citizens have already been given grants in the form of materials to start farming settlements and similar establishments to get Haven on the proper path. food and other amenities to make the trip. the Empire. she is allowing (for now) all citizens of the Empire to live there tax free until Haven can establish itself as a proper Bastion for the Empire. If you wish to be part of a milestone in history. The caravan will leave in 3 days from Tybir. and is estimated to arrive June 13th. and thus will set a pace suitable for the young ones. We encourage entire families to come together. but during the first war a pivotal stand was made there which turned a huge tide in the war in favor of the goodly races. May Mavane guide your journey. and this long forgotten town by reopening its gates to citizens of Elosia. in all things. The Empress wishes all who embark on this journey well. This is the first in a series of projects to expand the Empire. as we are accommodating old and young. and honor your Empress and your family. leave a mark on this world and honor your family and its future generations with your good works and deeds. It was soon thereafter abandoned and forgotten about as more definitive borders were set for the Empire. For the Empire! Jonas Wyndon Royal Scribe of the Empress 207 . Rarely comes a time when the Empress calls to her subjects for aid. and establish wealth to take care of your family.In her infinite wisdom Her Majesty has decided to embark upon an endeavor to expand the borders of her Empire. In her amazing grace. then this is exactly the endeavor you wish to be a part of. Because of her desire to do so. Her Majesty wishes to honor you. Do not be mistaken. The trip will be a long one. But it will be wrought with adventure. the Military is securing this place for the safety of her Majesty's Citizens and clearing the trails between here and there. ripe for opportunities to make a name for yourself. And she needs YOU to do this. and thus the most important. Over the next year the Royal Cartographers with the aid of Her Majesty's Personal Royal guard will be scouting out locations to begin this expansion project. I suggest you heed this call. she is personally paying for all transportation. this will be a long and perilous journey outside the Empire's borders. and if you wish to make a name for yourself. All types of Citizens are being called. Many of you have probably not heard of the town Haven. As I pen this. And one such place has already been found: The ancient town of Haven.

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