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4310 Bush Ave.

Cleveland, OH 44109
June 17, 2019

To: Prospective Employers of Betsey O’Hagan

I recommend Betsey O’Hagan for any position related to developing web design strategies.

In 2014, I engaged her to create a website for my practice as a facilitator. Western Cuyahoga
Audubon Society (WCAS) hired her in 2015 to create a new website and market its activities. In
2017, she created a network called the Council of Ohio Audubon Chapters (COAC).

Throughout these efforts, Ms. O’Hagan’s work displayed many features of high quality and
distinctiveness. She uses graphics and photos to draw readers into the text and adopts the best
techniques of other graphic arts and social media experts. She teaches, trains, and coaches
people in the use of social media to support their work in organizations.

Another distinctive feature of Ms. O’Hagan’s work is to solve problems that routinely occur in
organizations. When WCAS decided to sell native plants to raise funds, the project faltered,
and she took charge, assigned tasks, and managed their efforts to completion.

Ms. O’Hagan helps organizations set and reach goals. She is an incisive planner and
organizes, develops, coordinates, and controls the tasks necessary to implement the programs.
WCAS conducts routine outreach events to educate the public about conservation, and she
does all of the work to make these events happen, including marketing them to the public.

She also recruits and sustain contacts. She does this by building networks, which she did for
me as a facilitator, WCAS, and COAC. She uses Mailchimp as a tool to do this and maintains
the networks by communicating with others consistently. Collaboration is the underpinning of
everything Ms. O’Hagan does. A sterling example of this is the way she organized quarterly
workshops and conference calls for the COAC network for two years in a row.

Ms. O’Hagan has a powerful work ethic. She stays on task to see a job through, whether it
takes just a few hours or many months. While doing so, she treats others with respect, even
when they are resistant and combative to her efforts to further the goals of an organization.

Ms. O’Hagan is worthy of any position that requires these skills and abilities.


Tom Romito