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Zaheer Abbas
Introduction to my personal and academic background.
In 2011, I entered into university where I studied general science during four years with elective
mathematics, physics, Education and all related course about education degree as my elective
subjects. I completed in June 2013 with one of the best results in my school.
Research experience
I had a lot of practical experience due to the way our academic program was structured. From the
second year, i work as internship which is regulated by our and coordinators the staffs and then
40hrs of practical in theschool. I also have the opportunity to do a voluntary summer internship
in for three months (from may 15th to august 15th 2012)in Regional, islamabad and bannu area
After completing my undergraduate program, I have started work as teacher in different school
and colleges.

Study plan in china

would like to apply for the Master' leading to PhD Degree in Education in China because its in
relation with what I study as my undergraduate program, past internships and my final year
project, this caught my attention and created a thirst of knowledge in me to study my chosen
course. Therefore, I would like to gain deeper theoretical and practical knowledge in starting and
managing most innovative projects. During my studies, with great hidden abilities in myself I
will try to come up with the best of everything; with the collaboration of professors and
university colleagues in carrying out research and exploring the field of Education, I believe we
will achieve tremendous results before completing my PhD program

Reasons to study in China

China's heavy investment in education has resulted in provision of high quality education and its
universities have high reputation which makes a great aspiration to the students and professionals
for the better career perspectives. As someone whose sole interest lies in Education, China
provide perfect environment for the study and research in Eduation. China will provide me an
opportunity to meet imminent researchers in this field and to be part of its research community
will allow me to acquire invaluable transferable skills which I can tailor and apply in my field of

Studying in China will help me to build skills such as creative thinking, being able to work on
my own initiative and strong teamwork and communication skills. Chinese degrees are highly
regarded by employers as they have a strong emphasis on practical experience whether this is in
laboratory work, research projects, or case studies. Furthermore, admission into university is
competitive and class sizes are restricted to ensure that all students have sufficient access to
equipment that leads to better graduate outcome.

Living in China, I will experience firsthand the most rapidly changing society on earth. With
over 5,000 years of history. The Scholarship would let me learn Mandarin (as they say over
billion people can’t be wrong), one of the key languages needed now, and also different subjects
in this perfect language. I would attend class and communicate with Chinese people, developing
the intercultural understanding and different skills.
Zaheer Abbas