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Imam Syafi’i


Do you think that some Indonesian cultures are not compatible with
modern life nowadays? Which culture and why?
The way of thinking (Thinking sacredly)

It is accustomed to thingking sacredly1 for some Indonesian to solve their

problems. It can be prooved from the frame-work when they are facing problems.

For example; there were so many disasters had distroyed some areas of Indonesia

beginning from Tsunami-wave in Aceh, earthquake in west Java, and continued to

Padang, but what are their responses? Actually, they just justice by expressing that

these conditions were coming from God (media sources). This prooves that some

Indonesian still think sacredly that everything just comes from God without

considering other aspects that make it happen (just put hands up). It is suitable

with what had been stated by Nurcholis Majid in his book “Islamic Cultural”;

“Indonesian are still repressed by sacred postulates that make barren their creativities in
translating text to the context”

It is also supported by Ziaduddin Sardar from Pakistan in his book “back

to the future” that thinking sacredly made people barren in solving problem

because it puts off brilliant ideas. The writer agrees with these ideas since in holly

Qur’an has stated that “God will not consider (help) a group of communities till

they make it by them selves (effort)”. This indicates that human being as leader in

the world have to try to explain sign of natural phenomenon based on the law of

causality has been provided by God. As comparison, in Japan which is well-

known with its' daily disaster and earthquake could solve their problem whether to

anticipate or prevent their own areas as the same phenomenon by analyzing and

The way of thinking that everything is God centered without any other posibilities.
Imam Syafi’i

studying it for long time ended by implementing their discovery to the problem,

so that it will not happen again in the next time or even it happens again, it will be

on the hands. It is also suitable with the holly Qur’an “, God put some studies in

every phenomenon, for those who want to think about it”. It prooved that

Japanese never thought that everything just coming from the God, but it is more

caused by natural phenomenon and needed to study related to this phenomenon.

Thinking sacred is not compatible anymore since it couldn’t solve problem

in reality. Just make action and effort to explain natural phenomenon scientificly

by analysing and studying with objective purpose than put hands up. In reality, in

western everything is based on the scientific research and it makes them more

dynamic, realistic, and quicker in handling complex problem. From those, we

could infer that thinking scientificly is more advantaged than thinking sacredly

and justice everything is God centered. So, if we want to solve our real problem,

particularly in this era, it becomes a basic procedure to release this kind of

thinking since it puts off our creativity and try to explain natural phenomenon by

using scientific approach. It is quiet enough prooves to distinguish a group of

communities that the way of thinking is taken important role in conducting or

solving real problem.

Recently, there are many Indonesian try to release from this kind of

thinking. It prooved that youth generation begin to be aware to study advance to

release from the prejudice custom to the scientific custom. It is indicated by many

research has been held by many institutions to cultivate scientific approach.

Imam Syafi’i


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