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We are so glad you have joined us today! Our desire is that God TODAY - June 23rd
8:30am & 10:50am Morning Worship Services
would bless and direct our time together. Worship is an interactive, 9:45am Sunday School
participatory experience and our prayer is that the service today 4:45pm Choir Practice
would strengthen and encourage you on your spiritual journey. 6:00pm Evening Worship
Whether you are new to faith, just coming back to church, or a
long-time follower of Jesus, we hope you find your time with us Wednesday, June 26th
engaging and meaningful. 11:00am Wednesday Morning Bible Study
If you are a first time Guest, we have a special gift for you. One of 6:30pm Men's Bible Study in the McCormack Center (Men’s SS Room)
our pastors will be in the foyer following the service to meet you Women’s Bible Study in the McCormack Center (Fireside Room)
and give you a gift. Adult Bible Study in the Youth SS Room
Youth Ministries in the Sanctuary
Children's Ministries in the Fellowship Hall
WHAT TO EXPECT TODAY Saturday, June 29th
Youth Movie Night
Worship: We take time together to connect with God through
song, scripture, fellowship, and prayer. Something special Sunday, June 30th
happens we focus on God together. We invite you to stand and 8:30am & 10:50am Morning Worship Services
sing with us as we praise God, but adopt whatever posture of 9:45am Sunday School
worship is best for you. The song lyrics and scriptures are 4:45pm Choir Practice
projected on screen so that you can follow along. A typical service 6:00pm Evening Worship
lasts about 65 minutes.
Children: We have a fully-staffed Nursery for ages three and
below. Kids ages 4-12 will be dismissed during the service to the NURSERY WORKERS
children’s chapel to be taught by Pastor Linda and her staff. TODAY:
1st Service: Savana Pendergraff, Marty Schefcik, Sandy Schefcik
Sermon: The teaching time seeks to communicate biblical truth in 2nd Service: William Hastings, Gracie Johnson, Cindy Johnson
compelling, relevant ways. All of our sermons are available on our PM Service: Haley Clemons, Judy Jean
website,, and are also podcast. NEXT SUNDAY: June 30th
1st Service: NEED 2 ADULTS AND 1 YOUTH
Response: When God is speaking, we take time to respond. 2nd Service: Jessica Graham, Mikey Butner, Tracy Butner
Many times this is after the message, but other times it may be in PM Service: NEED 1 ADULT
the middle of the service. Listening and responding to God is one
of the most important things that we do. An invitation is never FINANCIAL STATISTICS: 105 Flower Lane Drive
needed if you want to pray at the altar. June 16, 2019 Estill Springs, TN 37330
Phone: 649-3867 Fax: 649-3410
Communion: We take time regularly to celebrate Communion and Tithes & Offerings: Emails:
welcome all followers of Jesus Christ to participate in this act of Received: $6,492
worship and remembrance regardless of membership or
denomination. Faith Promise:
Received: $110 June 23, 2019
Offering: We give tithes and offerings as a part of worship in Office Hours:
obedience, celebration, and thanksgiving to the Lord. It’s also just Fiscal Year is 5/1/19 to 4/30/20
Monday - Thursday
our way of saying, “We love our church and we want to support it!” 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
The Crisis Care Kits (CCKs) Ministry is a cooperative effort
between Nazarene Compassionate Ministries and Choir Practice Tonight at 4:45PM
Nazarene Missions International. These kits are distributed
in emergency situations to help individuals who have been
affected by natural disasters such as tornados, winter
storms, hurricanes, earthquakes, etc. CCKs are greatly Our Children’s Ministry is one of the most
needed to continue to meet the needs around the
world. The kits have gone to places like California;
SUMMER EVENT CALENDAR: rewarding areas in our church to minister.
Greensburg, KS; Louisiana; New Jersey; Belize; Dominican We are currently looking for volunteers for:
Republic; Haiti; Jamaica; Jordan; Philippines; Senegal; Sri Sunday Morning:
Lanka; Ukraine and Zambia. Your generosity makes an June 29th – Movie Night • Sunday School Teachers
incredible difference! *more info TBA on Facebook page*
• Nursery Volunteers
Two gallon zip lock bags are available at the NMI table in
Wednesday Evening:
the hallway. Each bag MUST be filled with the following July 8th-15th NYC / Phoenix, AZ
items. No deviations or substitutions. Deviating from this • Elementary Age Volunteers
list can cause an entire shipment to be rejected in customs. *Meet at Church @2:45pm* • Nursery Volunteers
*students can bring extra spending money for souvenirs, extra food, etc.*
CRISIS CARE KITS Shopping List Some of these positions are for substitutes when the regular volunteers
• 1 Shampoo (12 to 18 oz.) *plan to pick up your students late in the church parking lot, night of 7/15*
are away. Please let Pastor Linda know if interested or call the church
• 2 Bars of Soap (Bath size or larger) You can purchase office at 649-3867.
• 1 Toothpaste (4.0 to 6.4 oz.) July 16th - Come to the Table
all of these items
• 3 Toothbrushes (in original packaging)
• 1 Box of Bandaids (30 or more) for under $20 at *We will be serving food to local families in need.
• 1 Fingernail clippers Dollar Tree Meet at Damron’s in Tullahoma at 4:15pm*
MICAH 6:8 MINISTRY from Sandy Schefcik
• 1 Sturdy hair combs
• 2 Hand towels Did you know… that Pinterest, is supposed to be a harmless site, a
• 4 Pocket-sized pkgs. Kleenex
July 20th / Car Wash Fundraiser
place for swapping recipes and planning kitchen remodels, however, it
• 1 Beanie Baby-sized stuffed toy *10:00am-2:00pm in the church parking lot* is not immune from censorship? Eric Cochran was an employee of
Pinterest, a software engineer, started digging into Pinterest's product
Each Crisis Care Kit (CCK) should contain only the items/quantities listed. code, employee messages, and policies. The more he dug, the worse it
Place all items into a 2-gallon zip-lock bag. Our Goal is 42 kits! July 27th - NYI Convention / McMinnville
got. The company was quietly blacklisting conservatives, and nobody
All kits need to be turned in by July 1st
Received so Far: 2
had any idea. At first, Live Action thought it was a mistake. Their
followers kept trying to pin the pro-life group's messages on their boards
and couldn't. Pinterest, it turns out, had blocked as a
porn site -- meaning that none of its links could be posted by users.
When Eric got wind of it, he gathered up all of the documents proving
that Pinterest was hiding or silencing conservatives and sent them to
Un-afraid Project Veritas. James O'Keefe published it, outing Pinterest as another
Be You. Be Authentic. radical liberal operative trying to shut down open debate. Pinterest didn't
just reclassify Live Action, they also labeled conservatives "white
New Study Begins supremacists," banned Bible-related search terms, and scrubbed any
July 7th at 9:45am pins with the undercover videos of Planned Parenthood's organ
harvesting ring as "misinformation." Twitter and YouTube tag-teamed on
Overcomers Sunday School Class the cover-up and deleted Project Veritas's content from their sites, and -
Meets in the McCormack Center - in Twitter's case -- suspended the account altogether.