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Grade: Miss Alysha Staggers

Domain 4: Professional Responsibilities

4a. Reflecting on Teaching: • Prior to teaching a lesson, throughout the lesson, and after teaching
How do you reflect on your the lesson I am constantly looking at the needs of each student to
instruction? determine what changes I need to make to ensure their success. If I
• Accuracy realize something might be too easy or too difficult I try to modify it.
• Use in Future Teaching • After teaching a lesson, if I realize the majority of the class did not
understand the concept, I then go back and reteach the lesson or try
to teach it in a different way.
• Also, upon completion of the lesson, I take a few moments to reflect
with the class. At this time, I indicate how I feel the lesson went and
comment on student performance.
• As a first grade team, we meet frequently to discuss strategies for
grouping students to improve lessons and how to effectively utilize
small groups during instruction.
• I also observe the level of student engagement. I reflect on my
lessons by noting what went well and what needs improvement. This
allows me to constantly improve my lessons.

4b. Maintaining Accurate Records: • I have a grade book that has all students’ scores. This grade book
How do you keep track of student includes scores for the report card along with other assignments and
grades, progress, and other school activities that students complete in order to have a big picture of
records? how children are performing in the classroom. I frequently
• Student Completion of communicate this information with parents via notes home, e-mails,
Assignments phone calls, literacy progress reports, assessment packets, etc.
• Student Progress in Learning • In guided reading, I keep notes on students’ reading performance.
• Non-instructional Records
4c. Communicating with Families: • At the beginning of the year, I wrote a letter to both my students and
How do you communicate with their families to introduce myself and welcome them to the
your students’ families? classroom.
• Information About the • Our classroom Seesaw account has been the greatest tool for
Instructional Program communicating with parents this year. I post/send out messages a
• Information About Individual few times a week to inform parents on classroom happenings.
Students Parents comment on the posts and send me messages on Seesaw
• Engagement of Families in the regularly.
Instructional Program • Students also communicate with their parents on Seesaw.
• I post on our classroom Facebook page.
• A monthly newsletter goes home to all parents. This newsletter
includes all activities, themes, and skills that will be taught in the
month. It also includes important notes and dates to remember.
• All assessments and scores are sent home to parents to review, sign
and return. Comments are also placed on these to give parents
additional information.
• At orientation, we went over the expectations of first grade. Anyone
who was not in attendance was given a packet of the materials that
explained what was missed.

First Grade: Miss Alysha Staggers

4d. Participating in a Professional • November 2018- I attended a PTO meeting.

Community: • November 2018- I attended a student’s gymnastics meet
In what ways do you support your • November 2018- I attended the Paradise Talent Show
school and the professional • December 2018- I volunteered for the PTO’s Storytime with Santa
community? event
• Relationships with Colleagues • January 2019- I attended 2 students’ basketball games
• Involvement in a Culture of • February 2019- I attended a PTO meeting.
Professional Inquiry • I maintain professional collegial relationships that encourage sharing,
• Service to the School planning and working together to improve instruction and student
• Participation in School and success. As a first grade teacher, I meet regularly with my colleagues
District Projects and design instruction or modify flexible groupings to ensure student
• I work very hard to ensure positive relationships with my colleagues.
• I share everything I make and every activity I implement with my first
grade team.
• I meet with my grade level team members frequently over lunch to
plan upcoming lessons.
4e. Growing and Developing • I read books on education and try to keep up with the newest
Professionally: research.
What steps are you taking to grow • I follow several teacher blogs to keep my teaching fresh while
professionally as an educator? implementing the newest strategies.
• Enhancement of Content • I take feedback from walkthroughs as well as advice and guidance
Knowledge and Pedagogical from my team members to guide my future instruction.
Skill • I observe other teachers to get ideas and teaching strategies for my
• Receptivity to Feedback from classroom.
• Service to the Profession
4f. Showing Professionalism: • I exhibit professionalism by coming to school each day with the vision
What ways do you exhibit of doing as much as I can to make my students successful.
professionalism? • I advocate for my students to ensure they receive all the support they
• Integrity and Ethical Conduct need to be successful.
• Service to Students • I treat my students and their families with respect.
• Advocacy • I dress in a professional manner.
• Decision Making • I respect my colleagues as well as the district leaders.
• I am a team player with my colleagues.
• I treat my students with respect and try my best to be warm and
caring to them at all times.
• I do everything I can to ensure that each student’s needs are met.
• I have high expectations for my students.